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Kualo’s Awesome Web Hosting

Written by: Doug
Published: 4th November 2018, last updated: 11th November 2019

Introduction To Kualo Web Hosting

If you’re reading this page then I’m sure we can agree that green issues and the environment are important considerations when choosing a web hosting company.

Phrases like ‘The Cloud’ play a part in making people forget that their website is actually hosted on a computer somewhere.

I read an article during the height of the Bitcoin craze in late 2017 which said that Bitcoin mining used more electricity than the whole of Japan!!

I have no idea if that’s true, but it is certainly true that there are millions of high-powered servers hosting websites 24/7 all over the world.

It takes electricity – a lot of electricity – to run these machines.


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Choosing Kualo’s Green Web Hosting Can Make A Difference

I’m going to show you how choosing a green hosting company or eco web server for your company can really make a difference.

Here at Highland Titles, the environment is our primary concern.  We have planted thousands of trees, created a 3-acre lochan, sited bee-hives, planted wildflower meadows and more.  We built a ‘forever home’ for injured hedgehogs, and even constructed Europe’s biggest wildcat rehabilitation enclosure.

(Please feel free to read more about the conservation work at our nature reserves here.)

Our motto is Conserving Scotland, One Square Foot at a Time.  We do this by selling souvenir plots of land that measure 1ft x 1ft, and we’ve been doing that for 12 years now.

Most of our customers are people buying a gift for a loved one, and so our conservation genuinely does tend to be one square foot at a time.

Increasingly, we are being approached by businesses who want to leverage our expertise in order to reduce their carbon footprint and show their clients that they care about the environment and the impact their business has on the planet.

Sometimes these companies are large multinationals, and sometimes they are small, local enterprises, but they all have one thing in common: they have a website!  And a website needs to be hosted.


Highland Titles Tree Planting

Tree planting at the Highland Titles Nature Reserve

Top Green / Eco Web Hosting Options

These eco web hosting companies are all environmentally conscious.  We’ll compare their advantages and disadvantages in a moment, but first I want to let you know that if you sign up for one of their green hosting packages using the links we provide, we will receive a commission which will go towards our conservation work.

Not only will you be supporting one green organisation, you’ll be supporting two!  It’s a double-whammy!


Kualo Hosting

kualo green hosting

We love Kualo!

Kualo’s entire global operation is powered completely by renewable energy, and I can personally vouch for their wonderful customer service and their ability to improve the speed of your website.  I can’t emphasise that enough.  We had no idea there was so much scope for improvement.

If you want proof, put our URL into the Google Speed Test website and you’ll see that we score 99/100.  Incredible!  Of course, we must also thank our wonderful web developers for their help too.

We had assumed – wrongly – that because we were with one of the really big hosting providers in the industry and paying a lot of money for their service, we would have the best hosting we could buy.  Kualo have been much better than we could ever have imagined.

Their green credentials are beyond question, having been recognised as a Green Power Partner by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

They score an AWESOME 9.6 / 10 on the independent review site, Trustpilot.  This is no surprise to us.  We use them ourselves and would be happy to give them full marks.

We have had friendly, professional advice and support from the team at Kualo.  Note the word ‘advice’.  These people are experts and they came up with a dozen different ideas to speed up our website, which is of increasing importance.  We hope you agree it’s pretty fast.


get Kualo web hosting


Not only do Kualo use renewable power, considerable effort has been made to ensure their infrastructure is as energy efficient as possible, whilst also applying sensible green policies at an organisational level to reduce waste and minimise unnecessary travel.

“Centro”, Kualo’s primary hosting facility, was built from the ground up with energy efficiency in mind and is certified to ISO 14001:2015 “Environmental Management System” standards.

It’s a little known fact that data centres often require almost as much energy to keep server equipment cool, as they do to keep them powered on.

At Centro, this cold air is supplied by energy-efficient water based chillers, and when the outside temperature is cool enough – these are automatically bypassed and the server rooms are cooled by the outside air, a process known as “free air cooling”.

The server rooms also leverage “hot-aisle containment” technology, which ensures that the hot air that is expelled from servers never mixes with the cool air they need to run, resulting in energy savings of up to 30%.

Energy efficient servers are used throughout, with older hardware being periodically cycled out for more performant, lower power alternatives, increasing hosting density and energy efficiency.

Extensive use of virtualisation technology and distributed network based storage also means that fewer servers are needed to power the same number of customers.

As a member of the Green Web Foundation, certified by Green-e and recognised as a Green Power Partner by the US Environmental Protection Agency, Kualo’s green credentials are beyond question.





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