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 1 sqft
1 sqft plot of land
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10 sqft plot of land
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100 sqft plot of land
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1000 sqft plot of land
You may style yourself as Laird, Lord or Lady of GlencoeYesYesYesYes
Gift Pack [?]YesYesYesYes
Free 'Meet and Greet' service [?]YesYesYesYes
VIP Club Membership [?]YesYesYesYes
Gourmet Society Membership - Deals at 6500 restaurants [?] Yes6 monthsYes9 monthsYes12 months
Stationery Template [?] YesYesYes
DVD Tour of the Area [?] YesYesYes
Tree planted in your honour [?]  YesYes
Lifetime Camping Access to Keil Hill [?]  YesYes
Clan Map Wall Poster [?]  YesYes
Framed Certificate [?]   Yes
Coffee Table Book [?]   Yes
Priority Pass airport lounge access [?]   Yes
Joint Plot

Two adjacent plots, each belonging to one person, and all the deeds of ownership. More Information




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Buying any of these plots legitimises your claim to have become a Lord or Lady in a fun and novelty way.  ’Laird’ is a Scottish word, meaning landowner.  The female variation of the title is Lady, and ‘Laird’ translates into English as ‘Lord’.

These are descriptive titles, traditionally used as a courtesy.  Whilst you cannot buy a title, you can certainly use one in a lighthearted way if you purchase a plot of Scottish land.  Enjoy!

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