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You may style yourself as Laird, Lord or Lady of Glencoe

‘Laird’ is a descriptive title traditionally afforded to Scottish landowners or, more commonly, by those living and working on the estate. Laird is a Scottish word and is simply the Scottish form of the English ‘Lord’. The female equivalent is ‘Lady’.

When you buy your gift-pack from Highland Titles, you will obtain a personal right to your plot of land, complete with a precise Ordnance Survey grid reference.  Whilst people are free to refer to themselves as Lairds, it is only those who own land in Scotland that have a genuine reason to do so.

Everyone can enjoy the landowner experience……

The land is managed as a nature reserve, so when you buy from Highland Titles you help to improve and conserve the beautiful Scottish Highlands.

The Highland Titles Nature Reserve at Glencoe Wood, Duror, is now an established visitor attraction with thousands of landowners visiting their plots every year.

All of our customers are able to arrange a free meet and greet service with our local volunteers, and we have partnered with a number of local attractions in order to offer our customers preferential VIP treatment when they visit.

You can also have your say in how the land is managed by participating in our votes and discussions.  Plots start at £29.99 for one square foot.  Larger plots are located at Mountainview, Lochaber, and come with additional benefits including a FREE 1 sq ft plot in Glencoe Wood.

You can see what our customers think by reading our reviews on Trustpilot. As you will see, our gift packs are as beautiful as the land!

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Wildcat haven
Learn more about our nature reserves
We sell land two difference location in the Scottish Highlands
Glencoe Wood
Glencoe Wood

Located in a truly iconic area of Scotland, Glencoe Wood is the first Highland Titles Nature Reserve and an established 3-star visitor attraction

More about Glencoe Wood
Glencoe Wood

Mountainview Bumblebee Haven was launched in 2014. This land has loch frontage and stunning views towards the South Shiel Ridge Mountains.

More about Mountainview

“Can I buy a title?”

Owners of Scottish land have a genuine reason to assume the style of Laird, Lord or Lady, but it is impossible to simply ‘buy a title’.  There are websites that claim to sell Royal titles or titles of nobility, but these are fakes. Highland Titles is a reputable company and we wish to distance ourselves from such claims.

Our customers obtain a personal right to their plot of land in Scotland, and our customers are free to adopt the titles of Laird, Lord or Lady of Glencoe if they choose to do so. These are descriptive titles that simply replace the title of Mr, Mrs or Miss that you already use.

“Can you explain the rights I obtain to the land?”

Our customers obtain a personal right to their land. The Land Registration etc. (Scotland) Act 2012 does not allow souvenir plots of land to be registered, which means that Highland Titles Limited remains as the registered owner of the land.  As such, Highland Titles can manage the land as a nature reserve, making it as attractive and enjoyable as possible for our visitors.

For your peace of mind, Highland Titles Ltd is owned by The Highland Titles Charitable Trust for Scotland (a charity registered in Guernsey, number CH444).  This ensures that the land can only ever be used for the purposes of conservation, helping plants and wildlife to flourish.

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