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Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

Written by: Thursa
Published: 20th September 2019, last updated: 10th December 2019

Here at Highland Titles, we care about sustainability. We’re sure that all of you are also beginning to see how important it is to find ways to conserve our planet’s resources. It doesn’t mean it can’t be fun to be eco-friendly, and what is more fun than buying a gift for friends and loved ones, gifts for him and her, and gifts that don’t cost the Earth? There are some amazing companies out there working to solve the plastic problem and the sustainable issue while designing some wonderfully innovative and inexpensive gifts. Aren’t humans resourceful!

We have put together a top ten of eco-friendly gifts for him or for her, and to suit various pockets. These have caught our eye, not only with their affordability but also with their impressive credentials for sustainability. So without further ado, here is our eco-friendly gift top ten.


Top 10 Eco-Friendly Gifts

1. Support Scottish Conservation

Highland Titles Buy A Plot


With an average rating of 9.6/10 on the independent review site Trustpilot, Highland Titles is selling one of the most popular environmentally friendly gifts you’ll find anywhere this year.

What do customers get?

It’s a real plot of land in Scotland you can visit any time

A luxury gift pack

Help conserve the Scottish wilderness

Customers can become a Lord or Lady of Glencoe*

Why do eco-warriors love this gift?

We use the profits from selling the land to create nature reserves in the Scottish highlands

By spreading the ownership of the land amongst thousands of people, it makes it impossible for the land to be developed commercially in the future

Amongst other things, we have planted thousands of trees, created bug hotels, bat boxes, bee hives, a 3-acre lochan and a forever home for injured hedgehogs

Highland Titles is owned by an environmental charity, the Highland Titles Charitable Trust for Scotland

Is this a good eco gift for kids?

We actually sell a kids’ version of our product, called Little Landowners, which is aimed at 5-9 year olds. So much of what we do is interesting to children, and the Little Landowners gift pack is designed with them in mind with puzzles and other age appropriate information within. Check out Little Landowners here.


2. Dedicate a Tree in the Caledonian Forest

Highland Titles Dedicate a Tree


The Caledonia Forest is in Scotland, in case you didn’t know, and Highland Titles is on a mission to contribute as many native trees as we can. For just £10 you can have one of these trees dedicated to your good self, your nearest and dearest, even the next generation. It is a gift that, in every possible way, doesn’t cost the Earth. Be part of the great replanting of the Caledonia Forest that used to stretch from coast to coast in old Scotland, and will do again, if we have anything to do with it!


3. A Stylish and Durable Bag

WAKEbag Vegan Rucksack


What’s not to love with this stylish and affordable backpack? With an inbuilt laptop pouch, it will fit a small laptop or tablet, plus a coffee cup and your lunch! There is also a secret pocket inside for your valuables. The ‘brown paper bag’ finish has a patina which improves with age, in a leathery sort of way, but it has never seen a cow. It is made using paper fibres, which are spun together and then bonded to make a thick and strong material, as hard wearing as the most durable rucksack.

Image by Global WAKEcup


4. No Excuse For Single Use

WAKEcup Coffee Cup


Stop binning all those takeaway cups and just bring your own. With a capacity of 14oz, it’s bigger! Reputable baristas are happy to fill it for you with your favourite coffee. Many take away coffee outlets now give a discount on coffee or tea to anyone who brings in their own mug. Because it’s made out of bamboo, there is no plastic aftertaste, and it’s easy to keep clean. The perfect present for a busy office worker with environmental concerns.

Image by Global WAKEcup


5. Plastic-Free, Ethical & Tasty

Divine 11 Bar Tasting Hamper


With 11 fairtrade chocolate bars to choose from, there’s no feeling guilty when indulging in any of the 11 distinct flavours. This bountiful hamper includes 11 chocolate bars to suit every taste – from strong dark chocolate to delicious chocolate and fruit blends. Since it is palm oil-free and fairtrade labelled, this hamper is an ethical gift for any chocolate lover. You will also find no plastic in its packaging, and it is also suitable for vegetarians.


6. Give Wildlife a Home

Sponsor a Habitat Box


Many species of wildlife make their homes in old tree hollows. At the Highland Titles Nature Reserve, we are planting new native species of trees for generations to come, but these trees are too young to have formed useful hollows yet. So, for a gift idea, we have come up with sponsoring a habitat box. You can choose boxes for Birds, Bats, Bees, Bugs, Hedgehogs or Squirrels. Made locally by Scottish craftsmen, these boxes are built to last.


7. Making Morning Routines Eco-Friendly

ImseVimse Reusable Cloth Wipes


These reusable organic cotton washable wipes are the perfect present for that friend that has been thinking about cutting their household waste and be kinder to the environment. Made from 100% soft organic cotton flannel, the cloth wipes are ideal for removing makeup or simply washing your face, being soft and gentle on your skin. Ethically made in Turkey, this pack includes 12 individual organic wipes which should be enough for approximately a week of morning and night routines.


8. Eco-Friendly Ambient Lighting

Solar Powered Star String Lights


Here is a nifty idea. A pair of beautiful star string lights for your garden or patio that run on solar power. Throughout the day, they charge up from the sun, and at night, they light up with a soft glow that will transform your outdoor space. With a 7m string, you can hang them from tree branches. They hold 6 hours of charge time so they will last long after sunset. These lights make a thoughtful housewarming present or summer party gift.


9. Bye Disposable Razors

Cavendish Premium Shaving Kit


Forget those planet-wreaking throw-away plastic razors, get turned on to this beauty. This shaving kit includes a comfortable and durable hand brush to apply shaving cream and a sharp and slick razor to shave. For ultimate elegance and charm, you can display your shaving items in the fine stand along with the brush bowl. So there you have it, a proper razor that the well-groomed man in your life never has to throw away.

Image by Prezzybox


10. Throw It, Grow It

Wildflower Seeds – Collection


A thoughtful, fun, and inexpensive present for all those amateur gardeners out there, young and old. This collection of seeds includes a lovely selection of colourful wildflowers, easy to grow, and meant to attract butterflies, bees and birds to your garden. The collection includes 5 individual packets of Marigold Corn, Daisy Ox-eye, Pansy Wild, Scabious Field, and Poppy Field. This present will appeal to budding young gardeners in your family, or might even encourage a gardening bug where there wasn’t one before.

Image by Suttons Seeds

We hope these gift ideas have given you some inspiration. If you are still wondering what to get for that difficult-to-buy-for person in your life, then visit the Highland Titles Accessory Shop for even more imaginative and eco-friendly ideas. Happy gift giving!


Brought to you by Highland Titles

Highland Titles’ mission is to conserve Scotland, one square foot at a time™. By selling souvenir plots of land, we are funding our Nature Reserves and conservation projects. Join us and become a Lord, Lady or Laird* of Glencoe!

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