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Armorial Bearings (Coats of Arms) play an important part in the lives of many people. Because heraldry represents a particular person, family or group, it helps people to connect to their roots and is therefore one of the most researched topics on the internet today.

As Laird (Lord) or Lady of Glencoe, we permit you to use our specially designed “crest”. This device incorporates symbols of heraldry which pertain to our preservation and restoration of Glencoe Wood. It is not a Scottish Coat of Arms, but has been registered as our trademark to ensure that with our consent you are free to display the image to indicate your involvement in our work to conserve and preserve the wild places of Scotland.

The shield bears a silhouette of a full grown oak tree, with supporters comprising an oak leaf and acorn motif. The motto below the shield is simply “Glencoe”.

The right to bear our arms is available for you to display as an A3 parchment, richly decorated and suitable for framing. click here

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Glencoe Tartan

As Laird (Lord) or Lady of Glencoe, you will also be entitled to wear the Highland Titles Tartan.This has been specially created for us by tartan designer Dougal Wilson and is registered at The Scottish Register of Tartans for exclusive use by the Lairds of Glencoe.

For those of you who want a kilt or other Highland attire, we have partnered with Lochcarron of Scotland, manufacturer of prestigious woven fabrics, to create the perfect kilt fabric for your local kilt maker to work with.  Please purchase from our shop.

The Highland Titles Tartan