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“April showers bring May flowers…”

Written by: Amanda
Published: 20th April 2017, last updated: 27th January 2020

Fritillaria Meleagris aka “Snake’s Head”

“April showers bring May flowers…”

The recent rain on the estate has brought many beautiful things with it, wild flowers, rainbows, and the countless visits from plot owners! The spring/summer season is the one of the best times of year to view your plot and the reserve, if you wish to arrange this you can purchase your meet and greet ticket here, then arrange a tour with our voluteers!

We highly recommend booking this well in advance to make the most out of your visit and to save disappointment!


This Month

April also brings us Earth day- a tradition dating over 40 years old to celebrate our planet and to encourage humans to be more environmentally friendly. On top of our ongoing project of tree planting, we have roped in the help of the local schoolchildren in creating hives for our honeybees. The wet winter has not been good for our bees but mid-April will signal a buzz on the reserve!

Beehives created by local schoolchildren

Arbour Day coincides in April- a holiday in which individuals are encouraged to plant and care for trees. The concept of Highland Titles revolves around the Scottish woodland and our tree planting project; the next planting of saps will be the Scot’s Pine. As previously mentioned in our updates from the estate post, the deer-fenced area will be our newest tree area.

How better to help the environment than to have your own piece of conservation land? Purchase your plot here!



Finally, an exciting update from the estate- the polytunnel is finally complete! The bee hives are currently taking cover before they are relocated, and as you will see several seedlings and saps are calling the tree nursery home.

Completed polytunnel

Inside the polytunnel


Tell us your thoughts on our project in the comments below!



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Written by: Amanda

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