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Established Titles – Buyer Beware

Written by: Doug
Published: 24th March 2020

You may have seen an advert promoting something called ‘Established Titles’ on Facebook or elsewhere, and perhaps you are wondering if they are legitimate or a scam?

We have done our own research, and offer this information in the spirit of friendly consumer advice.

What we know about Established Titles (updated November 2020)

  1. Established Titles traded for at least 7 months (between April 2020 and November 2020) from a website with no company name.  Their website has now been updated and states that the company behind the website is Galton Voysey Limited, although curiously they do not give their company registration number or even name the jurisdiction their company is registered in, even though this is A LEGAL REQUIREMENT.  We have checked with Companies House and there is no company by that name registered in the UK.
  2. The only address on their website is Lessendrum, Huntly, AB54 6XR, Scotland.  This would appear to be an area of land from which they purport to sell their souvenir plots.  It doesn’t appear to be the postal address of a building to which post can be delivered.
  3. The only named person on the website is Ms Katerina Yip, although this appears to be a spoof page written for the purposes of providing amusement rather than information for customers.
  4. Although they are charging $50, the standard offering is only a downloadable certificate. Anything printed costs extra.
  5. A quick Google search shows there is a company called Galton Voysey in Hong Kong, and their ‘Team’ page includes reference to the abovenamed Katerina Yip.  There is no mention on their website of Established Titles that we can find.
  6. The Established Titles website states that the governing laws of its Terms and Conditions shall be the laws of the State of New York.  This would seem to rule out the possibility that the website is operated by the company in Hong Kong?
  7. We have searched the New York State company database, and there is no company called Galton Voysey registered there.




How is Highland Titles different?

  1. We have been trading openly and honestly for 14 years
  2. We meet thousands of our customers face to face every year at our nature reserve
  3. We uniquely identify each and every souvenir plot that we sell with latitude, longitude and OS co-ordinates
  4. We have an average score of 9.6/10 on the independent review site, Trustpilot, with more than 9000 reviews
  5. Our nature reserve holds the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence, with hundreds of 5 star reviews
  6. Our nature reserve is an official 4* tourist attraction with Visit Scotland, Scotland’s national tourist board



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Written by: Doug

Comments on this post

  • David E Sopko
    08/04/20 - 02:11

    Stumbled across Established Titles on Facebook. Was ready to purchase a plot when I decided to investigate further to see if there were any other options out there. Glad I did. That’s when I found Highland Titles, a legitimate seller of Scottish land. I am now Laird David Edward of Lochaber, owner of a 10×10 plot of land in the Mountainview Nature Reserve. Thank you, Highland Titles.

    Read about the Established Titles scam here:

  • Maria
    30/04/20 - 23:43

  • Lady Deandra
    21/05/20 - 02:47

    Just like Laird David, I had done the same thing. Your article here was the first I saw when looking up whether Established Titles was a scam or not. As I have just purchased my land and Title deed today I have yet to see who will accept my new Lady title here in Canada but very glad to look further into what the land is used for and I know it’s for a good cause all the same! Can’t wait to visit my first ever piece of land one day!

  • Ann
    05/06/20 - 15:34

    Where is the link to buy one of these? Thanks.

  • Michael Stevenitt
    28/06/20 - 21:44

    I need to know how my documents will be sent to me, the reason is that I live in a remote part of Southern Spain so if they are sent by courier they won’t be able to find me, If this is your only way I can give you a alternative address for delivery but if you send using Royal Mail there will be no problem as I pick up my mail from the local Post Office.

  • Rachel Fenton
    12/08/20 - 11:50

    Unfortunately I thought it would be a nice gift something to get my dad who has everything I opted for a nice printed certificate to come along in the post as I thought it would look nicer than something I could print myself that was on the 19th July with. Hefty $30 fee for the certificate in total I was charged $117 AUS $ and as to date have received nothing . Little disappointed would have to say scam and am upset with myself for not investigating it further .

  • Amit
    28/08/20 - 13:51

    Can i get it in India?

  • Judy Posner
    17/09/20 - 22:19

    Unfortunately, I am among the group of people who have been scammed by Established Titles. I sent in my money and have absolutely ZERO to show for it.

    • Dr. Peter Bevis
      12/10/20 - 11:05

      We are sorry to hear that Judy. There are some rogues out there.

  • Lord Sinclair Power
    19/10/20 - 03:57

    Just like Laird David, and Lady Deandra, I too decided to investigate Established Titles’ legitimacy. Were it not for the excellent SEO of this page I might have wasted $100! Though I am indeed a lord, wealth should be applied frugally for the benefit of my land and people.

  • Bob
    24/10/20 - 17:03

    Established titles payment via Paypal got refunded within 5 minutes, I hope that all other payment providers have signaled this entity as a scam.

  • Christine Whitcombe
    30/10/20 - 13:35

    Unfortunately I didn’t check this first so have now donated my money to the USA. Luckily I turned to Highland Titles and have received my order. I make sure I check all my intended purchases first now.

  • Elizabeth Corish
    05/11/20 - 20:14

    I actually came across Established Titles via a Facebook sponsored post. It looked good at first, the area map of the land didn’t give much away and I couldn’t determine how the funds were being allocated or what for. however the about page looked underwhelming. Then when I did some research on their company and found out they are in Hong Kong, it started to ring alarm bells. Final nail in the coffin was when I attempted to send them a message via contact and a 404 link error came up on their web page, but they were happy for me to continue shopping…

    It was at this point Google led me to Highland Titles, as soon as I saw this was a registered charity and that they were using funds to help the environment & local Scottish groups I was relieved and satisfied. Also the fact that you have been trading for a long time gave me confidence as well. Your customer support is also excellent and they responded to me quickly within 24 hours.

  • Francisco Martinez
    06/11/20 - 03:24

    Can I legally change my name to have Lord as my title in the U.S. after buying this?

    10/11/20 - 05:43

    paid $119 for small plot received confirmation with printable version available (also paid $30 for paper cert to be sent…but all i got was “still working on your certificate try again in a few hours)

  • Carlos Iriarte
    15/11/20 - 04:51

    I’m glad I came here First. Do you ship to Bolivia? How long would it take?

    • Dr. Peter Bevis
      28/11/20 - 08:31

      Yes, we ship to almost every country, including Bolivia. Royal Mail claim that airmail delivery Bolivia takes 10-14 days.

  • Zachary Gunderson
    16/11/20 - 06:54

    I am glad I found this place immediately after falling for the scam.
    I fell for the grift and got some for me and my brothers as a fun little gift.

    Seeing how weird it felt, I decided to dig a bit and found you guys. I am really glad I did. I put in a request for a refund and immediately notified PayPal about their fraudulent claims and illegal business practices as cited here.

    I do not know if I will get my money back, but I am hopeful that Paypal will work with me at least. I will keep you updated!

    If I get my money back, I will probably go through you guys in the near future instead. But the experience has put me off the whole idea, to be honest.

  • Kathy
    17/11/20 - 01:22

    Do you actually become a lord or a lady??? In your small print it says “you cannot buy royalty and this is for enjoyment purposes only”???

  • Lady Donna
    18/11/20 - 13:57

    All I can say is that I’m glad that Instagram put the Established Titles ad in my feed. If I hadn’t seen such an obvious scam, I wouldn’t have gone searching and found Highland Titles. Now, I’m a newly minted Lady and have a real connection to Scotland.

  • John
    19/11/20 - 00:34

    I saw Established Titles on Facebook and I thought the certificate looked cool. Upon learning that you only get a digital copy for about $50, I thought I could create the same thing myself and print it out for free. I couldn’t find any “physical” details about the website and the land site so I thought that this was simply a scam. The only thing I am thankful is that I found Highland Titles through them. Yes, I bought a parcel from Highland Titles, of course.

  • Penny Coleman
    20/11/20 - 21:50

    I have just purchased two Lord titles for my boys with full understanding that it a gag-type thing. They sent me the links to print off…the first one looks great but the second one has the name running off the end of the certificate. I have tried, unsuccessfully for 4 days to get them to correct it with no response…nor a phone number to contact them personally. Quite disappointing.

    • Dr. Peter Bevis
      21/11/20 - 05:58

      Hi Penny
      Our certificates are formatted to print on A4 paper – the standard size used as standard throughout the world except in US and Canada. If you are attempting to print on Letter size paper, the certificate will not print correctly and you will need to either feed the correct size of paper, or resize the certificate to fit the size you are using.

  • Marcie
    23/11/20 - 21:22

    I sadly fell for the scam and am now wishing I had come across this post sooner… I should have done more research. Thank you Highland Titles for making people aware.

  • Martin Coleman
    24/11/20 - 06:28

    So if I were to become a lord then I get it that my wife, if I had one, would become a lady but what if we aren’t married, is there any such thing as a common law live-in girlfriend/partner lady ow would we need to become married? 🙂


  • Sabyasachi
    25/11/20 - 14:39

    Can I really use the Lord title on my credit card in India?

  • Marsha Jones
    27/11/20 - 03:03

    Unfortunately I did not investigate Established Titles and bought from them via Facebook. They had a “buy one get one free” so thought what’s the harm. I did receive the two titles in pdf via email so that wasn’t too bad. I am disappointed that the money did not go to conservation. What I did get and still getting is an barrage of spam emails. Can’t say it’s from this company but it seems too coincidental. I’m glad to have found this sight but wished I had found it sooner.

  • Jessie
    27/11/20 - 19:29

    I purchased a plot but wanted to see thr plot i purchased. How do I go about viewing the particular plot I purchased?

    • Dr. Peter Bevis
      28/11/20 - 07:05

      Hi Jessie
      Established titles do not appear to sell you an actual plot. You simply receive a number. Highland Titles sell real plots of land and anyone can see exactly which plot they own by checking the Scottish Plot Register

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