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The Lairds’ Brew – Did you miss our online tasting event?

Written by: Doug
Published: 30th November 2015, last updated: 27th January 2020

Ingredients found on the Highland Titles EstateWhen we broached the idea of a Highland Titles herbal tea in October we had a great response from the community. So many people were interested in being able to get a ‘taste of Scotland’ inspired by their land that we asked Cindy of Cindy’s Teas to blend us a brew!

Along with all the interest came some great questions about the tea. In an effort to address these questions and introduce the community to the tea, we broadcast an online tea tasting with Cindy, Stewart (our much beloved estate warden) and Laird Jonathan from Suffolk. To find all the answers to your questions and more, we’d recommend watching the tasting session:

If you have any questions that weren’t answered during the tasting session feel free to ask us in the comments or send us an email at [email protected].

For those of you interested in tasting the tea for yourselves, you can now purchase a bag on our website. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

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Written by: Doug

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  • Lady Julia
    01/03/18 - 19:42

    Of the actual ingredients in the tea, what specifically comes from the Highlandtitles estates?

    What makes a tea a Lady’s tea?

    I cannot find the tea on your website. Is it still available?

  • Peter Bevis
    04/03/18 - 19:44

    Hi Lady Julia,

    None of the actual ingredients are gathered from our nature reserves – they are after all, not farms. The inspiration for the mix came from walking the site (Duror) and seeing what grew naturally.

    The brew was intended as a one off and although very popular (all gone some time ago), we do not intend to repeat the exercise just yet.

  • Lady Julia
    09/03/18 - 07:50

    Ahh, I thought perhaps ingredients were wild crafted off the estate. Disappointed I missed the tea sale.

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