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Can’t Visit? Now you can!

Written by: Dr. Peter Bevis
Published: 29th June 2016, last updated: 27th January 2020


UAVONIC provide Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (Drone) solutions throughout Europe

Highland Titles is primarily about conservation, but we also care about community. And not just the local community, though we pump large hundreds of thousands of pounds into the local Glencoe economy. We also care about our community of lairds and one of the things on our mind has always been “How can we make the experience of land ownership better and easier?”.

Click to take a virtual Google Streetview tour

Click to take a Google Streetview tour

There will always be some lairds who can never come and visit us and in July 2014 we added a virtual walk through part of the reserve to Googe’s Streetview. So now anyone can take a virtual “Walk in the Woods” and visit the Highland Titles Nature Reserve on the internet. Just click on the picture to get started.

Since then we have had other ideas how to connect you to your land, such as the App. But this is just the start and last week another plan moved forward, high resolution aerial photography. This will also help us identify progress on the progress we make restoring the land to its former wooded glory. It is vital to establish a baseline in order to see what has been acheived. But it will also help everyone to view their piece of Scotland within the context of the whole estate at a much higher resolution that Google can offer.

Our friends at Uavonic have spent a few days with Stewart and the team at Glencoe Wood, with the very latest and best in drone technology, to capture the Nature Reserve in all its majesty. Mountains, woodland, lochs and river. They are right now processing their footage and after a short gestation period, we will be able to show you precisely what we are brewing up for you.


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Written by: Dr. Peter Bevis

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  • Alan Wrightstone
    17/07/16 - 08:25

    Great idea !!!

    Can’t wait to see how it all turn out, but still not as good as seeing it in person. Which something I plan to do next summer with my wife.

    Regards from Australia !!!


  • Anne Ho
    21/07/16 - 01:07

    Really good news for Lords and Ladies overseas!

    Regards from Hong Kong!

  • Jürgen Hostätter
    04/08/16 - 12:25

    What a nice area the highlands are. It`s a pitty that I can not be there. Looking out of my Office-window at work in Germany I can only keep on dreaming about Scotland.

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