Land Register

Published: 23rd March 2017, last updated: 14th September 2023

Anyone who has followed the history of souvenir Scottish land sales will be aware of the importance of registering souvenir plots of land. There is even a point of view that suggests that if it isn’t registered, it isn’t actually sold. Of course this is not really the case, but we think that many of our customers would prefer their ownership of their special piece of Scotland to be registered and open to public view. So in our latest website update we have incorporated a Land Registry.

Many of our plots are purchased by people who wish to own land and thus become Scottish lairds.  In this case, we know who they are and they can choose whether to make their details public. Other plots are purchased as gifts. In either case, owners may subsequently sell or otherwise dispose of their land. It’s complicated!

So the register records the details of the purchaser of the plot. Inside the package that we send out is an unique code that can be used to transfer ownership to a new owner. This can be used when the package is gifted to someone else.

If your plot is not visible – remember you have to actively set it to be visible.

If you have difficulties in doing this just contact our support HERE

Our Plot Register is available now to view at

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