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Green Monday: Nature Photography Competition (Winners updated)

Written by: Doug
Published: 13th January 2021, last updated: 5th October 2021

This year we are turning Blue Monday (commonly known as the most depressing day of the year) Green and focusing on the power of nature on our mental health. That is why today we are launching our nature and wildlife photography competition to encourage our community to get outdoors (please remember to follow Government guidelines in your area if venturing outside) and have some fun too!

And the winners are…

We would like to thank you for all of your wonderful entries, it has been great to see the beautiful nature and wildlife in your area. Our judges had a very tough decision to make but the winners of the cash prizes are:

1st Prize: Belinda Krause 

2nd Prize: John Cuthbert

3rd Prize: James Burgess

Details for entry

To enter the competition and be in with the chance of winning an amazing £500 cash prize, just send us your best nature or wildlife photo from where you live. You can enter by uploading your image via the form below.

  • All entries must be submitted by the 27th January. 
  • Simply fill out the form below to submit your image. (The image will needs to less than 8MB in size.) 
  • Only one entry per person is allowed and you must be 18 years of age or over to enter.

Terms & conditions apply.

The Prizes

All entries will be judged by the Highland Titles team and we will announce winners by the 3rd February on Facebook and all winners will be contacted by email by the 7th of February. We have some brilliant prizes for the top 3 photos selected:

  • 1st Prize – £500
  • 2nd Prize – £300
  • 3rd Prize – £200

Happy snapping! We hope you all enjoy this nature-inspired challenge and we can’t wait to see your photos!

About the author

Written by: Doug

Comments on this post

  • Max Kok
    18/01/21 - 10:16

    This is a macro photo from a Batik spider in a Indonesian ZOO in the Netherlands

  • Anneke Kroonenberg
    18/01/21 - 10:51


    I want to sent a photo, for the Green Monday: Nature Photography Competition, but it does’nt work??
    I can’t upload the picture. The picture is 5,4 mb.


    regards Anneke

  • Donna
    18/01/21 - 13:18

    I took the photo from my kitchen – we live in NH
    The yellow finches were everywhere for March off 2020

  • Freia Leonhardt
    18/01/21 - 14:04

    nice thing your “brightening the day”!
    I submitted a redbreast who took shelter under the christmas tree on our porch – is this nature? I think so!

    Greetings from a snowy Germany

    Family Leonhardt

  • Jeffrey Bryant Stytz
    18/01/21 - 14:22

    Thank you for the opportunity to share a photo.

    This is one of our favorite photos; we have a larger one framed and hanging in our home.

    This was taken at sunset on Marco Island which is on the southwest Florida coast.


  • Bram van Es
    18/01/21 - 15:40

    Proud that we have some Galloway cattle over here in the Netherlands which are originaly from scotland

  • Werner Gahlen
    18/01/21 - 16:32

    Dieses Bild wurde im Naturpark Höhe Mark aufgenommen. Hummel auf Distel damit die Verbindung zu Schottland stimmt.
    Liebe Grüße
    Werner Gahlen

  • Sylvie Lasfargues
    18/01/21 - 17:26


    On ne peut pas mettre de photo cela ne fonctionne pas à partir de mon téléphone.

    Bonne soirée.

  • Deb Hume
    19/01/21 - 01:23

    After being confined indoors in 2020, I had this welcome visitor on my mailbox. This Kookaburra juvenile waited while I accustomed myself to my new Olympus lens. He was patient and stayed quietly observing my antics, as I did his or hers. We live in Queensland, in Australia. It is currently stormy and beautifully green but not as we remember our holidaying in Scotland completing the Scotland 500 in 2018. How we wish to revisit now my husband is a Laird. One day…. such a beautiful and rugged country. I will seek the elusive Puffins once more.

  • Lucha
    19/01/21 - 16:03


    When I want to upload my photo, it says “File exceeds max size allowed (2 MB).”

    I thought the max file size was 8MB?

    Can you help me please ?

  • John Cuthbert
    20/01/21 - 08:02

    Love Scotland in winter.. It’s beauty is beyond the wildest comprehension… Come visit one day and see for yourself…..

  • Pete Grocutt
    20/01/21 - 08:31

    Will not let me upload a photo, keeps coming up with Google reCAPTCHA verification failed, please try again later. There is no Captch being displayed, no pop up blockers, no adblockers, nothing running that would stop this. I’ve tried in Chrome. Edge, and Firefox.

  • Christine Kimmel
    20/01/21 - 08:59

    Cette photo d’un chat qui me regardait à travers les feuillages d’un jardin sauvage a été prise à Tachkent, Ouzbekistan.
    Quand le concours sera terminé, j’espère qu’on pourra voir toutes les photos de ceux qui y ont participé.
    Cordialement, lady CK of Glencoe.

  • Chris Cameron
    20/01/21 - 10:23

    I am trying to submit an entry in your photo competition from Australia, delighted to share a small something from our diverse and remarkable country!
    The image is of a totally wild Dingo (native dog) galloping away from an irate feral sow with one of her piglets, still squealing in protest, carried both very quickly and quite securely… It immediately brought to mind the old fable about the Three Little Pigs – this one being the one with the inadequate “House of Straw”!!
    This little pig had a Dinner Invitation that he was not going to be able to turn down…..
    In this sugar cane growing area of North Queensland, in the tropical NE of Australia, feral pigs were a huge problem. There were no domestic livestock, so the dingoes could do no damage in that area, but they were VERY fond of fresh pork, and were an important segment in the overall pig-control program….
    I hope I can submit it, and that you find it of interest.

  • Katja Schubert
    20/01/21 - 10:40

    My entry is my full proud of the last time I’ve been in Scotland- a rushing waterstream of molten ice within the most green and wild nature of Glencoe.

  • Karl-Ludwig Niebes
    20/01/21 - 13:16

    In my photo you can see me and my owl on a walk through the great outdoors.

    Best wishes to all of you

    Karl-Ludwig Niebes

    20/01/21 - 14:08

    Reflections of the Highlands to positive thoughts of getting back to a calm and tranquil place

    20/01/21 - 17:23

    Pas réussi à mettre la photo

  • Nancy DeGuire
    21/01/21 - 03:28

    I tried to load a photo and it looks like it took it but then it says, “Google reCAPTCHA verification failed. Try again later.
    What does this mean?

  • Lady Madeline Marie Panebianco Harding
    21/01/21 - 05:31

    Hi all,

    We love taking photos of our furry babies and our frequent backyard hummingbird visitors, where occasionally they land on our hands as we are touching a feeder. So though we have thousands of fun photos, our entry is of a friendly hummingbird who visited us during Christmas. Note: Shot with a Nikon D7100, 15-40 zoom, handheld while touching the feeder.


  • James Resly
    21/01/21 - 16:30

    Just outside of Las Vegas, Nevada you can find dark enough skies to see the stars. That bright glow is actually Las Vegas and just above it is the milkyway.

  • Francois Moraine
    21/01/21 - 16:55


    I would to participate but when i click where we need to put the picture, nothing happens and impossible to drag a file, how can i do?
    Thank you,

    Francois Moraine

  • LHEUREUX Michele
    23/01/21 - 14:35

    Bonjour, Je voudrais participer au concours mais je ne parviens pas à charger la photo, le logiciel me dit que la vérification de google a échoué. Merci de me conseiller.

  • LHEUREUX Michele
    23/01/21 - 14:46

    la vérification google échoue toujours

  • LHEUREUX Michele
    23/01/21 - 15:00

    La vérification de Google reCAPTCHA a échoué, veuillez réessayer plus tard. Voilà la proposition qui s’affiche à chaque fois que je charge ma photo.Je désespère de pouvoir m’inscrire.

  • Rob
    23/01/21 - 21:17

    I am clicking on the link but it is not allowing me to download images. Maybe you can advise?

  • Bronwyn Williamson
    24/01/21 - 09:07

    My photo is of a thorny devil, the photo was taken in the Simpson Desert, Northern Territory, Australia. We crossed 1100 sand dunes in a 30 year old Land rover, this was the first sign of life that we encountered in 2 days. Enjoy the photo of this unique little reptile. The crossing took 4 days, Birdsville to Mount Dare, the hard way.

  • Peter Williamson
    24/01/21 - 09:33

    My picture is of Indian Head, Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia. This is the worlds largest sand island and world heritage listed. This is where we often go for week- ends.

  • Savile J Mellor
    24/01/21 - 11:03

    Tried to submit an entry but got the following error message:

    Google reCAPTCHA verification failed, please try again later.

    There was no CAPTCHA anywhere on the screen – please fix A.S.A.P. though why you want one, I cannot imagine since the submission is through your website.

    OpenSUSE Leap 15.2 Linux, Firefox 78.6.1esr

  • Savile J Mellor
    24/01/21 - 16:03

    OK, so it worked later. Some background to the picture:

    My picture, HT 21-01.jpg is a Rainbow Lorikeet in a Callistemon (bottle brush). He and his mate visited regularly in late spring (late November, early December) for the nectar at the base of the “bristles” on the flowers. We planted the bush as a single stick about 8 years ago to attract the birds, outside our kitchen window, through which the photograph was taken so as not to disturb the bird. Location Greenbank, Queensland, Australia.

    The image is as taken, cropped to focus on the subject but otherwise without any post processing.

    25/01/21 - 10:09

    un chardonneret dans mon jardin !

  • Louise Willryd
    25/01/21 - 14:28

    My photo was taken in Grötvik, Halmstad, Sweden. Halmstad is a city on the west coast, in the south of Sweden. It being so close to the sea makes it popular during the summer. I call it home all year round.

  • Monica Kapler
    25/01/21 - 15:50

    I spent hours at a friend’s house in the country watching this litter of fox kits. Their den was under the shed and they would venture out two or three at a time to play and explore. Minnesota, USA

  • LHEUREUX Michele
    25/01/21 - 18:02

    Bonjour, je désespère de pouvoir m’inscrire car à chaque tentative je reçois le message suivant “La vérification de Google reCAPTCHA a échoué, veuillez réessayer plus tard”. or, je n’ai pas de de proposition de reCHAPTCHA. Merci de me conseiller.

  • LHEUREUX Michele
    25/01/21 - 18:16

    La photo que j’essaye de vous envoyer a été prise au mois de mars en Normandie, alors que nous étions confinés. Ce jour là, j’ai fait une échappée au bord de la rivière et j’ai surpris cette mésange avec une araignée dans le bec.

  • Vicki
    25/01/21 - 23:44

    My photo is of the sun rising over the Blackwood River in the south-west of Western Australia. We live on Molloy Island; a small island in the Blackwood River. We were on the river in our ‘leaky tinnie’ at the time of photo.

  • Kristin
    26/01/21 - 16:21

    This photo is from a wildlife preserve near our home. The sandhill cranes live here in winter and at sunset they all return to this spot for the evening. In the morning you can also watch them all take off at sunrise.

  • Gunzig
    27/01/21 - 13:20

    cette photo a été prise ce 27/01 au Bois de la cambre a Bruxelle au levé du jour .
    Brume ou esprits de la nuit ?

  • LHEUREUX Michele
    27/01/21 - 15:51

    Bonjour, je ne parviens pas à vous envoyer ma photo car la vérification CHAPTCHA a échoué.

    27/01/21 - 16:01

    Mon précédent commentaire évoquait une mésange mais j’ai changé d’avis au fil de mes tentatives d’inscription. Je vous ai adressé une bergeronnette des ruisseaux prise au bord de la rivière en Normandie. Un moment magique en symbiose avec la nature.

  • Anneke Kroonenberg
    15/02/21 - 18:21

    Hi congrats wnners, one question, where can i see all the pictures??

    gr. Anneke

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