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Highland Titles 10 Year Anniversary Giveaway

Written by: Doug
Published: 14th July 2016, last updated: 4th July 2019


WIN a 100 sqft plot of land in the Scottish Highlands*

On July 21st 2006 Highland Titles named it’s first Laird**. Ten years on we now have a 100,000+ strong community of Lords and Ladies, two nature reserves nestled in the heart of the Scottish Highlands.


To celebrate Highland Titles 10th year anniversary we are giving away TEN 100 sqft plots of land in the Scottish highlands*! For your chance to win the amazing prize of forever being addressed as a Lord or Lady of Glencoe**, simply sign in enter our competition below.

How to Enter

You can enter by:

  • Leaving a comment on our blog and state ‘Why you would love to win a 100ft of land in the Scottish Highlands?’
  • Tweet about the giveaway
  • Visit our Facebook page

and your entry can be recorded up to three times!

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How the Winners will be picked

10 lucky winners will be chosen at random and be alerted by the Highland Titles team via email on the 21st July 2016.


What does a 100sqft plot include?


pack content

  • 100sqft plot of land in Lochaber
  • You may style yourself as Laird, Lord or Lady
  • Gift pack
  • Free ‘Meet and Greet’ Service when visiting your plot
  • VIP Membership
  • Free 1sqft plot of land in Glencoe Wood
  • DVD Tour of the Area
  • Presentation Gift Box
  • Tree planted in your honour
  • Camping Access to Keil Hill


Learn more about Highland Titles

Over the past 10 years we have made good progress in helping to improve and conserve Scotland through land management, strategic partnerships and education. Interested in learning more about what Highland Titles help conserve the Scottish Highlands? Visit our site to find out more!


*You obtain a personal right to a souvenir plot of land. This is a form of heritable property that you can pass on to future generations. Highland Titles remains as the registered landowner and manages the land on your behalf.

**You will be addressed by your choice of Laird, Lord or Lady by us and within our 100,000+ strong community. We will also provide documentation that will allow you to formally change your name to include “Lord”. Please note you cannot buy a noble title. This is for enjoyment purposes only.

About the author

Written by: Doug

Comments on this post

  • Paula Readings
    14/07/16 - 14:33

    I would love this, it would give me 2 off my bucket list, 1. visit scotland & 2. own land. great giveaway 🙂

  • iain maciver
    14/07/16 - 14:53

    I,m Scottish and I would love to own a piece of land

  • Tania Atfield
    14/07/16 - 14:57

    I’d love to win as I love Scotland and its ruggedness and beauty and a tiny piece of it would suit me just fine.

  • janet humphrey
    14/07/16 - 14:58

    To have a piece of one of the most lovely parts of the UK would be a wonderful present to myself

  • Bev
    14/07/16 - 15:00

    I would love a title haha!

  • Monica Pearce
    14/07/16 - 15:09

    It would be great to win the 100 sq ft, I’d love to visit with my family and camp on the grounds!

  • david cavender
    14/07/16 - 15:18

    it would be thrilling to own a piece of land in such a glorious country-thrilling!

  • Kit Spencer
    14/07/16 - 15:43

    My Great-Gran was from Dunfermline, I am a competitive Highland dancer. Scottish blood runs through my veins and I feel drawn to the land. I spent 2 weeks in Scotland this May and my heart aches to get back to my homeland.

  • liz ferguson
    14/07/16 - 16:06

    I would love to win the bragging rights to this prize!!
    My Father was Scottish, my Mother was Irish and we have a bit of Welsh in there, too!
    But, my heart has always belonged to Scotland, and I feel at home and at peace there.
    So, to own a wee bit of Scotland would make me feel proud and be a privalage.

    Thanks for hosting the prize xx

  • Leslie Sherburne Millar
    14/07/16 - 16:29

    As my grandmother was a McDougall, it would be an honor, I was born in Florence, Italy and live in Barga, Lucca, and have cousins in Edimburgh

  • Shelley Angus Adler
    14/07/16 - 16:48

    Scotland is my ancestral home, and my biggest dream/wish is to visit someday! Winning this plot would be a dream come true!

  • paulette baude
    14/07/16 - 17:07

    I leave in France but my heart is in Scotland – I was born in Dundee where I still have relatives – I went on holidays near Stirling and stopped near Glencoe and this land talks to me

  • Dionne Marshall
    14/07/16 - 17:10

    To surprise my husband as his anniversary gift!

  • Peter MacLeod
    14/07/16 - 17:20

    A wonderful giveaway…..and in on of my favourite parts of the Highlands. Haven’t been that way for nearly three years but Glencoe always brings a feeling of peace, even in splight of all atrocities perpetrated there.

  • Alex Stadler
    14/07/16 - 17:20

    I have finished a conservation degree in the United Kingdom, and have previously purchased a 10 square feet lot for myself and a 1 square feet lot for my wife. Would be nice to add a 100 square feet to the collection 🙂

  • Suzanne Drummond
    14/07/16 - 17:20

    wow this would be the icicg on the cake ive just turned 50 on subday and to have a tree planted in my honour,and mecome a Lady well this would just be me dining out as a lady for the rest of my days fingers crossed xxx

  • Fabien
    14/07/16 - 17:21

    Hi, I would love to win this piece of the wonderful Scotland. I would offer it the my brother as I already have to be the pleasure to be Lord of Glencoe. Thanks and farewell, Fabien

  • Brian Nogler
    14/07/16 - 17:32

    I was looking at getting one for my wife’s 50th. She wants a trip to Scotland!Awesome concept!

  • SandraB
    14/07/16 - 17:45

    I’d love to have my own plot of land in Scotland to help me get closer to the rugged nature that Scotland is famous for.

  • Ute Dick
    14/07/16 - 17:47

    I would love to win a 100sqft of land in the Scottish Highlands Because then I would own 213sqft in total and one can never preserve to much!

  • Andrew Bartholomeou
    14/07/16 - 18:08

    I would love to win 100ft of land in the Scottish Highlands because it would be great to own part of such a beautiful area loch, stock and barrel.

  • Tracy Nixon
    14/07/16 - 18:28

    I would love to win this for my parents who have a holiday have in Scotland and to celebrate the 45 years of marriage this Summer. They would feel honoured to own an extra piece of beautiful Scottish land!

  • gemma raines
    14/07/16 - 18:35

    I dont think ill ever own a house so ill happily settle for a small piece of land and love the sound of been a lady 🙂 and a tree planted in my honour is a big bonus 🙂 🙂

  • Patrick Moran
    14/07/16 - 18:44

    I would love to have a bit of land. My favourite place in the world is the Scottish Highlands. I used to visit Inverness 2 or 3 times every year. Not been up for a couple of years now though.

  • Alice Dixon
    14/07/16 - 19:06

    Why wouldn’t I want to own a 100sqft plot of land? It would just be such an honour!

  • A
    14/07/16 - 19:09

    I would love to win a 100ft of land in the Scottish Highlands because the Highlands are so close to my heart.

    [I hope this is the right place to leave the comment!]

  • Frances Lauder
    14/07/16 - 19:14

    I’ve never been to scotland so would love to visit my land 😉

  • Gareth Evans
    14/07/16 - 19:34

    I need somewhere to escape to
    far from the Brexiting crowds
    where the rain may be sleeting
    but the hatred is not enjoyed out loud.

  • Sara Jackson
    14/07/16 - 19:56

    I just visited Scotland in June 2016 and fell in love. Also found my 5x great grandfather was born in Scotland.

  • Stefanie Köck
    14/07/16 - 20:20

    I would love to win a plot, because I can protect Scottish nature in this way. Love Scotland so much

  • Lady Cordelia Lillian Koepsel
    14/07/16 - 20:21

    I have been a member of Highland titles for a few years now, I like how much work is put into keeping the natural habitat for all kinds of animals and birds. Helping to preserve and encourage protection of wildlife in the area is very important to me. We return every year to Glencoe and always find new thing on each adventure.

  • James Kilvington
    14/07/16 - 20:24

    A little piece of me would Remain in the EU

  • P Wendy Clayton
    14/07/16 - 20:34

    I would love to own 100 sq ft of the Scottish Highlands, there would be no need to think of excuses to visit more often. One of my favourite places but sadly not visited often enough

  • Rachael
    14/07/16 - 20:37

    I would love to win! My Grandfather was from Scotland and I now live here so would be amazing to own a piece of his homeland. I admire the work you do and would love to be a part of that.

  • Dowster1
    14/07/16 - 20:42

    Something a bit different

  • Gary Dalgleish
    14/07/16 - 20:42

    Having moved to the states 26 years ago from Glasgow owning a piece of home would help me feel that I’m still a part of it.

  • Lanthus Clark
    14/07/16 - 20:43

    The only land I own in the whole world is my square patch in Scotland and I would love to add another 100 square feet to that!

  • George McNew
    14/07/16 - 20:44

    This is a dream giveaway. I’ve been saving up to buy a plot this would be beyond great.

  • Joe Fulton
    14/07/16 - 20:46

    I was born in Fife also Scottish but spend most of my time photographing the highlands , Glencoe is my home from home , There’s nothing more in the world better than roaming the plains of Rannoch Moor to the black rock cottages, waiting for the sun to rise about that triangle mountain( buachaille etive mor) to see what wonderful views reaveal even if it is for a few seconds it’s worth my 400 mile trip every time , the Scottish highlands are beautiful and I feel should be appreciated that’s why I would love to be apart of keeping the Scottish history..

  • asif tebani
    14/07/16 - 20:59


  • Carole Young
    14/07/16 - 21:00

    I really need this extra 100 sq feet to go with the 2 sq feet I already own! It’s a brilliant way of conserving the Scottish countryside 🙂

  • Maria P
    14/07/16 - 21:04

    Although I never been in Scotland, a visit is on my list – actually I already made a plan and have a checklist to follow with places and flavours and people on it. I would love to add a visit to my own land 🙂

  • Louise gullett
    14/07/16 - 21:07

    I love scotland i visit every year and its where we want to live when we are older to retire or if we are lucky if we win the lottery.Love to win this prize,amazing.

  • Anne Eales
    14/07/16 - 21:13

    I have just bought a small piece of Scotland and a tree for my husband.The delight on his face was worth every penny, it would be fantastic to see his face if I could present him with a large piece.

  • Carla M
    14/07/16 - 21:13

    Would love to win a 100ft plot so we could plant some native trees or plants and regenerate the reserve x

  • Caroline Cordery
    14/07/16 - 21:23

    It’s all going tits up down here in England so this could be a nice little home in the future. X

  • Abbie Webb
    14/07/16 - 21:23

    How amazing would it be to own a piece of Scotland! I have the red hair and Scottish blood, I feel a bit of a fake as I’ve only been once! Would love to go back – thank you so much for the chance

  • Robert Bongers
    14/07/16 - 21:25

    Would love to visit my own land in Schotland. How awesome would that be?

  • Ian Copland
    14/07/16 - 21:30

    Would be great to reinforce our Scottish heritage from far away Australia.

  • Terri-Louise Dudey
    14/07/16 - 21:47

    Perfect excuse to visit Scotland would just be amazing to own something unique like this xx

  • Rachel lodge
    14/07/16 - 21:55

    it would be great to win this prize as I would love to give it to my daughter for her 16th birthday and also celebrate her GCSE results. It would be a fantastic surprise for her.

  • Charlie
    14/07/16 - 22:17

    My mom’s family is originally from Scotland. My brother and I are visiting in March 2017.

  • Laylla Forsyth
    14/07/16 - 22:26

    My husband is a Lord of Glencoe; so I suppose I’m a Lady by marriage. I’d love to win so I can be a Lady in my own right and have more land than he does too!

  • Cynthia Socull
    14/07/16 - 22:31

    I’ve been contemplating purchasing land from Highland Titles. It would be nice to leave a connecting legacy to my children. Would love to bring them to Scotland to see the history and where my ancestors are buried (Elgin)

  • Cheryl Deal
    14/07/16 - 22:32

    I would love to own more land in Scotland. It is such a beautiful country.

  • Cecilia Romei
    14/07/16 - 23:15

    I am going to buy myself a plot as a self present for my next birthday, winning one before would be amazing!

  • Anthony Chanteloup
    14/07/16 - 23:23

    Scotland is the best wee country in the world and were the women are beautiful!

  • Loretta Cable
    14/07/16 - 23:29

    I hope to visit Scotland one day and it would be wonderful to have land there just waiting for me to visit!!

  • Deborah Nida
    14/07/16 - 23:34

    The peacefulness and beauty of the highlands is unsurpassed. I must have had ancestors who were from the highlands.As far as I can remember, everything Scottish has been a part of who I am.Tartans,Clans, Pipes, Lochs,and let’s not forget the brogue!

  • Stacey Peacock
    14/07/16 - 23:36

    Really enjoyed visiting our family plots (4 sq ft) in 2012 – and would luv to grow the estate!!!

  • Marcia Godinez
    15/07/16 - 00:32

    Just received my title in today’s mail. It is a gift from my husband. I purchased the small plot for him 3 years ago. Would love to win a large plot so all is equal between us… Thanks for the consideration . Lady Marcia

  • Sheila Evans
    15/07/16 - 00:49

    My Scottish family fled Scotland long ago in 1804 but even to this day we uphold our proud traditions. Research has shown that although my forebears lived in poverty in London they are in fact of the Lords Saltoun lineage, of the Fraser clan. But at the end of the day all Scots people are kin. I think to be able to own and walk upon my own little piece of Scottish heaven would mean more to me and my family than words could ever say. I would feel that we had come home.

  • Jessie Meltz
    15/07/16 - 01:21

    Well as I plan on living in Scotland one day, I will need a place to go camping on long weekends : )

  • JD
    15/07/16 - 01:21

    My parents are Lord and Lady of Glencoe and I would love to join them 🙂

  • Gloria McLoud
    15/07/16 - 01:22

    WOW! That would be fantastic! I have a small plot now and having such a nice big lot would be dream come true! I am saving now to hopefully upgrade in the next few years, but to win this and make another visit to Glencoe and Lochaber would be my dream come true!

  • Lovell Landon
    15/07/16 - 01:24

    My wife is a Cumming and I’m a Stewart. Seems only reasonable that we should be reunited with our home.

  • Kalene Williams
    15/07/16 - 01:40

    It would be great to win a plot of Scottish land in addition to what I already have 😀 I love the purpose of the “highland titles” organization! It’s an honor to be a part of it 😀 thank you for all the hard work you guys & gals do!

  • Beth Parkhurst
    15/07/16 - 02:46

    My heart is in the Highlands.

  • Steve Snezek
    15/07/16 - 03:01

    Would be great to share with my family. We would make the trip from Montana, USA to visit.

  • Christine Holzheimer
    15/07/16 - 03:07

    I love everything about Scotland and the fact I have Scottish ancestors makes it more exciting, so look out here I come!!

  • Matt
    15/07/16 - 03:39

    It would be brilliant to own a piece of land to see when I visit.

  • Laird Stephen Willing
    15/07/16 - 04:40

    To keep the land the way it is for future generations

  • Annick Gérard
    15/07/16 - 04:44

    Scotland is like home and I’m proud to be one of thousands saviors of the Wild life.
    Have a nice day

  • Scott Pearson
    15/07/16 - 04:48

    I would love to win this, but I don’t ‘tweet’, and I’m not sure I know where to find you’re blog. And, yes, I am ‘technology impaired’.

  • emma walters
    15/07/16 - 04:58

    perfect for my mum! she lost a close friend from the highlands and this would be a great way to remember her by

  • Yvonne Scherrer
    15/07/16 - 04:59

    It would be so great to have a second plot to visit once we return to this corner of the world. We were there last Easter and we fell in love with this landscape. Ever since, we are dreaming of the next journey…

  • Pauline Baigent
    15/07/16 - 05:09

    Have given the gift of highland titles to friends but haven’t bought myself one. Love Scotland, hope to return sometime and would love to see the work being done to conserve the area.. great plan and great work

  • Gerry L Crockett
    15/07/16 - 05:16

    I would love to add this to the my wee holdings in the most beautiful country in the universe.

  • Angela morrison
    15/07/16 - 05:23

    Would be fab to win to help preserve this land and protect the wildlife

  • Jeroen van Aart
    15/07/16 - 05:27

    I would be honoured to help preserve nature in my all time favourite land.

  • michelle o’neill
    15/07/16 - 05:44

    my father in law is buried in scotland, my husband loves scotland, i woud give this as a gift to him.

  • Olwyn kelly
    15/07/16 - 05:49

    I’d love this to complement the plot and title I gave to my sister for her birthday this year. We could be Ladies Together! Nice.

  • Charlotte Rasmussen
    15/07/16 - 06:03

    My daughter is a lady, I would like to be a lady too 😉 Great nature preservation, too be a lady is just a bonus!

  • Jennifer Yarbrough
    15/07/16 - 06:08

    I would love to own a piece of Scotland and knowing my tree is growing there would make my heart happy!

  • Woody
    15/07/16 - 06:42

    I said they could take my land, but never my freedom. I was wrong though, and I need my land back so this would help alot 🙂

  • Gary Vincent
    15/07/16 - 06:49

    I would like to own a piece of Scotland to be able to connect with the land of my ancestors. As descendants of Scottish heritage it would give each generation a reason to make a pilgramig to scatter a portion of family ashes to be part of the land we have a connection too.

  • Daniela Plume
    15/07/16 - 06:52

    I would be great to reinforce my Scottish heritage.

  • Shaz Kelly
    15/07/16 - 07:26

    I would be honored to own a piece of Scotland. I fell in love with the wee country when I living and studying there. I would give this plot to my mum, who is a true Lady and would show my appreciation for everything she has done for me and our family!

  • Mihatsch Yvette
    15/07/16 - 07:30

    Fascinated by your country and culture,a piece of Land would make me happy.

  • Terri Carr
    15/07/16 - 07:37

    I would love to be a Lady and own a piece of beautiful Scotland which would also be a wonderful tribute to my Scottish ancestors.

  • Maureenne Cleirigh
    15/07/16 - 08:08

    I would love to own another plot in the Highland titles area so that I can give one to a friend

  • Catriona Hutchinson
    15/07/16 - 08:09

    My heritage us Scottish and we have very good friends near the Highlands so always half thought that when the time is right we may relocate. We really want to get to a point where we need very little, and open a smallholding we can live from/off and open up to the community so this would absolutely transform our lives in every way and help us to achieve our ultimate ambition. What greater gift could there be?

  • Joyce Bolk
    15/07/16 - 08:31

    I would love to win! so far my Dad and Aunt have become lord and lady, and I must say I would love to join them! 😀

  • Isabelle Ledonné
    15/07/16 - 08:41

    Why I would love to win…because it would give US a double reason to visit Scotland and also my boyfriend will not be the only one with a little pièce of Scotland

  • Roxane Giuseppin
    15/07/16 - 08:52

    I’m franch and i love Scotland with the beautiful landscape.
    I love your concept which allows a concrete action for the protection of nature.
    Love of nature and animals, i would like to be part of your community. Not to mention the tittle of Lady , i’d be prou to count amongst the your.

  • Darcy Dyer
    15/07/16 - 09:23

    I would love to win, thus giving me a good reason to come back to visit.

  • Christine Lithgow
    15/07/16 - 09:41

    I would love to have my very own piece of Scotland. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Nikky Hamerslag
    15/07/16 - 09:43

    I would love to own that land. Of course to help and preserve the Scottish nature, but I also want to buy a little toy castle and make a picture of my castle on my land. That would make me feel a little bit like a princess.

  • Trevor kettle
    15/07/16 - 09:51

    I would love to win 100 square-foot the Scottish highlands because I just loved it to be natural as it can be. I love Scotland love visiting I love to be visit Scotland more often .

  • Anthony Langlois
    15/07/16 - 09:52

    Who DOESN’T want a plot of land in Scotland?!?

  • Resende
    15/07/16 - 10:17

    Après avoir acheté une parcelle pour moi et mes enfants je me suis rendu en Ecosse pour la première fois 2014. Je suis tombé amoureuse de l’Ecosse et depuis je vais tous les ans voir les deux réserves, et visité ce Pays merveilleux.Si vous aimer la Nature, je vous conseille de aller en Ecosse et de participer à ce merveilleux projet de Highland Titles Nature réserve. Je serais ravie de gagné une parcelle. je suis très proche de la Nature et je la côtoie tous les jours.

  • Franck Hebert
    15/07/16 - 10:55

    Hello to all the highland titles team who did an extraordinary job and balance, I would already say that I am delighted that such a project exists to perpetrate and demonstrate to future generations the value of humanity is in all of us, and love are everywhere if we let our hearts guide us to build a fair world! I would like to take children on these beautiful hills scotland, show them that the world’re beautiful! I support you already for some time, thanks to a man who was my spiritual father! a big congratulations to Dr. Peter Bevis Bevis as well as to laura, all the team management and all the volunteers who come to give a hand which I am sure is very appreciated! Thank you all for this wonderful project!

    Good day and very soon!


    Franck Hebert

  • susan C
    15/07/16 - 11:01

    I could play the wild Rover, from Yorkshire to Dover
    but really I’d love to be a Highland Owner 😀

  • joseph crabtree
    15/07/16 - 11:10

    thank you in advance. if i don’t win thank you anyway its a great prize for anyone to win x

  • Maria Hurrell
    15/07/16 - 11:12

    My grandparents left Scotland for a new life in New Zealand in the late 1920’s, and it has always been my greatest wish in all this world to someday visit, and maybe even own a wee piece of their homeland. I would love to win 100ft of Scotland so that I too can belong to Scotland, the home of all my ancestors 🙂

  • clair downham
    15/07/16 - 11:14

    it would just be lovely to own some land

  • Fanie D.
    15/07/16 - 11:20

    I would love to win one of those title because Scotland needs some ladyship – and it’s the most beautiful country in the world!

  • isabelle fermé
    15/07/16 - 11:26

    j’aimerai gagné parce que je suis tombé amoureuse de l’écosse

  • Lorraine J
    15/07/16 - 11:33

    My father was from Lochaber. I would love to have a little piece of Scotland in his memory.

  • Helen Farrell
    15/07/16 - 11:36

    I would love to own another plot so I could give it to my Grandchildren who are very proud to have Scottish blood running through their veins. A great piece of history for them. Thanking everyone who is involved in this idea.

  • Dawn Brodribb
    15/07/16 - 11:38

    I would love to be a lady!! Scotland is such a beautiful place I would love to feel a part of it.

  • Colin F
    15/07/16 - 11:51

    It would be an honour to own a piece of my homeland!

  • Kimberley Ryan
    15/07/16 - 12:10

    My parents met in Scotland and they always talk if how beautiful the highlands are.
    I would love to win a 100ft of land in the Scottish Highlands to give to them, on their 45 wedding anniversary this year

  • Xavier d’Andeville
    15/07/16 - 12:12

    I like your concept of protection of Nature. I would be honored to give this 100sqft to my son, in order for to discover the beauty of this landscape…

  • Cindy Peterson
    15/07/16 - 12:40

    My husband lived in Scotland and my stepson is Scottish, this would let me share their heritage.

  • Patricia Scullion
    15/07/16 - 13:14

    I gave my husband 1 square foot of your beautiful estate, he was so pleased, he was over the moon. Joseph has since passed away but I would love to continue his legacy and keep supporting your conservation efforts whilst at the same time winning this wonderful prize.
    Thank you
    Patricia Scullion

  • Nuria wilmes
    15/07/16 - 13:18

    Had the amazing chance to live in Scotland for a while. Since then my heart is there I have visited several times since and always falling into its wonder and profound hospitality over and over again..

  • Nadia Tessier
    15/07/16 - 13:19

    I would love to win this for my daughter ! My husband and I are owners of 2 plots yet !

  • Anya Barnes
    15/07/16 - 13:47

    Mum is 70 on 12th August would love her to get ladyship. We bought dad the lairdship for his 70th last year

  • Heather Arnould
    15/07/16 - 13:54

    What a unique way of preserving the magic of the Scottish Highlands.

  • John wood
    15/07/16 - 13:58

    I’m first born of my family here in the us from Scotland. My grandfather just passed away in march on good friday. I’ve been trying to save up enough money to get a plot to plant a tree in his honor. I have spoken with someone at highland titles who would be willing to plant the tree for me if I’m un able to do it myself. This would mean the world to me and would be a fitting tribute to a wonderful grandfather who I miss dearly.

  • Heather
    15/07/16 - 14:30

    This would be amazing to win! My heritage is Scottish and to own a small piece of land and history would be beyond incredible!

  • Lisa Stone
    15/07/16 - 14:32

    It would be such an honor to have a piece of land in Scotland.

  • Rachel white
    15/07/16 - 15:03

    I’d love to win this… I’d take my family & the basset hounds & just take in all that nature has to offer us . In a big tent whenever we fancied it.. sounds like heaven on earth . That fresh air. Divine

  • Meghan
    15/07/16 - 15:09

    This would be so fun, would love to have this in the family!

  • Katja Stölzel
    15/07/16 - 15:09

    I love Scotland, visit liked it and would like to protect a part of the country in this way

  • Lesley Wright
    15/07/16 - 15:15

    Reserving the Scottish Highlands is my goal. So that it’s still there when I can afford to visit!

  • Laird Sebastien NICOLAS
    15/07/16 - 15:15

    As i am still a laird i would love to have a part of Highland’s land

  • Jennifer Monteiro
    15/07/16 - 15:16

    I would be fun to visit my little piece of land!

  • Jason Glasco
    15/07/16 - 15:16

    I would love to win this for my new Wife as she loves Scotland as I do, and would love nothing more than to be called Lady. I would love to give this to her as a wedding gift.

  • Michael Knight
    15/07/16 - 15:17

    I would love to win with my last name being Knight I am already a Knight. If I win I will be a lord as well. I bought land as a gift not buying for myself, so winning would be so cool.

  • Marie-Agnès
    15/07/16 - 15:17

    J’aimerais jouer pour mon mari, puisque j’ai déjà un lopin. Il en est un peu jaloux et ce serait une excellente surprise à lui offrir pour notre anniversaire de mariage.

    Un grand merci pour ce jeu et bonne chance à tous !

  • Anya Barnes
    15/07/16 - 15:17

    Already commented but want to add that my mum who I’d like the ladyship for is a tree warden so she would appreciate the tree planting as well as the title.

  • Rosemary Earle
    15/07/16 - 15:17

    Although my feet are in England my heart has always been in Scotland. To own a piece of this beautiful country would make my dreams come true and would be something I could pass down to my children.

  • Ron Roddenhof
    15/07/16 - 15:17

    Perfect way for owning land and for leaving it to my heirs

  • Irene Pate
    15/07/16 - 15:17

    I would love this. My husband is a Laird as he has 2 plots so it would be great to join him as a land owner and become a lady

  • christophe suchy
    15/07/16 - 15:18

    I want this as my wedding present 😉

  • Peggy
    15/07/16 - 15:19

    There is a ‘pull’ to this area that is unexplainable. History, future, love – all exists here.

  • Lord Ronald Sinclair
    15/07/16 - 15:19

    Owning this would mean Scotland is part of my heart and homeland , well it always has and it would be the icing on my cake. Thank You

  • Kimberly Caskey
    15/07/16 - 15:19

    I’d love to win this ! I’ve been researching my heritage, and have found out that my ancestors were Scottish ! I would love to own land, and visit it someday !

  • Linda
    15/07/16 - 15:20

    How wonderful to be part of the conservation of such a beautiful area.

  • Joyce Kirkpatrick
    15/07/16 - 15:20

    I would love to win this as Scotland is always in my heart.

  • Erin Sharpe
    15/07/16 - 15:21

    I would love to win this 100 sqft plot! Last year I gifted my husband 10sqft and made him a lord for our wedding day gift. We decided to delay our honeymoon until April 2017. our destination is Scotland! We cannot wait to visit our already existing plot and would love to have another piece of Scotland, as my husband is Scottish.

  • Kenneth Carnesi
    15/07/16 - 15:22

    Would really appreciate this as an addition to ownership. Love Scotland and really don’t need an excuse to visit, but it would be great to be a part of Scotland as well!!

  • Philip Clark
    15/07/16 - 15:22

    I love Scotland. It is a beautiful place with wonderful people. I am proud that my heritage is from Scotland. I love being a part of preserving it.

  • Bill McKnight
    15/07/16 - 15:23

    Wha,s like us, dam few if I,m a laird

  • Lewis holbrook
    15/07/16 - 15:23

    I would like to win this in order to build Scotland’s first Death Star. Starting a new rain of the Sith as Lord Holbrook lol

  • Jacqueline Willard
    15/07/16 - 15:23

    Say why you would love to win a 100ft of land in the Scottish Highlands? Because I now know what it really means to preserve and restore the Highlands to it’s original beauty.

  • Andy
    15/07/16 - 15:23

    Put simply I would like to win because I think this is fantastic for our environment and a bit of fun at the same time, good on you guys and keep up the good work.



  • Ashley Liddington
    15/07/16 - 15:24

    I want to win so I can expand my land and bless my family with titles too

  • Robert Milton Hiller jr
    15/07/16 - 15:24

    Already have a small plot there, the idea of a tree planted in honor of my grandson, Robbie Durell, who left us at 10 months.

  • Rahma Kushtana
    15/07/16 - 15:24

    Winning this competition would be a dream come true and complete the circle of life. My great-great-grandmother emigrating to NZ from Scotland all those years ago! And being able to reconnect in this way, simply magical!

  • Andrew Jay
    15/07/16 - 15:25

    It would be great to own the piece of land and promote Highland Titles to all my friends and acquaintances.

  • Andy
    15/07/16 - 15:25

    Put simply I would like to win because I think this is fantastic for our environment and a bit of fun at the same time. There should be more opportunities like this one to protect our environment and get everyone involved, good on you guys and keep up the good work.



  • Mary Kvam
    15/07/16 - 15:25

    I would to own a piece of history and Scotland is the most beautiful and wild.

  • Alexander Croft
    15/07/16 - 15:25

    My current area of ownership is just too small 🙂

  • Laird David Pate
    15/07/16 - 15:25

    I own 2 small plots and would love to win this bigger area. The conservation work you do is great

  • Melanie Williams
    15/07/16 - 15:26

    The plot that I received for Christmas was one of the best gifts I’ve ever received! I adore Scotland but live far away, so I would love to own another little piece!

  • Kathy (Wallace) Prosser
    15/07/16 - 15:26

    I gave two plots as a wedding gift & the bride & groom were thrilled. I was a little jealous of them and would love to be able to visit my own small piece of Scotland. This is such a great conservation initiative.

  • Marten Olsson
    15/07/16 - 15:26

    I have been a member for a number of years, and have great admiration for how they use the money for the protection of the Scottish Highland nature and the wild life! If I win this plot I would give it to my parents in order to show my appreciation for them! That would be awesome! 🙂

    15/07/16 - 15:29

    I’m already owner of a parcel and I would like to have my children near me.

  • Gillian Stacey
    15/07/16 - 15:29

    I would consolidate it with my existing square yard and start my Scottish empire!

  • Annie
    15/07/16 - 15:31

    I simply adore the place.

  • Stewart Kellock
    15/07/16 - 15:32

    Great opportunity to see the land of my ancestors!

  • David Dearing
    15/07/16 - 15:32

    Would really love to take vacation to Scotland one day. This would be great to visit my 100 sqft property.

  • Bérangère C
    15/07/16 - 15:32

    Hello from France !
    I would like to win in order to offer this gift to my son who is currently 9 months 🙂
    So fingers crossed ! Thank you for this wonderful contest!

  • Clive
    15/07/16 - 15:32

    Would love to win this as a gift for my daughter who was born in Aberdeen,

  • Brenda Baca
    15/07/16 - 15:33

    Because I would love be be part of the Highland community!!!!!
    I so appreciate what it all stands for!!!!
    So please pick me!!!!

  • Stuart Whaley
    15/07/16 - 15:33

    I’d love to win 100sqft because we bought our granddaughter a plot for her birthday and she’s always saying she’s a “lady” now. If I won I could say I was titled too!

  • Cary Tarasoff
    15/07/16 - 15:33

    Being of scottish decent and living in Canada, Highland Titles has opened a door into my own heritage. This has now expanded to many others with Scottish family here in Canada. And this innovative effort just keeper growing and growing. Thank you!

  • Lady Patricia
    15/07/16 - 15:33

    I love trees! So any opportunity to preserve loads more on a 100sqft plot would be a dream come true – and what a legacy to leave my beloved great-nephew!

  • Katie Wicker
    15/07/16 - 15:34

    If I was lucky enough to win this plot of land I would share my fortune with My GirlGuiding troop and would bring them up for camping trips over the summer, enabling some of the kids to explore parts of the UK that would otherwise be off limits to them. Being a Leader it’s always important to get the kids out and about to enjoy as many different aspects of Nature as possible – what better way to get close to nature than wild camping in Scotland.

  • Laird Robbie Radik
    15/07/16 - 15:34

    Being of thrifty Scottish decent, anything that is free peeks my interest. Should I be chosen for this honor I would be able to turn my present holdings into a summer vacation spot and consider my new lot as the main manor location.

  • Diane Redford
    15/07/16 - 15:35

    I would like the opportunity to become a Lady of the Glens and a share of wonderful Bonny Scotland

  • Marleen Milne
    15/07/16 - 15:36

    I have already purchased for two of my daughters and one has already visited. Daughter number three has a birthday soon and she will be a titled ‘Lady’ too.
    I now live in Australia and it would be the icing on the cake to join my titled daughters.

  • David
    15/07/16 - 15:36

    Its a wonderful opportunity to get back to the real nature that I miss so much

  • Afia Olorunfemi
    15/07/16 - 15:37

    I did my MSc in the UK and would love to go back to visit! Scotland is such a beautiful place. And to have the title of Lady would be awesome too!

  • Jens Sieberling
    15/07/16 - 15:37

    I’ve been in the Highlands a year ago and just want to preserve the beautiful nature for the next generation 🙂

  • Sarah
    15/07/16 - 15:39

    I gifted my brother 1ft of Glencoe land and the title of Lord and my sister and I both have PhDs. To win life I would need both really and to become Lady Dr!

  • Indra Maharaj
    15/07/16 - 15:39

    I believe in the need to preserve our nature environment. Without dedication to this mandate, our environment and the animals and plants that live on this earth with us, will be lost forever. Supporting the sustainability effort is vital to our survival. Owning a plot of land makes you part of the solution.

  • Ras selassie
    15/07/16 - 15:39

    I would love to own a part of the Scottish highlands, and to become a Laird!

  • Wayne W Leith
    15/07/16 - 15:40

    I would give it to my Dad, because I’am currently out of work and can’t buy him a birthday gift. I know he would love it because he is very proud of our Scottish heritage.

  • John Phelan
    15/07/16 - 15:41

    O sad and heavy, should I part,
    But for her sake, sae far awa;
    Unknowing what my way may thwart,
    My native land sae far awa.

  • Jonathan Marsh
    15/07/16 - 15:41

    I would love a 100 sq ft plot of land Lochaber to go with my 1 sq ft plot in Glencoe. That way I would have 2 plots to visit when I one day make it to Scotland! Protecting nature anywhere is good, but love how 2 distinct areas of land are protected in Scotland and I could potentially be a part of both!!

  • William Paton
    15/07/16 - 15:41

    Already purchased a small plot in Glencoe wood for the lady of the house and winning a further piece of my beautiful homeland to pass on to my children would be fantastic

  • Jody Hemberger
    15/07/16 - 15:41

    I would love to win this plot and someday I will come a visit!!

  • Tine Biering
    15/07/16 - 15:42

    My husband is a Lord, and I would love to be his Lady.

  • Karen
    15/07/16 - 15:42

    Would love to win a plot of land. I am enamored with the Scottish heritage after reading the book Outlander. I purchased a plot for my husband Scott a few years back. He’s a Laird and he lords his title over me. I need to be a Lady of Glencoe to even things out. We’d also love to come visit!

  • John Frank Donaldson
    15/07/16 - 15:45

    They fought for Scotland, they were Cleared and dispersed. However:-
    You can take the person man or woman out of the Highlands.
    But you can never take the Highlands out of the man or woman.

  • Anne Price
    15/07/16 - 15:46

    I fell in love with Scotland on my first visit! I’ve returned time and time again and am still as much in love! To have a part to call my own would be a little piece of heaven on earth!

  • Jeffrey John Darby
    15/07/16 - 15:47

    I recently travelled through Scotland and it is indeed a beautiful country, it would complete my journey to own a piece of Scotland.

  • Margaret Martin
    15/07/16 - 15:47

    I would love to own a little bit of Scotland, something to pass on to my son and maybe with luck his son. Wonderful people wonderful country.

  • Beverley Blyth
    15/07/16 - 15:48

    My mother is from the Clan MacDonald so to have a wee piece of Glencoe back would please her greatly. My father is from the Clan Murray. To be able to see and look after this wonderful land would help keep me closer to them n their passing. Thank you for this oppertunity.

  • Marianne F. O. Larsen
    15/07/16 - 15:48

    My daughter already owns a plot, so I – her mom – would also be Happy to own one, so we Can visit Scotland together 🙂

  • Lady Penelope Anne Bourne
    15/07/16 - 15:49

    I have always loved Scotland, for as long as I can remember even though I did not get to visit until I was grown up. When we were younger we used to camp in various places, then with our son, then we used a caravan, then B&Bs. We already have a plot each but would love to have another plot to pass on down the line sso that our support for and love of Scotland goes on for generations. We love the Highland Titles concept. The idea that in years to come this land cannot be spoiled makes me smile from ear to ear. Thank you everone at HighlaND tITLES.

  • James Morrison
    15/07/16 - 15:50

    I would love this prize as my wife has her own plot which I got her for anniversary and I would like to have my own plot as we visit glencoe on a regular basis.. We were born and bred in Scotland and my heart has always belonged there .. British by birth and Scottish by the grace of God ..

  • Christian Prim
    15/07/16 - 15:50

    My family name is Prim and in Latin it means number 1 . So as they say in Highlander “There can be only one” .

    And that’s me

  • Michelle Holloway
    15/07/16 - 15:51

    I would love to win 100 soft so that I have a reason to visit the Scottish highlands often. And to officially become a lady of Scotland.

  • Omar Shamma
    15/07/16 - 15:51

    I’d Love to own another wee piece of beautiful Scotland!

  • Alex
    15/07/16 - 15:52

    This would be amazing to win! I would love to go camping here someday!

  • John Henson
    15/07/16 - 15:52

    My involvement with Highland Titles means a lot to me as my ancestors left Glengarry during the clearances and it feels like I have reclaimed a piece of home.This would make that even more so.

  • Marie Hannard
    15/07/16 - 15:53

    I bought my daughter a plot hoping she would get the hint and get me a title still haven’t got one…I have Scottish heritage family names McGee and Reilly,would be lovely to win so me and daughter can go and see our plots and its something special I can leave in my will,I’ve been through a lot over these past few years breast cancer and loosing my mother and my beloved furbaby would be lovely to scatter there ashes on the plot if I was to be lucky enough to win.. Fantastic prize good luck to all

  • Scott Randall
    15/07/16 - 15:54

    My Ross Clan is from the Highlands. I would love to have receive the gift of land to share with all of the Glencoe family. FYI

  • G.V. Vasudev
    15/07/16 - 15:55

    I would love to win this. I have a very long standing connection to Scotland where I lived during 1969 and 1972 doing full timevoluntary work with handicapped children at Camphill Special Schools in Aberdeen.I have numerous famous friends in that country with whom I am in touch eternally..

    I want to win.


  • Jean Tait
    15/07/16 - 15:56

    Right now, I only have a square foot plot of land so I would love to expand my holdings! It is so much fun to introduce myself as Lady Jeannie. I actually met Alex Salmond and told him about my little plot of land. He loved it, and signed his book To Lady Jeannie, Scotland Forever. I treasure that!

  • Lord John La Beff
    15/07/16 - 15:58

    I have a 1 foot plot at both Glencoe and Lochabre. I would love to win a 100 foot plot to add to my lands. Coming to visit soon!

  • Cole Finamore
    15/07/16 - 15:58

    I would love to win, because I love Scotland. I visited the Highlands back in September and loved it, such a beautiful place. I come from the Kerr Clan of Scotland and it was be amazing to have 100sq feet of land 🙂

  • Doug Gray
    15/07/16 - 15:59

    My ancestor, Sarah Jane McTavish (born 1863) of Edinburgh left Scotland for the US with her husband, William McClelland Gray in the late 1800’s. Being a part of this conservancy would honor my ancestors and forever tie my children to their heritage in a wonderful way.

  • Katy Kreiger
    15/07/16 - 15:59

    I would love to plot of land in Scotland so I could visit the country I love more often (though I’m not Scottish), and protect the beautiful area.

  • Sam Billing
    15/07/16 - 16:00

    I love the work you guys do towards conservation efforts in Scotland, a place that has always held a keen interest for me. It would also be nice as a gift to a friend of mine who has helped inspire me a lot this year.

  • Melanie Winkler
    15/07/16 - 16:01

    I’m from Germany and I love Scotland very much. It would be an honor to own a piece of this wonderful country

  • Ymkje Kuipers
    15/07/16 - 16:02

    I love Scotland!

  • Marlene V.
    15/07/16 - 16:04

    We travelled to Scotland and loved it. It still holds a special place in my heart and I would love to own some of Scotland as a reminder of my great travels to Scotland.

  • Erik Farr-Voller
    15/07/16 - 16:05

    Enjoyed my time in Scotland at Kinloss and Pitreavie Castle. Both my children born in the Highlands. Would love to donate 100 foot sq ft to my grandchildren.

  • Mikael Vallée
    15/07/16 - 16:05

    j’aimerais gagné 100 sqf,pour l’ajouter à ma collection

    en fait,c’est surtout gagner 1 arbre gratuit qui m’intéresse.
    (et si on pouvait avoir une petite abeille travailleuse en plus…..)

  • Denise Drake
    15/07/16 - 16:06

    I have traced my ancestry all the way back to 1648 in Scotland. I purchased myself, my husband and my 3 sons plots. As each of the boys married I purchased their wives plots. Now I have a new granddaughter. It’s her turn to get a plot!

  • Jean-Francois GERARD
    15/07/16 - 16:07

    Great idea ! A larger plot would be the best place to stay after Brexit… 🙂

  • Elke Kerwick
    15/07/16 - 16:07

    I would love to win the plot for my wonderful daughter – her father is Scottish and she would have her own piece of her ancestral land.

  • W A Gillilan
    15/07/16 - 16:08

    I have been a Laird for nearly 8 years now, and I think it would be fantastic to be able to give my boys a plot were I to win. It would show them we can work with Nature instead of against it.

  • Michael Dunn
    15/07/16 - 16:08

    It would be wonderful to gift it to my wife and make her a lady to my lord.

  • Leigh Damerell
    15/07/16 - 16:08

    Just tto be part of a wonderful land is prize enough.

  • Amanda
    15/07/16 - 16:08

    I am half Scottish but have never had the chance to visit my beautiful homeland! This would be a great reason for my first visit and a dream come true!

  • Michelle Carrera
    15/07/16 - 16:08

    This would be a great wedding gift for my fiancé!

  • mandy naylor
    15/07/16 - 16:09

    I would love this.Scotland has it should be .

  • Andrew Fraser
    15/07/16 - 16:10

    I’d like to get in touch with my heritage.

  • Janna Fraser
    15/07/16 - 16:11

    I’d like to pass on to my son a tangible part of his heritage.

  • Lord Peter Martin van den Broeke
    15/07/16 - 16:12

    Wow, great idea! I would love to win this competition because in that way some land in beautiful Highlands of Scotland will be saved for your and our children. If I win this competition I will dedicate the tree to plant to my two Forster childs Julia and Darius.

  • matt dean
    15/07/16 - 16:12

    I can trace my Scottish roots back to 1594- as member of the McCauley clan- love the land !

  • Cheryl sheard
    15/07/16 - 16:13

    To gift this to my soulmate, who has changed my life beyond words as we both adore walking in the Scottish countryside over anywhere else in the world

  • mick roache
    15/07/16 - 16:13

    After holidaying in scotland this year i can see why scotland is so popular, i also would love to win this parcel of land to leave to my daughters.

  • Martin Watt
    15/07/16 - 16:13

    I am of Scottish descent and I am remotely related to James Watt, inventor of the steam engine. I visited Scotland a few years ago and I fell in love with the beautiful country, its people and it’s rich and ancient culture. I live in Cape Town, South Africa. My family originated from Fife, I am actively involved in celebrating my Scottish heritage in South Africa and I regularly make donations to the Cape Town Caledonian Society (of which I am a member) towards their various welfare projects and I attend their gatherings as often as I can.

  • Bruce Brady
    15/07/16 - 16:14

    I currently own 10 sqft in Lachaber and 2 sqft plots in Glencoe. I have documented my ancestry back as far as 1400 ad and would love to own more of Scotland and preserve it’s beauty.

  • Magda Viljoen
    15/07/16 - 16:14

    Will be food for my soul

  • (Laird) Paul Tolley
    15/07/16 - 16:15

    I have been a proud member now for a few years and love the concept of the Highland Titles. Thought it was a great idea when I first joined and so happy to see it is still powering on today.

  • Paul Jackson
    15/07/16 - 16:16

    I would love this as it would allow my family and myself to come camping and enjoy the beauty of Scotland.

  • Patrick Lucisine
    15/07/16 - 16:17

    Because 21st july is my birthday and because I really love Scotland, specially Glencoe. I should love to get a part of this splendid land and keep it in my french heart. 😉

  • Hans Boeltzig
    15/07/16 - 16:17

    As my present plot is just enough to stand on, I would dearly love a slightly larger plot where I can sit down and e.g. enjoy a decent picnic in those beautiful environs.

  • Jason Smereczniak
    15/07/16 - 16:17

    I love scotland so much and by winning it would let me save another 100 as ft off such a lovely country

  • Jerusha McFarland
    15/07/16 - 16:17

    I would love to plant native trees and flowers on my land to support the local environment and for my future generations to enjoy!

  • Beverley Hills
    15/07/16 - 16:19

    My daughter has a piece and I should like a piece too so we can both be ladies. Also with my name Lady Beverley Hills would be a riot. Seriously though the work of conservation and protection must go on.

  • Colin Baillie
    15/07/16 - 16:20

    Winning this land would start me on my journey to reconnecting with my homeland.

  • Brenno de Winter
    15/07/16 - 16:21

    It is the perfect combination between preserving land on one hand and have a place of your own in Scotland.

  • Monika Hasserodt
    15/07/16 - 16:23

    When I first visited Scotland it felt like home. Having Scottish ancestry I love this idea and thank you for the nice gesture.

  • Rita Fox
    15/07/16 - 16:26

    Our family would love to own another 100 square feet of land in Scotland to go with our other 4 square feet we already own. We love Scotland and have visited quite a lot of areas – mainland and islands including the outer he rides – magnificent scenery.

  • Chris Peslis
    15/07/16 - 16:27

    Having visited Scotland for the first time last year, I now understand how magnificent it is, and how important it is to preserve that unique character and beauty. I would be honored to own a small piece of that land, so that I can then pass it down to through my family, with the promise that at least once they will stand on that land and drink a toast to my memory.

  • Jacob Pitney
    15/07/16 - 16:28

    I would build a small twig and stone fort with a moat on my land. 🙂

  • Lisa McFarland
    15/07/16 - 16:31

    I would visit my 100sqft of land and enjoy the beauty of Scotland with my family.

  • Laurence C
    15/07/16 - 16:31

    This would be something to pass on to the next generation who could also be so proud of such an honour.

  • Sergio Blaser
    15/07/16 - 16:32

    I love Whisky (bought some Scottish land at the smallest Whiskybar on earth) and the great idea behind the Highland Titles to save the nature! Would be great to have an extra piece of beautiful Scottish land.

  • Richard G.
    15/07/16 - 16:33

    It would be an honor to own a piece of the Scottish homeland. I had the opportunity to live in Dunoon for several years and loved it, Scotland felt like home. Makes sense now that I recently found out that a large percentage of my ancestry is from that region of the world, it’s in the blood.

  • Elizabeth Torrens
    15/07/16 - 16:34

    Last Christmas we made our grandmother a Lady of Glencoe and Lochaber. She loves it. Winning my own price would be the spark to get that trip to Scotland with grandma off the “someday” list and onto the “planning” list.

  • Katie Valenta
    15/07/16 - 16:34

    Ohhhhhh….Scotland!!!!! I would so love to be part of Glencoe as my parents are part of the Glencoe family. Please help me celebrate my Scottish heritage.

  • Helena Doerr
    15/07/16 - 16:36

    I would love to own another plot to conserve Scotland.

  • Laird Rüdiger Schäfer
    15/07/16 - 16:38

    It would be great to win the 100 sq ft, though I already “own” a plot at Glencoe Wood Nature Reserve near Duror.

  • Carolyn Angwin-Thomson
    15/07/16 - 16:38

    My parents loved this area. I bought a small plot in Glencoe Wood and planted a tree there in memory of my mother. My father has since died, and if I could own a bigger plot and be able to camp out on Keil Hill, I think he would look down from the stars and smile! 🙂

  • Lord David Lynx
    15/07/16 - 16:39

    I have a small plot there now. Both sides of my family are Scottish. I visited my plot and a very rainy day. It was amazing.. Did some geocaching too.

  • Chris
    15/07/16 - 16:39

    Would love to win so I can visit again and hopeful go camping

  • Aline R.
    15/07/16 - 16:39

    I’d love to win because I offered a title to my best friend and I’d be honored to be a Lady like her. And also because I like the idea of preserving the environment so beautiful and fragile.

  • Jean Thaxton
    15/07/16 - 16:40

    Of all the places I have visited, Scotland is by far the best. I love the scenery, the nature and best of all the people. I would love to win the land as it would provide an even deeper connection with the country.

  • Lady Nadine
    15/07/16 - 16:41

    I REALLY want to win this piece of land as I am the BIGGEST fan of Scotland. I love the land, the history and the people. This was by far my nicest trip to Europe from all the country I visited – I will return and would like to go visit a BIG piece of land instead of my little plot I now own :o) THANK YOU SCOTLAND to make me part of your Country!!!

  • Wayne Couzens
    15/07/16 - 16:41

    My wife is part Scottish it would a wonderful thing for her to be a Titled Lady

  • Karen Scott Monegatto
    15/07/16 - 16:41

    I would love to win this prize!!
    My whole family is Scottish, and my heart has always belonged to Scotland, and I feel at peace when I am there.

  • Martin Melville
    15/07/16 - 16:43

    It would be great to win, I’d love to visit and reconnect with my heritage

  • Livia Larocque
    15/07/16 - 16:44

    Whoops I didn’t quite get how to leave my comment but it said I did? Anyway here it is! I gave my husband plots of land as a gift and I’d love to be the Lady to his Lord! How fun would it be to visit our plots of land and unite our Kingdom! Hope to visit you soon in Scotland!

  • Lady Nadine of Glencoe
    15/07/16 - 16:45

    Oh and I forgot, the food is wonderful! this would really give me an REAL reason to return ! :o)

  • Nicolas Aubry
    15/07/16 - 16:46

    I bought a plot last year. With a few friends we did a fantastic road trip in August 2015 from Switzerland to Oban, Skye island (camping in Dunvegan), Fort William. We went to Glencoe and we visited my plot. We went to Sterling and finally we attented The Edinghburg tattoo festival. I personally fell in love with Scotland. I love it’s culture, people and whisky of course.

    15/07/16 - 16:46

    would love to win a piece more to go with my other ones as it is nice to own a piece of Scotland

  • Elizabeth Hurley
    15/07/16 - 16:48

    I gave my husband a plot in the Scottish Highlands. I would love a piece myself to be a Lady of the realm.

  • wauthier benjamin
    15/07/16 - 16:49

    love love love gleencoe

  • Stephen Carnes
    15/07/16 - 16:51

    I would love to have a 100sqft plot so that I can go camping in Scotland!

  • Duncan Head
    15/07/16 - 16:52

    We would love to have a piece of one of the most lovely parts not of just the UK, but the World! – and help preserve this beautiful natural area and heritage.

  • Sandra Zaninovich
    15/07/16 - 16:54

    When I was 10 years old or so, my father took me to see Mary Queen of Scots starring Vanessa Redgrave. I instantly became convinced I was Mary in a previous life, hahahaha! All my school mates called me Mary from then on. About 13 years later I finally made it to Scotland, and instantly felt like I’d come home. There has never been a country, not even my homeland of Croatia, about which I’ve felt so passionately. To be a landowner of such substance would be a tremendous honor and seal the deal of my connection with my beloved country.

  • Doug Henry
    15/07/16 - 16:55

    I would love to add to my property. This would really give me an incentive to visit the property!

  • Cynthia Socull
    15/07/16 - 16:56

    What a wonderful way to connect to our ancestry and pass it on to our children.

  • Brandon
    15/07/16 - 16:56

    I totally love your protection of nature and would love to give this to my wife.

  • scott
    15/07/16 - 16:57

    I would like to win this to gift it to my wife as it is our 5th wedding anniversary coming up which is “wood” and I would like something truly special to give to her on a very special day. I also plan to buy a bit to gift to my daughter who is due to to be born on November 4th!

  • Michael Woodley
    15/07/16 - 16:58

    I would love to be blessed with a plot in your great land. This would be a great gift to my grandson. His father has visited Scotland and loved the area. Even though my grandson is only 10 months old, to be a Laird of Scotland would be a great honor to him as he gets older. Thank you for providing this opportunity.

  • Bernice
    15/07/16 - 16:58

    I would love to win a piece of Scotland for my grandson, here is named after my husband. I has been Gordon really enjoyed visiting Scotland. It would be a nice memorial for him. Thanks

  • Jasmine
    15/07/16 - 17:00

    I would love to have a piece of my favourite country. The most stunnig place in the world!

  • Erin Mason
    15/07/16 - 17:00

    I’d love to gift a plot to my fiancé. We both love Scotland and he’d be overjoyed to own a small piece of heaven.

  • Per Bressendorff
    15/07/16 - 17:00

    Bought 100 sq. ft. for our first grandchild in 2014 for his namegiving. Now would love to do the same for the second one. Hope one day the two laird cousins can go and camp at their “properties”.

  • Matthew Trick
    15/07/16 - 17:01

    Great gift for my wife two years ago. This plot could be mine. A trip would be prudent to see and enjoy both plots.

  • Lord Hugh Marie
    15/07/16 - 17:01

    I would plant a 10 Year Old Oak tree and put a sign saying.

    “On this land this tree was planted to celebreate Highland Titles 10 years of bringing joy to people all over the world and protecting Scotlands biodivesity”.

    As the Oak grows to 500 years someone in 2516 will know this. 🙂

  • Werner Bodsworth
    15/07/16 - 17:03

    My wife and myself both own 1 sq.foot would love to have more to share with family

  • Kristi
    15/07/16 - 17:03

    I would love to visit Scotland and this would give me a great opportunity to visit. I also love how a tree is planted on each plot of land, what a great idea.

  • Patricia Barraclough
    15/07/16 - 17:04

    I have always had an affinity for Scotland. It is part of my Celtic heritage. I gave my husband, Laird John, a similar package for our anniversary this past June. He was delighted and we look forward to visiting Scotland and our piece of it in the near future. Since he is now a Laird, it is only fair that I acquire the title of Lady Patricia.
    We, as environmentalists, are pleased to see the success of this project. It is an original and effective way to preserve and restore the natural environment and the populations of bumblebees and the Scottish wildcat. Keep up the good work.

  • Joyce Kirkpatrick
    15/07/16 - 17:06

    I live in England but my home and my heart is in Scotland where I was born x

  • Laird Douglas Thorp
    15/07/16 - 17:06

    I’m seeking any excuse to visit Scotland again! The one previous visit was SO long ago and, even though my memories of this beautiful land have not faded, I’d appreciate visiting my plots and see the conservation efforts.

  • Ingrid Gurandsrud
    15/07/16 - 17:07

    I would love to have this piece of land. It is a great way to preserve the beautiful countryside, so it would be a part of the culture and history for generations to come. It would be an honour

    15/07/16 - 17:08


  • Anne-Sophie Raymond
    15/07/16 - 17:10

    I’d be happy to feel like an adopted scott because since i’m 4 i remind my previous life which was in Scotland. At 4 i used to cry and say to my parents: Où sont les hommes en jupes ? Where are men in kilts ? At 6 mum crossed the sea to the U.K. and for the first time of my life i feel home. At 23 i got a first job in Scotland and realised it really was my homeland. Now i’m back in Belgium i don’t feel like a belgian Citizen. If i would own a patch of land i’d be home for the rest of my life, i’d be an adopted Ginger half half Scott.

  • Megan Strutt
    15/07/16 - 17:10

    I would love to win this, I would then be able to bring my 82 year old mum to see Scotland, she is having treatment for cancer at present and needs something to look forward to. I bought her the Title Pack for Christmas a few years ago. To increase our link with Scotland would be such a blessing. I so love the land and have toured with my trusty old transit camper in the past.

  • Joseph B McReynolds
    15/07/16 - 17:13

    I would love to own a part of Scotland, which my ancestors were forced to leave many years ago.

  • Anne-Sophie Raymond
    15/07/16 - 17:13

    I’d be happy to feel like an adopted scott because since i’m 4 i remind my previous life which was in Scotland. At 4 i used to cry and say to my parents: Où sont les hommes en jupes ? Where are men in kilts ? At 6 mum crossed the sea to the U.K. and for the first time of my life i felt home. At 23 i got a first job in Scotland and realised it really was my homeland. Now i’m back in Belgium i don’t feel like a belgian Citizen. If i would own a patch of land i’d be home for the rest of my life, i’d be an adopted Ginger half belgian half Scott.

  • Vesselin Nikolov
    15/07/16 - 17:14

    I love Scotland, ще бъде чест за мен да притежавам парче от тази хубава земя.

  • Jure
    15/07/16 - 17:15

    A great starting point for salmon fishing! 🙂

  • Pascal PERRIN
    15/07/16 - 17:17

    Scotland is a fascination for us from East of France. We feel that région to be wild original nature and full of history. i bought 2x 100 sqft for my 2 children as birthday gîfts and would lové to become one of their neighbour over There. Kindle

  • David Mackey
    15/07/16 - 17:19

    I love Scotland and would love to share this love with my two daughters by winning this for them to visit. (One lives in London and the other lives in San Francisco.)

  • Eric Reuschling
    15/07/16 - 17:23

    I’m a USA citizen but my wife’s mother is from Scotland. We have visited several times and my wife’s heart has always been in the Highlands. I first purchase a plot for my wife as a birthday present, and we had plans on coming this year to see it in person, but she passed suddenly in January. Myself and both of my children are still flying over this October, and my wife will be with us. I would truly loved to own another plot so I can give both of my children something that their mother held close to her heart, and to also own a piece of Highland heaven. Thank you

  • Mark Abrantes
    15/07/16 - 17:24

    I would love to own a piece of Scotland and join my kids who own pieces of land with Highland Titles.

  • Noora S
    15/07/16 - 17:28

    Scotland is my favourite place on earth, my very own happy place – I go there to feel happy and rejuvenated and at home. The Highlands have a firm hold of my heart at all times and I ache with homesickness for the moors. To own a small piece of this beautiful, amazing land and to be able to help in preserving the one-of-a-kind nature would definitely be a big dream come true!

  • Elisabeth Sälzer
    15/07/16 - 17:28

    Scotland is the land of my dreams. To have a 100 sqft plot of land in the Scottish Highlands would be wonderful. I could come to visit my own piece of land.
    In several years this land will belong to my children.

  • Andrea Wetherby Baumer
    15/07/16 - 17:29

    Gotta love this place! And to be a part of the conservation work is wonderful! Thanks

  • Todd
    15/07/16 - 17:37

    What could be better than owning land in Scotland?

  • Lord Martz Barrett
    15/07/16 - 17:38

    I currently have a small piece of Scotland and a Tiny piece of England (tho the England land is still under water from the floods!). I’m a big believer in saving as much of OUR countryside as possible, from those big building companies who would prefer concrete over trees. I haven’t seen much of Scotland due to being disabled, but this would give me the excuse to tick some boxes off my bucket list. Thank you Highland Titles for the offer to join in on this lovely competition.

    15/07/16 - 17:38


  • Kelly Cooper
    15/07/16 - 17:40

    I would be proud to own a piece of Scotland and know that it would be protected for future generations to enjoy.

  • Joan
    15/07/16 - 17:41

    This would be a fantastic gift for my husband, as I have myself a piece of land, and he’s sad he’s not a Lord when I am a Lady 😉

  • Robert Enderle
    15/07/16 - 17:42

    I am a laird since 4 years. I am glad to be a member of this community. I could not realize to have my own wild forest in germany. In 2012 I wanted a special gift for my 50th birthday. Lady Cyndee Szymkovicz recommended the project of Highland titles. 2012, I bought a 100 sqft plot and 2014 a 1000 sqft plot. A friend of mine was recently there. For me, it’s mainly the nature project and I am satisfied with the numerous activities of Higland Titles. Keep it up!

  • Sharon Graham
    15/07/16 - 17:42

    Everyone who owns a plot of land with Highland Titles helps to ensure that the area and all its plant and wildlife will remain protected from commercial development.
    That is the best reason for wanting to be a part of this. Plus I would actually have my own block instead of just buying them as gifts for my family!!

  • William
    15/07/16 - 17:46

    Ever since I was stationed at RAF Edzell back in 1993, I have been in love with Scotland. It was by far the best duty I ever served and it would be great to own land in Scotland. Even if it is only 100 sqft.

  • Lynn O’Brien
    15/07/16 - 17:47

    Scottish born and bred, live in Scotland will die in Scotland my heritage and my life would love to own a piece of this spectacular scenery

  • Susan
    15/07/16 - 17:47

    I would love to win the land so i could help to preserve scotlands beautiful untouched land.

  • Sandi Tymchuk
    15/07/16 - 17:48

    I love the idea of being part of the Scottish community. It would give me another reason to visit, too!

  • Rainer Gerhardt
    15/07/16 - 17:51

    I love Scotland

  • kenneth grant
    15/07/16 - 17:52

    I bought a plot a while ago,it is great to have something where my ancestry came from.

  • Louise
    15/07/16 - 17:54

    Whilst it could be a wonderful gift for combined 50th & 55th birthdays as well as 25th wedding anniversary, the possibility of knowing I was able to be part of ensuring sustainability of such a beautiful area and posterity for future generations would be a dream come true!

    15/07/16 - 17:56

    My husband is already Lord of Glencoe. Il want to become Lady, his Lady. We will visit our sqft And discover your beautiful Scotland. See you !

  • Lady Pernille Askham
    15/07/16 - 17:57

    I’m already a lady to Glencoe, and would love to be lady to Lochaber.

  • Mark A. Kellner
    15/07/16 - 17:57

    As a present landowner, I would cherish the opportunity to add to my holdings and promote the wonderful work of Highland Titles in conserving natural environments in Scotland!

  • Samantha Wilson
    15/07/16 - 18:01

    Ever since I gifted my husband with a 1 sqft for Christmas a few years ago, we’ve had Scotland on our list of travel destinations. Would be amazing to be able to come see it in person!

  • Lord Gerald W. Galley
    15/07/16 - 18:04

    15 Jul 2016
    Having relatives in Scotland for centuries and attended Schooling in Edinburgh. Visit regularly. Haven’t visited since my wife and I purchased a plot of land each. Would be nice to add a 100 sq ft to our plots and to say we are contributing to improve and conserve Scotland thru land management, strategic partnership thru the Highland Titles program.

    Regards Gerry

  • Lady Gard
    15/07/16 - 18:04

    I love my little plot of land and have a few trees, I’ve been wanting a bigger plot for many years. I have visited Scotland every year for my holidays and visited my little plot. I would love to win this amazing giveaway and become a v.i.p guest and visit once again. The protection of the environment is a passion to me.
    Happy 10th anniversary!
    Keep up the good work x

  • Mark
    15/07/16 - 18:12

    I know of many who have dealt with Highland Titles and all are very pleased with their purchase, the company and their professional service!!

  • Theresa
    15/07/16 - 18:17

    I would love move land as a keepsake, as a piece of the distant family past, as part of my love for the land. Thank you for this opportunity.

  • Sherri Topple
    15/07/16 - 18:18

    My husband and I are from “New Scotland” (Nova Scotia) and have ancestral roots in Scotland; we visited last year for the first time and fell in love with the country! We purchased lots for our daughter and son-in-law, who are planning to move to Scotland in the very near future. They will actually visit their plots of land next week. We would love to also be plot-owners, helping conserve and preserve your country’s beauty.

  • Carolyn
    15/07/16 - 18:22

    As my husband is now a Lord of Glencoe, I really would like to become a Lady and get to camp on my little piece of Scotland. And of course gain all the benefits that would come with the prize 🙂

  • LeeAnn Kerr
    15/07/16 - 18:27

    My husband and myself are both part Scot, I bought him a plot for Christmas a couple of years ago and he love it. Next year we will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary and will be going to Scotland. Sharing another plot with him and planting a tree or flower on that would be awesome.

  • Berend Bokhove
    15/07/16 - 18:27

    Love the idea

  • Audrey grey
    15/07/16 - 18:27

    I Want Because I need It and It Is amazing

  • Christine Massey.
    15/07/16 - 18:28

    I would love to own my patch in Scotland and gain a title as I purchased one for my Husbands Special birthday and our Ruby Wedding is next year and we could visit both plots if I were lucky enough to WIN. Also love all the work done on Conservation especially for the Bees.

  • Bertram
    15/07/16 - 18:30

    I would love to offer the land and the title to my mother for her 77-year birthday – in honour of our British ancestry.

  • alvie Whitlock
    15/07/16 - 18:30

    Our connection with the land go back to Alvies heritage. There is Castle Alvie, with loch and village. There is a pull toward Scotland that one cannot deny for us.
    To save even a square inch of this land is a legacy to share.
    we plant trees on our small lot for each child born in our family, Then I take in seedlings and nurture them too. Some seedlings are shared out.
    Regardless of whom wins. Thank you.

  • Jesper Baerentzen
    15/07/16 - 18:32

    At my 50th birthday some years ago I got a little plot of land – and last year I presented each of my two boys with their very own piece of Scotland in order to support the good cause protecting the Scottish nature and wild life. My sons and I would love to protect additional 100 sqft of Scottish nature and wild life! Best wishes and happy 10th anniversary – many to come!

  • Lorraine Tilston-Brookes
    15/07/16 - 18:35

    What an honor it would be to own a small piece of such a beautiful country

  • Joanie ABbott
    15/07/16 - 18:35

    I would love to have another plot of land. I think this project is awesome because it preserves and improves the land for generations to come.

  • Giles Percival
    15/07/16 - 18:37

    100 square feet of prime Highland Title land to stand on and breathe in the Scottish air. Oh how I would love to be the lucky one to be able to do this. The sun can shine, the wind can blow and the rain can fall but I would be happy regardless.

  • Debbie B
    15/07/16 - 18:39

    My ancestors are from Scotland, my great grandmother and grandmother immigrated to Canada but I never got to meet either of them. My gran passed when I was 5. Would love to have a little piece with a tree planted!

  • Peter Moore
    15/07/16 - 18:39

    This is a superb way to involve people in preserving our natural heritage and to create a sense of ownership of what is best in our country.

  • Lady Kirsty
    15/07/16 - 18:39

    I’d love this so much. I’d love to plant trees(indiginous only, if allowed) and anything that the bee’s might like too! 😀

  • okiraan
    15/07/16 - 18:42

    I’m of Scottish descent. Even though I’m a dirty Campbell, I’d still like a piece of the old country. I’d like to visit Scotland, too.

  • Anne-Claude
    15/07/16 - 18:45

    My husband is a Lord…and owns a little part of Scotland. I would love be a Lady!

  • melanie allen
    15/07/16 - 18:46

    after having loads of surgery and now complications i think this will be only way to get some land myself, the kids would love it.

    15/07/16 - 18:47

    It would be my little Island in the highland. The Plot with the Lot

  • Samantha
    15/07/16 - 18:52

    When my mom retired she had to find something to keep herself busy since there were no 5th graders needing minding. What my nearly 100% German mother discovered through geneology is that her family is firmly rooted in Great Britain, including Scotland. It would be wonderful to always have a “home” in our ancestral homelands — even tent poles, stakes and some assebly were required. 🙂

  • Richard Hughes
    15/07/16 - 18:55

    I think this is the perfect way to protect our already fragile environment and have some fun along the way.

  • MaryBeth Richards
    15/07/16 - 18:55

    Would love to win a plot in the reserve; I bought a plot for my husband as a gift for Christmas and would love to give my son his own plot this year.

  • Alyssa
    15/07/16 - 18:57

    This is so cool!

  • Lord Kenneth W Brown
    15/07/16 - 18:59

    A title I am very proud to have. I would be honored to be one of the winners chosen. Salute.

  • Valerie Frances
    15/07/16 - 19:01

    I already own 1 sq ft of the Highlands mainly beacause my ancestors are from Scotland and was my way to help protect Mother Earth. Owning 100sqft of this beautiful land would be a comfort knowing I helped to protect it in a bigger way!

  • Ian Williams
    15/07/16 - 19:02

    If I won a plot it would be a once in a life time to visit and enjoy. And when the time comes past it onto my son for him and his family to enjoy.

  • Roman
    15/07/16 - 19:04

    I’d love to win this as it would give myself and my family something more to see when traveling through Scotland, and it would be another way for me to help save a part of the environment!

  • Jennifer Jones
    15/07/16 - 19:05

    I would love to win this for my fiancé. He has always wanted to visit Scotland!
    And, we would be able to gift it to our son!

  • Deborah
    15/07/16 - 19:06

    What a thrill to own land in my family’s ancestral home!

  • Stephen Darling
    15/07/16 - 19:06

    Because I am a Highlander it would be lovely to have somewhere to call home

  • Matias Lien
    15/07/16 - 19:11

    I would love to give away some land to my newly born baby girl

  • Alex
    15/07/16 - 19:13

    Having purchased a small plot for my daughter a few years ago,she now has a son and it would be great to have such a legacy and encourage more conservation and hope when he grows up he would do the same.

  • Diane
    15/07/16 - 19:13

    We bought a plot for my husband several years ago, as a gift, and it was one of the best gifts ever. The contest is over on the 21st — the 19th is my birthday and the 22nd is our wedding anniversary. I would really enjoy having a plot as well, and the timing seems to be at its apex! 🙂

  • Derek Maylor
    15/07/16 - 19:17

    Highland Titles and the work done is a great way of supporting the environment and the natural world for generations to come – it’s not ours to ruin but to care for.

  • Wendy McInnis
    15/07/16 - 19:17

    Moran taing airson contest! Would love to win and have a small plot in Lochaber. My ancestors and my husband’s ancestors left Lochaber and Invernesshire about 200 years ago, and came to Nova Scotia, bringing their culture and language with them.

  • olivier castro
    15/07/16 - 19:19

    J’aimerai gagner ces quelques terres afin que mon fils devienne Lord comme moi.

  • lord Dessenne Pascal
    15/07/16 - 19:21

    Because we love Scotland and lands which remain some of the purest in the world !

  • Karina
    15/07/16 - 19:24

    This is such an amazing way of protecting natural areas, and I would love to be part of it. The fact that it’s possible to actually visit “your” land is even better.

  • cheryl connor
    15/07/16 - 19:25

    i would love this i could have a little cabin built and go there for holidays, with my little family

  • Rick Sorensen
    15/07/16 - 19:26

    Winning this plot would make a great companion with the plot we own in Glencoe!!

  • Daniel Bertram
    15/07/16 - 19:28

    I would love to win the 100 square feet so I could give away one square foot to anyone that purchased a plot. I’ll run my own buy one get one special!

  • Ian Mitchell
    15/07/16 - 19:36

    Me a Lord, would be so cool.

  • Sharon Kilduff Clark
    15/07/16 - 19:44

    I am in love with everything about Scotland! The music that I listen to so often, the brave people, the beautiful land I’ve read so much about, the sheep grazing in the fields that are in the artwork on my walls, all of it! I want to go there so much!! If I had !!a little piece of the land to think of as a little bit mine, it would be even more of a pull for me to find a way somehow to get there!! I would love to meet up with perhaps some people with whom I may share ancestry! With my father’s name of Kilduff and a mother whose maiden name was Stewart, I think there’s a pretty good chance!

  • laird kenny nash
    15/07/16 - 19:45

    would love to win the extra land, to keep the area in its natural environment, a Godsend for future generations.

  • Marie
    15/07/16 - 19:45

    I would win a parcel because i would have another reason to visit scotland, because i would wear our own tartan and coats of arms and title, because i will enjoy to scream “freedom!” Not for your nation (williiam wallace makes that better than me) but for the nature that will gain another non human plot…

  • Lesley F
    15/07/16 - 19:53

    My dream is to one day visit and what a thrill to own something in a place I dream of!

  • Neil Barron
    15/07/16 - 19:54

    My dad was born in stirling as his home town of clydebank was being bombed in the blitz my mum and dad have since both passed and loved holidays all over scotland and the islands. My dad taught me the history of glencoe and played me the songs id love to have a title in memory of them

  • Anthony O’Sullivan
    15/07/16 - 19:55

    I already have a very small plot as I can’t afford much more but to win this would be amazing

  • Margaret Lithgow
    15/07/16 - 19:56

    I was gifted 1 square foot of land as a Christmas gift a few years ago, love it and would love to have some more and maybe gift it to my son. My Grandfather came from Scotland, and the Scottish blood runs strong in our veins.

  • Tracey Younger
    15/07/16 - 19:57

    I would love to win this fantastic prize just for me and my daughter xx

  • Stephanie LaPlante
    15/07/16 - 20:00

    I would like to win because this is THE COOLEST EVER!! I’ve always dreamed of owning a piece of land where I could be royalty. OMG I would LOVE this!!!!!

  • Sheila McDougall
    15/07/16 - 20:04

    Having visited the small plot I purchased for my husband for his 70th birthday and seen what a wonderful place the reserve is and the fantastic job you are all doing to preserve and enhance the area it would be wonderful to own a bigger share of the surroundings.We hope to visit again in September and look forward to seeing Glencoe again. Thankyou

  • Lady Haisley
    15/07/16 - 20:06

    I would love to win this as a gift for my husband so that he can come with me to the Gathering next May! I’m going!

  • Tara H
    15/07/16 - 20:08

    I bought my husband land in Highlands a few years ago for his 30th birthday. We will be visiting Scotland for the first time this year. Our families are both from Scotland and I’m so excited to be going finally. It would be great to own a plot myself since my husband has one and visit them in September!!

  • Malea Anderson
    15/07/16 - 20:10

    I would love to win a plot. I have given 3 different people the gift of a plot of land and I haven’t gotten one for myself. I just found out through Ancestry testing that I have roots there when I had no idea I had any connection. I’m thrilled!

  • Sarah Shuff
    15/07/16 - 20:10

    Why you would love to win a 100ft of land in the Scottish Highlands? My great great grandmother was from Scotland and owning a piece of land, no matter how big or small, would make me feel as if I were coming home… xo Scotland

  • Noelie
    15/07/16 - 20:19

    I would be very happy to have a small part of the most beautiful country I had visited

  • Duncan
    15/07/16 - 20:20

    I live in Australia but have a strong family history in Scotland and would love to feel part of Scotland even more.

  • Philip yeoman
    15/07/16 - 20:22

    What a great way to conserve the Scottish countryside

  • Andreas
    15/07/16 - 20:24

    The Scottish Highlands are the most brilliant place in this world ……. there is simply no better place.

  • derek cornwell
    15/07/16 - 20:27

    such a beautiful place and has to be protected

  • Margaret McDonald
    15/07/16 - 20:28

    I would love to win this as I am very proud to be born and raised in this wonderful country and the thought of actually owning a small piece is actually mind blowing x

  • Ralf
    15/07/16 - 20:29

    I’d like to win the plot, because I love the idea of making the country I love even more beautiful.

  • Mary P Tickner
    15/07/16 - 20:31

    Would loive to have a 100 ft plot that’s big enough to out a tent on and camp on our own land in Scotland!

  • Lynn
    15/07/16 - 20:31

    I would love to gift this prize to my nephew on the occasion of his 21st birthday!

  • Jade Willcox
    15/07/16 - 20:36

    Because my mum wants 2 move 2 Scotland & this will make a great present 4 her

  • Alan Smith
    15/07/16 - 20:37

    My family emigrated from the Highlands to Australia in the 1800s and it is time to return.

  • Malcolm Elliott
    15/07/16 - 20:38

    I was invited several years ago to submit DNA to the Scottish Reiver Project . The results were amazing showing that our family had fought for Robert the Bruce . To own a larger piece of the land that our ancient family fought for would be wonderful.

  • Stephen Cooper
    15/07/16 - 20:41

    My wife bought me a plot as a birthday present and if I won a plot I could leave one plot to each of my two children. Then they could carry on with helping keep this land conservation lands in perpetuity.

  • Andrea Stamadiades
    15/07/16 - 20:43

    I would love to add to the plot my kids bought me as a Christmas present last year. Then we could all camp there and go and visit the tree they had planted in honour of my mother, their grandma,who sadly never got to know them. This is a wonderful opportunity for such a breathtakingly beautiful landscape to be preserved for generations to come so they may also witness how stunning these lands are.

  • Annalisa K
    15/07/16 - 20:44

    It has been my dream for years to see Scotland and if I won I could actually go “home”!

  • Mary Warner
    15/07/16 - 20:45

    A place to bury the ashes!

  • Frédéric.TOBELLEM
    15/07/16 - 20:47

    I am French. Today our Nation is in trouble with the attack that took place in the beautiful city of NICE. We need to dream, to have the courage to go trough these trials. Highland titles, I recommend to my friends, we help to change us ideas. Thank you for your action ( sorry, Google translation…..)

  • Scott MacMillan
    15/07/16 - 20:48

    Its a must have for someone with my name.

  • Dianne Smith
    15/07/16 - 20:49

    I would love to be able to camp on my own land; my 1 square foot makes for tight sleeping arrangements. Dianne

  • Julie Lamb
    15/07/16 - 20:51

    My daughter just married a ginger haired McKinnon and they are so happy. Our only gift to them on the day was to help with their wedding, I would love to gift them their own plot of land in Scotland.

    Thank you for the opportunity


  • Lord hills
    15/07/16 - 20:56

    I would love to win a 100sqft of land in the Scottish Highlands because IT’S NOT ENGLAND……that’s all that needs to be said…

  • Allan Edward
    15/07/16 - 20:58

    I would love to win this plot as I purchased one and would like to give my wife this plot, so we both would have a little piece of Scotland.

  • Traci Fisher-Zaiser
    15/07/16 - 21:04

    I bought my daughter a plot for Christmas and I would love to win on so we could share in the beautiful land of Scotland together.

  • Justin Sparks
    15/07/16 - 21:05

    I would love it because it would be great to have a piece of heritage

  • Lynn Albertson
    15/07/16 - 21:06

    Why you would love to win a 100ft of land in the Scottish Highlands? I would love to be able to give this to my husband and son (both of Scottish decent).

  • Valerie James
    15/07/16 - 21:11

    I am a descendant of the Porterfields of Duchal Castle. My folks’ castle was destroyed by a King James and his canon. I would simply love having a plot of land in Scotland to bring my family’s journey to America full circle. I plan to visit Scotland in the next few years. It would be a great honor to own a small plot of land in your fair country!!

  • Colin Thomson
    15/07/16 - 21:17

    I live thousands of miles away from my Scottish heritage and links and a small plot of land In Scotland would be a wonderful connection for me and my family.

  • Carole Johnson (Lady)
    15/07/16 - 21:23

    My daughter and son in law bought me my land and title for my birthday. It was a really delightful fun gift. Another 100 square foot of Glendale Forest or Lochaber would be really lovely.

  • Damian
    15/07/16 - 21:25

    I’ve bought plots for frends as gifts and refered others who have also bought plots.we are all from Australia and suport the idea you have for land presivaytion. I’d love to win this comp as I’ve not put funds aside for myself to be able to buy a plot. :-p

  • Kristen Parker
    15/07/16 - 21:27

    I would love to win this for my husband so he could join our growing group of Lords and Lady’s here not just to thank him for the wonderful work he does for us but also to show him the wonderful work you guys do in conservation!

  • Vi Anderson
    15/07/16 - 21:29

    I would love to own this for my Grandkids so they can own a part of their Scottish Heritage.

  • Devoran Driske
    15/07/16 - 21:46

    This would be a lovely birthday present from my children to their father (my ex)

  • Cheryl Van Syckke
    15/07/16 - 21:46

    I would love to win this plot of land to add to my other plots in Glencoe and Lochaber. I feel owning this land is helping to do my share in the preservation of Scotland’s natural land and wildlife that lives there. My husband and I bought a plot for each of our family members last year for Christmas and will do the same for all new grand babies, son in laws, and good friends. My daughters were born in Scotland and you should have seen the joy in there faces when they received this plot of land! Thank you for all you do at these land preserves Highland Titles!

  • lord william cowan
    15/07/16 - 21:48

    Would like this piece of land to own me forever scotland

  • Keith Loss
    15/07/16 - 21:54

    My wife heritage is Scottish. She has always wanted to go. This would be a start.

  • Heather McDonald-Hocking
    15/07/16 - 21:55

    I would love to win this bit of Land, as we bought both our son a block and I would love to give this to my husband for his birthday in October, we have a real love for Scotland

  • Marie Elkjær
    15/07/16 - 21:58

    I would just love for something positive happening in my life….
    Im alone with 2 wonderful children, and I would love to teach them the value of saving every corner of the world through fx Highland Titles.
    Its a wonderful way of showing, that doing something really matters!
    And, if my heart surgery in september doesn´t have an ending we hope for, my children will still be able to learn about the importance of caring for the world.

  • Alexander
    15/07/16 - 22:00

    A most creative and successful venture to preserve and maintain Scotland’s heritage and native environment .
    I joined your organisation in honour of my Scothish father and family and to know that there is a tree planted in his memory .
    To win a plot and have another tree planted continues our Scotish links in perpetuity .
    Thank you for protecting the beauty and magic of Scotland .

  • Lord Michael
    15/07/16 - 22:07

    Is 100 square feet big enough to build a distillery ?

  • Théo Guiet
    15/07/16 - 22:08

    Because I love nature and Scottland and I want them to be preserved !

  • Lord Glen Terry
    15/07/16 - 22:09

    Good day, I had a wonderful visit in Scottland in 2011, what a beautiful Country, I have a section of land there via your site, in Glen Coe. would love to re-visit and go camping on my site, as well as be able to pass on my land to Family when I pass,
    Thank You for your site.

  • Andy & Jo Stephens
    15/07/16 - 22:14

    Our plot was a gift, and like to give a gift back. Keep up the great conservation work. We will see you next year on site.

  • Skye
    15/07/16 - 22:14

    I brought my first plot at a Scottish festival. My reasons were my love of Scotland and my love of nature and preserving it. The highland title was a perfect way for me to combine these loves. I would love to visit and see the beauty of what the team in Scotland is accomplishing. Nature is a precious thing and to be preserving it in Bonny Scotland is a thing of legends. If I win the plot I can know that I have an even greater part in it.

  • Lady Julieanne
    15/07/16 - 22:15

    In our busy bustle we don’t get much time to reflect and relax. If I were to win a 100ft of land in the Scottish Highlands we would secure our plot, take advice on any planting and encouraging the mini beasts and then I would love to tickle my Goldendoodle and my Poodle on the tummy while we sit on a rug.

    Happy anniversary!

  • Alan Jarman
    15/07/16 - 22:17

    I have already bought two plots for my two daughters on “coming of age”, to remind them of their Scottish heritage, and give them a special reason to visit Scotland one day… it would be rather nice to have a plot of my own; maybe then I will visit with them! However, I have already well-and-truly “come of age”. A retirement present to myself, maybe?

  • Cindy
    15/07/16 - 22:19

    My heart belongs in both Scotland and Ireland. To have a piece of history to say is my own, would make my heart sing. Traveled there last Sept and I can feel the draw to come back home.

  • Tell
    15/07/16 - 22:24

    I now live in Australia but it would be nice to own a part of the old country

  • Deborah Roussety
    15/07/16 - 22:34

    Happy 10th Birthday, what an amazing prize, visited Scotland a few years ago and just fell in love with this amazingly beautiful country !!!!!

  • Ian Kennedy
    15/07/16 - 22:34

    My Father was born in Dunscore near Dumfries and was a proud Scotsman all his life and I would love to come back to Scotland and visit where he lived and to visit Keil Hill.

  • Jo
    15/07/16 - 22:38

    Thanks for all the hard work you do to preserve the land and its wildlife.

  • Carmen Hughes
    15/07/16 - 22:43

    I have traveled quite a bit and Scotland has always been my favorite place. Especially the gorgeous highlands. It would be amazing to own a small part of it! Thank you for the great giveaway!

  • Donna Chance
    15/07/16 - 22:48

    I would love to win the plot of land in Scotland. I am of Scottish descent. I think Scotland is beautiful, and the people there are the friendliest in the world. I have been there twice and would love to go back again. I hope I win the contest.

  • Karen Huck
    15/07/16 - 22:49

    As I said in my Facebook comment, I want more Scottish land so that when I’m finally able to visit I’ll be able to sit on the green, wet earth, breath deeply of rich, nurturing air, and drink enough Oban so that I don’t mind that my pants are moist.

  • Gwyneth Kelly
    15/07/16 - 22:53

    This would be great! We gave our two sons the gift of a plot each and they suddenly became Lords in honour of their heritage. I would have the same honour and become a Lady! It really is the land conservation that is the real winner in all of this.

  • Elke Klawon
    15/07/16 - 22:53

    There are many people who have given good reasons…for me it would be a dream to visit Scotland one day…to win a plot will make it a home…

  • Eric Turini
    15/07/16 - 22:56

    To save tree

  • Darin Page
    15/07/16 - 23:00

    I remember when my wife gave me my 1sqft plot back in January 2011. It bought tears to my eyes, I was so thrilled. I have a deep love of Scotland and think conservation is terribly important. Since that day I have wanted to buy a 100sqft plot but just have not been in the position to do it. I am a proud Laird of Glencoe and would love to win the 100sqft plot.

  • Lady Cynthia Kane Aldrich
    15/07/16 - 23:01

    My husband and I already own plots, and I’d love to add to our “holdings.” We appreciate the conservation work that is being done – and I think it’s fun to be married to a Laird!

  • Bronwyn Watt
    15/07/16 - 23:01

    I live in New-Zealand and have always felt close to Scotland for some reason. So when I found out about being able to buy a little part of it, I was in. Now having a chance to win some more land so the conservation of Scotland can grow I think is fantastic.

  • Anne Lewis
    15/07/16 - 23:04

    I would be honoured to own this 100 feet of land of land
    As in my eyes it would be like a little piece of heaven

  • SarahJ
    15/07/16 - 23:08

    I have Scottish roots. It would be so cool to actually be tied to Scotland by owning land!

  • Ken McCrae
    15/07/16 - 23:08

    My wife bought me a plot several years ago for Valentine’s Day. I would love for her to have a plot of her own. Thank you!

  • Donna L
    15/07/16 - 23:09

    I would love to give this to my daughter for her birthday.

  • Lynn
    15/07/16 - 23:11

    I have been to Glencoe region many years ago before I owned a plot, looking forward to going back and seeing my plot of Scotland.

  • Lady Pamela Murphy
    15/07/16 - 23:14

    Here’s to you Highland Titles – for the best moto “Conserving Scotland, one square foot at a time”. I hope I win!

  • mickey
    15/07/16 - 23:17

    I love it beening a lord its the nuts

  • Howard Wilson II
    15/07/16 - 23:17

    Good luck to everyone.

  • Andrea Moverley
    15/07/16 - 23:20

    My husband Lord John Moverley of Glencoe passed away last year, I would like to leave a memorial on his plot maybe a tree to commemorate his life as a Lord and his love of his Scottish heritage.

  • LORD micey lazer
    15/07/16 - 23:20


  • Lady Karla McMahon
    15/07/16 - 23:20

    Lord Andrew and I would be most interested in expanding our estate to include the aforementioned 100 sqft. Naturally, should His Lordship and I be successful in the acquisition we would take the very next flight to the estate to inspect – such are the responsibilities of a Lord and Lady

  • Diane Douglas
    15/07/16 - 23:23

    As a 100% Scot I would love to be an official Lady.

  • Lexia
    15/07/16 - 23:35

    With a small plot in Glencoe, I am so proud to be part of the Highland Titles conversation activities! I would love to win a larger plot as not only would it coincide with my birthday (21 July) but it would also mean that I would have the chance to have a meet and greet with volunteers when I travel across from Australia next year to visit!

  • Royleen Wolski
    15/07/16 - 23:37

    I bought plots for my Mum & Dad, I would love to win a plot and assist with conservation of my grandfather’s traditional home place.

  • Julie
    15/07/16 - 23:38

    It would be such an awesome birthday gift for me! July 21 is my birthday! I love the good that you are doing in preserving the lands and I would love to visit Scotland and see the reserve.

  • Jen Wood
    15/07/16 - 23:40

    Mum and I visited the Highlands and were warmly welcomed back as part of the world wide Scottish diaspora. Our ancestors are from fort william and Lanark. I have felt to be Scottish ever since and am very proud to be part of Clan Cameron.

  • Matt Ashton
    15/07/16 - 23:40

    What a gift to my family, and for family members for the future. Not only now to have a proactive partnership with such a great organization regarding the maintenance, protection and regeneration of the of such a beautiful environment and part of the world, but also to leave a legacy for my future family members to respect and take responsibility and respect of a great diverse natural environmental ecosystem. WOW, what a great opportunity and prize, thanx heaps for a chance. 🙂

  • Leanne Craigmyle
    15/07/16 - 23:43

    I would love this! It would be absolutely incredible. It’s high up on my list to visit the Scottish Highlands!

  • Larry B
    15/07/16 - 23:45

    Great cause and it’s Scot what’s not to like!

  • Andrew & Richard MacLean
    15/07/16 - 23:55

    Our family came to America after the last rebellion in 1759 according to the “Bureau” in London and our 5fh cousin the 27th Chief of Clan MacLean

  • Joanne Bartley
    15/07/16 - 23:57

    Now that all my Scottish Ancestors have gone, I would love to own a piece of this beautiful country that I could pass on to my family that will be protected forever. Such a peaceful and wonderful part of the world that is now protected. Keep up the wonderful work.

  • Lee Costello
    15/07/16 - 23:57

    I’d love to win a 100ft plot of land in the Scottish Highlands to help in the regeneration and preservation of this unique part of the world. I’d also like to gift it to my wife, though I fear that becoming a Lady might go to her head!

  • Jennifer
    15/07/16 - 23:57

    I love the mission of Highland Titles and would love to win this land and help with the conservation of the area.

  • Gina Laitila
    15/07/16 - 23:59

    I would love to win this. I am coming home on September 8th, 2016 to visit my family and it be wonderful to be able to say that I own a piece of land in one of my favourite places, Glen Coe. I have lived in Canada for over 60 years but still think of myself as a Scottish Lass. I wanted to spend time with my 97 year old aunt and if I won, I would want to present this to her.

  • Dale Pederson
    16/07/16 - 00:01

    Being able to visit Scotland was a wish come true. I have never felt more at home. Every where we stayed it was like we were with family. Part of my heritage is from Clan Gunn, not quite from the same area of Scotland it is SCOTLAND.

  • Filipa Santos
    16/07/16 - 00:10

    I would like to win a plot in the Scottish Highlands because I gave my husband (who is half Scottish) a plot for his birthday last year and this year we had a baby boy so I would love to give my little son a plot too. Like father, like son! :o)

  • Lisa Bogner
    16/07/16 - 00:14

    Even though I’ve never been to Scotland(yet,anyway), I’ve always felt as though a part of me is attached to it…a calling of you will. This would be my chance to feel like I truly belong somewhere.

  • Peter Ager
    16/07/16 - 00:17

    Wonderful Prize. I could be 100 times the Laird I am now

  • Blair B
    16/07/16 - 00:22

    To win this plot would be a dream come true. I am a true nature boy, I spent my childhood playing in the woods every day, right into my teens and continued on as a hiker, wild camper and explorer into adulthood. It would mean the world to me to take ownership of a little piece of such a beautiful place, truly an honour. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • Karen McNaught
    16/07/16 - 00:29

    A safe haven for flora and fauna. At place where nature is totally respected. A great place when my children and grandchildren will be able to enjoy and know how beautiful the world could have been. Keep up the excellent work.

  • Marshall
    16/07/16 - 00:32

    It would make a lovely gift for my wife.

  • Judy Pearson
    16/07/16 - 00:32

    My husband’s family is from Scotland (maiden name MacKerron) and this would be such a cool gift for him!

  • Rune
    16/07/16 - 00:35

    In 2001 my girlfriend and I Went to Scotland to study at James watt College in greenock two very Young People without family or friends
    In a new country but this beautiful country didnt take long to grow on us we fell in love with Scotland and the highland we found new friends and we still keep contact after so long Scottish People are the most open og friendly People we know they dont care about what you do but who you are. We would love to get this plot and bring our kids next year to show Them what beautiful country mom and dad still talks about and love after all these year we are danes but NOT that deep down we are Scottish.

  • Leanne Clarke
    16/07/16 - 00:46

    We are scotland in January 17. From Australia It would be nice to visit the plots we already have and know we are contributing to reserving such a beautiful place. It would be nice to add to the plots we have.

  • Alison Vickers
    16/07/16 - 00:49

    I would love to have this to gift to my family and future grandchildren in later years.
    I bought a plot for my brother in law last year and it was presented in such a beautiful way I was thrilled and he was equally surprised and happy too 🙂

  • Stephanie Ramage Liu
    16/07/16 - 00:52

    I am Scottish and would love to win. It would give me a great connection to my heritage. And would give me the chance to visit Scotland.

  • Mark Fraser
    16/07/16 - 00:56

    Why you would love to win a 100ft of land in the Scottish Highlands? I would love to have another plot to add to my holdings. Scotland is so beautiful and this is such a great program restoring the land. Cheers!

  • Kate Smith
    16/07/16 - 00:56

    I like to support anything Scottish – particularly the environment and history, this does it well, protecting our land.

  • Harvey James
    16/07/16 - 00:58

    Because preserving the beauty of this part of Scotland is so very important, and the conservation efforts of this project really makes a difference. I want to be part of that difference ;). Here’s to the next 10 years!

  • Tegan Morosi
    16/07/16 - 01:00

    This is an amazing giveaway. I would absolutely love to win and add a little more to the small piece of Scotland I already own.

  • Kelly Cathcart
    16/07/16 - 01:00

    I would love to win a plot of land in Glencoe as both my Husband and my Mother have one, and it would be fantastic to reconnect with the Scottish side of our family and have all three of us with a plot of land to come visit!

  • Julie Malouin
    16/07/16 - 01:03

    Winning a plot would be the perfect excuse to fly to Scotland one more time 🙂

  • Gill Rogers
    16/07/16 - 01:08

    I am Australian but my ancestors are from the border of Scotland. My daughter is expecting her first child,a daughter this year. She will be my first grand child. What a wonderful birth present it would be to gift this new born child with a plot of land and a title from the land of her ancestors at birth.

  • ros mayes
    16/07/16 - 01:13

    I LOVE owning a tiny plot of Scottish land!! I have been to Scotland to visit my ancestors’castle, Craigievar, and it was an unforgettable experience!This is a wonderful organization and a truly great idea to help preserve the land of our fathers! ( Or in my case…”mothers”! 🙂

  • Tracey Meeten
    16/07/16 - 01:14

    A fantiastic gifting for a fantastic cause. There is nothiing like protecting our earth and it’s animals for future generations to enjoy. I live in New Zealand but I have still bought my plot in Glencoe and would love to expand my conservation empire just a little!! Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Kevin B
    16/07/16 - 01:15

    I’d love to own my own little piece of land. And i know it’s not “nothing”, because to point is really to save nature, and in another perspective, to save women, men, animals and humanity. By trading and sharing together and in a same way the love of respect from the smallest particles to the greatest trees around us.
    It’s a gift from the Sky that all humans should have the opportunity to get. A symbolic view of what the concept AND the word “Liberty” should be. Sorry for my bad english.
    Regards, Kevin.

  • Michael Boyle
    16/07/16 - 01:17

    Me rikey!

  • Lorraine Kubala
    16/07/16 - 01:31

    I have visited Scotland and love it. I would like to win a plot of land so I have the excuse to go back whenever I wish!

  • Kris McMinn
    16/07/16 - 01:43

    I love the conservation effort brought about by you guys, and if I can help by claiming even more land in Scotland I would be one happy McMinn!

  • John Dane-Stewart
    16/07/16 - 01:46

    I would love to gift this plot to my son to have and to won.

  • C McGowan
    16/07/16 - 01:51

    At least this 100Sq would come with a lairdship

  • leslie kemp
    16/07/16 - 01:54

    I would love to win this I only have one plot and it would mean the world to me and my family if we could have this as one my ancestors do come from Scotland and id like to own a piece of Scottish soil so I thank you for this chance to own a connection to my family’s past

  • Claudette Granucci
    16/07/16 - 01:54

    100 square ft isn’t very much land, but it would-be so wonderful to have a little slice of what some of my ancestors had in the green and glorious land of the Scots.

  • Janis Olson
    16/07/16 - 01:57

    I live in the United States. I am not Scottish, but I would like to be. So, when I die, I believe that in my next life, I will be a full blooded Scottsman!! I really would love to have a piece of land in your beautiful country. Thankyou.

  • Simon Mackenzie
    16/07/16 - 02:04

    To win would mean that a piece of land is protected for all time, safe for inhabitants besides humans, ensuring the survival of many species.

  • Kendall Mileman
    16/07/16 - 02:10

    I would love to win the giveaway because it would be so cool to own enough land in Scotland to be able to have access to camp. I have also been researching my family tree and found out I have a lot of Scottish ancestors.

  • lady Julia Williams
    16/07/16 - 02:11

    I have already got two plots would love to get one for my daughter

  • Niesje and Alexander Smith
    16/07/16 - 02:14

    Being picked as one of the ten lucky winners of the tenth anniversary give away competition would mean more than the world to my husband and me as I am married to one of the proudest of Scotsman whose ancestors can be traced back to 600AD. It means something must more than owning land or being able to claim being Scottish. It something intangible that is part of a true Scotsman’s soul and being and is present in everything that life presents. As such, I have an emotional as well as a personal historical interest in the preservation of Scotland as one of the proudest nation of people who have managed to preserve and maintain their countries integrity with their distinct culture and fealty despite the oppressive persecution its people and its country sites endured for centuries.

  • Helen
    16/07/16 - 02:17

    I would love to win as I have strong emotional ties to Scotland. I am not Scot, what a pitty, I fell in love with Scotland when I went for a holiday. I am part of a Scottish choir in Perth, Australia.
    I would cherish 100sq feet of land in this magnificent country.

  • Antony Somerville
    16/07/16 - 02:19

    Preserving the land of Scotland and contributing to my little part of history is reward of itself, but, owning some of it is priceless.

  • Elizabeth Annae Benstead
    16/07/16 - 02:21

    I live in Australia so I would love to win the 100 ft block as it’s bigger than our 30cm one I have! Then I could visit Scotland and be able to camp on it overnight. Dreaming again…..!!!!1

  • Erin Cooper
    16/07/16 - 02:25

    i would love to win this, highland titles is an awesome idea and holds nature preservation in its heart, just as i do. which is what drew me to buying a small piece of land last year. Scotland is a beutiful country, i would love to be a bigger part of keeping it beutiful.

  • Karen
    16/07/16 - 02:27

    I would LOVE this piece of Scotland. Ky grandfather was born there and his side of the family is still there … he would have loved to have owned a little piece of his homeland – he had to leave when he was 13 to find work to help his mother pay the bills. He never stopped sending her money until the day she died and I often wonder how much he must have missed her. I’ve always felt so bonded to Scotland through my grandfather. Thank you for your generous gift – and for doing what you do. It’s so uplifting to see nature taking hold!

  • Mark Scott Kessler
    16/07/16 - 02:28

    I would love to win this so I can share it with my sons

  • louis hubler
    16/07/16 - 02:31

    I too wish to be a proud Laird of 100Sq.ft of Scottish highlands.!!

  • Deanne Lindsay
    16/07/16 - 02:36

    Words cannot express what it would mean to me,to receive some land at ‘Locherber’ and ‘Glencoe Wood’. I purchased land for my dear friend of many years for her 50th Birthday at Glencoe Wood. It is my dream to visit Scotland to find family and trace my heritage as my brother was doing this but passed away at 52 years of age before he could finish it. Now, I am the only one whom could do this. Also, I absolutely love what you are doing to conserve the natural wildlife and landscape of such a beautiful area. Thank you for this opportunity whether win or lose, from the hopeful “LADY DEE” xxx

  • Jennifer Alexander-Walters
    16/07/16 - 02:37

    Living in Australia I’m so far from home and family and would love a piece of Scotland to call my own.

  • Lynn Hennequin
    16/07/16 - 02:41

    We are descendants of the Maclean clan and have lived in Australia for nearly 50 years and have never been able to afford a holiday back to Scotland. I would love to be able to win this for my daughter to give her some Scottish heritage and to pass on for future descendants. I have read up on the Scottish history Culloden.

  • Peter Chan
    16/07/16 - 02:49

    To surprise my wife as her anniversary gift!

  • Hollie
    16/07/16 - 03:04

    Because I was born to be Scottish. I just wasn’t born THERE!!!

  • Clara Denise Kelly hutson
    16/07/16 - 03:08

    I need to come home.

  • Jim Alix
    16/07/16 - 03:10

    Does this make me part of the EU?

  • Gary s townsend
    16/07/16 - 03:11

    Love my land and my title .
    Will be back in 2018.

    Lord Gary s TOWNSEND

  • Nancy Rigby
    16/07/16 - 03:15

    I have Scottish heritage & I would love a piece of Scotland to call my very own.

  • Elizabeth Witteveen
    16/07/16 - 03:15

    Our daughter studied abroad for a year at Uni Dundee and fell in love with Scotland. She made lifelong friends who showed her their beautiful land. They even came across the pond to stand up in her wedding (kilts and all). We would love to gift her a piece of the country that lives in her heart!

  • Melanie Rogers
    16/07/16 - 03:16

    i would love to win because i want to help preserve the land in Scotland for all the wildlife that lives there for generations to come

  • Diane Hutton & William MacGillivray
    16/07/16 - 03:31

    It would be great to announce we’ve doubled our land owning in Scotland when the Australian Chapter of the MacGillivray Clan Society meets in Bendigo later this year.

  • Mona Lisa
    16/07/16 - 03:37

    What a beautiful way to preserve such beautiful land in an amazing country.

  • Elizabeth Jones
    16/07/16 - 03:43

    My Mother is Scottish & we recently traced her DNA bloodline back 35,000 years to the last ice age, a true Celt through & through. Would love to own a piece of this beautiful land to go with our heritage knowing that it’s unique beauty will be protected for the future generation of my Family to enjoy… Wonderful prize & a tremendous job yo’re doing there.

  • Diana Gould
    16/07/16 - 03:45

    It would mean that I can own a bigger piece of my heritage. I hope to vist Scotland someday and fulfill a dream my dad can no longer do.

  • Larry Bleich
    16/07/16 - 03:45

    Gu bhith na Laird Wig mo fior chuilbheart fhein bhiodh iongantach. Tha mi a dh’fhaodadh fiu ‘s ag ionnsachadh a’ bruidhinn Gaidhlig ceart.

  • Delbert Calvert Hiestand
    16/07/16 - 03:49

    Scotland is my ancestral homeland by my MacDougal, Hay,Munro, Scott, Crawford, Blair,Boyd family lines!

  • Sally McRae
    16/07/16 - 03:54

    I would love to win a bit of land in Scotland. My father’s parents came from the Highlands and it would give me a sense of connection with them and the land they came from. I am happy to support the preservation of the land, including the plants and wildlife and grateful to your organization and all you do.

  • Lady Deborah Murphy
    16/07/16 - 03:56

    I have spread the word about Highland Titles Nature Reserve so that more people will engage in this wonderful conservation project. I want to see this hauntingly beautiful land with its diverse flora and fauna well cared for and preserved for future generations. I love being a part of this magnificent endeavor.

  • lady helen MacGregor
    16/07/16 - 04:12

    I would dearly love to win this for my husband as he is a passionate Aussie Scot and gave me the highland title and a piece of your precious land fr oour wedding anniversary in may,please help me make him a Lord!

  • Robert Warn
    16/07/16 - 04:29

    Excellent preservation work, funded by these ‘sales of tiny plots of land to our ‘Lairds and Ladies’. 🙂

  • Jim Crozier
    16/07/16 - 04:33

    Lady Gail and Lord James Crozier of Bumble Bee Haven would love to win another plot of land in glorious Glencoe. We visited in April of this year and were made most welcome by our hosts David and Stuart of Highland Titles. We live in Perth Western Australia. I (Jim) was born in Perth Scotland,(Perth to Perth) We would dedicate our new plot to the St Johnstone Football Club who won the Scottish Cup in 2014 for the first time in 130 years (We were there – woo hoo!)

  • Lord Jean Pascal VILLETTE
    16/07/16 - 04:40

    A very good idea

  • Ewan Duff
    16/07/16 - 04:51

    My ancestor emigrated to new zealand of the clan douglas. My partner brought me a title 2 years ago i would like to gift this

  • Gail Davis
    16/07/16 - 04:51

    My ancestors John aand Margaret Stevenson left Glasgow on the Hannah Landells back in 1883 and sailed to mackay. I am proud of my Scottish heritage and have already purchased 2 plots.

    It would be so wonderful to leave a legacy to them.

  • Ewan Duff
    16/07/16 - 04:52

    My ancestor emigrated to new zealand of the clan douglas. My partner brought me a title 2 years ago i would like to gift this to her she is of the Shaw clan.and we hope to visit there

  • David Pomeroy
    16/07/16 - 04:56

    Love Highland Titles. I’m a Laird of Glencoe – wouldn’t it be awesome to have Lochaber titles too! 🙂

  • Edward Henry
    16/07/16 - 05:03

    What an excellent reason to take my partner to Scotland and show her the beautiful country and her future legacy.

  • John Murphy
    16/07/16 - 05:06

    My ancestry is in Scotland. Would love to own a plot in my ancestral home.

  • Julian Murphy
    16/07/16 - 05:08

    I would like to win this because I believe it is important to protect and preserve the few wild places we have left, and the creatures that dwell there

  • Tracey Samios
    16/07/16 - 05:09


  • Kirsten Hangas
    16/07/16 - 05:15

    What an incredible opportunity! Being from MT, in the US, I know how important a sense of place is. Scotland- it’s history, it’s culture, it’s beauty – can there be anything better!?!

  • Lady Clista Seals
    16/07/16 - 05:17

    I am a small owner of land at this time. I would love to have a larger plot so when my family comes to see the area it will be exciting for all of us!

  • Lady Heather Reid
    16/07/16 - 05:21

    I would love to win the 100 square feet plot of land because with the 5 that myself and family members already have we can’t pitch a tent. With the 100 we could, just for the fun of it!

  • Inge Sanggaard Andersen
    16/07/16 - 05:25

    I have given my husband and my son a piot and I would love to own a plot my self.
    It is a fantastic concept

  • D Christie
    16/07/16 - 05:30

    Psalm 117 the truth of The Lord endures forever. It’s wonderful to play a role in preserving land for all generations to experience and admire.

  • David A. Cook
    16/07/16 - 05:41

    As Lord Anthony of Glencoe, I take great pride in helping to preserve this special place for future generations. I enjoy having a say in how our properties are managed. I have given several gifts of 1 sq. ft. to friends and relatives and really welcome this chance to expand my highland estate. This is the perfect reason to visit the place that I’ve helped to preserve. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Verena Walpurger
    16/07/16 - 05:42

    When I first visited Scotland, my Soul found peace and I was home at last.

  • Steve Fortenberry
    16/07/16 - 05:46

    Nice but not everyone is a facebook fan. I have not used facebook for years and have not plans to go back. Making this a requirement is just telling those that don’t want social media hype you don’t care. Even when some of the conservation minded people don’t see the need for having 100’s of false friends.

  • Nadia Hitchens
    16/07/16 - 05:51

    I’d love to win and gift to my niec who I have yet to met as she lives in Scotland . Our wee Scottish princess

  • Ross MacDonald
    16/07/16 - 05:54

    Scotland rocks!

  • Joerg Teusch
    16/07/16 - 05:58

    I love to win this for my wife.

  • Uschi Dagg-Teusch
    16/07/16 - 06:05

    I would Love to ein One for myself. I gave away two times a plot als a present and it was always a wonderful surprise. Nie I want One on my own.

  • Lesley Parkin
    16/07/16 - 06:12

    I would love to win this for my dad . To make up for all the times I’ve been bad .
    He’s coming up 87 with this he would be in 7th heaven.
    His left his heart in Scotland.
    Even though he resides in Aussie land.
    With his new title of Lord ,
    Our family would loudly applaud……
    That just then we could maybe call his girlfriend Lady xxx
    Thank you for the chance to win this for my Dad

  • Theresa C.
    16/07/16 - 06:20

    I’d love to win land in the Highlands, as both my husband and myself have Scottish ancestry, and are planning a trip to explore the beauty and history of Scotland! Slainte! 😉

  • Averil Milne
    16/07/16 - 06:45

    We already have one plot, but we have four children. It would be nice to increase our ‘claim’ as part of the Scottish legacy to the family.

  • John Williams
    16/07/16 - 06:45

    Another excuse to visit Scotland again.

  • Rob Dawson
    16/07/16 - 06:46

    this is such a beautiful part of Scotland I have visited this area and most parts of Scotland over the past 8 years and every time I visit this beautiful country it amazes me. Rob

  • Valeska Bergmann
    16/07/16 - 06:48

    To win a Plot of Land on the day of our 5th wedding anniversary would be the perfect gift! Our honeymoon took us to Scotland and we dream of living and working there some day! Everybody should protect our world and you are doing such a great job about it! My husband and me own a small plot of your land right next to each other but your opportunity of owning a land that size and helping to protect your land – thank you for a chance like this!

  • Kenneth Rayner
    16/07/16 - 06:50

    would love to win one of these prizes to help keep Scotlands natural beauty out of the hands of greedy corporate ventures and available for all people to enjoy

  • Mairead Mc Donnell
    16/07/16 - 06:50

    I’m of the firm belief that our family came from the Western Isles , set up Dunluce across the sea in Antrim and eventually became Lords of Antrim, having a plot would be like reclaiming our ancestors heritage.

  • Peter Neeson
    16/07/16 - 06:54

    Apart from Australia, there can be no finer country than Scotland. Go teh Scots in their fight for independence.

  • Fabrice Plaquevent
    16/07/16 - 07:07

    As Lord of Glencoe and Wildernesse, and husband of Lady Marie of Glencoe and Lochaber, I visited last year Glencoe Woods and Bumblebee Haven. My mind didn’t come back to France. Such a paradise !

  • Ron
    16/07/16 - 07:09

    I have a plot in Glencoe already and think the whole conservation idea is brilliant. If I was to win a second plot that would be a real incentive to visit the land of my maternal grandfather (a highlander from Lockalsh). Keep up the great work.

  • Nimeskern Edwige
    16/07/16 - 07:11

    Ca serait un cadeau extraordinaire pour la famille qui participeraisencore une fois à la protection de la nature.Le fait de protéger la nature en réintroduisant des espèces animale et végétale est juste génial!

  • Brett Miller
    16/07/16 - 07:23

    Really want to visit Scotland sometime soon, and owning one of these plots would give me even more of a reason to visit.

  • Belinda Griffiths
    16/07/16 - 07:36

    To be a Lady of course!!!

    No really I think what you do is amazing. I have bought land as a gift before but would love some of my own, please 🙂

  • Volodymyr Udovenko
    16/07/16 - 07:37

    To say, I have some land in Scotland! If any body asks.

  • Les Burgess
    16/07/16 - 07:41

    Leave a piece of land for my Grandson to visit in future years to come that will be unspoilt and untouched and full of wildlife

  • Jane Quillerat
    16/07/16 - 07:43

    I love Scotland and the beauty of its unique landscape. For me it is important to safeguard the nature and wildlife of this beautiful country.
    I am already Lady of Lochaber and Glencoe. If I win, I will offer the plots of land and the title to my husband because what mean a Lady withoutLord or a Laird 😉

  • HeatherAnn
    16/07/16 - 07:47

    It would be great to contribute more to the cause – it is becoming a family tradition!!

  • Conny Wassink
    16/07/16 - 07:54

    Madly in love with Jamie Fraser and the Scottish highland and therefor the whisky, the midges (not) and everything that is Scottish. As a hunter, a whisky- and haggis lover, but living in the Low Lands (Netherlands) love to own a piece of Scotland and be a laird or whatever tittle it is for a woman. Gives me good reason to come back again and submerge myself in the purple highlands.

  • Simon Wormald
    16/07/16 - 07:55

    I would love to have my own little bit of Glencoe simply because of its untamed beauty. I’ve been lucky enough to see the area many times since my Grandfather first took me. He was a highlander and insisted that this is as good as it gets in Britain.

  • Ronald de Waal
    16/07/16 - 07:57

    I LOVE SCOTLAND. I visit Scotland every year. It would be great to be owner of a tiny part of this amazing country. And to have a title.


  • Marcel Hattingh
    16/07/16 - 07:57

    As a South African who can trance my ancestor back to Scotland 3 generations ago, my wife and I decided to stayed in Edinburgh for 2 years (’04-’05). Coming back I always knew that something of my heart has been left behind in my other “homeland”. Since then my “retirement” goal is to own a small property in the Highlands for the summer times. Owning a highland title might however be the closest that I will ever come to this dream as things are currently going with the Rand / Pound currency exchange.

  • Frank Wood
    16/07/16 - 07:57

    Would love to win this,then declare independence for Glencoe

  • david carruthers
    16/07/16 - 08:14

    i would love to it my own peice of scotland to pass down to generatation as i was born and raised there till we came to australia

  • Sophie G
    16/07/16 - 08:22

    I am still the happy owner of two very small plots, and it would be great to increase my piece of the so-beloved Scotland in order to help to protect it!

  • Eva Paine
    16/07/16 - 08:28

    I have purchased a few of these as gifts for family members as I believe in the sustainability of the Scottish Highlands and I think you guys are doing a marvellous job. My sister and mother have just returned to Australia and you were kind enough to show them the plots that I purchased them. Keep up the great work. I will continue to support. 🙂

  • Kendall
    16/07/16 - 08:30

    I’ve always wanted to go and see this beautiful country!

  • Klaas L
    16/07/16 - 08:36

    I like to win the 100ft of land in the Scottish Highlands becaus i have given this to my brothers wedding and than we can go togheter.

  • Kirsthen Hansen
    16/07/16 - 08:40

    I gave my husband a plot for his 60th birthday last month , and it will be great to be able to give our son this gift when he turns 40 and we plan to visit our little piece of land next summer

  • Brenda Sims
    16/07/16 - 08:57

    Scotland is a land of myth, mystery and majesty, full of history, hope and promise and to actually be able to own even just a tiny part of that would be a dream come true.

  • Dara
    16/07/16 - 08:57

    I am a Lady already. Do not need another plot of land, but it is fenomenal that you are able to preserve and protect more of the beautiful Scotland. Cheers!!

  • Jean Pesser-Demanche
    16/07/16 - 09:15

    Would be a nice gift to level up my plot.

  • Lisa King
    16/07/16 - 09:16

    I have already purchased a title and with my husband coming from Scottish heritage, it would make sense for me to own more of this wonderful country!!

  • Martin Ročák
    16/07/16 - 09:24

    I would like to win a part of land in Scotland, because I have a dream since my young age, that I will have some title. Two of my favorites are Lord and Ing. So having a Lord in front of my name is my dream since young age.

  • Gordon Cree
    16/07/16 - 09:40

    I would like to win this A/ To ensure more land is kept natural. B/ To have something of value to leave my grandson and C/ It would be wonderful to have a plot large enough to lie down on.

  • Glenys PIKE
    16/07/16 - 09:44

    What a joy to own a plot of land in the bonny fields of Scotland! I can only dream of winning this and travelling from Australia to experience camping with a difference!

  • Michael Pike
    16/07/16 - 09:46

    ‘Scotland the Brave’ – I could just camp on my plot of land and enjoy the natural wonders and beauty of Scottish Highlands!

  • Berthelot Roger
    16/07/16 - 09:47

    I already own a spot and a tree. I got for my 70th birthday. I would be pleased to increase my land and I hope to visit asap.
    We are today in Aubigny sur Nere and we hope to meet some highlands titles people.
    All the best !

  • Berthelot Roger
    16/07/16 - 09:48

    I already own a spot and a tree. I got for my 70th birthday. I would be pleased to increase my land and I hope to visit asap.
    We are today in Aubigny sur Nere and we hope to meet some highlands titles people.
    All the best !

    Previous comment with wrong email… Sorry

  • Heather MacPherson
    16/07/16 - 09:56

    I have purchased one plot for myself, gifted three plots, and referred two other family members that have purchased plots. I would love to win plots as that would allow me to give to more family members that live in Canada.

  • Kristen
    16/07/16 - 10:05

    I would love to be a part of mission to protect Scotland. While most want to travel the world, I’m content with just continuously visiting Scotland and this would give me the push to do so again.

  • Kenneth John Seath
    16/07/16 - 10:06

    I was born in Scotland but have lived in Australia since I was 4 (68 years). My heart belongs to Scotland and I would love to be able to take my family to see where I was born and the beautiful country of Scotland.

  • RK
    16/07/16 - 10:11

    The world’s best idea for protecting the Scottish Highlands!

  • Jodie Leonard
    16/07/16 - 10:19

    With Australian real estate and cemetery plot prices, it will be the only land that I will ever own. In death, my parents and I can be at peace in the heart of the Scottish Highlands.

  • John Jeppesen
    16/07/16 - 10:42

    I will be very happy to owe a wee piece of The extreme nice part of the Scottish Highland. In my job years ago I had the privilege of serving Scottish compagnies from our Danish Packaging Company. During my Road Shows I have passed The Glencoe area several times and also had short hill walkings in The Three Sisters of Glencoe. – Thank you.

  • Andrew H
    16/07/16 - 10:52

    I purchased land some years ago for my father. I’d love to visit my own land and his together as father and son, Lord and Lord before he passes.

    Kind regards,


  • Franek
    16/07/16 - 10:54

    My Mother was from Scotland and I have happy memories of visits to Grandparents and other family members. I still visit as often as I can and would love another excuse to visit.

  • Michaela McDermott
    16/07/16 - 11:02

    I would love to win as Ive always dreamed of owning some land

  • Jim Price
    16/07/16 - 11:08

    …because it’s so much better than losing a 100 sq ft plot of land!

  • Sue Richards
    16/07/16 - 11:09

    I would love to win this for My Grandaughter as she was born in Scotland and now lives in Spain I made my Grandson a laird a couple of years ago with you for his 21st birthday and hers is just around the corner but titles aside it means what you do will make sure for future generations that it can never be destroyed and my future Great grandchildren will never forget their roots

  • Tim Bartja
    16/07/16 - 11:12

    I would love the plot so I can visit Scotland with a backpack and tent and brag about how I’m camping on my estate as Laird Timothy Bartja

  • Debby
    16/07/16 - 11:15

    I would love to add 100 sqft to my meagre 4 x 10 sqft plots! Besides I’m a Bay City Rollers fan from way back! Surely that counts, lol.

  • Laird Claus W. List
    16/07/16 - 11:16

    „I would like to win the plot of land because I had a wonderful stay in Scotland a couple of years ago. As backpacker I visited the Highlands by coach, ferry boats – and by foot.
    Coming up into the Highlands from Edinburgh, I went to Inverness and then all the way down to Fort William, climbed Ben Nevis, passed Urquart Castle and Eilean Donan Castle on my way to Oban, took the Caledonian Ferry to The Isle of Mull and from there to Iona (which was my special highlight of the trip).
    Remembering my marvelous journey I didm´t hesitate to buy a plot of land in „my“ region from Highland Titles. And so I did. I´m sure I will come back to Scotland next year.“

  • Gerard Masiukiewicz
    16/07/16 - 11:17

    I’d like to make a surprise to my lovely wife on wedding anniversary and give her a title and a piece of Scottish history which has already bought for myself and my daughter.

  • Gerard M
    16/07/16 - 11:26

    I’d like to make a surprise to my lovely wife on wedding anniversary and give her a title and a piece of Scottish history which has already bought for myself and my daughter.

  • Anne Mathieson
    16/07/16 - 11:36

    I have given this three times as gifts to friends and family – the impact of the gift has been amazing; people are so thrilled by it BUT I would love to have it for myself.

  • Espen Skjold
    16/07/16 - 11:48

    My heart resides in Scotland.

  • Karen Lynn Cooper
    16/07/16 - 11:58

    I would like to win a plot because over the years I have bought plots for my sister,son and a very good Spanish friend and I feel that it would be an honour to own my own piece of heaven in Scotland.

  • Beck F
    16/07/16 - 12:15

    I bought my husband a small Highland Titles plot for his birthday a few years ago and I would love to be able to call my self “Lady” alongside his Lord 🙂

  • Olga Caddock
    16/07/16 - 12:16

    I’d love to win this prize! I’ve been in love with Lochaber since visiting with my parents in 1966 for a camping. I’m already the proud owner of a small plot which was a gift from my eldest son a few years ago – but this would be something that we could actually visit and have a family picnic on.

  • Pat Henwood
    16/07/16 - 12:17

    We have always dreamed of visiting Scotland. We are Canadians and have never been able to travel. Our first vacation will be to Scotland. I bought us each 100 square feet in Glencoe because we our beliefs and values seem to be so much in tune with those of Highland titles. Keep up all the great work you do and please randomly selected us for the free 100 square feet so we will have even more reason to visit.

  • Kelly Biggar
    16/07/16 - 12:22

    I have been following, the work that has been going on for the Wildcats and our Bees. Truly believe in the conservation,it was a life long dream of my Dad and I too feel the longing to see My heritage. Knowing that I may be able to share in that and hold a piece of my roots, would a very humbling experience for myself and my son.

  • Lord Torsten D.
    16/07/16 - 12:22

    Scotland is just so great.

    Landscape and even politics are just what we want. So relaxing so nice so great. Make Leirds throughout the world and let me win this fantastic piece in the highlands. It is the smallest home you can suggest but somehow it is home. Pure home.

  • Murray Watkins JP
    16/07/16 - 12:23

    Having bought a plot as a gift for our parents we would like our own so we can have a family reunion there. – Murray, Western Australia

  • Scott B
    16/07/16 - 12:56

    It would give me a reason to continue to visit Loch Lomond!

  • Stevie Ross
    16/07/16 - 12:56

    enough space for a nights camping with family!!

  • Heather Osland
    16/07/16 - 12:57

    When God created Scotland he made a part of heaven on earth. The green and pink covered hills are breath taking. To own another small plot would be an honour by helping conservation for the survival of the small animals and bird that need protection is a first priority.

  • Kim Kennedy
    16/07/16 - 13:01

    Would like to win ANYTHING! and this is a fine way to preserve land

  • Gérard Dupont
    16/07/16 - 13:05

    Je suis allé en Ecosse en 1994, j’adore ce pays et tous les prétextes seront bons pour y retourner.

  • Anne Timmoney-Miller
    16/07/16 - 13:16

    I would love to win a wee bit of Scotland for my sister. I am a Highlander born and a Lady already and I would love nothing more than to give my sister the same honour as to preserve a piece of Scotland because she was not born there and it would surely make her very happy to know that she now owns her own wee bit of Scotland. She does so many wonderful things to help other people to make them happy.

  • darren
    16/07/16 - 13:23

    To have a piece of one of the most lovely parts of the world would be a wonderful present to myself

  • Eline R
    16/07/16 - 13:24

    Beautiful place, beautiful people. Who wouldn’t want to have his/her own personal piece of Scotland?

  • Debra Ward
    16/07/16 - 13:31

    bought my husband land there for xmas would love to own my own piece of property there. love to protect the land and the animals who thrive there.. go Scotland..

  • Garry Richardson
    16/07/16 - 13:32

    I bought a small piece of Scotland over two years ago. I would be over the moon to receive more land in this fantastic part of the country.

  • Nafisa Tootla
    16/07/16 - 13:36

    To have the title would sound awesome and to be an owner of land in a foreign country would just be unbelievable.

  • Lord Damien O’Gorman of Glencoe
    16/07/16 - 13:58

    Would like to be the custodian of another larger piece of Scotland alas this will not happen…because I do not Tweet 🙁
    Rather unfortunate for those of us who manage to be sociable and maintain friendships without social media. Every success to those who meet all the entry requirements, Sláinte.

  • Jenny Nilsson
    16/07/16 - 14:01

    I would absolutely LOVE winning this as it has been a life long dream to just go to Scotland, let alone own land there. I have always been mesmerized by Scotland and kind of felt a kinship as I live in the northern parts of Sweden.

  • Stephen
    16/07/16 - 14:06

    I am the owner of a plot and have given plots as gifts. I would love to own a larger plot that I can visit with my sons.

  • Laird Timoth Ramey
    16/07/16 - 14:08

    I received a plot as a gift and love using this title []-) I hope to win a plot so I can gift it to my wife so I can call her Lady. If I don’t win I plan to buy her a plot. Great unique gift. W look forward to visiting.

  • sandra podmore
    16/07/16 - 14:19

    I so love Scotland and really love Glencoe its were i want to retire too. Im already a Lady of Glencoe but would really love too own some more land as it all helps to preserve such a wonderful place.

  • Sarah Bell
    16/07/16 - 14:19

    My husband is a Laird through you and I would very much like to be a Lady (with a bigger plot than him!!).

    Jokes aside, I love the conservation work you do too, especially the Bumblebee Haven.

  • Jennifer Macaire
    16/07/16 - 14:36

    It’ just a good idea for conservation and nature. Bravo!

  • Lady Leanne
    16/07/16 - 14:48

    I have 5 square feet in three different plots but I want more more MORE land!!!

  • Romy Lewin
    16/07/16 - 14:49

    I love Scotland and the Highlands . I hope that I can visit the country again . I love music Runrig

  • Sheila K.
    16/07/16 - 15:04

    It would be a great honor to own a piece of such a beautiful country!

  • Virginie M
    16/07/16 - 15:25

    Je rêve d’être titulaire d’un petit bout de terrain depuis très longtemps ; Pourquoi ? parce que j’aimerais que jamais cette richesse là soit détruite, que ces magnifiques lieux soient protégés à jamais.
    Je suis française mais j’aime votre pays
    Merci à vous.

  • SARA B
    16/07/16 - 15:26

    I would love to win this land for my husband. He has Scottish heritage and loves that he already is a laird.

  • Yvonne Cloonan
    16/07/16 - 15:50

    I’ve always seen myself as a “Lady!”

  • Alexander
    16/07/16 - 15:55

    How great would it be to visit Scotland!?

  • Michael Duris
    16/07/16 - 16:05

    I have one small plot, and this will give me a perfect reason to visit Scotland for the first time in my life.

  • Mark Saint
    16/07/16 - 16:16

    I took my wife (and dog) to stay in Glencoe nearly 10 years ago. We all fell in love with the place like nowhere else.
    To own a nice sized plot there would be like forever having a piece of our heart where it belongs… forever!

  • Janet Miller
    16/07/16 - 16:18

    I would love to win this for my husband. He is from Scotland and misses it dearly. This would be a wonderful gift to give him.

  • Anna
    16/07/16 - 16:21

    I will be visiting Glencoe for the first time this September, 2016, and would love to visit not only my small plot that I own, but an even bigger plot. What a wonderful thing you are doing to protect this area of Scotland!!

  • Amber Cole
    16/07/16 - 16:21

    Recent family history research has revealed some Scottish roots that I was previously unaware of. I love the idea of owning a piece of one of the beautiful countries that I’m fortunate enough to have ancestors from.

  • Harald Flatnes
    16/07/16 - 16:24

    I am a norwegian lover of Scotland 🙂 Would love to win and go back to use my plot!

  • D.A. Buchan
    16/07/16 - 16:28

    A chance to have a physical connection to my ancestors and the old country.

  • Brenda
    16/07/16 - 16:59

    “Why would I like to…”. My first visit to Glen Coe and Scotland was 14 years ago. I cried when our tour left the area despite heading home to a my darling young daughter and beloved dog. I had always believed that a beautiful tropical beach was the place my soul most desired. I was wrong- I cried when i left because my soul felt whole and at peace when there. I have been lucky enough to return one more time and hope to have many more visits ahead in the future. What you are doing to preserve and promote nature in the area is phenomenal. Hope to support your efforts when possible.

  • Debra Watts
    16/07/16 - 17:03

    I own a plot, as does my father. I just lost my Dad and am planning a trip to the highlands this fall. A new plot to visit would be a treat and a special place to remember my Dad.

  • Mike
    16/07/16 - 17:03

    Helping preserve the land with these plots is great.

  • JoAnn MacDonald Goddeau
    16/07/16 - 17:07

    I would love to win and have a plot of land of my own! I bought plots for both my husband and son as a gift, they are Lords so we need a Lady in the house!

  • Florian
    16/07/16 - 17:17

    J’ai envie de gagner 100 sqft pour l’offrir à ma maman <3 C'est bientot son anniversaire 🙂

  • Stephanie
    16/07/16 - 17:23

    To offer for a birthday (my mother) ! =)

  • Laird James P. McLane
    16/07/16 - 17:31

    Remember Culloden and the destruction of the Highland culture and way of life!

  • Vincent Porter
    16/07/16 - 17:54

    I would declare my plot of land a new kingdom separate from the rest of the U.K. It would be like Brexit but just from everyone else in the entire world. Let’s call it WEXIT. I will never have to pay taxes, or worry about the beurocratic red tape of bla bla bla.

  • Jennie
    16/07/16 - 18:08

    I need an excuse to return to the most beautiful country in the world!! To celebrate nature, history, and my heritage.

  • Tracy Tuzzolino
    16/07/16 - 18:20

    I absolutely love Scotland, the people, and the natural beauty and can’t think of a better anniversary present than a little plot of land being conserved in my name 🙂

  • Margaret Burgess
    16/07/16 - 18:31

    I would love to own a piece of land in Scotland.

  • Laird James P. McLane
    16/07/16 - 18:42

    Remember the Sassenach’s destruction of the Highlands!

  • Robyn Yates
    16/07/16 - 18:45

    I have gifted plots but never had one of my own. I would love to have the privilege (and fun) of owning there. I love the updates- especially with the wildlife.

  • Karen Webb
    16/07/16 - 19:23

    Scotland is such an amazing country would be proud to own a piece of it

  • Norma Bridger
    16/07/16 - 19:39

    Simple, to preserve land for the wild life. Supporting more land for them is pleasing to the heart.

  • Diane
    16/07/16 - 19:45

    I’m entering this contest as July 14th was my birthday, I am of Scottish descent, and owning land in Scotland has always been a dream of mine. My imagination has swirled and danced with inspiration by the sights, sounds and words of Scotland. My heart yearns to visit this land that calls to me and I have purchased property through Highland Titles to have this connection. Not only to preserve the land but to bring myself a bit closer to the realm of my ancestors.

  • Nora Johnson
    16/07/16 - 20:01

    I purchased a plot for my wife for her 60th birthday a couple of years ago and I would also love to have a piece of Scotland, a piece of home. Doesn’t matter if you were born there or not, if your ancestors were, Scotland is in your blood.
    “Made in Canada, with Scottish Parts!!”

  • Brenda Stewart
    16/07/16 - 20:06

    Why wouldn’t I want to own a wee part of Scotland, silly people. Seriously it would just be so cool.

  • Tarissa
    16/07/16 - 21:00

    I fell in love with Scotland over 14 years ago when my family got a West Highland White Terrier (the furry love of my life!). Even though I’ve now lost my little angel, I still want to visit Scotland one day, and will leave some of her ashes there.

  • THEBAULT Patrice
    16/07/16 - 21:03

    Saving nature and transmitting Culture. What a good and usefull way of life ! I’m ready to do more with helping such a project !

  • Scott McAsh
    16/07/16 - 21:11

    Would love to owin a piece of land where my family came from would be the best.

  • Kim Forster
    16/07/16 - 21:24

    I would love to win 100ft plot of land because I remember reading that we can camp on it then. The smaller plots we aren’t allowed to.

  • Karen Lock
    16/07/16 - 21:30

    I would love to win this and I would give it to my daughter who would love to be a Lady, especially as it is preserving this beautiful part of Scotland with all of its wildlife and history.

  • Danny Mcdonald
    16/07/16 - 22:00

    Its a fantastic plan you have to save beautiful Scots land from over development, and I would love to have a piece that I could leave to my grandson to continue your vision.

  • Robert Gilbert
    16/07/16 - 22:08

    Hame is where the heart is and my heart belongs to Scotland….roamed the hills with my German Shepherd (called Laird) in all weathers and would love to own a special place to escape to ….

  • Kevin Moffat
    16/07/16 - 22:34

    After purchasing a 100ft plot for my father – which brought him to tears, he would like nothing more than to see his eldest son become a Laird too.

  • Edward Doherty
    16/07/16 - 23:33

    I was born in Scotland 60 years ago. Although I left with my parents soon after my birth, I know that Scotland is my mother land, my homeland and is in my heart. To own this land would mean that not only does my heart belong to Scotland but a little piece of Scotland belongs to me.

  • Ann Whibley-Jones
    16/07/16 - 23:50

    Have previously purchased a plot for myself & my husband & would love to win another to gift to our son.

  • Michelle Blakely
    17/07/16 - 00:09

    What a great cause and opportunity. We love Highland Titles! Beautiful property in such a great place!

  • Kate Tinson
    17/07/16 - 00:48

    I bought my son a title and need one for myself so he can stop ‘Lording it’ over me!

  • Rose
    17/07/16 - 00:54

    To own a piece of land is such an exquisite part of the world would be a real honour.

  • Ross Findlay
    17/07/16 - 01:03

    My mother is from Fettercairn and my wife is from Glasgow, so I would love to win a block of ground to join them in being a Scottish landowner

  • Lin Chandler
    17/07/16 - 01:45

    A 100sqft plot of land in Lochaber would give me the perfect reason to work extra hard and save enough dollars for an(other) trip to the beautiful Scottish Highlands, with a lengthy visit to Glencoe this time! Lin (Australia)

  • Jacques Berlier
    17/07/16 - 02:07

    Whish I could be a lord as my Girlfriend is now a Lady of Glencoe !

  • Don Douglas
    17/07/16 - 02:32

    I bought my sons 1 sq ft each last year and then bought myself a 100 sq ft plot. Having a chance to win another 100 sq ft would give me something to leave both sons in the future. They were so thrilled to be a part of Glencoe and have a part of Scotland! My wife and I visited southern Scotland last year and now we have to go back for the Highlands. Scotland has always been in our hearts and now I have experienced the beauty of the land and the people.

  • Treena
    17/07/16 - 02:36

    I am Scottish on my mother’s side. This would be awesome as well as having the title of Lady! Lol 🙂

  • George Rosemier
    17/07/16 - 02:40

    I particularly appreciate the conservancy aspect of this effort. Kudos. It would also be of significant interest to own a bIt of land as I have some Celtic heritage and would find it fascinating to visit this beautiful land.

  • angela eagle
    17/07/16 - 02:46

    I already own a small piece with you. I would like to win this to preserve the land and give the animals somewhere to live. I also have Scottish background and am proud of that. I would will it to my son on my passing.It would give me an excuse to visit Scotland

  • Ken Easterbrook
    17/07/16 - 03:12

    I have two titles but a third would stop a potential feud developing

  • Alan Sampson
    17/07/16 - 03:16

    Happy Anniversary, I would love to come back and visit

  • Cyn Willis
    17/07/16 - 03:32

    It is terribly important that land is set aside for conservation. I would love to play a part in this endeavor. I am of Scottish descent on both sides but I have never had the privilege of visiting, hope to soon.

  • Isobel attwood
    17/07/16 - 03:45

    Lets leave pieces of land that you can get naturally high in.

  • Joseph Kiang
    17/07/16 - 03:55

    It will be great to own a piece of land in Scotland. ….. anyway it is a great way to preserve nature in its original form for the future people. Further it strengthen my relationship with Scotland.

  • David Armstrong
    17/07/16 - 04:07

    So thrilled with my 2 plots at Glencoe & Lochaber as I am Scottish by heritage so would love to add this block to it, with a tree. I live in Australia but my heart will always be Scottish

  • Lucille Perkins
    17/07/16 - 04:08

    It is exciting to think that I would be Lady Lucille and we are anticipating a Scottish holiday shortly coming from Australia. Will certainly visit the site. Wooppee !!!

  • michael watts
    17/07/16 - 04:16

    Have had a lot of fun being Lord with a square foot of land, with a hundred I could also have a tall skinny castle.

  • John Kirk
    17/07/16 - 04:19

    I and my family have owned a number of small plots now for a number of years and I’d love to expand our domain in the country of my ancestors.

  • Patricia and Wilfrid
    17/07/16 - 04:34

    We would love to win as we would like to be reminded of our younger days when we explored the highlands with so much pleasure.

  • mick
    17/07/16 - 05:04

    already have 2 plots but a third would be great so it can stay in safe and secure hands like my others

  • Sue Hurley
    17/07/16 - 05:05

    I am blessed with owning a square foot and being Lady Suzanne, owning 100 square foot would be life changing as I would have the opportunity to visit ‘My’ land and feel the love of being in a wonderful place like Glencoe where my heart belongs!

  • Lady Barbara
    17/07/16 - 05:26

    As an Aussie I already own a small plot of land in Glencoe Wood, as I truly believe in the cause behind keeping our precious environment for future generations.I share news of my ‘title’ and land conservation contribution, to anyone who will listen. I would dearly love to contribute to conserving more land, and winning this plot would enable me to do just that.

  • Lady Angie Morris
    17/07/16 - 05:51

    Owning my own small plot at Glencoe since January 2012, I have shared my small contribution to conservation of the Scottish Highlands to all I meet. Winning an additional plot of land would not only contribute further to the Highland conservation, but also enable me to gift it to someone else who can continue to spread the word further. We need more people in the world who care about the important things.

  • Robert
    17/07/16 - 06:50

    Some time ago together with my wife we decided to support Highland conservation, becoming Lady and Lord. We loved the idea so much that we decided to buy additional pieces of land to our children recently. Getting additional 100 sq m seems to be, under those circumstances, natural progression, right? 😉 And after all it would be such fun to win 🙂

  • Frank Fuderer
    17/07/16 - 06:58

    My wife give me to my birthday a area from Scottland. If I win here, i spend it to my lovely wife.

  • David Gibis
    17/07/16 - 07:29

    I myself own 1 sqft of Land at John O’Groats and my mum too. Would be a nice gift for my university graduation. I’m studying history and it’s pretty amazing to have a title like that as a student of history. But 1 sqft is too less and friends smile at me for that. 😀 100 sqft would be satisfying and convincing: 😉

  • Dan Veal
    17/07/16 - 07:41

    I would love to win as I have always wanted to visit Scotland and always wanted to own a piece of land.

  • Daniel Remishevsky
    17/07/16 - 08:06

    Scotland – a country full of mysteries, very beautiful nature, and I would very much like to be able to frequently visit this country and to discover something new

  • J Attwe
    17/07/16 - 08:19

    I live in canada. I am Lord for 2 years.

    Just a few months my best friend, has lived a tragedy I would not like to reveal the facts.

    I want to say thank you, to the woman who has give a lot of time, love and happiness to me, in giving her a title. She’s belongs to those perssonnes that deserves a real title of nobility. I want her to be a lady, but I can not ask the Queen to ennoble her, but in this occasion it’s possible with you.

    After receiving the land, I want to make a reissue of paper in her name and give her a land and her title.
    I hope really be to be chosen.

    Sorry for my english i am francophone.

  • Tine Anthony
    17/07/16 - 08:21

    I am from Denmark, but my twin sons (now 14) are born in Glasgow. We absolutely love Scotland and would love to visit again as a family. It’s a very exciting giveaway.

  • Mary Baldwin
    17/07/16 - 08:24

    I’d love to win in memory of my father who was a proud Scot all of his life.

  • Dianne
    17/07/16 - 08:39

    Since I don’t know and can’t ever find out my ancestors, I would love Scotland to adopt me, having a plot this size would make me feel like I belong

  • James Deagan
    17/07/16 - 08:52

    It would be great to go camping in this amazing part of the world and on my very own land!

  • Lady Gabi Hoffmann
    17/07/16 - 08:56

    I cannot get enough of Scotland. In 2009 I have visited the first time Scotland and it love have learnt. Now, in the meantime, I have already been 9 times in Scotland. I enjoyed the hospitality and breathtaking nature…, however, it is not enoughthough 🙂 I am already a lady of Glencoe, however, would win with pleasure to give the profit to my best friend. Thus I would like to thank her for her friendship.

  • June Morrice
    17/07/16 - 09:05

    I would use it to preserve scottish wild cats

  • Eric Legendre
    17/07/16 - 10:20

    I would like to win those plots of Scottish land because I’ll contribute to wilderness protection in a country I feel friendly with, and have the title of Laird for that !

    17/07/16 - 10:40


  • Gavin
    17/07/16 - 10:44

    I would love to win a 100ft of land in the Scottish Highlands as the views are absolutely breathtaking. It would be like owning a piece of heaven the stunning unspoilt nature with rugged mountains, deep blue lochs and empty glens where majestic Red Deer rule the hills and Eagles rule the skies. The highlands has a wealth of history its full of clan battles and old ancient castles which I’d love to learn more about. I would also love to see the highland games.

  • Ruth Harwood
    17/07/16 - 11:02

    Because it’s a beautiful part of the country and we would find a way to make something of it 🙂

  • guerin
    17/07/16 - 11:10

    I would love to win a plot, because I can protect Scottish nature in this way. Love Scotland so much.
    It’s the most marvelous land of the world.
    In this land , peace and love.

  • Andry
    17/07/16 - 11:16

    I hope Your part to help save the Park, Glencoe

  • laird harry lowden
    17/07/16 - 11:29

    there are no words it is a feeling inside body and soul it would be nice to give it to one of my children

  • Donald MacLachlan
    17/07/16 - 12:43

    I’m with Rabbie Burns: “The hills of the Highlands for ever I love.”
    And to think of a little piece of it as “my own.” What a dream…..

  • Robert Price
    17/07/16 - 12:49

    How brilliant to own a piece of Scotland

  • Gene Barber
    17/07/16 - 13:09

    To own a plot in Scotland would be the perfect reason for a visit.

  • Anita Boelke
    17/07/16 - 13:38

    I would love to win the plot to give it to my Grandson as a present for his 1st Birthday

  • Björn Slijderink
    17/07/16 - 13:43

    This is a very generous giveaway. I have enjoyed my land for years and have told lots of friends and strangers about it. A few have also gotten land and love it as well. I have my fingers crossed that I win one of these special prizes.

  • john jackson
    17/07/16 - 13:54

    To have a piece of one of the most lovely parts of the UK would be a wonderful present to my son

  • Catherine Cayre
    17/07/16 - 14:38

    I’d love to win this plot to offer it to my godson as a gift for his 18th birthday.

  • Barbara Bradley
    17/07/16 - 14:48

    My Grandmother was a Mackenzie – her family came from the Isle of Skye. We visit Scotland every year and I would love to win this plot. I have already bought a plot for my mother and this would be a bonus.

  • Judith R.
    17/07/16 - 15:33

    I would love to win because I would love to style myself as Lady

  • Benedikte Baumann
    17/07/16 - 15:45

    I would love to win this land and title, so I can style myself Lady – which is only fitting as I am marrying my Lord of Glencoe this November!
    I love what you are doing, and it would be amazing to visit our plot for our honeymoon.

    17/07/16 - 17:19

    To surprise my girlfriend as a gift for her!

  • Clark Killick
    17/07/16 - 17:23

    Hey, just enough to put a tent up, and within striking distance of my friends in Glasgow!

  • Helen A
    17/07/16 - 17:26

    I’d love to win as I’d love to be known as Lady!!!

  • Sandy Couzens
    17/07/16 - 17:38

    Oh how fun this would be to go to Scotland and visit our land 🙂 My grandparents on both sides are from Scotland and I have always wanted to go and see it. Thank you !!

  • Ian Campbell
    17/07/16 - 17:48

    I’m crazy about the Highlands, be even better to own some!

  • Bogdan
    17/07/16 - 17:57

    Ever since I was a kid and watching all those movies featuring Scotland I’ve remained absolutely impressed with just how stunning the highlands look ! Having a piece of that land for myself ? Oh man, that would be a dream !

  • Simon Middleton
    17/07/16 - 17:59

    I would love to win a 100sq foot plot so i can come and camp in the stunning lochaber area – my wife and i currently own 1 sq foot plots in Glencoe, but the bigger plot would allow us to camp together with our family and share the stunning scenery

  • Janette Hope
    17/07/16 - 18:12

    I’d like to win this for my husband who has just retired this year. We’ve bought this for friends in the past but never for us, so that would be fantastic! Plus being titled is the icing on the cake!

  • Valentine Poirot
    17/07/16 - 18:13

    I offered a plot to my sister for her 20th birthday because we love scotland and because it was an ecologic way to preserve nature and to be a “lady” (as in Downton abbey, the show we both love).
    When she discover it, she was absolutely happy and I couldn’t help but be jealous of her. So I hope I’ll be able to get one too !

  • elaine kerr
    17/07/16 - 18:24

    I,m proud to be Scottish and I would love to own a bit of Scotland even if its tiny.

  • Kris McNair
    17/07/16 - 18:34

    My heart and home lie in Scotland so I would like something to commemorate my love.

  • Lorna Lyons
    17/07/16 - 19:08

    I woukd love to win this for my hubby…we love our annual family holidays in the Scottish highlands; so much so we married on a secluded highland beach last year with those important to us as guests – our 3 boys. In an ideal world we would move to the highlands, however at the moment work commitments won’t allow for this at the moment however this would be a fantastic start to our dream

  • Tara L
    17/07/16 - 19:11

    Say why you would love to win a 100ft of land in the Scottish Highlands? Because it is unique and an amazing piece of history.

  • William Wells
    17/07/16 - 20:42

    I would love to win a 100ft of land in Scotland because we visited Scotland and loved it! My wife gave me a title for Christmas and it would be great to give her one too!

  • Rob Smeets
    17/07/16 - 20:55

    I recieved a little part of land just this year from my wife. I would love to return the favour and privilege of being a Laird / lady.

  • Rosalind Auld
    17/07/16 - 21:02

    I would love to win a piece of land in Scotland. I bought a piece of land/title for an 18th birthday gift for a relative and intend buying some more, but to win one for myself would be magical.

  • Sandra
    17/07/16 - 21:10

    I gave my husband a plot of land this year and with this his title as Laird. I think it is a fantastic way to keep a beautiful piece of the World as it is.

  • Allan Wilson
    17/07/16 - 21:13

    Would be great to own a piece of land in my homeland.

  • Peter Roxburgh-King
    17/07/16 - 21:38

    I’d love to win a piece of Scottish heritage which actually gives back to the land and animals of the area. The opportunity to support conservation in such a unique way is so very clever!

    17/07/16 - 22:54


  • Alisa
    17/07/16 - 23:43

    I would love to win this land to continue the lands heritage and my family heritage. we see too much distroyed.

  • DavidH
    17/07/16 - 23:47

    This is a beautiful part of the world that should be preserved. I would love to own a piece of this knowing that it will remain as is for all to enjoy.

  • Samantha Burns
    18/07/16 - 00:07

    Good Lord! What an awesome giveaway this Ladylikes it a lot. Thistle do nicely!

  • Lady Lorraine Johns
    18/07/16 - 00:10

    Who wouldn’t want to own a beautiful piece of Scotland. Sign me up!!!!!!!!

  • Lorraine Stoddart
    18/07/16 - 00:47

    I feel that it’s really important to have our youth of today appreciate the beauty, ancestry and history of the country we were born in and sing about our wonderful highlands to all that will listen. A friend and I took my pre-teens camping in Glencoe 2 years ago and they loved it. A camping pass would come in super handy for a visit again this year and what better excuse to make a trip than to show off “our wee bit hill and glen”?

  • claire griffiths
    18/07/16 - 00:58

    i would love to win as i would own a little bit of land in a beautiful place

  • Lord Leslie Laundon
    18/07/16 - 01:10

    Honoured having my little piece of beautiful Scotland and would love to be able to give a plot to a couple of friends of mine. They adored visiting Scotland and would be thrilled to bits if I could win this for them

  • Loretta Hardy
    18/07/16 - 01:11

    I gave my son a plot for his 21st birthday. I visited his plot when on holiday in Scotland in May and was so proud to be part of such a wonderful initiative committed to the natural reforestation of such a beautiful area and country.

  • stewart miller
    18/07/16 - 01:19

    The scottish highlands is one place i have never visited, the furthest i have been up that wasy is Aucterader which is not really the highlands. I have always wanted to visit the highlands as i love photography and my dream would be to wander the highlands taking photos of the beautiful scenery, and a 100 sq foot plot of land would give me both a title and a ‘base’ on which i could set up a tent and camp on my own piece of scottish land to explore and photograph the highlands area.

  • Bryan Roy
    18/07/16 - 01:32

    I am pleased to see an effort to conserve the highlands. Winning an additional plot would only further solidify the cause and expand my existing 110 sq ft 🙂

    Onward in the journey!

  • Eben Burns
    18/07/16 - 02:02

    We need to plan a trip to Scotland to visit our small plot – and maybe more. 🙂

  • Ray Ng
    18/07/16 - 02:03

    I’ve already got 1001sqft. I would love to have more!

  • lucy
    18/07/16 - 02:33

    I would love to win this as it is vital to preserve nature and wildlife and keep countryside from being built on. It would be good to help the birds, butterflies, deer and bees along with the many other animals in the highlands to live in a natural habitat and keep their species going. Great initiative and so important for future generations.

  • Leeanne Holborow
    18/07/16 - 02:34

    I would love to win this so I could also be a LADY for my LAIRD (who I gifted a title to), instead of just being his wench! Then a visit to Scotland for a camping trip!

  • judi
    18/07/16 - 02:36

    I bought two of these as a gift for a friend, but a plot in the Scottish Highlands of my own would be a wonderful start to exploring my family’s heritage.

  • Kaye Williams
    18/07/16 - 02:40

    Aww man the 21 July is my anniversary at work – 35 years !!! – I was 6 when I started ?!!?!? What an awwwesome anniversary present that be if I won – a forever memory 🙂

  • Lindsey W
    18/07/16 - 05:10

    My Granny was from the Highlands and although she’s no longer with us i’d love to have a plaque there as a lasting dedication to her.

  • Rona
    18/07/16 - 05:49

    I am a descendant of the Murray’s of Atholl. Even though we live in South Africa Scotland is our blood we cannot help it! Would love to visit Scotland again and my plot and it would be great to have a bigger plot and a tree 🙂 Roots at my roots.

  • carla
    18/07/16 - 06:18

    My husband and my best friends have a plot already and as it was I who presented them with it, I would just love to have one too…

  • Julie Garrett
    18/07/16 - 06:27

    I already have a smaller block but it would be nice to have the bigger one. It would give me a great excuse to go back to Scotland. I was there a couple of years ago, and we went through Glencoe, but didn’t find the site. Scotland is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been, particularly the highlands. For anyone who hasn’t been, put it on your bucket list, the place is amazing.

  • Keith Dixon
    18/07/16 - 06:27

    I love Scotland!

  • Etcum family
    18/07/16 - 07:30

    Il faut sauver la planete !

  • Bill Burnett
    18/07/16 - 07:36

    As a Family we already have 4 smaller plots so the opportunity to have a larger plot of conserved land in this fabulous location would be wonderful. It would also preserve the link between like minded conservationists in England and Scotland, despite what the Devolutionists might wish.

  • Beatrice Bonacorsi
    18/07/16 - 07:48

    Hello, I’m french and I’m found of Scottish land. Perhaps it’s because of island. I’m Corsican !

  • Caroline Falaix
    18/07/16 - 08:11

    Last Christmas I buy a 10 sqft plot for my mother but couldn’t afford the 100 sqft plot, winning the contest would provide a place to camp while we visit scotland which is my mother’s dream by the way.

  • Richard Claydon-Park
    18/07/16 - 08:14

    I have Scottish antecedents and would love for my wife to have the title of Lady Katherine of Glencoe.

  • Thomas
    18/07/16 - 08:47

    I’ve never been to Scotland so It will be a great opportunity to visitothis beautiful country.

  • fred
    18/07/16 - 09:01

    I ‘d like to protect scotland wildlife.
    happy birthday.

  • Monique
    18/07/16 - 09:08

    I fell in love with Scotland the first time I came for a holiday and would now adore to have my one piece of land in order to protect and save ildlife and nature. I already offered a plot to my husband, so he is a lord already and I want of course to become a lady….:)))

  • Ian MacKay
    18/07/16 - 09:42

    I have always loved Scotland, and my family have given me a plot there. I would just love to win a plot for my Daughter Rachael who has been living and working in Edinburgh for the last 3 years. She absolutely loves the place and would be unlikely to return to her native NZ, so a wee plot of Scotland would be a great reward for her.

  • Heather Weir
    18/07/16 - 09:45

    Farewell to the Highlands, farewell to the North,
    The birth-place of Valour, the country of Worth;
    Wherever I wander, wherever I rove,
    The hills of the Highlands for ever I love.

  • nelly de graaff
    18/07/16 - 10:08

    I would like to win this plot not for me, but for my granddaughter. She is 3 years old since yesterday, and she thinks she is a princess. Her name is Isis, named after an egyptian princess. Sadley Isis means also something else nowadays, but we will not change her name therefore.

    Kind regards

  • Sylvie André-Dumont
    18/07/16 - 10:17

    Oh oui j’aimerais gagner cette parcelle : nous en avons déjà acquis, mais ce serait une nouvelle raison de venir les visiter et soutenir encore plus ce magnifique projet !

  • Mike Scott
    18/07/16 - 10:23

    I would love to win, because I ‘mistakenly’made my Dad a Lord and he is using it too Flipping well and I need to get my own status back!!!


  • Björn-Pierre Huber
    18/07/16 - 10:35

    i have already 11 Sqf of Glencoe Wood and would like to have also a plot at Lochhaber,then i have 111Sqf and will visit with my Bicycle 🙂

  • Sharon Wright
    18/07/16 - 10:52

    What an amazing Gift !! You have been within our family for a few years now and it has truly bought so much enjoyment, as I am sure it will for many more to come.

  • Kelvin Ridgway
    18/07/16 - 11:02

    Australian farmer with Scottish heritage, love to call Scottland home as well . Mate !!!!

  • alistair aitken
    18/07/16 - 11:24

    I love to win the completion. I win a piece of scottish take my family there and see where our family came from. to be one with nature. I have been looking at the family tree with my 86 year old father.the land is beautiful and people are friendly. fron Scotland to new Zealand and back to Scotland.a big scotish rugby fan.

  • Lady Sandra Sneddon
    18/07/16 - 11:36

    I have had the pleasure of being one of the Ladies of Glen Coe for a few years now and would love to have a larger piece of land to visit/camp on/share with my family/care for/observe the wildlife and photograph on my trips to Scotland. What a wonderful legacy for my Scottish heritage.

  • Anthony
    18/07/16 - 11:43

    I’d love to have a plot here… Nature is one of the most important thing to protect, and it’s our chance to do it by owning a piece of land !

  • Beate Birkhoff
    18/07/16 - 12:02

    We love Scotland and I wish for my husband’s birthday , Lutz Birkhoff , a larger piece of land . He has exactly on 21 July birthday . We see both the whole thing fantastic and would love to help more .

  • George Duggan
    18/07/16 - 13:04

    I do own a small plot with a tree, but it would be marvelous to win a 100 sq ft of land, although i think there are more people who deserve it!

  • Michelle Howard
    18/07/16 - 13:16

    This is truly a wonderful way to preserve natural forest land and allow others across the world to help. To own another small plot of land in Scotland would be quite special to me.

  • Scott Heron
    18/07/16 - 13:28

    They say size doesn’t matter 🙂 …. but to win such a huge chunk of bonnie Scotland is just bucket list material.
    The opportunity to own a piece of Brave Caledonia, is quite simply “to die for” …
    Its so unique and I’d love to be able to hand this down through forth coming generations ….
    I am writing an autobiography at present and it would be wonderful to mention this in it … perhaps even in the title ?
    Thanks for reading ….. good luck all and slainte ….
    Scott x

  • Sue McDonald
    18/07/16 - 13:58

    I bought my dad a plot of land for his 75th Birthday and he loved it, especially having the title Laird McDonald. It would be amazing to own a larger piece of land to share with all the family!

  • Caroline Blaza
    18/07/16 - 14:10

    I love Scotland and it would be so cool to be able to say I own a tiny piece of it

  • Charlotte Cook
    18/07/16 - 14:12

    I simply want to be a Lady of Glencoe for bragging rights!

  • barrry buckley
    18/07/16 - 14:59

    I would love to win the 100ft of land because I bought my wife one of your titles so then we can be lord and lady of our manor

  • Alexander Saas
    18/07/16 - 15:22

    My daughter would think it’s something very cool to own and we would love to visit!

  • Lord Sten
    18/07/16 - 15:24

    I Would love too win one off this great gift of Skotland .
    So i can give it to my daughter as a gift , she has birthday on 21 juli
    It Will be the perfect birthdays gift i could give her

    Lord Sten of Glenco

  • Amanda Gregory
    18/07/16 - 15:47

    This would be an amazing present for my husband’s birthday.

  • Sharon Jervis
    18/07/16 - 15:58

    I plan to visit Glencoe again next Summer with my family, to show them how stunning it is up there, and it would be great to have a big plot to stand on when we visit Highland Titles. 🙂

  • Espen Aksøy
    18/07/16 - 16:10

    It would be an honor

  • Tiffany Oatway
    18/07/16 - 16:13

    Visiting the Lochaber reserve in the Highlands has brought so much pleasure to my husband and I (feeling involved in conservation, great excuse for adventures up to Scotland, meeting old and making new friends at the Highland Gatherings!)….we would love to win the plot of land to give it to our children so they can be part of this fantastic venture and enjoy visiting and helping to preserve this part of the Highlands for years to come, and for their children in the future.

  • Allan Fullarton
    18/07/16 - 16:25

    Amazing prize! Would love a title, great!

  • Terry Bissessar
    18/07/16 - 16:27

    The Glencoe woods are situated on the Scottish Atlantic the Oakwoods are a conservation priority. I wish to preserve this natural beauty so that people may enjoy this wonderful part of Scotland and ensure that generations to come will benefit from the Biodiversity Plan.
    They are often described as Britain’s temperate rainforest and they are a precious resource for the animals and plants that make it their home.
    Atlantic oakwoods are found in areas that have a damp, humid climate with high rainfall and acidic soils that have not been altered by human activity, such as cultivation.
    Let us leave a lasting legacy of woods for our children and their children so that they might one day regain the natural habitat and wild life that once roamed the Scottish woodlands.

  • Fred Oatway
    18/07/16 - 16:43

    It would be great to give the plot to my two girls, so they can enjoy the Highlands with us over the years.

  • shalin moolraj
    18/07/16 - 16:55

    great job you guys are doing….save the forests !

  • Lord Thomas Whitbread
    18/07/16 - 17:01

    My wife and I plus my eldest daughter all have small plots on the estate, as we all believe in conservation of the land and animals. It would be wonderful to have a plot big enough to sit and admire the rugged landscape and maybe see the wildlife.

  • Corinne Peat
    18/07/16 - 17:15

    I would love this plot so much. My four children would love to own a part of the beautiful Scottish highlands.

  • lisa tebbutt
    18/07/16 - 17:33

    wow great giveaway

  • Georgie
    18/07/16 - 17:53

    I recently lost my partner who was also a Highland Titles Laird. For years we’ve travelled around Scotland and loved Glencoe. Our last trip up north before he died we visited bee haven at Mountainview and he had tears in his eyes overlooking the beauty surrounding our plots. The 100 sqft plot would be a fitting commemoration to him.

  • Dale Turk
    18/07/16 - 17:56

    Recently bought land for my Scottish-American wife and would love to give her more.

  • Sara Davis
    18/07/16 - 18:23

    I would love to own a piece of Scottish land as I think it would be my only chance to ever own land in my life!

  • Elaine Hammond
    18/07/16 - 18:35

    Although I have given plots and memorial trees to many family members, I would love a plot big enough for us to camp on should we ever find ourselves across the pond and in Scotland again. It would be very special to sleep on this land…

    18/07/16 - 18:36

    I would love to own a part of the Scottish highlands,and grow my own veg

  • Jenny Reynolds
    18/07/16 - 19:05

    it would be fantastic to own a small patch of scottish countryside its a beautiful place so fingers ceossed xxxxxx

  • laura cooper
    18/07/16 - 19:37

    To keep the countryside safe and to keep it as a nature reserve to protect populations of bees and butterfies

  • Natasha R-M
    18/07/16 - 20:04

    My family hail from the Lamont clan on my father’s side. To win a share of land in the Scottish Highlands and to help preserve this beautiful kingdom would be extremely special.

  • Erin McKenzie
    18/07/16 - 20:29

    I bought a small plot for my husband and myself as a wedding gift – we have just celebrated our anniversary and it would be wonderful to have a larger plot to represent how much our love has grown since our wedding! ♥

  • Rey Chunara
    18/07/16 - 21:01

    I would love to have my own plot of land to camp on everytime I visit Scotland!

  • Dale shrimpton
    18/07/16 - 21:11

    I would love to win one of the 100 square feet plots of glencoe. I all ready own 3 other plots a 10sqf and 2 1sqf and another 1sqf plot is brought for a christening present. what I really like about a 100sqf one is in could come and visit from Buckinghamshire and camp out for the weekend.

  • Lady Lainie
    18/07/16 - 21:15

    With our 5 square feet already owned…plus the hundred…we could actually pitch a tent! 🙂 Lovely!!

  • Robin Horner
    18/07/16 - 21:17

    I would love it for camping!!!

  • Lesley Styles
    18/07/16 - 22:02

    Anything to help conserve our beautiful planet!

  • Margaret Lawson
    18/07/16 - 22:28

    As part of the conservation work other members of my family have acquired titles and I would like to also. Scotland is such a beautiful country and should be preserved.

  • Jo Stephens
    18/07/16 - 22:50

    My husband and I are travelling to Scotland next year from Australia to see our plots given as a gift from our son. We would love to increase our holdings in Glencoe so all the family could share. See you all soon.

  • Kat Lakie
    18/07/16 - 23:06

    I believe in this land preservation so much, I would love to have even more of a stake in it.

  • Donald Ross Brown
    18/07/16 - 23:17

    Hi there!! I have been lucky enough to visit Scotland 4 times and miss it more and more. We are planning to be back in 2018. My sister bought me a piece of land in the Highlands for my 50th birthday. I will be buying more to support this great cause as well.

  • George Rosemier
    19/07/16 - 01:16

    I would love to win a 100 sq ft plot because my birthday is on July 21.

  • Charlie Willard
    19/07/16 - 01:50

    I would love to give my six-month old daughter the official title of Lady, to go with her current title of Princess 🙂

  • Lord David GEORGE
    19/07/16 - 02:40

    I would love to be able to give such a gift to my 93 year old father. “Lord Bill” maybe? I hope our McDonald forebears from nearby Moidart would approve the homecoming, having had to emigrate.
    This would add a fifth title to the family.
    5 years after buying in with a brother & our wives, I have finally found the website & am very pleased with the content. Planning a walk next spring across Invernesshire between my McDonalds and Lady Jane’s Lairg McDonalds, and would like to include a visit.

  • Narelle Simson
    19/07/16 - 03:27

    My husband and I are from Australia but have Scottish heritage and are already Highland Title land owners but adding another plot would be wonderful. We just love Scottland and wish to return again one day to visit our little piece of history.

  • Les Player
    19/07/16 - 03:35

    I would love to be able to leave this to my Scots/Australian grandchildren as part of their legacy while promoting the preservation of this beautiful part of the world.

  • Tünkut Gültuna
    19/07/16 - 04:05

    Because I admire of Scotchland and the nature

  • Abby may
    19/07/16 - 06:15

    I would love to win this plot so that we could enjoy the beautiful highlands as a family and be privileged to own some. This is something I’ve always wanted to do but never been able – what a fabulous prize thank you for the opportunity x

  • Matthias Oberhofer
    19/07/16 - 06:16

    I would give it my little daughter to make her become a lady (officially) and of course to preserve this wonderful countryside.

  • Jay-Jay Botha
    19/07/16 - 06:27

    This is an great idea to celebrate Highland ten year anniversary.

    Yes, I would like to win one of the ten giveaways even when I already have one tiny piece of land already. But for me personally I want to preserve and conserve the beautiful nature and the wonder that mother nature has to offer. Aside from that,it will give me great pleasure to come see the land once in a while as well.

    From Lord Jay-Jay Botha

  • Christine Hobbs
    19/07/16 - 07:01

    There was an old lady of Glencoe
    Who was given some land don’t you know,
    Her Clan were proud,
    And rejoiced out loud,
    With a toast of a whisky or two

  • Donna Caldwell
    19/07/16 - 08:10

    I would protect it Scotland is a beautiful area I think future generations would appreciate my efforts. It would be where wildlife could have sanctuary

  • Michelle Holthouse
    19/07/16 - 08:34

    Im really so proud to be part of this community and am so glad to see the conservation and restoration work being done. I would love have an extra piece of land. I follow the facebook page too to learn more of the area and the animals. I would love to come and visit and “pitch a tent” on Keil Hill. Thank you for the opportunity!

  • Brooke Weise
    19/07/16 - 08:44

    I would love to win this, as I consider buying into this beautiful country an important investment in the future. It is something I would be able to enjoy throughout my life, and I look forward to visiting this beautiful countries very soon! It would make my year so perfect, I doubt anything would be able to ruin it!

  • Adelaïda van Wingerden-Rombach
    19/07/16 - 08:46

    We already own some sq ft and we would love to extend our land in the beautiful Scottish Highlands and help to preserve this wonderful nature together with you!

  • Collette mackey
    19/07/16 - 08:53

    Would just love to own some land, would be a big tick off the bucket list

  • Marilyn Paul
    19/07/16 - 09:10

    I was born and lived there until 9years old when my parents emigrated to Australia – I managed to go home a few years back and when I was in Glencoe area I felt at home – the area is so so beautiful.

  • Sheila Hodgson
    19/07/16 - 09:30

    This would make a great 60th birthday present for my husband, who loves an original present.

  • Jan Kirkcaldy
    19/07/16 - 09:44

    My husband’s family lost their land in Scotland 500 years ago – think his ancestor was a traitor and beheaded – so maybe it’s time to get a little bit back ???

  • Monika Disse
    19/07/16 - 09:46

    I love to win this. I would like to contribute to preserve and conserve the beautiful nature in the Scottish Highlands and pass this on to future generations.

  • Toni Toland
    19/07/16 - 11:43

    To have a bit of land in the home of my grandparents, because they never could.

  • john fitch
    19/07/16 - 12:09

    love the sound of this and the idea of having a piece of land that can be left as nature intended and to be able to pass down through the generations in my family 🙂 thanks for the chance

  • Kristyn Harris
    19/07/16 - 12:32

    I would love to win a 100ft of land in the Scottish Highlands so that I could have an affiliation to a beautiful country and have a title to use and admire!

  • Chris Fletcher
    19/07/16 - 12:55

    I’d love to own a piece of land in the Highlands, not only to visit and enjoy but also to safegaurd a piece of this wonderful scenery for future generations!

  • Cathy Duncan
    19/07/16 - 13:45

    I would gift it to my cousins in Canada who would love a title and a piece of Scotland as their own

  • Thomas
    19/07/16 - 13:54

    I would love to own land and become a Lord (first step to be a Time Lord)
    It would give me an awesome place to go when I visit too!

  • kim wallace
    19/07/16 - 14:05

    with a name like Wallace it only fitting i should win

  • christine WESTLAKE
    19/07/16 - 14:39

    Love scotland , never seem to visit often enough , the highlands are just so beautiful

  • Dee Blenheim
    19/07/16 - 14:53

    My newly found sister lives in Glasgow. I live near London. We have met up 6 times. I would love to movet o Scotland. Wouldb e a dream come true.

  • Ruth Liddle-Howden
    19/07/16 - 15:50

    My partner would love a title – right up her street!!

  • Amy Lambert
    19/07/16 - 16:11

    Scottish highland is so beautiful it would be such an honour to be able to own a piece of it which I could visit throughout my lifetime and would love to be a part of the conservation work

    19/07/16 - 16:29

    j’ai offert une parcelle à mon mari et je serai ravie d’avoir la mienne !

  • russell brown
    19/07/16 - 17:13

    Although born in Northern Ireland, both sets of my grandparents came from Scotland, so I suppose I am half Irish/Scots, and a wee bit of land in Scotland would be called my home.

  • Nigel Greaves
    19/07/16 - 17:39

    At last – something to make my life worth while!

  • vera Bahounkova
    19/07/16 - 18:24

    To surprise my Son in Law

  • Kornelius Schilling
    19/07/16 - 18:33

    This whould be he perfect gift for my 17 months old son who gave my and my wifes life the sunlight 🙂

  • Lisa Houston
    19/07/16 - 18:44

    Ive always wanted to go. Ive never had the money. But is on my to do list. Im a member of scotland by the roadside and see so many gorgeous pictures and crave to go even more

  • Lady Sharon Burgess
    19/07/16 - 20:13

    What a wonderful way to help preserve and encourage protection of wildlife in the area. One of the few beautiful places in the world that is protected from development. I would love to win a piece of this land and one day come to visit.

  • Lord Dima
    19/07/16 - 20:22

    I’d love to win the plot as this would be such an awesome thing to share with the family (three kids) and impress the friends! And we’d definitely come and visit it all together!

  • Paul Stanley
    19/07/16 - 20:55

    I’d love to win this just so I could force my kids to call me Laird! 🙂

  • Emma Schofield
    19/07/16 - 21:18

    I would love to win this as it’s such an unusual prize and it would give me the perfect excuse to visit Scotland more.

  • Adrian Bold
    19/07/16 - 21:19

    I’d love to win this as its such a unique prize and I’d love to be able to say I’m a land owner!

  • Purmala Shrestha
    19/07/16 - 21:46

    It sounds like a wonderful prize plus I would love the title of Lady!

  • James McKenna
    19/07/16 - 21:49

    I’d love to win so that my partner can become the Lady she already thinks she is!

  • Linda Spencer
    19/07/16 - 23:34

    Because I would finally own land and I could make my family call me Lady and try and make them behave like Carson and Mrs Hughes!! This won’t work but I can try. Seriously though, I lived in Scotland as a child and I’ve never stopped missing it.

  • Jane Gorton
    20/07/16 - 00:22

    Fantastic prize, I have never been to Scotland but believe it is a lovely place in the summer but extremely cold in the winter.

  • Charmian Filewood
    20/07/16 - 00:34

    Well we live in the Highlands and would love to own a piece of this beautiful country. Plus we could visit it whenever we wanted to

  • David Hornhardt
    20/07/16 - 01:04

    Thos would be a dream come true

  • Tracy Ray
    20/07/16 - 01:29

    ‘Why you would love to win a 100ft of land in the Scottish Highlands?
    Because I have been doing my family genealogy for 15 years and have such a deep love for Scotland. My family is Scottish, I am first generation American. I dream about Scotland and have such pride for my family and its ancient Scottish history. And what a wonderful organization to be a part of.

  • Margaret H
    20/07/16 - 02:21

    To own land anywhere is great alway wanted to go to Scotland this would be a reason to do it

  • darren
    20/07/16 - 02:22

    Fantastic prize, I have never been to Scotland but believe it is a lovely place

  • alice lightning
    20/07/16 - 03:05

    simply so I can say I have a little plot of land which is just mine

  • Veronica Collins-Smith
    20/07/16 - 03:47

    I bought a small plot for my husband Keith’s birthday to help support the great conservation work done by Highland Titles. To win a large plot would be amazing – we could travel from Australia and see first hand the beautiful country, great conservation work and camp in a wonderful environment. It would be a dream come true.

  • gayle bellemare
    20/07/16 - 04:43

    My Gran was from Scotland and I’ve always wanted to visit and research my roots. Best way to find roots is to put roots down, I’d love to own a wee tad of Scotland.

  • Stevie
    20/07/16 - 04:54

    I have family from Scotland and it would be great to own a piece.

  • Lady Robyn Macdonald
    20/07/16 - 05:17

    Last Summer, as Members from Australia we arranged a visit to Highland Titles Nature Reserve. Enjoyed the experience immensely and at the time expressed our desire to make this our resting place.

    Sadly my husband became very ill in April 2016 and before his death, promised I would take him back to the land of his Ancestors.

    Official Documentation to bring his Ashes to Scotland is already arranged and hope that his wish can come true. Being laid beneath a tree at Lochaber overlooking the Lake would be a dream come true.

  • Norman innes
    20/07/16 - 06:09

    My family is Scottish but we no longer live there it would be nice to have a piece of our home land to treasure

  • Lord Thierry DESPIS
    20/07/16 - 06:45

    What a real pleasure to participate again for preserving such scottish piece of beauty !
    I would be proud to win and offer this plot to my nice wife for his birthday !!
    It would be nice that a new Lady can be awarded for writting the Legend … !!!
    Slainte !

  • Erica Price
    20/07/16 - 06:50

    I have Scottish ancestors so I’d love to own my little bit of Scotland.

  • cara-jane Hunter
    20/07/16 - 07:00

    To enjoy and preserve for the future this beautiful land!

  • Alan Miles
    20/07/16 - 08:33

    It would suit my wife a treat.

  • kellyjo walters
    20/07/16 - 08:45

    myself and hubby are really into nature and reserves etc.. to own a piece of land would just be fantastic..I’ve never been to Scotland and would really love to.. And on the plus to be called a lady must be just fantastic

  • Donna Mark
    20/07/16 - 09:36

    I would love to win a 100 sqft plot of land in the Scottish highlands just for bragging rights. Oh, and to proudly know that land I own is set aside for conservation.

  • Margaret H
    20/07/16 - 10:01

    Every time we are able to do something to preserve the beauty of our planet- even something small this makes life so much more valuable and enjoyable. Thank you for giving us all the chance to know we are making a difference. ## WINNING the 100 SQFT Plot of Land as well would be the icing on the cake not just for me but for the future generations of my family.

  • Daphne Mueller
    20/07/16 - 10:32

    Lady Daphne sounds good to me

  • Kevin Chaplin
    20/07/16 - 10:36

    I stem from the great McKenzie clan, who were forced from their native lands in Scotland by the Dutchess of Sutherland and the factor W.M Gunn of Strathpeffer and Dingwell in the great ’clearances’ in the year of 1839. They were forced to move to Achilitbuie, north of Lock Broom (just up the road from Mountainview, Bumblebee Haven) to eke out a subsistence living until my Great, Great Grandfather left his motherland to seek a new life and fortune for his family in the colony of Australia in 1852. This is now is my claim to my heritage, and to rightfully stand in the country of my blood, and proudly claim that I am Scottish and I am proud of what my clan has achieved, so far from our homeland!

  • Mark Flee
    20/07/16 - 10:38

    Having a plot like this, with a living symbol like the tree would re-establish my family’s link with our homeland and kin. It would give my daughters something (as small as it is) to say “This is where we came from and this is who we are… Scots!”

  • Lalie
    20/07/16 - 11:04

    My brother offered me a parcel of land for my birthday lately. Sadly my mother passed away on July the 15th, and I am sure it would be a wonderful way to honour her beloved memory by owing such a parcel of this beautiful and majestic country,and having a tree planted in remembrance of my parents finally reunited.

  • carol boffey
    20/07/16 - 11:06

    A cool prize

  • Barbara D Latham
    20/07/16 - 11:14

    It will be a franchazmagorical prize to win, God be willing. I could add it to my existing plot 🙂

  • matthew colburn
    20/07/16 - 11:34

    i would love to win this for my kids 🙂

  • Judy Beba-Brown
    20/07/16 - 11:43

    I love Scotland and love visiting, so the thought of owning my own tiny plot is very appealing, even more so that I’d be helping to preserve Scotland in all its beauty.

  • Louise Whittaker
    20/07/16 - 12:02

    I’ve always wanted to be a Lady and get a credit card with my title on it

  • Gwyn Sharps
    20/07/16 - 12:16

    Because of my Scottish heritage. All my Mum’s side of our family are Scottish.

  • Aiden Fryer
    20/07/16 - 12:30

    Im part Scottish this would give me a reason to come and visit my heritage to own a piece a land that would be fantastic and who doesn’t want that haha

  • Kelly Knowles
    20/07/16 - 13:27

    I would love to win a piece of and anywhere in the UK, reason why, in this life not many things they don’t make somewhere but land is one thing they will never be able to make more off!

  • Laura Maíllo
    20/07/16 - 13:49

    To contribute to the efforts of preserving the Scottish land.

  • Teresa Sheldon
    20/07/16 - 13:52

    Well apart from the fact it would be great to be called a “Landowner” and a “Lady” it would be wonderful to have a piece of this beautiful Countryside, helping to preserve a natural beauty site so it’s win, win and win

  • lord Alberto
    20/07/16 - 13:57

    To enlarge our present plots and have a new reason to go back and visit you again. I am from Spain but from the very fist time we put our foot in Scotland we felt in love with the place and the people. Keep the good job restoring the natural area as it once was!

  • Natalie Crossan
    20/07/16 - 14:08

    My Mum’s from Scotland and this would be a wonderful gift for her xx

  • Yolanda Pérez
    20/07/16 - 14:09

    It would be a pride.

  • Juan M. Maíllo
    20/07/16 - 14:28

    My daughter is a Lady and I feel the need to be at least equal to her.

  • Sam Cruickshank
    20/07/16 - 14:29

    When I need to destress from my job, and the political climate and, well, everything, I have somewhere to go!

  • Marjon B
    20/07/16 - 14:55

    I would feel honered to win this for it would be a wonderful gift to be able to help to improve and conserve even more than a 1ft square plot. I would have even more to look forward to when I will be able to come and visit this part of the Scottish Highlands. I love land and nature being protected. I think we need to do that more.

  • Lynsey Buchanan
    20/07/16 - 15:15

    Being Scottish and both my first and last name being Scottish it’s only fitting I get to be called a Lady.

  • Ieva Berga
    20/07/16 - 15:22

    For the love of Scotland and its breathtaking, beautiful nature.I would be a great gift for upcoming 10th year anniversary since I’ve climbed Ben Nevis.I’m very proud I did it. I’m also very proud that I’ve climbed 246 steps of Wallace Monument to honor the hero of Scotland-Sir William Wallace.It would be honor for me to have a little piece of land in a country of Braveheart and Rob Roy.

  • Deborah Mackenzie
    20/07/16 - 15:25

    I would love to own this land as I would leave it to go semi wild for animals, birds and plants.. I would encourage the natural beauty to be there for others to enjoy.

  • lorna WILSON
    20/07/16 - 15:46

    It would turn my frown upside down to own a peice of a land in Scotland. I love the peace and tranquility in Scotland.

  • Susie
    20/07/16 - 15:49

    So I could have a plot of my own! Got one for my hubby a couple of years ago and he loves it!

  • Ivan Baird
    20/07/16 - 15:53

    The only one in my family who doesn’t have a plot is my daughter, this would allow me to give her one…

  • Helena Doerr
    20/07/16 - 15:54

    I would love to win 100ft of land in the Scottish Highlands because I love Scotland and my birthday is July 21!

  • Jane H Shaw
    20/07/16 - 15:54

    Scotland, my homeland

  • stylianos
    20/07/16 - 15:54

    Great gift and another chance for a trip to Highlands!

  • Michael Griffin
    20/07/16 - 15:54

    Spent many happy days in Scotland and would love to be a laird

  • Scott Williams
    20/07/16 - 15:55

    I own two properties and would love to keep the tradition going with having more land to pay to have the trees planted on this give away site. Not just for myself and my family line but, for all Scotsman our heritage must be preserved with some natural land and landscape.

  • Doug Baker
    20/07/16 - 15:55

    I’ve given a plot to each of my 2 grandsons (and there is a third one on the way!) — I would love to have one to call my own. Thank you.

  • Lord Dustin
    20/07/16 - 15:56

    My birthday is in one month and expanding to save even more land would be awesome

  • Peggy Issitt
    20/07/16 - 15:56

    Love all the history and the beauty. Thanks for all you do!

  • Robert Cray Stephenson
    20/07/16 - 15:57

    I’d love to have the 100 sqfta so I could put a tent on it and stay a few days with my family and enjoy all that you have to offer.

  • Eric
    20/07/16 - 15:58

    This is a chance to expand my highland estate.

  • Mandy van Muijden
    20/07/16 - 15:59

    I’d love to win the plot of land because I’m a big advocate of conservation and of course so I could camp there and discover Scotland so much more!

  • Jamie Meyers
    20/07/16 - 15:59

    I would love to win this to add to add to the patch I previously bought. I’m think this is a wonderful way to preserve land.

  • Delbert Hiestand
    20/07/16 - 15:59

    It would give a piece of my ancestral homeland,home of my great grandmother Elizabeth Mac Dougal.

    20/07/16 - 16:01

    I have direst relations in Scotland as far back as 420 AD and direct relations in Glencoe I inhale anything I find about Scotland and would love to have this to pass down to my Grandchildren so they can see where they came from… It would be the “Feather in me cap”

  • Hilde Nordén
    20/07/16 - 16:02

    I would love to have a piece of land for my daughter too.

  • Alex Meyers
    20/07/16 - 16:02

    I want to Laird Alex. Too cool!!!!

  • Tom Manson
    20/07/16 - 16:03

    Being a member of a sept of the clan Gunn, I feel connected to Scotland, but the only real modern connection I have is my Highland Title. I’d love to win another 100sqft in Lochaber!

  • Lady Anne Loessl
    20/07/16 - 16:05

    Apart from already being a Landowner of 2 tiny plots and Lady of Glencoe and Lochaber, it would give me great pleasure to be able to even walk across my land not only to stand on it. But first of all I love the idea of having helped a little bit to preserve the Scottish nature and wildlife.

  • Michael Fite
    20/07/16 - 16:05

    I would love to win the land and be able to gift it to my daughter one day.

  • Jay Meyers
    20/07/16 - 16:05

    Having a hundred 100 sq feet would be so much fun. It would make it a better reason to go visit.

  • Geff
    20/07/16 - 16:07

    I bought a 100sqft couple of months ago and planted a tree for the father of my beloved that died couple of months ago, i’d like to get another plot for her and put a tree on that plot so our relationship is remembered as well and that one day i can come again in scotland with my children to show them where we are !!

  • Lord Peter Barati
    20/07/16 - 16:07

    Visiting Scotland was magical this spring and there’s no limit of how many more Scottish experience I can absorb 🙂 Fer tha bonnie Highlands!

  • John Cumming
    20/07/16 - 16:07

    I would love to win a plot. I already own 10 SF in Lochaber and I would love to own more. Owning a plot allows people who are passionate about Scotland and it’s natural beauty to be a part of it regardless of where in the world they live. To own more land would be an honour and a privilege!!!

  • Jackie
    20/07/16 - 16:08

    Adding to my 1sqft would give me the incentive to make a long promise visit.

  • Christopher De Vine
    20/07/16 - 16:10

    I would love to make a lasting legacy for my father

  • Lady Sandra Sneddon
    20/07/16 - 16:11

    Oh to be in the Highlands of Scotland with the lovely clean air and fresh morning dew with the wildlife for company – away from the heat, noise, smell and pollution of London.

  • Lucy Norman
    20/07/16 - 16:11

    It would cheer me up. My conservation efforts have taken a blow. I’m feeling like a dusty pancake that someone stood on. If I were a Lady, I would not be a squashed and dusty pancake.

  • Isabelle CHAMPION
    20/07/16 - 16:12

    Please,I have to win! Why??? To become what I’m not In France:a great owner!!!

  • Johan Blasiak
    20/07/16 - 16:13

    Very great, I will be very happy if I win !!!!!
    Congratulations for your job

  • Bert
    20/07/16 - 16:14

    I already have 100 sq ft that I’ve not visited. 200 sq feet would finally give me the excuse I need to get on a flight to Scotland.

  • Gail B
    20/07/16 - 16:14

    I would love to win because I totally fell in love with Scotland a few years ago and I’m now dying to move up there! (And shhhh, don’t tell my English friends I told Scotland was 1000 times better than England!)

  • ROCHAS Valerie
    20/07/16 - 16:15

    I’m french and I love Scotland and Glencoe 🙂

  • Laird Kai Hellenberg
    20/07/16 - 16:16

    I’d like to win because I already own two plots (one for my wife and one for me). But in November my little Daughter Aileen celebrates her Birthday. And I think this would be a present for life!

  • fab
    20/07/16 - 16:18

    I Realy want to win. It would give me a boost just comming out of my wheelchair and starting to walk bigger walks. I would totaly want to have a walk on my own land if i would win and sleep under the stars.

  • Dorothy Chaffee
    20/07/16 - 16:20

    If I win this I will give this to my son, so he can say he has a little bit of Scotland.

  • Lindsay Brammer
    20/07/16 - 16:21

    Love these plots and the conservation they promote. I bought one for my son, who now lives in Scotland and would love to add too it and feel closer to him. Keep up the good work and I will keep saving and gifting them when I can.

  • Christine Motta
    20/07/16 - 16:22

    I’m Corsican by birth (but a citizen of the world at heart) and probably the only Corsican proud to love another place more than Corsica! Everything’s magical in Scotland, people’s connection to the unseen, forests that seem to breathe, more beautiful (green) land than people, divine perfumed grass on Arthur’s seat hill, the oldest tibetan centre in Europe! I got born on the wrong side of the continent for sure! I bought some neighbour plots to my nieces and nephew to connect them together deeper, I’d be honoured to add my plot to theirs where I belong

  • Charly Shelton
    20/07/16 - 16:22

    I would like to win this land because I believe in the conservation efforts of the project and would like to pass this sentiment and parcel of land down my family line, so I have something to leave behind. Thank you for your consideration.

  • Charita Boom
    20/07/16 - 16:24

    I would love to win this, i would have a camping spot when i come visit. That would be amazing. And me and my husband “collect” tree’s. 3 trees are planted i our names. Time to make it an even number.

  • Laird Rüdiger Schäfer
    20/07/16 - 16:24

    I have a friend, to whom I gave 1 sqft last April. He wants so much to participate in the giveaway, but his comment is not captured … he tried unsuccessfully since 2 days. What does he do wrong?

  • Aaron Hull
    20/07/16 - 16:25

    Would love to be able to present my daughter with the plot and title. Her birthday is coming up soon and this would be a great gift.

  • Laird Rüdiger Schäfer
    20/07/16 - 16:26

    This is just a test 🙂

  • Vicki L
    20/07/16 - 16:26

    Highland Titles – you have found the most remarkable way to conserve the Scottish environment. I am proud to be apart of this amazing endeavour. Also, being called Lady is definitely a plus

  • Lou Rogers
    20/07/16 - 16:30

    I would love to win this, as I have always dreamed of owning some land, and follow my grandfathers footsteps as a land owner, and keep it as it is not let builders take it over and ruin the habitat of the wildlife which is diminishing at a rapid pace.

  • Anna Burton
    20/07/16 - 16:32

    I would love to win this fantastic prize for my 6 month old baby Alexander-James. My husband and I attended homecoming in 2014 for part of our honeymoon and met some amazing people and learned so much about the excellent conservation work Highland Titles do.The whiskey tasting was an added bonus! We would love an excuse to visit more often and show our son the wealth of beauty at Highland Titles.

  • Amy Murphy
    20/07/16 - 16:33

    My ancestors in part originated from Scotland through many lines. I, with my children, have had the honor of visiting once, and loved every minute of the time we spent there, the people, and the very scent of the land. It is my hope that our visit will not be the last for any of us.

  • Phil Jones
    20/07/16 - 16:35

    I would love the plot. I need somewhere sane to escape after Brexit!

  • Paul Lukabyo
    20/07/16 - 16:36

    Living in Australia, it’s a way of staying connected to my Scottish roots.

  • Iain
    20/07/16 - 16:37

    Would love a title and the area would be big enough for a picnic on my estate

    20/07/16 - 16:39

    Already member A168157 and D3351 locations of Lord of Glencoe and Lochaber,Would this be a extre cost of a straight foward win ????

  • Hylton van Eyssen
    20/07/16 - 16:43

    I would love to win a 100ft of land in the Scottish Highlands to give to my wife as an anniversary present and afford her the opportunity to be Lady of Glencoe.

  • Gert Preiser
    20/07/16 - 16:44

    I’d like to win for my grandson Julius (4 years old). I have been to the beautilful Scottish Highlands for the first time in 1974.

  • Natalie Devereux
    20/07/16 - 16:44

    Owning a piece of land with Highland Titles is not just appealing because it’s ‘land’, it’s a piece of land that will contribute to bringing back native species to the Highlands. I’m proud & my partner is proud to own just a little piece of Scotland knowing that it will never be sold, developed or ruined. Highland Titles are remarkable & we will always do our utmost to support every plan to regenerate the Highlands (and attend the brilliant Gathering every year!). Thank you to all the staff who make such a great difference. X

    20/07/16 - 16:47

    would love to win a plot of Scotland

  • Lord Michael Edwards
    20/07/16 - 16:48

    Wow. I could actually lie DOWN on my plot, rather than only be able to stand upright on it (I have a very, very tiny plot already). I’d love to spend the night in the Scottish Highlands and enjoy the local animals and vegetation and some local single-malt Scotch! I can already feel the energy….

  • Sylvie Morel
    20/07/16 - 16:53

    I would love to win a plot because my husband is a Lord and I would like to be a Lady but more importantly, because i believe in land preservation and this is a great way to do it.

  • Wes Gordon
    20/07/16 - 16:55

    I purchased land from Highland Titles and am very pleased so far. My bucket list has an entry to one day visit my plot. I would love to win the contest so I could give it to my wife to commemorate her retirement and her 65th birthday. In that way we’d both have a reason to come visit what looks to be a beautiful natural reserve. Thank you for your consideration.

  • Tessa de bruin
    20/07/16 - 16:55

    I’ve got my piece of beautifull Scotland from my husband for mij bithday because Scotland feels like home to me.I bought his piece of land for his birthday. We are almost married for 8 years . I’d love to surprise him with this present. June 2017 we are going to visit Scotland again. We can’t wait to visit our own land.

  • Lady Brighid Anne Whitbread
    20/07/16 - 16:59

    I was so overjoyed when my husband bought me a plot of your Glencoe land for my 70th birthday. I was brought up in the countryside and support any organisation that conserves the countryside for our future families. Plus as a fervent supporter of conservation of wild animals this is my type of organisation. I would advise more people to support your conservation work.

  • dave roesler
    20/07/16 - 17:02

    My wife’s family is of Scottish heritage. (Crawford). My brother-in-law has conducted extensive researched of their family “plot” in Scotland while on a foreign assignment. I have purchased a plot of your land for an anniversary gift for my wife. (41 years is “Land’). I would like add this to our plot and to continue your stewardship of preservation of land in Scotland.

    Looking forward to our trip to view your preserves. Dave R

  • Lady Michele Lord
    20/07/16 - 17:06

    Scotland is indescribably beautiful- would love to add to my land holdings in Glencoe! If I could, I’d build a tiny stone circle on the plot and see if I could send my sister back in time through the stones like Claire in the Outlander books. 🙂

  • Francois Rognon
    20/07/16 - 17:08

    l’Ecosse est un symbole de liberté de fierté et de nature. J’adhère aux Highland Titles de tout coeur. Vive l’old alliance vive l’amitié franco-écossaise.

  • Lady Karen
    20/07/16 - 17:09

    I would love to win another plot of land from Highland Titles. My current plot is a very small one – it would be nice to have a bigger one to leave to my granddaughters. Karen

  • Sam Reichhardt
    20/07/16 - 17:12

    My maiden name is MacLeod so I grew up very Scottish & with Dame Flora!
    I do own a plot of Glencoe land.
    I have loved this project and applaud all of the effort that goes into supporting it! Conservation projects are so vitally important and the world needs much more!

  • Nancy Roos
    20/07/16 - 17:12

    I am so excited to be part of the Highland Titles. I got my packet yesterday. I am now a Lady!! I would truly love to win a larger plot. I feel that this is a wonderful way to help preserve the natural beauty of Scotland.
    I only wish to visit my plots someday. Thank you for what you are doing.

  • Bénédicte
    20/07/16 - 17:15

    I love the idea of this project !!! It’s on such à beautiful Country and it’s helping protecting nature I wish sincerely join you un this wonderful adventure !!!!!!!

  • Laird Peter Haig
    20/07/16 - 17:15

    I would love to add to my small plot because as an exiled Scot living in Wales I visit my homeland every year. I try to see my favourite places each time I visit and consider Glencoe as one of the jewels in Scotland’s crown. My wife fell in love with Scotland on her first visit and we would move to God’s country if we were in a position to do so.

  • sue mcdermott
    20/07/16 - 17:15

    I’ve never been to Scotland, having this would be an ideal reason to visit

  • Michael Hammond
    20/07/16 - 17:16

    I would love to win 100 sqft plot of land in Scotland as I have never traveled overseas and Scotland is one place I have always wanted to visit. My friends and I go camping to different places annually and having the plot of land and camping access in Scotland would be a dream come true!

  • Hylton van Eyssen
    20/07/16 - 17:17

    I would love to win a 100ft of land in the Scottish Highlands to give to my wife as an anniversary present and afford her the opportunity of being Lady of Glencoe.

  • Mike Willis
    20/07/16 - 17:17

    The Scottish highlands are among the most beautiful places I’ve seen in my life! I’d love to be Laird of a larger property there. Hard to set up camp on my current one square foot

  • Helen Kenniff
    20/07/16 - 17:22

    As an Australian with a strong British heritage, I was thrilled to support this idea and purchase a plot for my partner, myself and then my eldest niece (one more niece to purchase for on her 16th). Winning a plot would mean I could gift it to my parents so they can be Lady and Laird in their twilight years. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • John Kramer
    20/07/16 - 17:24

    I visited Scotland in June, and was able to stop at Glencoe Wood on a drive from Aberfoyle up to Drumnadrochit. I only had time for a short hike, but it was truly a lovely little spot. I would love to win an additional plot since it would support Highland Titles’ preservation efforts, which are important and commendable.

  • margaret riordan
    20/07/16 - 17:27

    They call me Lady Muck, so i could tell them I am a Lady – Lady Mac

  • Larene Adams
    20/07/16 - 17:28

    Scotland is such a beautiful and magical country. Helping to protect and restore this wonderful land is such a noble cause. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that? My husband and I visited there many years ago and fell in love with the land, the people and the culture. He surprised me with one of your plots two years ago for a Christmas present and I would love to reciprocate his thoughtfulness. Thanks!

  • Gérard Caramaro
    20/07/16 - 17:30

    I do want to help Highlands, my “cousin land” (I live in Brittany), and protect it from merchandising.
    Best regards.

  • Danie Blais
    20/07/16 - 17:30

    I am a Lady who would love to give this wonderful prize to her hubby, so he could become Lord. How much fun we’ll have to walk our “land” in 2019 and picnic on it! =)

    You had such a good idea to enthrall supporters by selling aristocratic sounding titles on behalf of Mother nature.

    I finally need to add that I am very proud to support Highland Titles, very much.

  • Patricia Compton (nee Urquhart)
    20/07/16 - 17:32

    I have already bought land for my son and his daughter, I would love this for myself as I am the one who is Scottish and I would love to support this wonderful idea more. And it is my birthday on 23rd July so it would be a great present to myself.

  • Lady Patricia Simon
    20/07/16 - 17:37

    I have been struggling to find my place in the world and in my heart Scotland has become my home and Highland Titles my family. It is the only place that I feel comfortable and welcome and I look forward to seeing everyone at the Gathering each year. The plot in Lochaber would be a wonderful legacy.

    All the best,
    Lady P.

  • Ryan Kerr
    20/07/16 - 17:41

    Amazing land to own, best place in the world to escape. My wife has a strong family connection to Scotland, and I would love to give her a permanent place to go to.

  • Simon
    20/07/16 - 17:42

    What isn’t to love, a little piece of Scotland and a share in something special.

  • adem
    20/07/16 - 17:53

    suprised my family and visit scotland

  • Patricia
    20/07/16 - 17:53

    I bought a plot for my father in 2012. He recently passed and was never able to visit “his land in Scotland”, but it would be awesome to win one of these for his granddaughter and take her there!

  • Kelly Spence
    20/07/16 - 17:57

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I would love to win a plot in Scotland
    and be called a lady, too!

  • Lisbeth Mønsted Larsen
    20/07/16 - 17:58

    I love the idea of preserving the pristine flora and fauna of Scottish highlands and find it important for the future of all of us.When I had the chance to purchase a plot a couple of years ago I jumped at the chance for the above mentioned reasons. So taking part in this competition is something I like to do so thanks for the chance of that sincerly Lisbeth Mønsted Larsen

  • Liz T
    20/07/16 - 18:02

    Just researched my family tree only to find out that we tie into the Scottish Kings.

    Would my tiny drop of Scottish blood merit a tiny plot of clan land back?!

  • Aaron Milne
    20/07/16 - 18:04

    Having scotish ancestors – this really would feel like coming home

  • Lord Benjamin Buschmann Hågensen
    20/07/16 - 18:06

    buying the plot was the best idea i ever had. and i still think it is. I would love to win so i could bring my family over to visit and be able for all of us to stand on my plot and enjoy the view while we are enjoying our stay. it would be a dream come true!

  • Jean Thaxton
    20/07/16 - 18:16

    To own land in the most magical country on earth would be a godsend. Of all the places I have visited, none match Scotland for the beauty of the land and the warmth of the people.

  • Isaac Hammond Jr
    20/07/16 - 18:17

    I would like to win the plot for my mother whom raised us a s a single mother and has not gotten to visit. I’d like to take her to see it as a gift

  • George
    20/07/16 - 18:20

    This would make a really unique present for someone I love.

  • Lady Anita Payne
    20/07/16 - 18:29

    Lady Anita Payne has a lovely ring to it do you think 🙂 With my Scottish ancestry this would be amazing. Then the need to revisit Scotland for the very best reason… visit my plot.

  • Michael R Mifflin
    20/07/16 - 18:31

    I would love to own a piece of my heritage. My father and I have dreamed of visiting Scotland for years and this would be the perfect reason to come visit

  • Lady Kathryn
    20/07/16 - 18:41

    I would love to win an additional plot to honour the memory of my parents. They loved this magical land.

  • Mark McErlean
    20/07/16 - 18:45

    I would love to win a plot to go with the one I already own. Scotland is a magnificent place to visit.

  • Eusebio
    20/07/16 - 18:47

    I’m glad to participâte to this wonderful project aiming to protect a nice piece of nature. That’s a fantastic idea !

  • Alison Richey Pearse
    20/07/16 - 18:49

    I probably will never be able to live in Scotland as my ancestors did, but to be able to claim a bit would be bonnie!
    Also, I am visiting Scotland in August for the first time. How exciting would it be for the “Lady” to see her “talamh”.

  • jen williamson
    20/07/16 - 18:50

    My mother came from Scotland. Winning would be awesome.

  • Susan Naylor
    20/07/16 - 18:54

    My mothers family are of Scottish extraction,I have always loved Scotland and dream of one day moving there. This prize would be a pure delight to me.

  • ray klimasewski
    20/07/16 - 18:55

    Count me in to win your land contest. I am 1/2 Scottish + have visited, so, I know of the beauty! I would be a good steward on the new land !! Thanks for your consideration !!

  • Ian O’Neill
    20/07/16 - 19:01

    I need to win in order to build my Plot Empire (I also need a better name for my Empire). You guys are great stewards of this beautiful area!

  • Alexander
    20/07/16 - 19:07

    I would be delighted to win and give my wife children the noble title of ‘Lady’ and to own a little slice of home 🙂

    Good luck Lords and Ladies x

  • Gazbag
    20/07/16 - 19:11

    To own even more of this wonderful place would be magical, the whole ethos of sharing this land and improving the environment is a privilege to be a part of. I can trace my family back to the 1600’s in Tanadice, so despite the family moving south around the turn of the last century, I have always felt at home whenever I return north of the boarder. To have a special place like this to leave in the family, for others to enjoy, long after I have departed this world, would be a great legacy!

  • Chevaune Stanley
    20/07/16 - 19:11

    It’s fate, I already live at Lochaber Cottages (no where near the plot) I could call myself Lady of Lochaber, Lochaber Cottages….that would confuse my postie!!

  • William Barr
    20/07/16 - 19:13

    A great opportunity to enjoy personal land rights to part of the Scottish Highlands.

  • Jlenia Maria Esposito
    20/07/16 - 19:16

    Salve a tutti! Mi chiamo Jlenia e sono italiana. 2 anni fa, ho regalato al mio fidanzato un plot del vostro splendido terreno… e ho fatto piantare anche un albero. 🙂 Mi piacerebbe essere una Lady italiana. Volevo anche ringraziarvi e farvi i complimenti, la vostra è un’idea meravigliosa per difendere e accudire il vostro territorio.

  • Mary Haslett
    20/07/16 - 19:19

    Although I live in Canada, a big part of my life has included my Scottish heritage. To own a piece of my country of birth that is protected for generations to come inspires me!

  • Steven Rozand
    20/07/16 - 19:24

    I’m already a Lord of Glencoe and Lochaber, and I wish I could offer this to my loved one, make her a Lady, and visit this blessed and marvelous land with her !

  • G.V.Vasudev
    20/07/16 - 19:27

    I have been named an Honorary Scotsman in 1964 by some notable Scots while staying with them during 1964 in Kinnel House, Killin, Perthshire; Another notable scotsman. Oswald WYND, A famus scottish Writer to addressed me as a Scotsman doing admirable Free Service as a member of Voluntary Service Overseas, a London based organization during the same period. I have too many friends inScotland and have named only a couple famius ones. I feel Scottish! Vasu

  • Terri Hale
    20/07/16 - 19:28

    My ancestors were Macdonalds from the Isle of Skye. Though I live in Texas, my heart and soul long to be in Scotland. Just spent five weeks there and already missing it.

  • Lady Phyllis Mariner
    20/07/16 - 19:32

    I would really like to be able to see this beautiful country. (Am already a Lady of Glencoe).

  • Leanne Stinson
    20/07/16 - 19:33

    We bought our sons each a small Glencoe plot, in honour of their Scottish ancestry. Now our youngest son is having a daughter of his own (any day now, first grandchild!), and we will be buying plots for the baby and her lovely mother. Winning one would be a real bonus. Thanks for the opportunity! Cheers from Canada, and best wishes to all!

  • Annette Edgar
    20/07/16 - 19:46

    I have never been to Scotland and thus would g8ve me th3 incentive and I have always wanted to be a lady

  • Elizabeth Hurley
    20/07/16 - 19:47

    I want to be part of the committed group people who care about the land and the wildlife and work to preserve it in a sustainable and lasting way.

  • Heather Power
    20/07/16 - 19:47

    I was born Heather Jean MacKinnon and my ancestors came from Skye. I love the west of Scotland (I love all of Scotland) and would be thrilled to be selected for this prize. We are Laird and Lady of Glencoe already, and also my two brothers, Kenneth and Paul MacKinnon. This is a wonderful initiative.

  • Arthur Gibbs
    20/07/16 - 19:48

    I visited Scotland years ago and love that you are trying to protect the beautiful natural scenery.

  • Zuzanna Filipiuk
    20/07/16 - 19:50

    There are many reasons I would like to win a plot. One of them is because I love the idea of preserving nature and beauty of Highlands by selling plots to individuals. Scotland is breathtaking and those curved lands “bewitched me, body and soul”…

  • George Williamson
    20/07/16 - 20:08

    As I had an uncle who owned his patch of the Heilands, I would love to own my own patch

  • Simone Walter
    20/07/16 - 20:12

    I ´m the owner of land in Glencoe and lochaber but i love to get a bigger plot. Because the first time i have been there i fell in love with this land , the people, the nature, the music , the castles..everything…
    It´s like coming home…!!!

  • Alexander Cardoo
    20/07/16 - 20:15

    Was born in Scotland and proud to call myself a Scot I have a small piece of Glencoe would love to have more to pass on to my grandson.One day I will return if only as ashes .

  • Martina Hillenbrand
    20/07/16 - 20:17

    I´d love to have a little bit more of Scotland than just my little square foot.
    Scotland is my most favorite country and I´m looking forward to come back as soon as possible – and of course visit Glencoe.

  • Marit W
    20/07/16 - 20:22

    I would love to own 100 square feet of beautiful Scotland. It reminds me of Norway where I’m from, and it would be lovely to visit when I feel homesick after moving to the UK.

  • Sheila Bond
    20/07/16 - 20:22

    We have two dear little Scottish granddaughters and would love to give their Scottish father something really special that the whole family could enjoy.

  • Jason McGregor
    20/07/16 - 20:23

    I’d love to win 100 sq plot because my father is the only one in the family who has yet to get a plot of land to call his own. It would be lovely to surprise him with this and then get the whole family to come over and visit.

  • Heather G
    20/07/16 - 20:25

    Would be lovely to own land where my family is from

  • Viv Smith
    20/07/16 - 20:26

    Living in Australia I am already a Laird of Glencoe I would like to pass this chance onto my family as well.

  • Karen Christmas
    20/07/16 - 20:37

    My late father was Scottish so to own a piece of land in Scotland would be the perfect reason to take my children to learn more about their heritage and of course I would love to be a Lady of my very own Manor

  • Carole Paton
    20/07/16 - 20:38

    I’m very proud to be Scottish and spend time visiting the highlands and islands. Planning a trip to Skye right now. I would love to own my very own little piece of God’s own country!

  • Lord Kenneth Drewell of Glencoe
    20/07/16 - 20:39

    Lord Kenneth Drewell feels privaledged to be part of something special and owning another piece of land would allow me to plant another tree supporting nature.

  • Lady Jo Wilson
    20/07/16 - 20:40

    A fabulous opportunity for me. I joined a few years ago but have been unable to travel. I am now feeling much better and able to come. Would love to win this and to see my plots very soon. Jo xxx

  • Lady Helen Mikolaj
    20/07/16 - 20:47

    What an opportunity to own 100sq feet of Scotland great conservation area. I would love to expand my holding and really have something to brag about and eventually come and see all the way from Australia

  • Lpord Allan Gordon Edward
    20/07/16 - 20:50

    As I have purchased a plot I would like to win this plot and give it to my wife, as she really deserves it.

  • Elke Kerwick
    20/07/16 - 20:54

    It would be such a wonderful treasure! Unique, green and something to cherish forever.

  • Katherine Kerwick-Paton
    20/07/16 - 20:58

    I would love to own a bigger piece of the land of my ancestors to cherish and care for.

  • Hamish paterson
    20/07/16 - 20:59

    Fantastic Enterprise. I’ve given several plots to family to enjoy. I live on the other side of the world but have been fortunate to visit Scotland on several occasions and believe that your work and ideals set a great example to all and should be celebrated. It would be nice to personally own a little bit of land from whence my forbears came.

  • Lady Sal
    20/07/16 - 21:04

    I already own a small plot of this outstandingly beautiful and natural landscape, what a great opportunity to conserve and preserve some more. Good luck everyone.

  • Lord Ritchard Haynes
    20/07/16 - 21:14

    I would love to win this because we were going to visit our plots on a holiday soon but my wife passed away last year and traveling alone is just not the same but a trip to Scotland was on our bucket list.
    Thanks Ritchard

  • Margaret Ryding
    20/07/16 - 21:17

    My darling mum passed recently and was a Drummond. My brother kindly gave me a small piece of land for Christmas. Finally what a great 70th birthday gift for 22 July 2016.

  • Ria Dupont van Rheenen
    20/07/16 - 21:17

    I gave my husband a little pice of highland for his birthday. And a personal tree. we never visitid the highlands but what we saw and read aboud it makeked us love the highlands. Our dog has a scottisch name and we have a scottisch bedroom. Al little more land would make u happy because there is saved an other pice of land for next generations. We love the historie about paganism and life.

  • Sarah Gray
    20/07/16 - 21:26

    I would love to win to have a small part of a wonderful country. I would cherish it. It would be a little piece of history. x

  • Lord Kewal Jutlla
    20/07/16 - 21:33

    I love it ,it’s great way to help and support the society and maintain the good work ,i fully support every one on the great work ,love and hope to visit my plot one day , thanks to the great team ,well done .x

  • Geetha P
    20/07/16 - 21:35

    Because I Love Scotland..

  • Timothy Caldwell
    20/07/16 - 21:39

    I have a passion to save the Scottish Highlands and in winning this I will be able to help.

  • claire blaney
    20/07/16 - 21:51

    My heritage is from scotland and i’d love to have something to pass one to my daughter that has something to do with is also id love to make m grandad proud of my who for for scotland in WW2 as a wing commander this would make him so proud eve though he’s not here anymore

  • Helen McKenzie
    20/07/16 - 21:54

    This would be a wonderful gift and surprise for my Dad, now 73 and a proud clansman. Owning a small piece of Scotland that he could pass down to one of his sons would mean the world to him.

  • Sally Stewart
    20/07/16 - 21:55

    I would love to win a plot of land and become a Lady as I bought a plot for my Husband years ago so he’s already a Laird and we can visit both plots nect time we are over in Scotland.

  • Natalie Gillham
    20/07/16 - 22:06

    I would love to win a plot of Land on the beautiful Scottish Highlands so that my family and I could have our very own camping site. Thanks for the chance.

  • Chris
    20/07/16 - 22:07

    I would love to visit Scotland and have my own garden of eden

  • maria hackett
    20/07/16 - 22:09

    i would be honoured to own a piece of land in one of most beautiful places in the world.

  • Joanne Homer
    20/07/16 - 22:09

    Why not, it would be a great conversation topic to talk about in the pub! 🙂

  • Sue
    20/07/16 - 22:12

    Lady of the manor is a title that would be a dream come true. A member of the aristocracy at last with the right to wear tartan and perform the sword dance I learnt at Scottish dancing classes in my youth.

  • Ailsa Paul
    20/07/16 - 22:14

    Would be thrilled to visit my little plot plus the big one..!!! Haven’t visited Scotland from Tasmania for 33 years – about time I visited don’t you think..!!! :O)

    20/07/16 - 22:26

    I would love to win this as my family originated from this area and i have visited once would love to come again

  • Debbie Creasey
    20/07/16 - 22:36

    I’ve always wanted to be a Lady!!

  • Linda Docherty
    20/07/16 - 22:38

    I would love to win 100ft of land in the Scottish Highlands because, although I’ve never lived there, its in my soul. It is the place I go for spiritual solitude and cleansing. My Docherty/Menzies/Kinloch Milne ancestors are from the Highlands and whenever I get north of Inverness I feel that I have returned home to my kinsmen. To have my own small piece of Scotland on which to take time to stand, stare and breathe the pure clean air would be beyond my wildest dreams.

  • Joseph McKeown
    20/07/16 - 22:52

    I have bought 4 titles so far as a unique Christmas gift for friends and family…I would be so proud to win a plot of land to enable myself to be a Lord so to speak….not withstanding am always either climbing Munro’s or jumping about the Highlands of Scotland on my motorbike…also the free camping sounds great.

  • Rich W
    20/07/16 - 22:54

    The family all own a small piece of land to contribute to the conservation effort. With a family addition on the way this would make a perfect gift.

    20/07/16 - 22:54

    I will get my Rightful Title

  • Melanie Burton
    20/07/16 - 22:59

    I would to actually own something that’s all mine! Having a title as well would be just icing on the cake! It would be such a honour!

  • barry doolan
    20/07/16 - 23:03

    it would be great to have another plot to give to my wife so we could both share our heritage together as we both have ancestors that came from Scotland and intend to visit this year to trace the family roots

  • Lady Kawena Shrewsbury
    20/07/16 - 23:18

    It is evident that Highland Titles knows how to care for Scotland’s beautiful land and what a better way to continue to take part with them in land conservation than to win and continue a great partnership.

  • Tom Miller
    20/07/16 - 23:22

    I have limited Scottish ancestry and this plot could take me “home” to a place I admire but have never visited. I help protect the natural resources in the United States by buffers along streams, tree planting, wildlife food and pollinator plots. I could be a Highland Titles Ambassador here in the USA.

  • Donna Chance
    20/07/16 - 23:24

    I am of Scottish descent and have been to Scotland twice. I would love to go back and locate my son’s plot that I bought for him. Best of luck to the winner.

  • Susan Loring
    20/07/16 - 23:43

    I bought a plot for my husband’s 60th and I would love to be able to gift another one to a wonderful friend of mine. She is such a gracious lady, always kind and helpful and she would be absolutely thrilled to receive such a gift

  • Mark
    20/07/16 - 23:55

    Scotland is beautiful and needs to be protected. I would love to win a plot so that I could donate it to my son (the only family member who is not a current Lord or Lady) and I would encourage him to visit his plot whenever he could. Considering we live on the other side of the world, it may be a while and he is only 1, so lets protect more of beautiful Scotland!

  • Lord Joseph Barclay
    21/07/16 - 00:08

    My home needs protection. I would love to win this plot and I would give it to my niece. She is the next generation of conservationist in the family.

  • Joanna Chlasta
    21/07/16 - 01:07

    I would think what els may be done in this beauty Reserve Park with this big plot. Maybe I can make shedul for species animals. We can forget it is not our own land it is home for animals, wich we yust help keep for them! So my donation it will go, wher should go following Dr. Peter Bevis work! Maybe i would instal small cameras for all “plot owners” could see it is real and how our beatu natural Reservation is going, it would be good lesson for all us and our families.

  • derek cornwell
    21/07/16 - 01:09

    it is simply a beautiful spot

  • Anne Ho
    21/07/16 - 01:12

    Happy 10th Anniversary!

    In the past few years, my dad, my brother and myself became Lord of Lady of Glencoe. I will give the land to my mum if I have the chance to win!

  • Patricia Scullion
    21/07/16 - 01:22

    I would love to win a lovely piece of Glencoe Highland Land. I have purchased blocks for several members of my family including my beautiful husband, who passed away recently He was so proud to know that he owned one square foot of Scottish Soil. I truly believe this is an excellent concept to help to preserve this outstanding countryside. Well done to all the people who work so hard in supporting and keeping this lovely conservation program.

  • Mick Lindsay
    21/07/16 - 04:50

    Highland Titles was unknown to me until my beautiful wife of 30 years bought a plot in Glencoe for her best friends’ 50th Birthday.
    My wife, Dee told me all about Highland Title and what they did, she was so excited every time she talked about you. I mean excited, I could tell in her voice how proud she was to buy the plot for Elaine. We both have history in Scotland, She had a ‘Nisbet’ Tartan Skirt as a child, we have the ‘Lindsay’ Tartan. Her brother was doing the family tree and found family in Scotland, but since his passing all the paperwork has gone, she has found some which is pleasing to her as family is important. I am unwell, Dee suffers Chronic Pain, I would love to give Dee this gift of a plot. She is already MY Lady, but the title of Lady should love and pass it down through our family. Please think of Dee for this honour. All the best
    Mick Lindsay

  • Craig Ellery
    21/07/16 - 05:19

    With my name being Craig, I’m a shoe-in!

  • patrizia palmas
    21/07/16 - 05:42

    I LOVE Scotland and I wish to own a new plot of land so I can feel at home

  • Elvis Wong
    21/07/16 - 05:51

    Scotland is same as my home Hong Kong, is a lovely place, I love it very much~

  • Matt McAllister
    21/07/16 - 06:03

    I like it a lot

  • Edwige Nimeskern
    21/07/16 - 06:18

    Hi, I live in France , we have a field in Scotland in Highland Titles grace .We are proud to participate in this noble cause. And we would still be very happy to still win a piece of land !! and even give a boost to this beautiful nature

  • fred52
    21/07/16 - 06:27

    Ooh, it’s over ! I wasn’t home last days…

  • Esmerelda van Jaarsveld
    21/07/16 - 08:43

    We live in SA and cannot show the whole world to our 6 year old daughter so we bought a piece of land in her name so even though we can’t show her, we can give her pieces of the world. And by that naming her a lady (as God made her) was a cherry on top. So obviously we would love to add a bigger piece to her name. 🙂

  • Frank
    21/07/16 - 08:43

    I have already “made” two Ladys and recommended your website to “make” one Lord by gifting some of your plots to people around me and now I feel too “civil” around my noble friends so I think it is time for me to join the land-owner-club in scotland 🙂

  • Ron Mannion
    21/07/16 - 08:49

    My 94 year old father in law Lord Herbert John Murdoch would love to add to his portfolio of Highland titles before he departs this this planet. He is very proud of his Scottish heritage and drinks to his health with a wee dram every night.
    Mat his wish be honored.
    Ron Mannion

  • Andrew Morgan
    21/07/16 - 09:00

    My wife & I purchased a while ago a plot of land for our 25th wedding anniversary and this December will be our 30th so would be great to add to our existing plot and encourage us to visit soon.

  • Antonio Bersani
    21/07/16 - 09:28

    Complimenti per l’iniziativa promozionale. Ottimo marketing. Continuate a conservare con amore la terra, la fauna e la flora. Un saluto da Milano (Italy). Antonio Bersani.

  • Antonin LARIE
    21/07/16 - 09:55

    To have enough place to do a French Barbecue !!! Haha

  • Lady Sarah
    21/07/16 - 10:54

    Happy 10 year anniversary Highland Titles! What a wonderful way to celebrate your 10 year anniversary by giving away 10 100 sqft plots of land. It would be so special to own a 100 sqft plot of land in the Scottish Highlands nature reserve.

  • Pauline black
    21/07/16 - 10:56

    What a fabulous thing to pass on to the grandkids! Being Scottish I would love to own a bit of our fine country!

  • Gayle White
    21/07/16 - 11:33

    Having Scottish heritage, I would love to own a little piece.

  • Michael Harris
    21/07/16 - 12:05

    My grandfather told me years ago to never let go of the land. It does not matter that it may not be big, as long as it is yours.

  • William Atherholt
    21/07/16 - 12:35

    I would love to add to my 1 square foot plot so I can receive visitors to my land without a balancing act to fit on the plot. Also, I hope to visit my current plot in August 2016.

  • Margaret Harvey
    21/07/16 - 12:35

    We purchased plots in Lochaber about 2 years ago for my father who is a Scot and also for ourselves. It would be a treat to ‘own’ land in Scotland that we can actually ‘stay’ on and have the family be hailed as Ladies and Lords of Glencoe.
    Congratulations on your 10 year anniversary.
    Keep up the good work in rehabilitating Scotland’s native lands.

  • Steve Potter-Australia
    21/07/16 - 12:55

    Great to be able to be part of this.
    Helping conversation and becoming a Lord, great stuff.
    Us Lords from Perth, Western Australia join our Scottish Lairds in celebrating first of many decades to come.We shall have a small highland gathering over here to mark the occasion.
    Best wishes. Steve Potter

  • Anthony Johns
    21/07/16 - 13:04

    Living in America is great but owning not only a plot of land in Scotland but also obtaining a real title would be such an honor

  • David DeBonis
    21/07/16 - 16:08

    This would be great!!!

  • HURGON Christian
    21/07/16 - 20:44

    A wonderful idea for a wonderful land!

  • Murray
    22/07/16 - 00:49

    I would love to help save land for future generations

    22/07/16 - 06:56

    Tellement de choses à dire … Living in France, I left my heart in the Highlands, it would be an amazing gift, a real honor to win, to get this wonderful prize. My wish is what you propose as a present. Sorry for my poor english but my heart is yours.
    God save the Highlands. ^^

  • Véronique Lejeune
    22/07/16 - 06:59

    I’m a lady and i would to do a big surprise to my sister who love Scotland and nature

    22/07/16 - 06:59

    It’s so noble, so beautiful ! My family would be so surprised and so glad to visit Scotland ! Happy birthday to you !

  • Lady Monique van den Berg
    24/07/16 - 10:02

    I want to suprise my mother, she will be this year at age 80. She travel still every year to Scotland,Edinburgh to the fringe. So this will be such a great suprise to make her Lady in Scotland as well.

  • Lady Amanda Jane Orford
    04/08/16 - 12:12

    I love this fabulous, fun idea. I have my square foot of Scottish land and have bought my family and friends theirs for presents. We all love being a part of what is being done for conservation plus a little bit of a title sort of impressed too haha. One day I will visit our land and put my foot on my square foot of Scottish soil.

  • Scott Randall
    21/11/16 - 15:11

    I just had my DNA done!!!!! Scottish, as we always knew!!! We have been a member of Highland Titles for quite awhile,a Nd have remained loyalty it’s mission. We would love to be more involved ownership.

  • David Munro
    22/11/16 - 00:25

    My father and his ancestors were all Scots, and to win this competition would be a wonderful way for me to own another small part of my country of heritage.
    which I hope one day my children, grandchildren and maybe my great grandchildren will visit and fall in love with such a beautiful and rugged country.

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