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Reminiscing of Gatherings’ past – An attendee’s point of view part II

Written by: Doug
Published: 29th April 2016, last updated: 1st September 2017


It’s just under 2 weeks until the 2016 Highland Titles Gathering kicks off! In preparation, we have loads of exciting content to get you all geared up for the event! Stay tuned next week for more information on how you can “attend” from home as we will have active (and live) coverage as the Gathering happens.

We have received yet another response to our Gathering questionnaire sent out a few weeks back to past attendees of the event. You might recall the lovely comments from Ken and Frances Gibbs from a few weeks ago and today, we’re sharing a reply from a 2015 attendee, Léonie Dunk, who, after attending for the first time last year, is making their way back to this year’s event!

Léonie first ventured to Scotland many years ago and always felt a strong connection to the beauty of the Highlands. When they received a plot in Glencoe as a gift, they knew it was a chance to get in touch with the land they once adored.

Highland Titles 2015b 050

The 2015 Gathering Group! Can you spot Léonie?

Why did you come to the Gathering?

I went to my first Gathering last year and enjoyed it so much, I booked to go again this year just as soon as the invitation was issued. I was initially attracted both by the full programme on offer and the ‘excuse’ it gave me to go and see Glencoe again after having found it stunningly beautiful on my first visit over forty years ago. I also liked the idea of visiting my plot (which was bought for me as a gift) and perhaps meeting some interesting people.

How did you get here?

I drove myself up, stopping overnight on the way at a friend’s house in Livingston: too far for my stiff old limbs to do all in one go!

What did you enjoy the most?

It’s really hard to say what I enjoyed the most as I thought everything was very well planned and executed and designed to make us feel welcome and to have a good time. I have to say that the enthusiasm of all at Highland Titles for the work that is being done and the dedication of those in charge of the various aspects of land and wildlife conservation was, for me, truly heart-warming and I was left feeling very hopeful for the future. Seeing it all first hand was one of the highlights for me.

I met lovely people, both local and from all over the world and never felt lonely, even though I was a lone traveller. This, I’m sure, was partly because we all had one thing in common and partly owing to the warmth of those who made it all happen.

I hadn’t been in that neck of the woods for forty years and I was not disappointed!

Tickets still available

We appreciate all who have written in to share their experiences of the Highland Titles Gathering. As Léonie mentioned, even if you are a lone traveller, you’ll never feel too alone at this event. The event is full of, and designed for, people who share the same love of the land and the work Highland Titles are putting in to help conserve and preserve it and we promise you’ll never have a dull moment!

A small number of tickets are still available for the Gathering, held at the Isles of Glencoe hotel. As the event draws near, we encourage all to get their tickets before it’s too late. If you are unable to join us, make sure to follow along during the event as we’ll be posting on the blog, as well as regular updates on our Facebook and Twitter!

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Written by: Doug

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