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The Perfect Gift
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The Highland Titles Nature Reserve is a Visit Scotland 3 star Visitor AttractionThe Highland Titles Nature Reserve

Your support is making a difference…..

Your plot of land forms part of the Keil Hill estate, which we are proud to run as the Highland Titles Nature Reserve. Our community of landowners take great pride in the project that their support has made possible. Should you choose to visit your land, you will see a great transformation taking place.

Highland Titles Stone Bench

Our welcoming stone bench

Visit the Nature Reserve and enjoy:


We encourage all of our landowners to visit the Nature Reserve, find their plot and see with their own eyes the remarkable progress we are making.  Our excellent ‘meet and greet’ service is run by local volunteers.  The popularity of this service makes our volunteers very busy indeed. Please contact them prior to your visit and arrange a suitable meeting time to avoid disappointment.

Arrange a Free Meet and Greet

Managing the Nature Reserve

Reflections in the Loch

Reflections in the Loch

Keil Hill was purchased by Highland Titles Ltd in order to:

  • Offer an amenity to the local community
  • Help preserve and encourage protection of wildlife in the area
  • Provide an education medium for local organisations

By selling souvenir plots of land to thousands of people across the world, we not only fund all of our conservation work, but also ensure that the land will always be protected from development.

Much of our 5 year plan has already been achieved, with access being hugely improved and many thousands of trees being planted.

Contrary to popular belief, conservation is not best served by leaving the land to look after itself.  Such an approach favours the hardiest, strongest, most invasive and most predatory vegetation; in the West of Scotland, this usually means ground cover of bracken, rushes and bramble, with little else able to survive.

Tree Planting Projects

Baidhe wood

Baidhe wood

The Nature Reserve is home to Glencoe Wood in the South-West corner, Laird’s Wood in the North-East corner and the newly created Diamond Jubilee Wood in the South-East section.

The Diamond Jubilee Wood is a 60-acre project that will eventually contain approximately 30,000 trees, including a grove of Royal Oak saplings at its heart. This represents our most ambitious tree planting project to date, and will be best enjoyed by our children and grandchildren.

All of the trees we plant are native Scottish broadleaf trees.  Eventually, we will replace all of the commercial Sitka plantations with trees of this type; restoring the natural beauty to the landscape and allowing wildlife to flourish.

Truly Stunning Views

Highland Titles Bench Looking Over Reserve

Bench Looking Over Reserve

No one can fail to be moved by the beauty of the Scottish Highlands.  Any one who ever visited the Highlands will tell you that it contains some of the most stunning scenery anywhere in the world.

Keil Hill overlooks the magnificent Loch Linnhe; a sea loch approximately 50km in length that runs along the Great Glen Fault, opening on to the Firth of Lorne.

Some of our supporters opt to dedicate a bench to a loved one, requesting that the bench be sited at a place of their choosing.  Whilst it isn’t strictly necessarily for the bench to be sited on your plot, we do have to make sure that it doesn’t belong to someone else.

Only a limited number of these benches will be sited on the estate.

Flourishing Plants and Wildlife

A majestic stag

A majestic stag

The Highland Titles Nature Reserve is home to red deer, roe deer, pine martens, badgers, herons and ducks amongst other things.

In 2013, we created a 3-acre lochan in order to attract more bird life.  Every day, our volunteers and infra-red motion-sensitive cameras are ready with their cameras, hoping to catch sight of the elusive osprey.

If you are hope to see deer, a fox or a badger, we recommend that you visit on your own very early in the morning.

You will certainly see many different kinds of trees, including downy and silver birch, willow, rowan, hawthorn, oak, alder, holly and willow. Indeed, the Salachan burn runs through Glencoe Wood; Salachan being derived from the Gaelic for “willow”. In summer you’ll see many wildflowers. Note the lichens on the rocks and trees, which tell us that the air here is clean.

In 2014, we installed 10 beehives on the land.  Bees are ecological superheroes, pollinating around one third of the UK’s food supplies.  The worldwide bee populations have been in decline over recent years and we are keen to do as much as we can to help.

Take a virtual tour of the reserve

Click on the images below to view our virtual tours of the reserve. These links will open in a new window.

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Photo Galleries

You can view more galleries here

Staying informed

You can keep up to date with the most recent developments on the nature reserve by subscribing to our monthly newsletter.  Being keen to offer our customers the experience of being a landowner, we often canvass opinion from our Lairds, Lords and Ladies before taking action.

The Highland Titles Nature Reserve Facebook page is a hive of activity, and is updated on an almost daily basis by our volunteers. See what our wildlife cameras have captured and lots of photographs of our visiting landowners enjoying the visit to their plot.