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Land Register

Written by: Dr. Peter Bevis
Published: 23rd March 2017, last updated: 27th January 2020

Anyone who has followed the history of souvenir Scottish land sales will be aware of the importance of registering souvenir plots of land. I have described the issue on my own blog. There is even a point of view that suggests that if it isn’t registered, it isn’t actually sold. Of course this is not really the case, but we think that many of our customers would prefer their ownership of their special piece of Scotland to be registered and open to public view. So in our latest website update we have incorporated a Land Registry.

Many of our plots are purchased by people who wish to own land and thus become Scottish lairds.  In this case, we know who they are and they can choose whether to make their details public. Other plots are purchased as gifts. In either case, owners may subsequently sell or otherwise dispose of their land. It’s complicated!

So the register records the details of the purchaser of the plot. Inside the package that we send out is an unique code that can be used to transfer ownership to a new owner. This can be used when the package is gifted to someone else.

If your plot is not visible – remember you have to actively set it to be visible.

If you have difficulties in doing this just contact our support HERE

Our Plot Register is available now to view at

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Written by: Dr. Peter Bevis

Comments on this post

  • Barbara Hardie
    30/03/17 - 02:01

    Good afternoon. Could you please tell me how we get our names included on the Land Registry? We each own a plot, and when I searched the Plot Register, none of our names were there.
    Lady Barbara Hardie
    Lady Rachelle Hardie
    Lady Alison Hardie
    Lady Jody Hardie
    Lord Stuart Hardie

  • Heather Lennox
    30/03/17 - 05:08

    I am unable to find my plot. When I look for my unique code in my package, I can’t find it.

    • Peter
      05/04/17 - 08:53

      The unique code is in a small black envelope. However, you can still register the plot, even without the code. If you still have problems, please email [email protected]

  • Peter Kutis
    30/03/17 - 05:51

    Your link “find_plots” did not find my plot neither by Name nor by number (Glencoe: Kutis A43523, Wildernesse W352)???
    I also gave 2 plots as a gift to friends (Emil Eder/Glencoe and Christian Riel/Wildernesse).
    Please check and give all relevant Register records, thank you

    • Peter
      05/04/17 - 08:49

      Just email Highland Titles with your details (including your Glencoe plot number). They will check and add you. [email protected] Wildcat Haven does not yet have a public register.

  • Ronald West
    30/03/17 - 06:27

    Greetings. I have tried, unsuccessfully, at to find my plot. My number A55607, my name, even in full, fails to get any response. What am I doing wrong? In anticipation, thank you. Ron West.(Lord)

    • Peter
      05/04/17 - 08:35

      Hi Ronald

      Older plots are not automatically added. You will have to opt in. Just send your details to [email protected] so they can get your details online.

    • Peter
      05/04/17 - 08:48

      Hi Ronald
      Older plots are not automatically added. Just email Highland Titles with your details (including your plot number). They will check and add you. [email protected]

  • Paul
    31/03/17 - 14:01

    Hi, as someone who bought a plot prior to the land registry being added to the site, how do I register my plot?

    • Peter
      05/04/17 - 08:34

      Hi Paul
      Just email Highland Titles with your details (including your plot number). They will check and add you. [email protected]

    • Peter
      05/04/17 - 08:48

      Just email Highland Titles with your details (including your plot number). They will check and add you. [email protected]

  • Gerold Reimondo-Jandrok
    02/05/17 - 22:13

    Thank you for a very interesting article and the link to your blog and another interesting discussion. I am pleased to see the Highland Titles Land Registry in operation and I think having our plots registered publicly with Highland Titles is a great idea. I have always been impressed by the effort Highland Titles puts forth to look after their Lairds and Lady’s. Well done.

  • Adrian Tremayne
    21/09/17 - 12:53

    Hello Highland Titles, Please could you let me know whether or not my Highland Title is still in operation, as I noticed it has not been registered. Thank you. Adrian Tremayne.

  • Baron Adrian Tremayne
    07/11/17 - 12:45

    Dear Highland Titles, Please could you register my plot of land 1000, square feet.
    Plot of land number;- D 1266.
    Please could you inform me whether or not I am still on your register as I haven’t heard from you since 21/09/17.
    Thank you,
    Adrian Tremayne.

    • Peter Bevis
      07/11/17 - 12:54

      We have a record of your order in 2013. At that time we did not require customers to create an account. In order to display your plot on your register we need to allocate your plot to your account. Please visit our web site and create an account. Then drop us an email and we will allocate your plot to your account. [email protected]

  • Edward Thomson
    13/11/17 - 15:55

    Received title deed as a gift and advised to register my plot number. Having problems with this task. Please advise

  • Adrian Trenayne
    29/11/17 - 13:35

    Thank you Highland Titles for your quick response with me having difficulties with having my plot registered.
    It is now sorted out and I am now registered. The on team at Highland Titles were excellent and very polite
    You are doing a great cause. Thank you.
    Kind regards,
    Adrian Tremayne.

    23/01/18 - 17:12

    Greetings from France!
    Although I could find the plot offered to me by my sweetheart on the map, I was wondering whether I still had to go through the registering process as indicated on the little card given with the package gift. Please let me know.

    Thank you!
    Take care,

    Lady Delphine

  • Beatrix van der Veen
    20/02/18 - 17:08

    Beatrix van der Veen 20.02.2018

    I could not find the plot purchased the 8 of february 2018 on the map
    Plot number A 339894. I wonder whether I still have to go through the registering process as indicated on the little card given with the package gift. Please let me know and thank you for your help in advance.
    Lady Beatrix van der Veen

  • Blandin Cornu Marie and Jean-Luc
    17/04/18 - 15:23

    On google maps we see names of highland titles’ owners. How can wee discover all the owners, and also put our name?

  • Peter Bevis
    19/04/18 - 09:10

    Hi Blandin Cornu Marie and Jean-Luc

    It would be impossible for every laird to register their plot location on Google maps, so we created the Plot Register linked to above Because of data protection laws, for your plot details to be visible, we require that users who want to use the public register opt in and give us permission to display their plot ownership. Details are in the post.

    28/09/18 - 18:14

    I need to register

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