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Established Titles – Buyer Beware

Written by: Doug
Published: 24th March 2020

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You may have seen an advert promoting something called ‘Established Titles’ on Facebook or elsewhere, and perhaps you are wondering if they are legitimate or a scam?

We have done our own research.

established titles

What we know about Established Titles

  1. Established Titles trades from a website with no company name.
  2. There is no physical address on the website, or any clue about where the company might be incorporated, even though THIS IS A LEGAL REQUIREMENT.
  3. There is no evidence whatsoever that Established Titles (or whoever they are) actually own any land in Scotland.
  4. It is therefore impossible for Established Titles to uniquely identify any plots they are selling.
  5. Their website doesn’t contain the names of any of the people involved.
  6. Although they are charging a hefty amount, they don’t appear to post anything.  Instead, they ask you to download and print a certificate.


We will leave you to form your own conclusions, but given the lack of detail we would advise that potential customer exercise some caution.

How is Highland Titles different?

  1. We have been trading openly and honestly for 14 years
  2. We meet thousands of our customers face to face every year at our nature reserve
  3. We uniquely identify each and every souvenir plot that we sell with latitude, longitude and OS co-ordinates
  4. We have an average score of 9.6/10 on the independent review site, Trustpilot, with more than 8000 reviews
  5. Our nature reserve holds the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence, with hundreds of 5 star reviews
  6. Our nature reserve is an official 4* tourist attraction with Visit Scotland, Scotland’s national tourist board


About the author

Written by: Doug

Comments on this post

  • David E Sopko
    08/04/20 - 02:11

    Stumbled across Established Titles on Facebook. Was ready to purchase a plot when I decided to investigate further to see if there were any other options out there. Glad I did. That’s when I found Highland Titles, a legitimate seller of Scottish land. I am now Laird David Edward of Lochaber, owner of a 10×10 plot of land in the Mountainview Nature Reserve. Thank you, Highland Titles.

  • Maria
    30/04/20 - 23:43

    does a deed come with the plot if land?

  • Lady Deandra
    21/05/20 - 02:47

    Just like Laird David, I had done the same thing. Your article here was the first I saw when looking up whether Established Titles was a scam or not. As I have just purchased my land and Title deed today I have yet to see who will accept my new Lady title here in Canada but very glad to look further into what the land is used for and I know it’s for a good cause all the same! Can’t wait to visit my first ever piece of land one day!

  • Ann
    05/06/20 - 15:34

    Where is the link to buy one of these? Thanks.

  • Michael Stevenitt
    28/06/20 - 21:44

    I need to know how my documents will be sent to me, the reason is that I live in a remote part of Southern Spain so if they are sent by courier they won’t be able to find me, If this is your only way I can give you a alternative address for delivery but if you send using Royal Mail there will be no problem as I pick up my mail from the local Post Office.

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