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The FREE Highland Titles Scottish Estate Manager app

Enjoy your Scottish Highland estate from wherever you are in the world!

Scottish Estate Manager App

Are you a Laird, Lord or Lady of Glencoe or Lochaber? Highland Titles have created an app just for you! Every Highland Titles landowner can use our free app, no matter the location or size of your plot.

Make your lairdship more enjoyable and rewarding by downloading our estate management app so you can be in touch with your estate from anywhere in the world at any time you’d like.

To download our app, just log into your app store on your phone and search for ‘Highland Titles’.





The dashboard gives a quick real-time overview of your plot of Scottish land on the estate, including the local time and weather as well as the current distance between you and your highland estate.

Plot Finder


The Plot Finder uses interactive map and satellite navigation technology to direct you to your plot. An excellent assistant if you have the chance to visit the reserve in person, or just for fun if you like checking in to find out how far away you are. Automatically unlock a visit certificate when you reach your plot.

Check the latest news


We would not be surprised if you took a photo or two whilst visiting the Highland Titles Nature Reserve; we’re humbled every day by the beauty of it! Why not share it with your friends and family by using our app to create and send a personalised postcard?

Identification Card


Prove your title with the ID card available directly through the app. Use it to access a world of privileges!

And much much more!

  • Build a gallery of photos from visits to your stunning plot
  • Create a postcard from the plot
  • Find out about local events near the Highland Titles Nature Reserve.
  • Watch videos and see updates of what the wildlife that inhabit the reserve are getting up to.

Your Feedback

We want the app to add to your enjoyment of being a Highland Titles Lord or Lady, no matter if you are near or far. We want our landowners to feel truly connected to the land they love, which is why our app is FREE and available on iOS and Android. Updates to the app will be ongoing and based on landowner feedback, so if there’s something you’d like to see in the app that is not there already, please do let us know!

Start using the Highland Titles Scottish Estate Manager app now to enhance your lord or lady experience.

To get your hands on our app, visit your app store and search for ‘Highland Titles’ or follow the links below!




To login to the app you’ll need your Highland Titles Plot number and the first 6 digits of your Ordnance Survey (OS) Grid Reference number. Both of these can be found on the Certificate of Sale in your welcome pack.

If you’re unable to locate either of these things you can contact [email protected] and we’ll do what we can to assist. 

Alternatively please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions about the App for additional information and guidance.