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Autumn Walks in the Scottish Highlands: Essential Guide

Written by: Stewart Borland
Published: 14th September 2017, last updated: 27th January 2020

Make the most of Autumn with our guide to walks in the Scottish Highlands. With the changing landscape and wildlife, there is no better time to get into nature. It was this special time of year which served as the inspiration for Scotland’s Bard, Robert Burns, famous poem “To A Mouse.”

Legend has it that Burns was ploughing a field when he accidentally turned up a mouse’s nest, destroying its home for the winter. Protecting wildlife remains a vital part of our conservation efforts, and with your support we can ensure that our beautiful Autumn landscape is safe for generations to come. Help our wildlife through the winter and Sponsor A Habitat.


Autumn Walks Mouse


Autumn Walks on The Reserve


The best way to enjoy the Scottish Highlands during autumn is to take a walk through its ever changing landscape. As deciduous trees transform, their warm cognac hues are a sight to behold. When their crisp leaves drop, there is nothing quite so satisfying as crunching your way through a path strewn with them.

Make like a true lord or lady and take a turn about the reserve this autumn. A walk to the lochan (on our newly finished path) is particularly scenic at this time of year. Or take a stroll along the river to see the otters at play, they are particularly amusing when we lay out mackerel for them! Buy a plot and you can enjoy a meet and greet at the reserve to guide you to all of the best spots. 


Autumn Walks Map


Autumn Walks Where Tech Meets Nature


For a modern twist on the traditional country walk, get involved with geocaching – the increasingly popular real-life treasure hunt. With a Highland Titles trackable geocaching coin you can log the movements of your very own ‘treasure’ as it travels the world with fellow geocachers. The lowest Geocache in the world was recorded at 2300 metres below sea level!

Purchase a plot and you can download our free Highland Titles Scottish Estate Manager app to help you explore the reserve, discover your plot and learn about the conservation projects you are supporting.

If you are a true bird watcher or tree lover, then why not accompany your country walk with the RSPB’s bird identifier or the Woodland Trust’s tree identifier app for Apple or Android. 

If you can’t make it to the reserve, don’t worry! Explore Glencoe and the surrounding area with our guided DVD tour. Featuring stunning aerial landscape footage, specially commissioned Scottish music and original voiceover.

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Written by: Stewart Borland

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