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How Can I Become a Lord or Lady of Glencoe?

There are all sorts of Lords and Ladies in the world, from Lord Voldemort to Lady Gaga and everything in between. Thankfully, you don’t have to be an evil wizard or platinum-selling pop diva in order to call yourself a Lord or Lady.

‘Laird’ is a Scottish word, literally meaning landowner.

‘Lord’ is the English translation of ‘Laird’.

‘Lady’ is the equivalent female title.

Laird means Landowner

Laird Definition, Oxford English Dictionary

Of course, these titles are very different from the titles that are bestowed by Her Majesty The Queen, but don’t let anyone tell you they’re not impressed!  We believe that it is far more impressive to have become a Lord or Lady as a result of your own endeavours than it is to simply inherit a title as many Lords do.

We comply fully with Scottish law for the transfer of land and you will be asked to provide us with the new Lord/Laird/Lady’s name when you place your order, either on this secure website or by telephone.

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