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Highland Titles Winter Giveaway

Written by: Doug
Published: 21st November 2016, last updated: 5th April 2017


WIN a 1000 sqft plot of land in the Scottish Highlands*

As we enter the season of giving, we thought we should start it right by giving one lucky person the chance to win a 1000 sqft plot of land in the Scottish highlands*!

For your chance to win the amazing prize of forever being addressed as a Lord or Lady of Glencoe**, simply read the competition details below and enter!

How to Win

There are 3 ways to enter:

  • Leave a comment on our blog letting us know ‘What you love about Scotland in the Winter’
  • Tweet about the giveaway (@highland_titles)
  • Visit our Facebook page

Your entry can be recorded up to three times!
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How the Winners will be picked

The lucky winner will be chosen at random and be alerted by the Highland Titles team via email on the 29th November 2016.

What does a 1000sqft plot include?

pack content

  • 1000sqft plot of land in Lochaber
  • You may style yourself as Laird, Lord or Lady of Glencoe and Lochaber
  • Gift pack
  • Free ‘Meet and Greet’ Service when visiting your plot
  • VIP Membership
  • Free 1sqft plot of land in Glencoe Wood
  • DVD Tour of the Area
  • Presentation Gift Box
  • Tree planted in your honour
  • Camping Access to Keil Hill
  • Lambswool scarf
  • Framed Certificate
  • Printed 5 Year plan

Learn more about Highland Titles

Over the past 10 years, we have made great progress in helping to improve and conserve Scotland through land management, strategic partnerships and education. Interested in learning more about what Highland Titles does to help conserve the Scottish Highlands? Visit our site to find out more!

*You obtain a personal right to a souvenir plot of land. This is a form of heritable property that you can pass on to future generations. Highland Titles remains as the registered landowner and manages the land on your behalf.

**You will be addressed by your choice of Laird, Lord or Lady by us and within our 100,000+ strong community. We will also provide documentation that will allow you to formally change your name to include “Lord”. Please note you cannot buy a noble title. This is for enjoyment purposes only.


About the author

Written by: Doug

Comments on this post

  • Kris
    21/11/16 - 10:51

    I have never been to Scotland before, but I love the snow and the photos of the wildflowers and rocky outcroppings are amazing. I can’t wait to visit!

  • Valentine
    21/11/16 - 10:51

    Beautiful landscape, beautiful country… Just amazing !

    21/11/16 - 10:51

    It is a breathtaking place and everyone should visit twice one during summer and one during winter.

  • Martina Henkel
    21/11/16 - 10:54

    I love ❤️ Scotland in the winter as in all other seasons because of the wonderful people, extraordinary landscapes and nature and the very special heart warming hospitality.

  • Ms Yang
    21/11/16 - 10:57

    Scottish people are very warm-hearted and welcoming. I have very fond memories of visiting Scotland, especially my new year spent in Edinburgh with the fireworks, singing, hugs with strangers.

  • anceau
    21/11/16 - 10:57

    Je ne connais pas l’écosse en hiver
    j adorerais découvrir

  • Mathias Meier
    21/11/16 - 10:59

    What I love about Scotland in the Winter: cold, rain and storm, but no freeze – the best weather to establish new friendship in a Scottish pub!

  • Marcel Otten
    21/11/16 - 11:00

    What I love about Scotland in the Winter is that everything is so beautiful and clean. Winter erases all leftovers from the other seasons.

  • Audrey White
    21/11/16 - 11:00

    What I love about Scotland in the winter is the beautiful colours. The heather changes colour to give a spectacular display of different colours across the rolling hills. This, coupled with the snow on the hills, makes for such amazing scenery, it takes your breath away. No wonder we get so many visitors from all over the world.

  • Lord rohan
    21/11/16 - 11:02

    The fresh air and nature is its glory and people

  • Annick Gérard
    21/11/16 - 11:03

    Hi, I wanted to let you know that I couldn’t write a comment on twitter or on the blog to eligible for the contest.

    Have a nice day.
    Best regards,

  • Lady Birgit Ellehøj Andersen
    21/11/16 - 11:05

    Always wonderful Nature in winter, Skotland is the place as Well in sommertime.

  • Robert Hailey
    21/11/16 - 11:05

    I like to win but I well not.

    I’m ham a Lord of Glencoe only a small bit but like to win this

  • Jeannette Hall
    21/11/16 - 11:08

    What I love about Scotland during the Winter is the beautiful tranquil setting cover in snow. Edinburgh gothic architectures in the fog and snow is a sight to see. I hope one day I will get to visit this beautiful country and enjoy the cold.

  • Ronnie
    21/11/16 - 11:08

    aye so what I love aboot Scotland in the winter is the way the snow totally transforms well kent mountain ranges and hills into beautiful vistas worthy of any camera, I love the way that some animals have winter coats and plumage that we can see, I love a roaring fire and a wee dram when the snaw is dingin doon outside, I love the smell and feel of the winter, before the glorious colours of spring… I love the Highlands…. the Scottish ones…

  • Alfred Chan
    21/11/16 - 11:09

    Winter Scotland – Incredible landscape!

  • Ron Douglas
    21/11/16 - 11:11

    Have not visited Scotland in winter but maybe next visit will be winter.
    However, no matter the time of year Scotland is a wonderful county.
    Apart from the History,unsurpassed scenery, the people – one could go on indefinitely.
    Owning a small plot is an honor – a larger one more so.
    Laird Ron Douglas.

  • Jeanette miller
    21/11/16 - 11:15

    Hi I love Scotland I was born and bread here
    I live in Stranraer but my best love of my country is the mountains and the glens . We have visited my husbands plot twice and the second time we got there and in time to do the tour . What an amazing lovely place my husbands plot is right next to the man made lake and we saw the pugs
    It was great fun .
    We are coming up north this new year weather permitting we will get back to see the changes around his plot as there was work in progress . I would
    Like to win this competition as my husband has 100 sq ft and I can say mines bigger than yours
    I love what your are doing with the land preserving it for future generations .

  • Bev
    21/11/16 - 11:15

    The scenery covered in snow. Beautiful!

  • Lord Christopher Tait
    21/11/16 - 11:15

    Living in Australia where it is always hot and sunny it would be wonderful to spend time in the Scottish highlands exploring the snow covered peaks in winter

  • Anya Barnes
    21/11/16 - 11:16

    I love Scotland in winter because it’s properly cold and has a high chance of proper snow. England is so unpredictable it can be jumper weather one day the next you need coats & multiple layers.
    It’s my 40th next year so would be nice to be a lady. My dads already a laird and my mum is a lady which was their 70th gifts from me and my clan.

  • Jasmine
    21/11/16 - 11:16

    I haven’t been to Scotland in Winter yet but I imagine a wonderful snowy landscape. Snow on the mountaintops in the Highlands, stormy seas, beautiful trees without any leaf. Up in the north maybe the Northern Lights as well ♥

  • Nelcy Rambaud
    21/11/16 - 11:16

    Hello, I can not say why I love winters in Scotland because I have not yet come, but I hope soon ^^

  • Johanna Todd
    21/11/16 - 11:18

    I love Scotland all year round, but I like winter time best, as it gives you the that raw feeling that goes with the beauty of the land. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to visit Scotland for a while, but would love to visit soon again. My husband is from the highlands. As a 12 year old I was reading novels playing in the highlands and I was always attracted to Scotland. I loved the Xmas times I spent there. I would feel so honoured to win such a beautiful spot. I love the idea of the whole conservation of the Scottish wildlife and nature. It should never cease to exist.

  • Jörn Mucha
    21/11/16 - 11:19

    Scotland is beautiful at every time.
    Winter is so special, because there is even more calm, quiteness and the energy of wind and snow.
    It’s a time and a place to find magic inside of your mind in order to energize body and soul. Beautiful landscapes, good and warm food, nice hosts – it seems, that the meaning of paradise is similar to a trip in Scotland 🙂

  • Lord Frédéric TOBELLEM
    21/11/16 - 11:19

    Tout est magnifique en ECOSSE, et notamment en hiver. Les paysages sont fabuleux, et prêtent à la rêverie. Marcher simplement dans les Highlands nous fait oublier nos soucis quotidiens. Ce beau pays, qui a gardé toutes ses traditions qui font son charme, et cette nature sans pareil, nous confortent dans l’idée extraordinaire de faire partie de la communauté de Highland Titles.

  • Kris M Revson
    21/11/16 - 11:20

    There is no snow at Christmas in Australia. I would love an opportunity to experience white Christmas with my grand-son. There is magic which can only happen when is cold and snowing.

  • Chris ASHBY
    21/11/16 - 11:21

    Brilliant, just love Scotland whatever the time of year. People are so friendly and countryside is beautiful whether bathed in sunshine or covered in snow. The mountains and coastal vistas have got to be the best in Britain.

  • Donna Franolic
    21/11/16 - 11:23

    I love the mist of Scotland’s winters.

  • Mary Taylor (Lady Mary of Glencoe)
    21/11/16 - 11:23

    I think this is a lovely prize especially for the person who wins it

  • Nicole Jean-Francois
    21/11/16 - 11:23

    So Nice, thank you. Un grand MERCI absolument énorme comme offre,
    Je vous presenre mes meilleures salutations
    Jean-Francois Nicole
    Best regards and thank you

  • Deborah Roussety
    21/11/16 - 11:24

    Great idea

  • Eusebio
    21/11/16 - 11:24

    That’s a great project to preserve nature and its living forms.

  • Annie Purcell
    21/11/16 - 11:25

    I love my country in every Season in winter its magical its in my blood forever in my heart I will rest in Glencoe Woods

  • Lord Michael of Glencoe
    21/11/16 - 11:25

    I love the stillness, the craggy, wild-ness, the back to nature of it all.

  • Sue Moss
    21/11/16 - 11:26

    My family originate from Scotland many generations back

  • John Sullivan
    21/11/16 - 11:28

    Highland Titles is a wonderfull creative way of gaining community support for the protection of Scotland’s natural heritage. Well done to all involved.

  • Stephen Fowler
    21/11/16 - 11:29

    What I love about Scotland in the Winter is the stunning views of the snow capped mountains. 🙂

  • Nicola McC
    21/11/16 - 11:32

    I love the snow in the winter….although not if I have to go out in it! I love driving in the highlands when there’s snow on the hills…as long as I’m not the one having to do the driving!

  • Lennart Persson
    21/11/16 - 11:32

    Nothings like a gooood whiskey when its cold outside

  • Spencer Cunningham
    21/11/16 - 11:33

    What isn’t beautiful about winter in Scotland? I have never had the privilege to visit the land of my forefathers, as of yet, but plans are in place to do so soon! From what I have seen, Scotland is a land of lush green beauty in Winter! And who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by the green rolling hills, whilst enjoying a nice fire, wrapped in highland colours?

  • michelle o’neill
    21/11/16 - 11:34

    the view is so stunning

  • Juliette Reay
    21/11/16 - 11:34

    Winter is my favourite season and I would love to enjoy a Scottish winter and celebrate Hogmanay and Burns Night with some Cullen Skink.

    21/11/16 - 11:35

    Scotland is fantastic landscapes where there is a mysterious atmosphere typically Scottish

  • Ovi Stark
    21/11/16 - 11:37

    I hope I will be the lucky winner..

  • Maxim Gainutdinov
    21/11/16 - 11:39

    Well, as a person living on the opposite side of the Globe I shall be happy to visit Scotland, shall it be winter or spring.
    Due to the pictures it is more heaven than earth. 🙂

  • Linda MacGillivray
    21/11/16 - 11:43

    Scotland in the winter is my favourite Christmas card tied in a tartan ribbon, come to life!

  • Francis van Staa
    21/11/16 - 11:43

    What I love about Scotland & Scottish Highlands in Winter? Not yet having visited, I would have to say: the SOLITUDE (irrespective of weather!) 🙂
    Lord Francis

  • Peter Hill
    21/11/16 - 11:44

    Scotland in winter is simply beautiful. For me the extremes of weather that one experiences in the highlands should remind us all just how lucky we are to live in a time where people have bountiful shelter and food and resources to live comfortably and safely in such a climate. Lucky too to be able to experience this most beautiful part of the world!

  • Christian Albrecht
    21/11/16 - 11:46

    to help saving the Highlands

  • Vicky M
    21/11/16 - 11:46

    I love the crip clear winter air in Scotland,watching deer in the snow at Glencoe and red robins looking for food. Everything looks beautiful in the snow and its the quality of air that makes it special.

  • Ivan Baird
    21/11/16 - 11:46

    Can’t truly say what I like about Scotland in the winter – being from Canada I’ve not had the chance to visit yet. However, the plan is to be in the UK in May 2017 – and we’ll be visiting my wife’s and my plot when we are there! We’ll probably also see my son’s plot – but would love to also have a plot for my daughter (who got the plot for my son) so this would be a nice surprise for her!

  • Heather Mackinnon
    21/11/16 - 11:48

    What a wonderful wedding present for our Laird

  • Tracy K Nixon
    21/11/16 - 11:49

    The snow – we hardly ever get much in England so we visit Scotland during the Winter to experience the beautuful scenery and we go sledging!

  • iain maciver
    21/11/16 - 11:51

    everything its stunning and I live in scotland

    21/11/16 - 11:51

    Je ne connais pas l’ecosse en hiver mais je suppose que cela doit être aussi beau que le reste de l’année.
    Si je gagne, j’offrirai ce cadeau à mon fils qui deviendra avec loi Lord de glencoe.

  • Jadie
    21/11/16 - 11:52

    I bought my father a plot gift for last christmas. He loves the countryside and walking especially in Scotland He was so chuffed to become a Lord too.

  • laird david beaty
    21/11/16 - 11:53

    I’ve not been there yet,,but I expect that Scotland in winter would be magnificent!!

  • Robin Christ
    21/11/16 - 11:53

    I love the peace and serenity of Scotland in winter. It can transport you to ‘other worlds’ just by its beauty.

  • Helen MacGregor
    21/11/16 - 11:54


  • Peta-Marie Scott
    21/11/16 - 11:55

    The best thing about Scotland in the winter is cuddling up with a great book in front of a fire.

  • Peter Moore
    21/11/16 - 11:57

    I love winter in Scotland for producing natural lighting conditions displaying majestic mountainous vistas at the breathtaking best.

  • Geoff Cherry
    21/11/16 - 11:59

    I was going to enter my name for the but cannot complete requested entry. have a nice Christmas and new year, best wishes Geoff

  • Steven Hayes
    21/11/16 - 12:00

    I love the dust of snow on the Winter hills with a mist of cloudy fog laying low among the crags and meadows of Glencoe.

  • Gary Burns
    21/11/16 - 12:01

    I’m excited about this unique contest. I already have my sq. ft. in Glencoe Wood.

  • Jean Pesser-Demanche
    21/11/16 - 12:02

    What I like about Scotland in winter is the beautiful landscapes, the feeling of freedom, the serenity, the mixture of pure colors,…

  • Don Lees
    21/11/16 - 12:05

    Beautiful country and heritage

  • Julie Mitchell
    21/11/16 - 12:06

    I bought Dad a plot for his 80th birthday to celebrate his Scottish ancestry and make his nickname of Lord Bryon a reality and I’d love to support the environmental aspects of the project with a plot of my own 🙂

  • Alexandra Foster
    21/11/16 - 12:12

    What is not to love the whole year round in Scotland??
    I am an Australian who loves returning back to her Scottish roots and are planning a trip next June to visit my Lord’ husband’s plot, and to showcase the best of Scotland to my 9 year old son. If we were to visit in Winter, we would be enjoying the snow, even the rain, and try to wear as much tartan as possible.

    All the best, Alex.

  • Barry HARRISON
    21/11/16 - 12:15

    I live in a hot climate – even the winters are mild compared with Scotland and I am sure I would have difficulty coping with a Scottish wintter. The highlands are wonderful and the home of my ancestors and I do feel at home when I have cisited. I will be there again in April/May 2017 to inspect my plot.
    Best regards

  • Lavier Danielle
    21/11/16 - 12:16

    No comments

  • lorna willetts
    21/11/16 - 12:19

    I love the snow in winter , watching it fall whilst sitting in front of a lovely big fire , love everything about winter

  • Dave Roesler
    21/11/16 - 12:21

    No. 1
    Edinburgh or Glasgow. Both make excellent bases to tour the country, and there are a ton of things to do in each city as well: Edinburgh Castle, Scotch Whisky Experience and the Royal Yacht Britannia in the capital are worth seeing; while Glasgow Cathedral, Kelvingrove Museum and the many art galleries in Glasgow are open all year. And, like the flights, hotels and guest houses tend to be a good bit cheaper in the winter as well. It’s all win-win.

  • Dave Roesler
    21/11/16 - 12:24

    No. 2
    Even in mid-winter Scotland can serve up wonderful landscapes of snow and rich blue seas. Great local cuisine and hospitality is second to none. I have found that everything is much quieter, finding a ruined castle, a forest walk or a winging Highland road all to yourselves. Dress for winter conditions and you can truly enjoy the Highland winter wonderland.

  • Graham Sampford
    21/11/16 - 12:27

    Never mind about the winter I just love Scotland!!

  • Dumont Bob
    21/11/16 - 12:27

    I love Scotland in the winter because it is just like the Carribean in Austria 🙂

  • N Wharmby
    21/11/16 - 12:32

    I love how the beautiful Scottish landscape looks in winter, especially when it snows.

  • James
    21/11/16 - 12:34

    I love Scotland. .
    I’m from the Lowlands of Holland and i love the Highlands of Scotland.
    When i’m retired over 8 years i want to live over there

  • Tracey Younger
    21/11/16 - 12:34

    fantastic prize this place is so beautiful xx

    21/11/16 - 12:35


  • Erik Farr-Voller
    21/11/16 - 12:36

    My love of Scotland in the winter is the snow on the trees making a walk through the woods a magical experience and more so when the birds are feeding on the bird feeders especially the beautiful Waxwings.

  • sue Gamble
    21/11/16 - 12:37

    Scotland in the winter for me, means peaceful tranquility.

  • David W Laming
    21/11/16 - 12:42

    I have always loved Scotland in the winter especially places like Glencoe. When you travel through it the scenery can be very different hour by hour. Plus you must give the mountains the respect they are due

  • Susanne
    21/11/16 - 12:47

    Scotland in winter is the magical place I saw my first stag in the wild. Such a thrill.

  • Mark Lada
    21/11/16 - 12:49

    Have had a great time talking with friends about this awesome way to help conserve land for future generations.

  • Janet HUMPHREY
    21/11/16 - 12:49

    Scotland in Winter is set up for the season. Unlike us soft southerners you get on with it

  • Danny B Warner
    21/11/16 - 12:49

    I always find the website useful. My family and friends love receiving their plots at Glencoe. Going to Scotland next September to see the Glencoe and Lochaber plots.

  • Sheila McDougall
    21/11/16 - 12:52

    I love Scottish Highlands in winter-breathtaking scenery and though it’s cold the welcome is as warming as it could be. Although I have to say I love Scotland all year long and can’t wait to visit Glencoe in the Springtime again. Thankyou all for the sterling work you do to preserve our heritage -long may it continue.

  • de LENE MIROUZE Alain
    21/11/16 - 12:55

    Je souhaite rais connaitre les dates des fêtes annuelles en avril ou mai 2017.
    Venant avec un camping car de 5 m y a t’il un camping ou une possibilitée de stationner la nuit.
    Partant de Bretagne si des Français veulent participer on peut faire route ensemble.

  • jared robinson
    21/11/16 - 12:58

    i love the natural beauty of the wildlife and the cool winter mornings with the icy awakening of the animals to do their days foraging. ABSOLUTE HEAVEN! a sight to really marvel at..

  • Mark Davey
    21/11/16 - 13:00

    My wife’s family hailed from Scotland and having the chance to own our own plots and strengthen our homeland ties was a really important step for us. It will be with pride that we leave our little bit of Scotland to our children when the time comes.

  • Malcolm MacTaggart
    21/11/16 - 13:04

    Winter, summer, autumn…. it’s still the people and the place

  • Lord Damien O’Gorman
    21/11/16 - 13:10

    What I love about visiting Scotland in the winter is: On a dry day the air is clear, fresh and you can see for miles. I love the scenery. The warmth of the hospitality akin to ours here in Ireland and the evening spent in front of a roaring fire dining and having a wee dram before bed.

  • Rachael Kaplan
    21/11/16 - 13:11

    The thing I love about winter in Scotland is the beauty of the photos I see.

  • Josef Wernke
    21/11/16 - 13:14

    Deer Stalking

  • Walter McGillivray
    21/11/16 - 13:14

    A Fantastic Way to preserve the Scottish Countryside

  • Cheryl A. Ward
    21/11/16 - 13:14

    Like your web site

  • Josephine Sands
    21/11/16 - 13:14

    Wishing for a white Christmas – not likely when the temperature is the 30,s. In Australia.

  • Laird Dennis Westerhoff
    21/11/16 - 13:15

    What I love about Scotland in the Winter ??
    What’s not to love would be a better question, because the answer would be simple: Nothing 🙂

  • Roger C. Lyder
    21/11/16 - 13:16

    I have visited Scotland three times in the last four years and am planning to come again next year. The beauty of the lands and culture keeps drawing me to them. One of my greatest joys will be to introduce Scotland to my granddaughter in a few years.

  • Lara shepherd
    21/11/16 - 13:18

    My favourite thing about Scotland in winter is that you can stand on crisp icey grass and look over a beautiful lake which is overlooked by snow capped mountains while inhaling a fresh air that just invigorates you! It’s such a majestic landscape. Multiple contrasts in colours. Mesmerising.

    Plus, tartan. Tartan scarves. Tartan bonnets. Tartan high socks. You’re always warmer in Tartan! 🙂

  • Lord Volodymyr Myhalovich Krainey Udovenko
    21/11/16 - 13:18

    Having come to know Scotland and the People some 40 years ago, I would dearly like to get acquainted with Scotland once again. But this time, during winter!

  • Filipa Santos
    21/11/16 - 13:24

    In the winter, I love to see the beautiful Scottish scenery (sometimes even covered with snow!).

  • Dan Sanders
    21/11/16 - 13:31

    One of the many things I find breathtaking about Scotland in the Winter is the way the light changes every few minutes and transforms each and every view to yet another stunning vista.

  • Jenn McSweeney
    21/11/16 - 13:32

    How beautiful the trees look covered in snow!

  • Lady Linda
    21/11/16 - 13:33

    Not sure if the contest is allowing contestants to place comments on your blog. I entered contest but could not place comment.

    Scotland in winter is something I have not experienced but the natural beauty of Scotland could only be enhanced with snow.

  • ray klimasewski
    21/11/16 - 13:34

    I love the Scottish Winter the air smells so fresh and clean! Their is a stillness and calm all around. The scenes are wonderfully different all the time too !

  • Sharon Kilduff Clark
    21/11/16 - 13:41

    To be a recipient of this prize would get me as close to a wish being fulfilled that I’ve had my whole life long which is to truly be connected to Scotland through more than just my dreams. I love everything about Scotland and even though I haven’t physically been there — a big piece of my heart is already tied to the land. I can see it in the winter and it is one of the most beautiful sights one could hope to experience. My dreams have shown me that!!!

  • Laird Neil T. Krebs
    21/11/16 - 13:42

    I love being a Laird! It’s the best gift I ever gave myself…..

  • Salomé
    21/11/16 - 13:43

    I love the snow and the ice’s landscape

  • Peter England
    21/11/16 - 13:44

    what a great prize!
    imagine being able to visit your own little piece of the wonderful scottish landscapes.

  • Neil T. Krebs
    21/11/16 - 13:44

    scotland in the winter…….warm tea. crisp breeze….a skiff of snow….and a wee dram of scotch.

  • Fredric Ahleby
    21/11/16 - 13:48

    What’s not to Love aboute Scotland in the winter. The wonderful spirits that’s made there is maturing. It’s even more mystical and romantic than in the summer,and if you are in luck the splach you hear is that of Nessie.

  • Tony Bilbrey
    21/11/16 - 13:49

    Thank you.

  • Alison Vickers
    21/11/16 - 13:50

    What a beautiful idea, I would love to be able to gift this to my husband to acknowledge the amazing wonderful man he is.

  • Alexander Heggie
    21/11/16 - 13:54

    Scotland in the winter, coming up to winter in Scotland is a lovely range of colours in the woods and hills, have to be seen to be believed. I would say to everyone, be a member of Highland Titles you wont regret it.

  • Nancy Spies
    21/11/16 - 13:54

    Scotland in the winter is freezing cold! But thoughts of sitting in a warm pub while snow falls on my favorite landscape in the world is enchanting.

  • David Paull-Wills
    21/11/16 - 13:54

    This has to be the most original competition Ive ever seen …Distantly descended from King Duncan …so I should have a title !

  • Ute Dick
    21/11/16 - 13:56

    Unfortunately I can’t tell you what I love about Scotland in the winter because I only have been there in September. Would love to come back often though – maybe also in winter one day.

  • Janice
    21/11/16 - 14:03

    Best thing about winter in Scotland is spending the long evenings with family and friends.

  • Harry Doyle
    21/11/16 - 14:03

    My mother was a Macleod, so naturally I have retained membership of the clan, although to my shame I have never visited the Isle of Skye. But I must before I am put into the twilight home for the bewildered

  • Walter MacLean
    21/11/16 - 14:07

    My cat knows who is really the Laird around his domain.

  • Klaus Peill
    21/11/16 - 14:10

    I love the clean an clear Scotish air in winter time!

  • sb
    21/11/16 - 14:11


  • Nancy Franklin
    21/11/16 - 14:15

    Winter in Scotland is just a dream at this point, as I’ve yet to explore first hand. The pictures are stunning, and I hope to be lucky enough to see the Northern Lights shimmering across the sky and reflecting off the white snow.

  • Kewal Jutlla
    21/11/16 - 14:16

    Visiting Scotland,Discovering the diverse landscape ,learning the heritage and traditions ,plus tour of Whisky Distillery,and explore Scottish Isles ,

  • Michaela Smith
    21/11/16 - 14:16

    The winter landscape 🙂

  • Ian Proudfoot
    21/11/16 - 14:20

    Great competition, if I won I could be the lord of Aonach Eagach! Favourite place on earth.

  • Lord Mark W. Polson
    21/11/16 - 14:28

    I love Scotland in the winter mostly because it is still Scotland and not Oklahoma….

  • Peter Moncrieff
    21/11/16 - 14:29

    It’s wonderful to see how the money raised by Highland Titles is used to promote nature , help the environment and help the local community

  • Lord John Palmer
    21/11/16 - 14:32

    Scotland in the winter… perfect time and place to snuggle with a special someone!

  • Pernille Askham-Sørensen
    21/11/16 - 14:32

    Never been in Scotland – but I think I would love in any time of year

  • Jason Glasco
    21/11/16 - 14:39

    Having never been to my family’s homeland of Scotland I can only dream of the beauty and serenity and peace of Scotland in the winter. My new wife and I would love to one day visit Scotland where I would love to set foot at least once before I leave this Earth. If I win this I plan on giving to my wife as a Christmas gift, as she is truly the Lady of my life and there is nothing more fitting than showing all the world just the Lady that she is to me.

  • Melanie Williams
    21/11/16 - 14:42

    What I love about Scotland in the Winter is the same as what I love about Scotland in any season…the beauty of its land, sea, and sky; the warmth of its people; the wildness of its open spaces; and the endless adventure of it all!

  • Paul Towers
    21/11/16 - 14:42

    Wow, how amazing would this be! Yet another reason to visit the Highlands more often too 🙂

  • Jane H Shaw
    21/11/16 - 14:47

    I don’t just love Scotland in the winter, I love it all year round. It has the most beautiful scenery in the world. My Home My Scotland Thanks

  • Bonnie May Davis
    21/11/16 - 14:47

    I love the incredible silence of the highlands. Any and all stress immediately leave me when I stand alone and hear nothing but the silence or a total sense of peace.

  • Tegan Morosi
    21/11/16 - 14:47

    I love that you guys run regular competitions 🙂 keep up the good work!

  • Amy Bello
    21/11/16 - 14:49

    Scotland is incredibly beautiful at any time of year. Winter is spectacular. The snow in the Highlands is magnificent!

  • Dale Askew
    21/11/16 - 14:50

    I love the bleakness of the landscape in Winter

  • Rachel
    21/11/16 - 14:53

    Scotland is beautiful in any season. It is lovely to see the snow on the mountains in winter, the air is crisp and so fresh that it clears the cobwebs away.

  • Roland VERVAET
    21/11/16 - 14:53

    We just love Scotland be it in the Winter or the Summer even when we live most of the time in the South of France and Florida.

  • Julie McKay Greene
    21/11/16 - 15:03

    Scotland in the Winter must be beautiful because you are stewards of the land, thank you for your conservation efforts for our future generations.

    Happy Holidays,
    Julie McKay Greene

  • Diane L Weber
    21/11/16 - 15:05

    I love the cold,and the beauty of the land in the winter in Scotland. For the changing of the leaves, it is one of the most beautiful times of the year!

  • Michael Griffin
    21/11/16 - 15:07

    Roaring log fires and single malt

  • Anna
    21/11/16 - 15:08

    When under snow it looks beautiful and when without snow it is lush, green and the dog walker’s friend

  • Sarah Mackay
    21/11/16 - 15:09

    How you are likely to see the deer

  • Faith Sawyers
    21/11/16 - 15:10

    I love Scotland in the Winter because of the snow on the hills where my Father worked as a shepherd with his two herding dogs in Gaelic.

  • David Powery
    21/11/16 - 15:14

    Love the website. Highlands was a highlight of 08 U.K. tour.

  • Lord Alexander of Glencoe
    21/11/16 - 15:17

    What I love about Scotland in the Winter is that it is always possible to don an extra layer and keep cosy.
    ERIBÉ fairisle and lambswool garments are ideal.
    The November skies are often steel blue, with the bright sunshine picking out details on the landscape.
    Back in the “olden days” we had several inches of snow to make the short winter days often brighter than mid summer.
    Who knows why it is so much warmer, some years I barely need to turn on the heating.
    Tourists should consider winter holidays, especially from the hotter parts of the world, as the roads are less busy and the cities less crowded.
    If you are coming to Scotland, you are welcome to contact me via Highland Titles. I am not a tour guide but I shall be happy to give you my time and show you a few sights.

  • ollivier geneviève
    21/11/16 - 15:19

    J love Highlands and particulary glens and lakes…

    J discovered them in 2014…what a beautiful idea to preserve wild nature.

    Receive please, my salutations.

    G. Ollivier

  • Tiffany
    21/11/16 - 15:20

    Scotland’s crisp, frost-dusted landscapes are especially beautiful in the winter.

  • Lord David Braine
    21/11/16 - 15:21

    What a fantastic giveaway, just in time for Yule. Hope whoever wins it will be as proud and happy as I would be.

  • Terry McManus
    21/11/16 - 15:23

    Majestic, uplifting, romantic, sensual, exciting and mysterious. Must visit and experience the Difference…….Magnificent. …aye

  • Selena Longworth
    21/11/16 - 15:24

    its beauty and peaceful scenary

  • Lady Rizwana Yasmin Mclaughling
    21/11/16 - 15:27

    Lambswool scarf, Skiing , Festival, Fire works, Scots can celebrate a winter season with full pom and show , very exciting and lively Scots are. Saint Andrew’s Day.

  • Lady Françoise MICHEL
    21/11/16 - 15:27

    When the snows dresses Scotland you understand better the strong mind of the inhabitants …with the snow , Scotland comes back to her typical appearance she had through the formerly centuries and I find this gripping.

  • Bernie Tyrrell
    21/11/16 - 15:29

    1 most enjoy Hogmanay in the Highlands. A bracing family walk followed by a good meal by an open fire.

  • Linda
    21/11/16 - 15:34

    I love Scotland anytime. In winter, the snow-covered Munros become hauntingly majestic and the views from the top are spectacular!

  • Wendy
    21/11/16 - 15:36

    Ooooh I would love to have some other piece of land, to complement my 1 sq ft that I already have….

    Visited last autumn… Loved the view from it!!

  • Jo Young
    21/11/16 - 15:37

    I love the dramatic scenery!

  • Liz Simpson
    21/11/16 - 15:38

    What I love about Scotland in the Winter is going out for a walk in the sharp frost and looking at the bare trees outlined in white against a steely sky – and then coming home into the warm and sitting beside the fire with a cup of hot chocolate with a wee nip in it!

  • Rick Sanford
    21/11/16 - 15:41

    Being Scottish,I would love one day to visit the land where my clan was born !!

  • Christa
    21/11/16 - 15:41

    This project is just plain BRA!!

  • Ron Chapman
    21/11/16 - 15:47

    I attempted to enter your competition, but I don’t think I was successful. I like Scotland in winter because of the ethereal nature of the weather and associated scenery.
    Thank you.

  • Diane Greenwood
    21/11/16 - 15:51

    Winter in Scotland is a harsh and stark beauty, especially in the Highlands. Its moods can be even more dramatic than the other seasons; nature is stripped bare revealing the bare bones of the breathtaking landscape, and the fight for survival is obvious. Thankfully, Highland Titles are working hard to help so many species in that fight.

  • John Cardow
    21/11/16 - 15:55

    I just love Scotland because I was born in Hamilton

  • john williamson
    21/11/16 - 15:57

    It’s got to be the remoteness and the amazing scenery.

  • Terri RaNae Scott
    21/11/16 - 15:58

    I received my plot of land as a birthday present 5 years ago and was so thrilled that I told everyone I knew. Since then many of my friends have become landowners or given land away as presents. Thanks for the wonderful opportunity of joining your family.

    Lady Scott

  • Kat
    21/11/16 - 16:01

    This is a wonderful way to help Protecting
    the beautiful scottish landscape

  • Denvin Hays
    21/11/16 - 16:03

    I love how the snow gently covers the meadows like being wrapped in a soft, warm blanket.

  • Jo Ann Warren
    21/11/16 - 16:05

    I don’t know what I would love about winter in Scotland as I’ve never had the opportunity to visit. However I bet there would be many things to put on my list and I really need this title so I can keep up with the rest of my family!

  • Lady Rebecca Ann Reagan
    21/11/16 - 16:09

    I’m proud to say that I was raised to appreciate each of the four Seasons and all that they have to offer…and what an incredible experience to be in Scotland in the Winter! The chance to see the native trees and various other flora dressed in snow (possibly), the dramatic lighting that can happen that time of year. Or simply just to breathe in the crisp fresh air would make everything alright.

  • Tony Dure
    21/11/16 - 16:12

    I love the crisp fresh air in the Scottish winter

  • angela eagle
    21/11/16 - 16:16

    I think the swimming video seemed like something I’d like to do in Scotland in winter…..not!! Im sure it’s beautiful but I’ve never been

  • Ray J Vejar
    21/11/16 - 16:20

    The air is crisp and colors are clear. The mountains have snow inviting an opportunity to enjoy the winter activities. Or one can go to the west coast and enjoy the sights of the angry sea on a wide beach covered with frosty tide.

  • Klaas Lolkema
    21/11/16 - 16:23

    I love schotland in winter time because the trees dont have leaves in the winter and then you have a great vieuw.

  • S Zwaan
    21/11/16 - 16:25

    What I love about Scotland in the Winter?
    The peace and quit of the world. The warmth of your family surrounding you. The sound of the fireplace.

  • Margaret Dunlop
    21/11/16 - 16:29

    Fabulous prize

  • Jo-Ann Goddeau
    21/11/16 - 16:30

    I have always wanted to visit Scotland and learn more about my heritage. Winter would be beautiful there!!!

  • matthew dalton
    21/11/16 - 16:30

    Great comp thanks for the entry 😀

  • Neil Molyneux
    21/11/16 - 16:31

    I love Scotland in the winter because the scenery is stunning and it looks magical

  • Jan Erich Sommers
    21/11/16 - 16:34

    I have yet to experience the Scottish Winter though I have a vivd imagination and can only project about the quiet tranquility as Mother Nature ready herself for her long sleep. As she awaits the Spring and renewed growth there is an inner comfort and knowing of what she will bring to the next year.
    Winter is my favorite and most personal time of the year, as for me, it is a time of warm fires in the hearth hot tea, and inner reflection and contemplation.
    The crisp cold air invigorates ones soul as you walk through lakeside forests and meadows bringing a quiet contemplation of life and living.

  • Jan Erich Sommers
    21/11/16 - 16:36

    Please pardon my typos as I did not edit this before I hit submit ;o)

  • Daniel Smith
    21/11/16 - 16:39

    I love Scotland in winter because it’s cold and dead like my soul

  • William Abdo
    21/11/16 - 16:41

    It is great to see that an organization is concerned about the environment and the members of this world that do not have a voice or ability to politically defend them self. They are necessary and we need them as well to keep the balance. Hurray for Highlandtitles.
    It doesn’t matter where one protects nature, it all affects us.

    21/11/16 - 16:51

    we like the atmosphere of Scotland in the Winter and the climate.

  • Simon Stirling
    21/11/16 - 16:51

    The last time I visited the Highlands in Winter was while I was at Glasgow University. I went out with the “Take the High Road” crew to a shoot by Loch Lomond (okay, I know, more Trossachs than Highlands). Having to stand very still and keep quiet while the camera was rolling was almost unbearable – it was February, and absolutely freezing!

    Years later, my wife (whose family were from Oban) and I got married in September on the Isle of Iona. We returned for our first anniversary and were lucky to get off the island again. Bad weather was threatening to shut down the ferry service, and at Inverawe the talk was of snow on its way.

    I’ve enjoyed many summer and early autumn visits to Argyll, Lochaber, Glencoe and the Inner Hebrides, most of them with my wife and family, and every visit has been special. But I dream of spending Christmas and New Year in the Highlands – I can think of no better place for a family gathering round the fire, where I could burst into my Burns’ Night rendition of “Tam O’Shanter”.

    Winning this gift (for my wife, really, who I think of as the Lady of the House) would be wonderful, a reminder of happy teenage days spent at Barcaldine Castle as a guest of Duncan Campbell-Godley, and to make up for the fact that I bought a previous girlfriend a square foot of land in Caithness. I guess I owe it to my McDougall wife to come up with something better!

    Simon Andrew Stirling

    21/11/16 - 16:53

    Buongiorno Lady & Lord di Glencoe;
    i panorami ed i castelli innevati mi fanno ricordare i caminetti accesi con nel piatto del buon salmone affumicato accompagnato da un bicchierino di whisky.
    Un saluto cordiale a tutti voi. Lord Antonio ( Milano – Italy)

  • jayne hall
    21/11/16 - 16:55

    the breathtaking scenery

  • Sandy Kalaora
    21/11/16 - 17:00

    I love Scotland and especially the Highlands! When it snows you can feel such a majestic stillness, something you have to experience to know!

    21/11/16 - 17:01


  • Chris Alner
    21/11/16 - 17:03

    Scotland in the winter is a magical place. There’s nothing like driving through the mountains and round the lochs after the snow has fallen. You just have to remember to pack your winter gear and supplies in case you get stuck.

  • Ray Becker
    21/11/16 - 17:04

    The single malts

  • Sonia
    21/11/16 - 17:22

    I’d love to win this giveaway, it’s a kind of dream to own a parcelled of land ! Like in the movie The Little Vampire from the 2000’s ! I went to Scotland last year and I totally fell in love with it ! I’d really love to go back and maybe live there !

  • neil kirkpatrick
    21/11/16 - 17:24

    you cant beat a scottish winter in the highlands. with warmth and comfort from local people warmth gratitude and kindness

  • jacqui graham
    21/11/16 - 17:27

    everything……….the views, the weather good or bad and the people.

  • Sonia
    21/11/16 - 17:29

    I’d love to win this give away, it’s a kind of dream to own a parcell of land ! Like in that movie from the 2000’s, The Little Vampire ! I went to Scotland last year and I just fell in love with it, I’d really like to go back and maybe live there !
    (I don’t know if my previous comment was sent or not, I’m sorry for the copy)

  • Jennifer Toal
    21/11/16 - 17:31

    Snow so pretty ⛄️❄️

  • Karen vancleave
    21/11/16 - 17:34

    This is wonderful! Thank you for all you do

  • Sarah Rees
    21/11/16 - 17:46

    I love the snow on the already stunning scenery

  • Hannah Ingham
    21/11/16 - 17:47

    Those Scottish hills decked in snow, cannot beat the views!

  • Kathlyn Hunter
    21/11/16 - 17:55

    I loved my visit to Highland Titles and the personalized tour to my father’s land. Great conservation efforts!

  • Laird Meik
    21/11/16 - 18:02

    The best about Scotland in the Winter is sitting at a warm place with my favorite single malt.

  • ElizM
    21/11/16 - 18:03

    I love the beauty of Scotland in the winter – a real winter wonderland, very peaceful, not at all crowded

  • Mike Carolan
    21/11/16 - 18:03

    Visiting Scotland in winter makes the blood flow and your cheeks rosy.

  • Michael Mikulsky
    21/11/16 - 18:05

    What I love about Scotland in the Winter: A good single malt and warm thoughts at a warm fireplace!

  • William Gould
    21/11/16 - 18:10

    The cool crisp fresh air!

  • Georgie
    21/11/16 - 18:10

    I love Scotland winter, spring, summer or fall but the winter is magical. The snow covered mountains, the misty mysterious atmosphere, the peace and the silence. I love that no matter how cold it is, the warmth of the people you meet makes you smile. I just love, love, love it.

  • Malea
    21/11/16 - 18:21

    I think the giveaway is a great idea!

  • Wayne Mathews
    21/11/16 - 18:22

    Have yet to visit Scotland but I think the winter there would be amazing to see, especially the Highlands 🙂

  • Rachel Craig
    21/11/16 - 18:26

    Scenery is nice, though I do love the food. Nice, tasty, warm, satisfying, delicious food and drink, great company, wonderful music etc :- Divine Scottish Living.

  • Fiona K
    21/11/16 - 18:40

    I love the crisp blue sunshine and orange and red colours in their leaves

  • derek cornwell
    21/11/16 - 18:46

    such a beautiful place all year round and especially in winter something you will never forget just magical

  • Lors D. Simon
    21/11/16 - 18:47

    Mythical place where you meet the oldest mountain, but also magical place of legends, haunted castle, Loch Ness monster, not to mention the kilt, the bagpipes and the thistle.
    The day you decide to go to this region, get ready and take the time to discover.
    The landscapes will leave you speechless, in summer it will be for vegetation and flowers, but in winter, besides the joys of winter sports, it will be for those views worthy of postcards.
    Prepare to live magical moments that will fill your eyes and your mind, large white areas and above all a warm welcome. Every person you meet will tell you about history and its country.
    Once there, you will wonder …… And if that was where you would like to be?

  • Elizabeth Robertson
    21/11/16 - 18:47

    Although I’ve never been to the Scottish Highlands are weather is very similar and I could send you photos of our winters in the Almaguin Highlands covered in glittering snow. When it’s not blowing snow, like today, I like to go out looking for animal prints. Scotland has some wildlife I’ve only seen in photographes and I’d ;ike to make some new memories.

  • Charles Kersey
    21/11/16 - 18:52

    Love seeing these contests!! Happy Holidays to you all!

  • Kenneth Brown
    21/11/16 - 18:52

    You guys are GREAT. I like the Facebook post and I enjoy your emails. Keep up the good work, and have a Happy Thanksgiving and a wonderful and Merry Christmas.

  • Anna McMullen
    21/11/16 - 18:56

    What I love about Scotland in the winter is that even after weeks or months of endless rain that, on occasion, there is a beautifully clear and calm day with a dusting of snow on the hills. You can see the outline of the mountains for miles around, everything seems to stop for the day and the cold air catches in your throat as you walk around to take in the amazing views. Then you can head inside, light the fire and enjoy the stars before the inevitable rainclouds come back to produce another few weeks of rain, but somehow those clear and quiet winter days make it all worthwhile….

  • Laura
    21/11/16 - 18:59

    What I love about Scotland in winter ~

    The frost covered glens and the beautiful snowy borders of the lochs. The red deers running through the majestic mountains. The highlands’ castles peeking through the quiet fog. And to warm our body, what about drinking some good old talisker?

  • Judy Vosburgh
    21/11/16 - 19:00

    What I love about Scotland in the Winter is the warmth of the people and the coziness of their homes.

  • Jesper Baerentzen
    21/11/16 - 19:00

    What I love about Scotland in the Winter? Must be the solitude and the space in general.

  • Ryan Kleve
    21/11/16 - 19:02

    What I like about Scotland in the winter, that look of isolation and quietness.

  • Pamela
    21/11/16 - 19:04

    Would love a wee plot of land! Love the open skies and broody weather!

  • Nicolas
    21/11/16 - 19:08

    I love Scotland all year round, but in the Autumn and Winter the beauty of Scottish Highlands is more striking than ever! I love Scotland the beautiful and its wonderful people!!

  • Deborah Brown
    21/11/16 - 19:12

    I think my favourite thing about Scotland in the winter would be walking on the same land that my Scottish ancestors lived and loved on, feeling that connection to my history. And of course it is so beautiful!!

  • Lady Lynn Marie Clark
    21/11/16 - 19:12

    What I love about Scottland is the beauty and openness of the countryside, the purity of the land and the kindness of the people. The Highlands and the preservation of the countryside..

  • cat
    21/11/16 - 19:17

    How fabulous!

  • Terri Wallace
    21/11/16 - 19:18

    I love the weather in Scotland in the winter…the holidays don’t feel quite right when it is warm out.

  • Karen Lloyd
    21/11/16 - 19:23

    I love the beautiful scenery enhanced with frost and snow.

  • Mr Robert G Smith
    21/11/16 - 19:30

    Highland titles are the way to keeping Scotland and land and wild life preserved it’s a good way of keeping the hole of the U.K. A live.

  • Simon Woolley
    21/11/16 - 19:32

    I haven’t visited Scotland in Winter but I’ve heard they Scottish people are beautiful. I also love an accent

  • Katie
    21/11/16 - 19:33

    I love it because it’s just so beautiful

  • Michael White
    21/11/16 - 19:36

    I love how beautiful Scotland is in the Winter.

  • Lyn MacKenzie
    21/11/16 - 19:38

    Coming from Australia, and an area where snow doesn’t fall, The experience of snow falling was amazing when I worked in Scotland. The stillness and quiet as the snow fell was eerie yet fascinating. The pristine whiteness of the countryside after snow fell was a sight never forgotten. Sliding down the vast lawns, where I was living, in a plastic bag was hilarious and has never been repeated, except in my memories. Beautiful Scotland.

  • Mick O’Hara
    21/11/16 - 19:39

    The beauty of a Scottish winter over the rugged land is a sight to behold. The snow tipped mountains and the crispy frost on the heather crunching under foot. The brooks fighting not to freeze whilst washing the rocks with its crystal clear water. A Scottish winter is what will always bring me home.

  • Helen Mikolaj
    21/11/16 - 19:40

    Never been to Scotland in winter (or ever)but this would give me the incentive to travel halfway around the world. Scottish highlands must be fabulous anytime.

  • Garry Wood
    21/11/16 - 19:45

    I am a Scottish decendant but have never visited Scotland. Winning this competition would provide the incentive to come over and follow my family history.

  • Miriam Finley
    21/11/16 - 19:49

    Scotland in Winter – Beautiful though cold, the ancient hillsides echo the sounds and light of a country steeped in colorful history, fierce loyalty, and the stories of the ancestral fatherlands that stretch across the globe to the four corners of the earth. Such is the depth of the traditions of this much loved historic land that it should be preserved as a global treasure for all time. Happy to be a part of the preservation of this land, we wear our titles with grace and pride bringing continuing honor to it among our brothers in other lands.

  • Greg L’Estrange
    21/11/16 - 19:51

    My wife (Lady Lynn of Glencoe) and I were privileged to visit Glencoe last month (from Australia) and to see first hand the great work being done by Highland Titles.
    I’d love to win a 1000 sq ft plot, so I could rank equally alongside the lovely Lady Lynn as a Glencoe Laird!!

    Thanks for a great tour and a lovely day in Scotland!!

    Kind regards

    Greg L’Estrange
    Gold Coast, Australia

  • Paul A Cole
    21/11/16 - 19:53

    Hello there
    Just entered the competition and would like to say what great idea, I hope it makes people more aware of conserving such places. My step father is Scottish (Mitchell) how would I go about finding out about them in Scotland.

    Many thanks

  • Gerard Masiukiewicz
    21/11/16 - 19:56

    I love the beauty of wildlife and beautiful winter landscape of hills of Scotland.

  • Cadizzy
    21/11/16 - 19:58

    interesting site and competition

  • Jim Grafton
    21/11/16 - 20:05

    My wife and I bought a plot each for my two grand-daughters, who love being officially titled ‘Ladies’. We love the area for its unspoilt natural beauty and the grandeur of the scenery, and wanted our ‘future generation’ to be able to enjoy it, much as we have done, over many years. Keep up the good work!

  • Rusty Miller
    21/11/16 - 20:08

    I’ve only seen the highlands in pictures and film, but I instantly fell in love with the breath-taking beauty of it all. I hope to one day get the chance to live a life-long dream of horseback riding through the highlands—peering out across the early morning mists, navigating loch shorelines, and galloping across hill-side pastures. I can only imagine how incredibly the pristine white of freshly fallen winter snow would add to the visuals that are running through my mind as I’m typing this, but perhaps one day I will find out for myself.

  • Jo Jones
    21/11/16 - 20:09

    scenery is so dramatic in the wintertime

  • Michael Fine
    21/11/16 - 20:09

    Wonderful giveaway which brings memories of a winter visit to Sunlaws House in the borderlands. Long starry nights, plenty of wood in the fireplace, and fine whiskies with new friends in very hospitable surroundings!

  • Stephen Horsburgh
    21/11/16 - 20:10

    We visited our plots last year and it was great to see the work that the volunteers are doing to protect such a great part of Scotland! We will be back!!!

  • Joanne Darnell
    21/11/16 - 20:10

    The scenery

  • Donald Scott
    21/11/16 - 20:16

    Snow and Christmas lights!

  • Gavin Sharp
    21/11/16 - 20:16

    The walks in the winter air followed by a drab or two

  • Frank Cochrane
    21/11/16 - 20:18

    I totally agree with and respect the work that you do.

    I grew up in Kinlochleven and remember the beauty of the surrounding area in the winter. Keep up the good work.

  • Lord Allan Edward
    21/11/16 - 20:24

    I do not use facebook or tweet so how can I enter the competition as I would like to win for my wife.

  • robert j dean
    21/11/16 - 20:26

    would love to win

  • Maria Kennedy
    21/11/16 - 20:30

    So much choice on your website, I’ve particularly enjoyed being called Lady Maria and was able to plant a tree in my late parents name, very happy about leaving something for them to be remembered by.

  • Adam Smith
    21/11/16 - 20:34

    Love Scotland in the winter, the cups of tea and scones tastes better and the whiskey keeps you warm. 🙂

  • Deborah Hemmings Cournoyer
    21/11/16 - 20:42

    Oh, I love Scotland in the winter, summer, fall, and spring. The air is so fresh. There are not many tourists. The scenery has nothing to compare. Just lovely always. Actually, my favorite time to visit is in March. I’d love the chance to explore more, much more.
    Thank you

  • Jacqueline Lievens-van Bruinisse
    21/11/16 - 20:45

    What I love about Scotland in the Winter is that to me it looks like a piece of heaven on earth. But we say that about Scotland in all seasons…. 🙂

  • Mark Matthews
    21/11/16 - 20:46

    this sounds great! Would love to win.

    21/11/16 - 20:52


  • Charles Harrison
    21/11/16 - 20:52

    Thank you for the chance to win a large plot – even though we have been unable to visit yet we love the regular updates and hope to visit in the not too distant future – keep up the good work

  • Skye Bensley
    21/11/16 - 20:58

    I love the way the hills look with only tree tops peeking out out the snow

    21/11/16 - 20:59

    I have only been to Scotland once as a child and have few memories of it. As a Fergusson, I would love to return one day and see the Isle of Skye where my ancestors are from. Australia has a short winter with very little snow. I would love to experience a Scottish winter and bring my family to see where our ancestors came from.

  • Petra Pilgelt
    21/11/16 - 21:00

    To run down Glas Maol is <3 in the winter!
    (<3 = love)

  • claire blaney
    21/11/16 - 21:00

    I love the people.

  • w r lindsay
    21/11/16 - 21:02

    The Scottish winter is the best because there are no bugs to bother anyone

  • glenn hutton
    21/11/16 - 21:03

    The scenery…

  • Hazel Rea
    21/11/16 - 21:04

    The best holiday I ever had was skiing in Aviemore. It was terrific – the scenery was wonderful, the instructor (I was just learning) was fantastic and it was the most amazing fun. So the skiing is the thing I love most about Scotland in winter.

  • Debbie-Louise
    21/11/16 - 21:06

    The fresh air and stunning views

  • Cassandra Jameson
    21/11/16 - 21:09

    We love Scotland year round but winter is a beautiful time to visit – Christmas card worthy scenes of snowy mountains, Robins, stags and stunning scenery from the borders to Skye to the outer Hebrides.

  • mary gilchrist
    21/11/16 - 21:14

    what i love about the winter in scotland is the scenery especially in the countryside, the crisp noise under your feet when walking and when the snow starts falling.

  • David Mitchell
    21/11/16 - 21:16

    I love the Scottish Highlands in the winter, expecially travelling on the West Highland Line,amazing views and vistas of the back country crossing Rannoch Moor.I hope to travel on the overnight train The “Caledonian Sleeper ” when the new passenger coaches are in service .

  • Olwyn kelly
    21/11/16 - 21:16

    What a great contest. And what a great way to raise funds for the environment.

  • Samantha
    21/11/16 - 21:17

    The silence and enduring beauty of falling snow upon ancient mountains.

  • Paul William Thorley
    21/11/16 - 21:20

    What can I say? Scotland in the winter absolute heaven on earth. Gods own country and just sooooooooooooooo beautiful. Full of fabulous wildlife and truly wonderous views. Please let me become a winner.

  • Lord Sir Ilpo Ilves
    21/11/16 - 21:20

    Nice. I hope I win. I wish someone would do this kind of thing in Finland too…

  • Ron MacGee
    21/11/16 - 21:21

    When I think of Scotland in the winter I think of icy cold winds, whipping rain and the sheer unadulterated beauty of the wild highlands… I see ancient Scots standing with their faces held sternly into the driving weather, unbeaten, untamed, true wilderness. The mountains blend into the clouds rolling across the heathlands and the barely traceable pathways slip beneath freezing feet as the man defies the best and the worst thrust against him. Always a struggle, always eminently worth it, always beyond mere words… Scotland in the winter… Simply lives in my heart…. Forever…..

  • Daniela
    21/11/16 - 21:25

    I love about Scotlad in winter that it gets cozy and staying in a beautiful little cottage with your tea and view outside…there is just nothing more beautiful. Snow in the highlands. Getting all thos beautiful winter clothes. Go outsife and just see the winter wonder in scotland 🙂

  • Alan Arcilla
    21/11/16 - 21:25

    Very worthy and meaningful endeavors conserving Scotland indeed. Am very excited and looking forward to introduce my own family for this cause and offer this as a gift for a lifetime legacy.

    Keep going you guys!

  • Stephen lossnitzer
    21/11/16 - 21:29

    This is an epic prize and I never thought I’d own anything now your giving me the chance thank you great prize!!

  • dora robinson
    21/11/16 - 21:34

    Scotland in winter? Snow Buntings of course!

  • Mike Gahan
    21/11/16 - 21:37

    Great idea to raise awareness.


  • Peter Roberts
    21/11/16 - 21:39

    Would go down well with a glass or two of malt scotch whisky

  • Mike Gahan
    21/11/16 - 21:40

    Scottish winter – best time to settle into a decent bar with a range of smoky single malts.


    21/11/16 - 21:40

    I love reading about the animals, birds and insects that we are hopefully saving. I hope to visit my plot one day.

  • Geoff Dagger
    21/11/16 - 21:45

    Those lovely crisp mornings and those vast northern skies

  • Cindy Sapergia
    21/11/16 - 21:46

    I would love to comment on what I love about Scotland in the winter – but I can’t. I have never been to Scotland, let alone in the winter. All I have to go by are pictures which I am sure do not do it justice.

  • Diane Willis
    21/11/16 - 21:48

    I purchased a few feet of land for my father as a gift several years ago. He was so tickled! His family heritage includes Scotland so this was a real treat.

  • Lord Richard D Melton
    21/11/16 - 22:03

    Although I have never had the opportunity to visit the Highlands of Scotland, I can imagine that winter transforms it into a magical wonderland. I live in the U.S. in the mountains of Western North Carolina.
    When ever I looks at photographs of the Highlands, I can see why the Scottish people that came to the U.S. and settled in these mountains felt, perhaps, a bit less homesick.

  • Alec Sutton
    21/11/16 - 22:05

    The peace, the quiet, the return of nature and being part of it in so many ways

  • Jamie M
    21/11/16 - 22:09

    I have never been to Scotland in the winter, but I would to experience “seasons” instead of never being able to wear a sweater.

  • Jonathan Lewis
    21/11/16 - 22:17

    has to be watching stags frolicing in the snow , steam coming from their nostrils !

  • Lyn Hirst
    21/11/16 - 22:20

    Visited the site on a recent trip to Scotland, it is a beautiful and serene area, full of birds and leafy ferns. Delighted to be part of this special project

  • Cuthbert Don Paul
    21/11/16 - 22:28

    *winter is a fantastic to explore
    *wonderful landscape of snow & blue seas
    *great hospitality & cuisine
    *visit with warm clothes
    *shorter days
    *tour the country
    *a rich nation

    warmest regards !!!!!
    Lord Cuthbert Don Paul

  • Debbie Burfoot
    21/11/16 - 22:35

    Peace and tranquility and the feeling of being on another planet

  • Harvey James
    21/11/16 - 22:41

    I love the crisp cold of deepest winter in Scotland. White snow and dramatic countryside

  • Mark Stockdale
    21/11/16 - 22:46

    What I love about Scotland in the winter is the brisk walks around various lochs, with fantastic photo opportunities at almost every turn, then returning home to a roaring fire and a glass of single malt.

  • Kaye steeper
    21/11/16 - 22:46

    The silence

  • Dan Smith
    21/11/16 - 22:53

    Wonderful site; love the products.

  • Aimee Robison
    21/11/16 - 22:56

    The thing I love about Scotland in the winter, is the hills and sounds, and enjoying shortbread cookies. Thank you for the chance 🙂

  • Donald Sutherland
    21/11/16 - 22:56

    What do I like about Scotland in the winter….. IT’S SCOTLAND. I’ve only been there in summer (1966) but anytime in Scotland must be fantastic.

  • Alasdair Hirst
    21/11/16 - 23:05

    The sharp dry crispness and pale blue sky of a frosty winter’s morning, perfect for rugging up and putting your hiking boots on.

  • Antony Somerville
    21/11/16 - 23:09

    I live in Australia but had the good fortune to visit in the colder months when I was a 14yo child. I still have those memories as a 44yo and want to help preserve that beautiful country land.

  • Peter Watson
    21/11/16 - 23:13

    The best thing about Scotland in the Winter is the malt whisky.

  • Larry Hall (Lord)
    21/11/16 - 23:20

    My partner, Suzi O’Meara and myself were on the Trafalgar Tour in August and brilliant as it was our tour director knew noting about Highland Titles. We were near to Glencoe but was unaware where the plantation is situated. Looking forward to coming over again one day.


    Lord Larry.

  • bella smyth
    21/11/16 - 23:50

    what is not to love its amazing some of the vviews from the locks

  • Nigel Soper
    21/11/16 - 23:57

    I love the purity of the air and when the mist lifts the clarity of vision to beautiful vistas.

  • Katrina Flynn
    22/11/16 - 00:00

    Would love to enter but not on blog, facebook or twitter.

  • Theresa Bradley
    22/11/16 - 00:00

    I love the changeability of the weather – sometimes wild, sometimes calm.

  • Brendon Burns
    22/11/16 - 00:08

    I last visited Scotland in 1991 as a 20 something backpacker… it’s a long way from Australia… but I loved the lochs and mountains, the history, the castles.

  • Raphael Stanescu
    22/11/16 - 00:19

    Nice contest!!!

  • Judith Hearn
    22/11/16 - 00:32

    I do not know what I love about Scotland in the winter, as I have never had the opportunity to be there. If it lives up to my imagination and the images I have in my head after all my reading then it must be a magical place. To win this prize would be an awesome opportunity to find a way to visit.

  • Helen Sivertsen
    22/11/16 - 00:32

    All the pleasures of life…fudge, whisky, tartan, fudge, bagpipes, haggis, fudge, oatmeal biscuits and a language no one can understand!Did I mention fudge?

  • Traci Fisher-Zaiser
    22/11/16 - 00:33

    I love the cool crisp air in the winter

  • Helen Sivertsen
    22/11/16 - 00:36

    How magnificent are the slanting, washed out winter rays, the ethereal mists and the dripping slopping rain….from the snug and cosiness of the pub.

  • Helen Sivertsen
    22/11/16 - 00:42

    Winter-those shaggy cattle, the woolly locals and the wild weather.

  • David Munro
    22/11/16 - 00:45

    My father and all his ancestors were Scots from the Highlands, I would love to win this competition to own another piece of my homeland, Scotland,
    With the hope that one day my children, grandchildren or great grandchildren, will visit Scotland, and fall in love with such rugged grandeur and beauty, and reminisce over the struggles of their ancestors the Scots over the centuries.

  • Donna Cantrell
    22/11/16 - 01:06

    What a lovely idea!

  • Donna Chance
    22/11/16 - 01:29

    I really hope I win, because I love Scotland and am of Scottish descent.

  • Donna Chance
    22/11/16 - 01:31

    I love Scotland in the winter, because I love to take photographs of snow-covered plants/trees, buildings, nature, and landscapes, and Scotland offers that.

  • Donna Chance
    22/11/16 - 01:34

    I love Scotland in the winter, because the snow looks so serene and magical. I love to photograph beautiful sights, and Scotland offers that opportunity.

  • Deborah Clarke
    22/11/16 - 01:38

    I just lobe the Edinburgh Christmas Markets A fab festive days shopping 8ng followed by a hot toddy to warm up. Bliss

  • Glenys PIKE
    22/11/16 - 01:46

    The snow is as beautiful and pure
    as Scotland can be for everyone to
    enjoy and appreciate the wonderful
    works and care that is being under
    taken to protect our area from harm.

  • Glenys PIKE
    22/11/16 - 01:50

    Just sailing up the inlet, would be
    just pure magic to see the snow covered mountains and valleys towards our plot.

  • marla
    22/11/16 - 02:01

    What I love about Scotland in the Winter… soo much to say. I love the snow and beauty of everything from little towns to large ones, ruins and empty spaces. I love how you can feel the history and hush of the world.

  • Karen Romoser
    22/11/16 - 02:03

    The sheep. They’re extra wooly in winter.

  • Hilary Hirtle
    22/11/16 - 02:05

    What do I love about Scotland in the winter? The air is like ice, the land is covered in frost and snow, the people are as welcoming as ever, and a dram is always ready to keep you warm.

  • Heather Topple
    22/11/16 - 02:12

    Hello! Is this the blog post that we comment on? I swear, I know how the internet works most of the time…

    I haven’t been to Scotland in the winter, but if it’s anything like our winters in Nova Scotia can be, my favourite part is the snow! From the tiny flakes that promise to bury the grass by morning to big puffy flakes floating down, coating the ground in the perfect, sticky, snow-ball snow, it’s the loveliest part of winter! Sitting inside watching it fall with a cuppa tea or walking outside in the stillness as it swallows up the sound around you, I’ll take the snow over the green grass of summer any day.

  • Terri Brisbin
    22/11/16 - 02:30

    Besides the stunning scenery and cold crisp air, no midgies!!

  • linfra
    22/11/16 - 02:38

    Would love to give this to my dear husband of Scottish descent!

  • Garry Farrell
    22/11/16 - 02:47

    I love the idea of the cold winter and the ambience of the snow covered country. Here in Australia we have a mild winter where i live and it never snows ever! in winter. My ancestores came from Scotland and i love the thought of still having a connection to that generation.

  • Nigel Chandler
    22/11/16 - 03:35

    Great idea!

  • Jo Aelfwine
    22/11/16 - 03:39

    What I love about Scotland in the Winter is that it is Scotland! What’s NOT to love? Scotland, any season of the year, is amazing, beautiful, and full of history, which I love.

  • Carol Jones
    22/11/16 - 03:48

    If you know what the Scottish say….
    if it is not Scottish it is crap
    I only hope my Hebrew friends do not see this. They are pretty ok as well.

  • Gisele Requena
    22/11/16 - 04:23

    Scotland is breathtakingly beautiful. In the winter, if possible, it is even more so, with an ethereal enchantment unmatched by any other place on earth.

  • Sally
    22/11/16 - 04:35

    What I love about Scotland in the winter:
    There is something so bracing about the freezing wind that blows off the water. I hurry home in the early dark to enjoy my cozy fire and warm up. I love to snuggle in with a good book and dream.

  • Debra Campbell
    22/11/16 - 04:50

    Would love to own a place in Scotland. Love the country , I can feel it in my soul.

  • Neil Morrison
    22/11/16 - 04:59

    I look across the wild snow covered hill that hold in its grasp the secrets of time gone by of the struggles of the common man and women trying to make a life in this harsh land that they call home. I see the clans fighting for what is theirs and my thoughts drift to Glencoe the wrong that was done to the MacDonalds. And Scottish history is filled with ledges of valour, honour, and the flight of Scottish people, these stories are trapped in the winter snows…till spring when Scotland awakens and sheds its placket of white for a cover of heather and fields of green with its new hope for the country again.

  • sirven-villaros
    22/11/16 - 05:10

    Hi, I have not Tweeter neither Facebook , and would like to let a blog post comment to participate to the game ….but , it’s not possible ….Is it a bugg?

    Thanks a lot

    véronique sirven-villaros

  • Glen Jeffery
    22/11/16 - 05:12

    I love a dusting of white fluffy snow coating the Scottish city streets as well as the countryside creating picturesque photo opportunities.

  • Margaret Prime
    22/11/16 - 05:59

    I love Scotland at any time of year ,but the look of the highlands just after it has snowed takes a lot of beating

  • Tapani Seilo
    22/11/16 - 06:30

    I want to be be Lord of Glencoe!!!

  • sharon stanley
    22/11/16 - 06:36

    I am yet to visit Scotland but from what I have seen I love the fact that it actually gets snow, now that slushy mess we get here but real snow, the people seem freindly (those I have spoken to over the phone and met in person) and there seems to be a great atmosphere.

  • Michiel
    22/11/16 - 06:44

    I love the roughness of Scotland in the Winter. Meanwhile the people are very friendly and the best haggis and whisky can drive the cold winter away !

  • Lisa Conn
    22/11/16 - 07:10

    The Highlands are stunning at any time of year but with a crispy layer of frost they turn into a winter wonderland.

  • Pamela M BURNETT
    22/11/16 - 07:10

    I have never been to Scotland in winter. However, this is my perception I would like to see. Everything white, mists, sunsets, reflections and tranquillity. Hiking with magnificent views for my camera. Perhaps snowploughs too..but mostly sharing the experience with rabbits, deer, squirrels, amazing birds and very special hairy cows !!

  • James Mac Donald
    22/11/16 - 07:11

    My grandfather and grandmother both have plots . I would love to have one also. My greatgrandfather was from Glasgow.

  • Brian
    22/11/16 - 07:17

    Peace and tranquility

    22/11/16 - 08:28

    Nous irons visiter “nos terres” en aout 2017.
    Au plaisir de notre rencontre
    Bien cordialement

  • Ruth Harwood
    22/11/16 - 08:29

    Snow!! we don’t get it west of the penines in lancashire so much, but going up to the cairngorns, there was loads!!

  • Lady Cordelia Koepsel
    22/11/16 - 08:46

    It is wonderful to be part of such a big community, to be part of the preservation to keep nature as it should be. Highland Titles is doing something to keep Scotland and it’s inhabitants as close to nature as possible.

  • Nicki Evans
    22/11/16 - 08:48

    The beautiful scenery

  • Myrna Wijzenbroek
    22/11/16 - 08:50

    I love the way Winter turns the Scottish landscape into an amazing glittering, shiny spectacle. I could walk around for hours, breathing the crisp, clear air, until my nose is almost frozen off!

  • Marion Le Dortz
    22/11/16 - 08:51

    I’m not native from Scotland. English isn’t even my mother tongue. Still, I’m determined to leave a comment as I would really love to win a 1000 square feet plot.

    I have already bought a 1 square feet plot for my niece. She was born on October 25th this year and I thought it would be really nice that, for christmas, instead of another softoy or dress (she has a lot already) I gave her something original and meaningful. Not only am I sharing with her my love for Scotland through this gift, I’m also getting involved in the preservation of the Scottish beautiful landscape.

    I wish I could have bought her a bigger plot. I wish I could myself buy one. But I can’t really afford it right now. Which is why this contest is all the more great.

    I lived in Scotland for a year back in 2012 as an exchange student and last week I was finally able to go back – it was a birthday present from my boyfriend who knew I’d been dying to visit again.

    It was cold but I had come prepared. Also, many things were closed on the Isle of Skye since it was winter. I did not matter. I enjoyed every bit of loneliness, of the landscapes, of the accent I love so much, tranquility, warmth of the Scottish people.

    It would mean the world to get this plot and become a lady of Glencoe, and, thus doing, a part of the Scottish community I love so much.

  • Laura
    22/11/16 - 08:56

    Looks fantastic!

  • JAOUEN Sébastien
    22/11/16 - 09:00

    great initiative

  • Glynn Leaning
    22/11/16 - 09:13

    I love Scotland in the winter because the scenery is breath taking and the night skies magical.

  • Jennifer Haden
    22/11/16 - 09:22

    I love the beauty of the land, always beautiful, no matter what time of the year 🙂

  • yvonne cooke
    22/11/16 - 09:32

    The best thing about Scotland in the winter is, We love to go for long walks our last walk in the winter was at Campsies mountain, there is lovely waterfalls, in the winter they freeze up and create lovely big Icicles. This is such a great prize, I would be proud to own a wee piece of scotland. Thanks.x

  • Emma Walton
    22/11/16 - 09:39

    What I love most about Scotland in winter is the beautiful scenery especially when it snows.

  • Ophelia
    22/11/16 - 09:55

    What I love about Scotland in the Winter ?

    There are so many things to say !

    I am in love with Winter since I read ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’- C.S. Lewis – and I felt in love with Scotland since my parents watched a documentary about it (I was 4 ).

    I am French but I left my heart and my soul in Scotland, in the deep and strong Highlands.
    I am a photo model/I pose for photographers (sorry if it is not the correct word) and Scottish Folk and Celtic traditions inspired me evertime for the outifts !

    Every months, I go to ‘Cotentin’ in the North of France with my parents because some landscapes look like and remind me Scotland.

    Every Christmas at our Home are ‘Scottish’ (decorating with deers, swords, Tartan fabrics on the wall or carpet and of course I wear my long Tartan skirt ! (for every big events too !)

    I try to learn Scottish Gaelic ( the phonetic sounds of this wonderful language are soft and strong I thing)

    When I hear someone speaking Gaelic I can hear old souls trough these poetic words !

    I hope to go to this old Heaven one day !

    It is the best giveaway I have ever seen !

    With lots of Celtic ans Scottish love


  • Jessica Powell
    22/11/16 - 09:59

    I love the beautiful views, nowhere can beat it!

  • kim Chandler
    22/11/16 - 10:12

    My one wish is to visit my mothers homeland . Scotland is beautiful in any season, but I love winter and Scotland does it so well!

  • Graham Ross
    22/11/16 - 10:28

    I love the snow in Scotland especially in the Highlands

  • Hilda Hazel Wright
    22/11/16 - 10:38

    Scotland is beautiful all year round, but the mountains in the snow look absolutely stunning!

  • Ross Mack
    22/11/16 - 10:44

    Scotland is beautiful all year. And what better way to enjoy the rugged vibrancy of the countryside in winter than by the fire enjoying the hospitality of the people of Scotland.

  • Keith Smith
    22/11/16 - 10:44

    I like Scotland in the winter because it’s colder than here in Oz on the farm – it’s been 34 deg C the past few days so a refreshing trip to Scotland would be a welcome change – not to mention beautiful – and my wife loves listening to the accent 🙂

  • Charlène Morel
    22/11/16 - 10:50

    I’ve never been to Scotland in Winter ! But I guess I would love the winterish smell in the air, the fires and the white landscapes 🙂

  • Remont
    22/11/16 - 10:53

    I love Scotland in winter because I want to visit it one winter and enjoy the beauty of the wilderness. Where else would you like to be in winter?

  • Jari Lindgren
    22/11/16 - 10:54

    I love the winter in Scotland as I don’t need justification to drink whisky to keep me warm.

  • Della Heath
    22/11/16 - 10:56

    I loved the silence of the snow covered slopes and the crisp texture of the air as I breathed in the stillness of nature. It has been many years since I last visited the Highlands but the beauty and majesty of Glencoe I will never forget. Long may it be so.

  • Ben Pinier
    22/11/16 - 11:00

    Winter in Scotland is still chimeric for me who only visit that incredible country in summer. However, it’s possible to imagine how beautiful the highlands are during winter. Furthermore, the climb of the Ben Nevis could be more awesome. I was in Durness and I love to see that little city during winter.

  • John
    22/11/16 - 11:00

    Scotland in the Winter is like no other place that you can visit 🙂

  • Alida Bruining
    22/11/16 - 11:02

    What i Love about Highland scotland is that the beautyful nature and the peace and quiet the land and culture gives me, makes me feel at home 🙂

  • Doug Gray McTavish
    22/11/16 - 11:02

    Some day I with to visit the home of my McTavish ancestors. Winter or summer, I’m sure I’ll love it.

  • Wendles
    22/11/16 - 11:03

    I am a Lady!! I don’t care what anyone else says – I have the plot and paperwork to prove it! Now to get my licence changed so it says I’m a Lady.
    Scotland is on our bucket list. We hope to be there in the next two years and visit our plots. Yay! I can’t wait. Just hope you can understand my Aussie accent. 🙂

  • marianna weber
    22/11/16 - 11:06

    I want to explore Scotland in the winter. There is already a tiny, tiny bit of glencoe sqft in the family. I love to get this change <3

  • James Harris
    22/11/16 - 11:07

    I love the amazing views of the snow-covered mountains and the warming feel of single malt whisky.

  • Anne Bruce
    22/11/16 - 11:07

    Scotland will always be in my heart, especially walking on a crisp cold morning listening to the sounds of life all around. Even after more than 40 years of living away, when anyone asks where is home, the first word out of my mouth is Scotland.

  • ian ryrie
    22/11/16 - 11:07

    Good single malt, but that’s any time of the year. Also its bloody hot wearing a kilt in Australia at that time of year.

  • Jonathon Rogers
    22/11/16 - 11:08

    I love that the “rain is coming straight down, well slightly to the side like” (Mel Gibson – Braveheart).
    Having never been I would love to see the old ruins and history associated with Scotland. I would love to visit in winter as it holds a true character that I feel cannot be replicated anywhere in the world. I love that the Powderhall Gift is run in the middle of winter and would love to come over and take part.

  • Stan
    22/11/16 - 11:08

    I love the Scottish people, the climate, and the spectacular scenery. For nine consecutive years I rented a croft on the Isle of Mull for two weeks at a time and made many friends there!

  • Robert Bongers
    22/11/16 - 11:08

    I’ve never even been to Scotland. Still i’m fascinated by the beautiful nature the country has to offer.
    I’m picturing that this will be even prettier in the winter.

  • Peter Wallace
    22/11/16 - 11:09

    Having been away for a long while, I felt that I had come home again when I was married in Scotland last year. Since then we have returned 4 times and have plans to spend the New Year in the highlands. As a place to feel at home, it cannot for me be beaten.

  • Andrew MacDonald
    22/11/16 - 11:11

    Land of my high endeavour, land of the shining river, land of my heart forever Scotland must be saved

  • Ingeborg Van Poppela
    22/11/16 - 11:14

    I love Scotland any time of year!I still don’t know why or how but I’m Dutch and every bone in my body craves Scotland!hearing the sound of bagpipes seeing foto’s of the braw Scottish scenery,my skin scrolls (in a food way).Someday I’ll see your like again, and finally your wee bit Hill and Glen…….Winter in Scotland in one word; Romance❤

  • Peter Haig
    22/11/16 - 11:17

    As an exiled Scot who visits every year in the summer, I miss the crispness and clear winter air in the highlands but can do without the coastal fog that often gets in the way of a beautiful view.

  • Marina ledger
    22/11/16 - 11:17

    Take me back to the moors n the glens i once knew the cold brisk winds in winter

  • Christofer Broström
    22/11/16 - 11:18

    The warmth of a well-chosen single malt blends perfectly with a cool winter breeze in Scotland.

  • Petit Jordan
    22/11/16 - 11:19

    Winter in the Highland is the most incredible season because the time seems to be asleep

  • Glenn Vervust
    22/11/16 - 11:19

    I love the spirit of thaïs land during winter, the feest spirit.

    I love to see snow on Scotland, it’s just amazing 🙂

    I love to drink a hot chocolotate on Arthur seat and looking at Edinburgh 🙂

  • Jordi van den Berg
    22/11/16 - 11:20

    That must be: “Freeeeeeedoooooommmmmm!”

  • Stuart Lewton
    22/11/16 - 11:22

    The best thing about Scotland in the winter is going for a lovely walk up snow capped glens, having a meal in a restaurant and then back home to sit in front of a roaring fire. Feeling energized, warm cosy and full.

  • Ian Whitelaw
    22/11/16 - 11:25

    The most beautiful country in the world! Glencoe in winter is spectacular. Love from the USA

  • Danelle Oosthuizen
    22/11/16 - 11:25

    Just the thought of Scotland makes me excited. The thought of cool winds, a fireplace and just some quality time spent gives me so much excitement

  • Nigel Rummey
    22/11/16 - 11:26

    I love snow in the Winter.

  • Robert Orr
    22/11/16 - 11:36

    Visiting our estate is on our bucket list.
    I visited Scotland in 2000 but was limited to only a few days in Scotland.

  • Mary H
    22/11/16 - 11:41

    I love the air and the weather in Scottish winters. Breathtakingly beautiful, and cold enough to warrant drinking a fine single malt by the fireside.

  • David Griffin
    22/11/16 - 11:43

    Scottish Winter?…combined with the unique light that is only found in Scotland, makes it a magical time of the year.

  • Joern Blenstrup
    22/11/16 - 11:43

    Have only visited Scotland late summer beginning autum, but would like to come and see the highland covered in snow.

  • Nicola Symonds
    22/11/16 - 11:55

    I love Scotland in the Winter, it’s beautiful, magical and an adventurous place to explore. We love Skye especially and now we have 2 Skye Terriers, we hope to take them one day to the place they are named after (Misty isle and Old Man of Storr)

  • Valeska Bergmann
    22/11/16 - 11:57

    What a great offer to win a plot of land in Scotland! And it is my 40th birthday today so that would be the best gift of all right after spending time with my son ans husband!
    We would love to visit Scotland in winter to see everything in a different light and shape!

  • Peter van den Heuvel
    22/11/16 - 12:00

    As i”m from the netherlands i”m already used to the weather ……..

  • Frank Bruce
    22/11/16 - 12:02

    Winter in Scotland. Crystal clear. Hoar frost. Frozen waterfall. Icicles tingling in the breeze. Winter wonderland. Infinity of peaks and passes beneath nature’s snow blanket. A dream world to escape to.

    22/11/16 - 12:06

    I bought multible plots in the Scottish Higland Titles program because I like landscape photography, expecially during the winter when its snowing and there is a complete silence and everything is frozen. I am a proud owner of several Scottish Higland Titles and I addidional welcome 1000 square feet so I can contribute to the preserving of this wonderful higlands. I clam no explotation of my plots other than they remaine as they have been since the end of the claciar periode.
    best wishes

  • Chrissie Mac
    22/11/16 - 12:09

    Scotland is a dream for me . It’s where my ancestors are from. I would love to visit in winter to see it at its wildest ❤️

  • Stephanie Withall
    22/11/16 - 12:10

    Scotland in the winter is truly magical! Majestic snow-capped mountains, Stunning clear night starry skies, welcoming roaring log fires and exceptional malt whiskies combined with nourishing traditional Scottish suppers to warm the cockles of the heart! Unique package unrivalled by anywhere else.
    Nature and people combined in harmony. My souls home!

  • André van Wanrooij
    22/11/16 - 12:11

    Bij ‘What you love about Scotland in the Winter’ denk ik aan een knetterend haardvuur, terwijl buiten het gure winterweer het ruwe Schotse landschap teistert.

  • Selina Kim Vickerman-Prince
    22/11/16 - 12:15

    The Highlands in winter is serene and magical. Winning this competition would be perfect for me as I would be conserving the natural environment <3

  • Cassiopée
    22/11/16 - 12:20

    Winter in scotland must be amazing because of the snow. Where I live there isn’t so much snow during winter.
    It must be amazing to admire such marvelous landscape in the white snow of winter.

  • duncan macey
    22/11/16 - 12:29

    I love Scotland in the winter with a blanket of virgin snow on the ground and the sunlight reflecting off the lochs.

  • Mike Milton
    22/11/16 - 12:35

    I’ve enjoyed my existing plot and it was fun to but another as a gift

  • Robert Lievestro
    22/11/16 - 12:48

    Hiking through the mountains.

  • Craig Anderson
    22/11/16 - 12:48

    When you’re playing charades in Scotland, do some of the words have more syllables?

    Early, for example, in English is Err-Lee. In Scottish it is “Err-dul-ee”. Does that make it a 3 syllable word, not a 2?

    And Film becomes Fill-um. Does that mean Film becomes a 2 syllable word?

    Asking in genuine sincerity.

  • Stevie
    22/11/16 - 12:49

    I love wrapping up and walking the dogs by the river.

  • Tina Mason
    22/11/16 - 12:53

    What I love about Scotland in the winter is the snowy days, the lung clearing winds, the freshness of it all. The remoteness and being at one with Nature. It would be heaven to own a little piece of this ~ good Luck everyone 🙂 x

  • Kathryn Cox
    22/11/16 - 13:02

    The cold winter walks with a hip flask to warm the cockles 🙂

  • Kress Nicolas
    22/11/16 - 13:08


  • Martin Rae
    22/11/16 - 13:12

    From scenes like these old Scotia’s grandeur springs.

  • Laird Shuggie-bar
    22/11/16 - 13:20

    Bonnie Scotland isn’t just for Christmas

  • Sophie Morisset
    22/11/16 - 13:21

    The warmth of its pubs!!! Warms both the body and the heart <3

  • Don Douglas
    22/11/16 - 13:30

    I have only enjoyed Scotland in the late summer but this giveaway has shown me that I need to visit in the winter also. Snow capped peaks and clear lakes remind me of my Colorado homeland.

  • Alexandra Power
    22/11/16 - 13:32

    I’ve never been to Scotland, it’s a goal and my dream. However what I love about winter in Scotland is how even in the photo’s you can “feel” the crispness in the air, appreciate the beauty and the silence of the snow covered grounds and every time I see these photo’s I’m positive a small little piece of my heart escapes and flies to Scotland to wait for me there.

  • Diane Guest
    22/11/16 - 13:53

    Watching the snow fall anywhere is wonderful, but best in Scotland, where a pint in the snug and the company of the best people on earth makes it even better.

  • CONSILLE jean-Yves
    22/11/16 - 14:01

    I love Scotland in winter because, in fact, I’ve never been in Scotland in winter…Am I strong enough to survive one winter in Scotland ? That’s the question.
    I’m a Laird.

  • Dawn Brodribb
    22/11/16 - 14:03

    I love scotland because it always snows in winter!

  • T Mullenger
    22/11/16 - 14:06

    What I love about Scotland in Winter, other than the snow on the mountains, is the Scottish people and animals. While many throughout the rest rest of the world think we would stay indoors all day in front of a fire/heater the Scottish people, and animals, show us life is still to be lived no matter the weather. They do not waste the opportunity to enjoy their country and the freedom they are afforded.

  • George Argentino
    22/11/16 - 14:11

    Having never been to Scotland, I can only imagine the beauty of the winter landscape.

  • John Paul Thornton
    22/11/16 - 14:11

    I would love to one day find out about what I love about Scotland in the winter…seems majestic and ethereal.

  • Rhea Boudreau
    22/11/16 - 14:11

    Winter is my favourite season, Christmas is my favourite holiday and Scotland is my favourite country to visit… the combination of all three is amazing! This gift is pure delight…

  • Albert Mitchell
    22/11/16 - 14:18

    Real history, real beauty and real people.

  • Tamra Fine
    22/11/16 - 14:20

    The scent of a roaring fire in the fireplace and the taste of a wee dram at the end of a walk in nature.

  • V
    22/11/16 - 14:27

    In winter everything is outstanding in Scotland!

  • Simone Kilshaw
    22/11/16 - 14:30

    I ve never had the pleasure but it is on my to do list. I bet it is so magical.

  • Robert R
    22/11/16 - 14:30

    Looking over the mountains while sipping a glass of whisky!

  • Michael Justice
    22/11/16 - 14:30

    The best thing about Scotland in the winter is the beautiful countryside and the crisp clean air !

  • Lorraine Kirk
    22/11/16 - 14:35

    Scotland is brilliant for skiing in Winter. You don’t need to go half way across the world when you have beautiful slopes, scenery and people right on your doorstep. Just take plenty of layers and a full hip flask.

  • J Alison Jordan
    22/11/16 - 14:36

    Sitting by a warm fire watching the snow.

  • Cat Paterson
    22/11/16 - 14:37

    There is no better place to be than in Scotland during the winter. Cold crisp air, snow for skiing and simply a treat for all the senses

  • David J
    22/11/16 - 14:39

    Swatting midgies

  • Thad
    22/11/16 - 14:41

    Love hearing from our friends in Scotland during the winter months. Great stories.

  • Laird William van der Tas
    22/11/16 - 14:41

    We have been in Scotland in spring, summer and autumn, but never so far in wintertime. We love the pictures is showing us about all seasons and ofcourse in special the wintertime over there. And be sure, the day will come that we will stay for a certain time in winter as well!!

  • James Sneddon
    22/11/16 - 14:41

    There are not many places in the world that take the breath away in our winter months around Scotland however I would say that the people of Scotland lift this proud nation, looking after the land we all love to enjoy.
    Great work everyone.

  • Laura Tovey
    22/11/16 - 14:48

    What do I love about Scotland in the Winter! Where does one begin, I love the people, the atmosphere, the incredible views, cozying up by the fireplace in our favourite pub.

  • Martin Paulsen
    22/11/16 - 14:55

    The brilliant white snow on top of those Scottish hills.

  • Lorrainne Landsborough
    22/11/16 - 14:56

    Winter makes my home HOME!
    beautiful, majestic, raw, powerful, rugged and natural. . . .
    Dangerous, foreboding, mesmerising and poetic.
    Land of time, blood, battle, history and celts.
    sacred and spiritual.
    Winter lays to bed the past three seasons so that she can be reborn with the forthcoming spring.
    This is my HOME.
    home of my kin, my blood, my ancestors.

  • Sir Philip Gatlin
    22/11/16 - 14:57

    Winters are pictures and portraits of God’s blessings on earth. Scotland is one of his Wonderlands… Highlands is not just a name but a heritage. Would love to have an estate there. Good bless you.

  • Robert Vine
    22/11/16 - 15:04

    the amazing snow scenery

  • Lauren
    22/11/16 - 15:07

    I wish I could say my favourite thing about Scotland in winter but I am yet to go there! After buying my partner a plot in Glencoe, I would love one of my own to visit in the winter time.

  • Kathrine Piper
    22/11/16 - 15:08

    It takes a hearty soul to appreciate the frosty weather.

    22/11/16 - 15:09


  • Casey Lawrence
    22/11/16 - 15:29

    I suppose the things that are special to me everywhere I go in winter: Bicycles, campfires, hearty food, and friends; good cheer to all this holiday season!

  • Rachael Mccadden
    22/11/16 - 15:30

    i love it as its beautiful no matter the season

  • Lord Monty Kanungo
    22/11/16 - 15:40

    The best thing about winter in Scotland is all the beauty and wonder I will someday get to experience when I come visit my bit of land and your wonderful country! I CANT WAIT!

  • Lady Kathryn
    22/11/16 - 15:41

    ‘What you love about Scotland in the Winter’..absolutely everything. Such a wonderful prize to win, awesome!

  • Brian Henderson
    22/11/16 - 15:55

    The Cozy Fireplaces!

  • D McQuarrie
    22/11/16 - 15:57

    I love how the land is so natural an untouched and you can see so many stars in the clear night sky.

  • Margaret Lawson
    22/11/16 - 15:59

    I like Scotland in the winter because of the bracing coldness of the air when walking in the countryside. The beautiful hills and snow covered mountains. The friendliness of the Scottish people and the sound of bagpipes playing.

  • Ralf Franz
    22/11/16 - 16:01

    I love the cold winters with a lot of snow in the beautiful landscape of Scotland.

    22/11/16 - 16:06

    I’ve never been to Scotland but I guess all the seasons are beautiful

  • Jane S
    22/11/16 - 16:07

    I love Scotland in the winter because I can find peace, natural beauty, friendship, and wilderness.
    Love it all!

  • Dale McIntier
    22/11/16 - 16:13

    the clean air and green colors of Scotland are really amazing

  • Mary Mae Hardt
    22/11/16 - 16:15

    After our trip to Scotland this summer, we fell in love with the Edinburgh and the highlands. We talk wistfully of our return for a much longer stay. Winter in Scotland would be a magical time.

  • Lady Christine Fischer
    22/11/16 - 16:42

    I haven’t been lucky enough to visit Scotland in winter but I’d love to. The peace and quiet must be fabulous.

  • Jean Rosemary Points
    22/11/16 - 17:03

    I love Scotland in winter because I love the snow and skiing and cold weather, with such dramatic scenery.

  • Anna Brown
    22/11/16 - 17:23

    Visited Scotland again in September, 2016, and again was left speechless by the beauty of the country, especially the Highlands. Winter? Imagine travel would be a bit difficult, but sitting in front of a fire with a wee dram and some good company looking out on a snow covered landscape would be delightful.

  • Zoe
    22/11/16 - 17:24

    The food 🙂

    22/11/16 - 17:27

    Triomph of The nature, we almost forget The human presence. Everything is pure ; return to The innocence of The very first morning of The World.

  • Ambroise Hennebelle
    22/11/16 - 17:28

    Well to my great shame I’ve never been able to go to Scotland. So what I like about its winter is that for now I can project a lot of nice ideas upon it. How the chilly and strong wind whips your stamina, how the dull-colored valleys fade into mist, and how you’re glad to come inside where it’s warm…
    But again it is just imagination.

  • James Cheetham
    22/11/16 - 17:44

    Snow-covered glens.

  • C Blakely
    22/11/16 - 17:47

    While I’ve not yet visited Scotland, it appears to be beautiful with a wash of winter snow on the countryside.

  • Blandine Bauer
    22/11/16 - 18:15

    When I was young I loved to walk in the snow. I still love that and particulary the white and calm landscape .
    I haven’t yet the luck to visit Scotland, but it’s one of my dreams and winter will be a great season to come.

  • Nicolas Gatos
    22/11/16 - 18:35

    The kaleidoscope of colors in the highlands that awaken our imagination and creating the mystical desire to stay forever contemplating the Scotland.

  • Bethany Eastham
    22/11/16 - 18:36

    I love the snow and the wildlife in winter, makes fabulous photographs!

  • Sharon Senior
    22/11/16 - 18:42

    I’ve not yet been able to visit Scotland, but I’ve bought our plots and am using that as a reason to visit soon. From the photographs I’ve seen I cannot wait to photograph the loch’s and castles in winter. And then of course there is haggis – I might not have visited Scotland yet but I have fallen in love with haggis!

  • Laird Samuel Dollman
    22/11/16 - 18:51

    Scotland is amazing, the hills and mountains are gorgeous anytime and crisp winter air is absolutely invigorating, visiting Scotland is like going home for me

  • Daniel Blatrix
    22/11/16 - 18:56

    i love Scotland in winter not because it’s winter but kust because it’s Scotland !

  • Peter Finch
    22/11/16 - 19:07

    Some day, I will definitely visit. No, it wouldn’t matter what time of year. Where I live, rain is a season–half the year.
    Even a Scottish winter would be fine….

  • Michael Flieger
    22/11/16 - 19:08

    The Snow

  • Mary Wilson
    22/11/16 - 19:13

    I love the wonderful and fascinating Scottish History. I love the Castles, museums, the scenery to match no other, the Scottish humour, our unique weather, the greenery, wildlife, waterfalls. The Scottish Islands are dramatic also and Glencoe will never lose it’s mysterious but fascinating and dramatic powers x

  • Graycen Orozco
    18/03/21 - 00:40

    I like the snow covered terrain because it is so different compared to where I live.

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