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7 People to Gift a Highland Titles Plot To This Christmas

Written by: Kathleen
Published: 14th November 2018

While Santa is smoothly making a list and checking it twice, many of us are struggling to tick off some of our loved ones from our Christmas list in the first place. We are convinced that a Highland Titles plot is the perfect Christmas gift (and we even showed you 5 fantastic reasons why) and the beauty of it is that it can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone.

Whether you are looking for an eccentric prezzie for your husband or boyfriend, a thoughtful gift for your parents, or an unusual present for your sibling, we are sure everyone will be ecstatic about becoming a Lord, Laird, or Lady of Glencoe**! Here are 7 people who you could gift a Highland Titles plot* to this Christmas.


1. Parents

Nothing says “I love you and I appreciate you” like making your mum a Lady and your dad a Lord**! The Highland Titles gift pack allows your parents to style themselves as Lord or Lady of Glencoe** – and we have heard stories on how these titles have resulted in preferential treatments, and even flight upgrades!


2. Grandparents

Grandparents are sure to love the history and heritage that comes with this unique present. We are passionate about sharing Scottish history and heritage with our community, so if your grandpa or grandma have a connection to Scotland or would love to know more about it, this is the perfect gift!


3. In-Laws

Let’s face it – finding the perfect gift for the In-Laws is always difficult. So why not guarantee your spot on the in-laws’ good side by making them a Lord** or Lady** this Christmas?


4. Friends That Have Everything

What do you give to someone who already has everything and does not need anything? Highland Titles is the perfect answer – a unique, selfless gift that supports conservation in Scotland!



5. Siblings

A lot of us already consider our siblings as little princes and princesses in our hearts – so why not make their royalness official? Brothers and sisters are sure to love the Highland Titles gift pack and the ability to style themselves as Lord or Lady of Glencoe**.


6. Aunts & Uncles

Buying for aunts and uncles can be really challenging, but not if you give them a Highland Titles plot. We’re sure they’ll also love being a part of our like-minded community of lairds, and they’ll get to participate in real decisions made surrounding the land.


7. Your Other Half

Finally, commemorate your love by giving your significant other the everlasting gift of conservation with their very own plot of land* in the Scottish Highlands, giving them the opportunity to get involved in land management decisions and to style themselves as Lord or Lady of Glencoe**!

There are many others who would surely love the Highland Titles gift pack, including bosses, coworkers, godparents, godchildren, cousins, and even neighbours! We will be happy to welcome all the new Lords, Ladies, and Lairds** to our community.

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Written by: Kathleen

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  • Lord Henry Young Lowden
    01/01/19 - 05:00

    My wife and i tried countless times before xmas 2018 to buy 6 small plots at the discounted price. for members of our family by email and telephone and hit a brick wall every time as if you never existed so we won’t be surprised if there is no answer to this Harry & mari lowden. (we live in South Australia.)

  • Peter Bevis
    28/02/19 - 09:39

    I have emailed you a reply as it contains personal information. We are sorry that you were unable to place your order in time for Christmas delivery.

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