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6 Reasons to Gift a Highland Titles Plot This Christmas

Written by: Amanda
Published: 6th November 2018, last updated: 28th January 2020

Tis’ the season for giving! Christmas gifts can be true expressions of love and gratitude, making anyone feel special and appreciated. However, coming up with thoughtful gift ideas can be a real hassle, and you can easily feel stuck for interesting or exciting presents to give to your loved ones.

Worry no more, we are here to help! We are convinced gifting a Highland Titles plot is the perfect Christmas gift and we are showing you 6 fantastic reasons why a plot should be at the top of your list when you are deciding what to give.


1. It Is A Unique & Everlasting Gift

Unlike so many gifts on the market today, a Highland Titles plot of land** is truly a unique gift, mainly for two reasons. Firstly, it is the perfect combination of a physical present and a real-life experience: not only do the customers get an elaborate gift pack, including a personalised certificate and their plot ID card, but also the opportunity to visit their plot in the Nature Reserve and to get involved in land management. Secondly, a Highland Titles plot of land** is not intended for one use – it is a gift that lasts a lifetime; so much so that the rights to a souvenir plot of land may even be enjoyed by heirs!


2. It Is The Ultimate Connection to Scotland

The Highland Titles gift pack includes the personal right** to an actual plot of land in Scotland. With so many Scottish descendants across the globe, chances are you know someone with a tie to Scotland – being able to not only own* a little piece of Scottish land, but also being able to visit it and protect it is the ultimate connection to Scotland.


3. It Supports Conservation & Wildlife in Scotland

By giving a Highland Titles plot of land** you will be supporting a unique conservation project. When buying souvenir plots of land, the community is funding the conservation of Scotland (one square foot at a time), through land management of our Nature Reserves, strategic partnerships and education. In the past 10 years, the community’s efforts have achieved incredible results, including the creation of a 3-acre lochan which has attracted wildlife, removing non-native trees, installing beehives, planting wildflowers, rescuing Scottish wildcats, and much more!


4. Making Someone a Lord, Lady or Laird*

Along with a souvenir plot of land, gifting Highland Titles means making someone a Laird, Lord, or Lady of Glencoe*. We encourage our community to make the most of their new titles and to have some fun with it. We have even heard stories about customers benefiting from flight upgrades and preferential treatment as a result of their titles!


5. It Is All About the Highland Titles Community

Highland Titles represents a 100,000+ strong community. Members of the community have the traditional responsibilities to participate in land management and share their thoughts and opinions on what should be done on the Nature Reserves. Moreover, by making someone a Laird, Lord or Lady, not only are you giving them the opportunity to meet other members of the community in sponsored Highland gatherings across the globe, but also the chance to attend our very own Gathering in Glencoe, Scotland – a fantastic three-day event to learn more about the reserves and the ongoing conservation projects.


6. The Perfect Joint Gift

Have you been looking for a gift for that lucky couple in your life, or even for a pair of friends? Look no further than a Highland Titles Joint Plot! This gift entitles the pair to two adjacent plots of land on the Highland Titles nature reserve, the right to style themselves as Lords or Ladies, as well as the opportunity to share a unique experience together.


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Written by: Amanda

Comments on this post

  • Allison metzler
    25/11/18 - 19:11

    Interested Murray and Mackenzie relatives

  • Deborah Chapman
    22/11/19 - 21:19

    I bought a plot .. under the name Deborah Silke.
    ( along with my partner David Chapman, my children Travis & Frazer & father Patrick Kenyon RIP.)
    I married David in 2016, he has since passed.
    May I change my plot name into my married name?..
    To Deborah Chapman .

  • Mary Kay Robinson Bearden
    29/11/19 - 16:53

    I am thinking of gifting my son with a plot this Christmas. My sister would like to do one too. Is it possible to get more than one plot for one person and can they all be together?

    • The Chief
      04/12/19 - 08:33

      Yes to both questions. Simply order them at the same time and they will be next to each other. Please email [email protected] for prompt response.

  • Mary Kay Bearden
    29/11/19 - 18:52

    I would like to know about purchasing more than one plot for one person. My sister and my granddaughter and I would all like to purchase a plot for my son but want them all together. Is that possible?

    • The Chief
      04/12/19 - 08:32

      Yes. Simply order them at the same time and they will be next to each other. Please email [email protected] for prompt response.

  • Mary Kay Robinson Bearden
    30/11/19 - 18:28

    Hello? I am wondering if it is possible to get two or more plots together.
    I would love to do it…and especially to do it while the holiday sales are in effect.
    Could you please give me an answer soon?

    • The Chief
      04/12/19 - 08:32

      Yes. Simply order them at the same time and they will be next to each other. Please email [email protected] for prompt response.

  • Mary Kay Bearden
    04/12/19 - 21:33

    Thank you so much. And I apologize for the multiple postings. I did not realize I was doing that.
    I actually had figured it out earlier today, and I expect to be ordering multiple plots very soon.
    Thank you again for your replies.
    Here’s hoping you have a Merry Christmas!

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