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National Siblings Day: A Guide to Celebrating

Written by: Caitlin
Published: 10th April 2020, last updated: 23rd September 2021

It’s National Sibling Day on April 10th, and it is more important than ever to show your appreciation for your siblings as you rely on loved ones through this difficult time and support each other through it. Whether you live with your sibling or whether they are simply your go to contact when you just need to have a chat, our siblings are able to quash any loneliness we may feel and remind us of what is important.

To sceptics this holiday may appear trivial, falling into that category with various holidays such as those that celebrate nutella, napping and tortilla chips (all of which we fully endorse). But why should we not take the time to honour our siblings? Each year we carve out time to celebrate our valentines, mothers and fathers, and we believe that our siblings have earned and deserve the same recognition.

We have put together some suggestions of how you can celebrate, regardless of whether you are together or apart, as well as a handful of helpful tips to ensure that your sibling relationship survives this quarantine period if you are in lockdown together.

4 Ways to Celebrate National Siblings Day 2020

Here are our suggestions on how you can create the perfect – yet socially distanced – sibling celebration:

1) Share a meal

The way to everyone’s heart, FOOD! How about you cook together? Or prove how much you care by offering to cook for them. Lets face it, you have witnessed their weird food habits for years now, so why not prove how well you know each other by preparing their favourite meal? It doesn’t have to be fancy or overly complicated, sometimes knowing to leave out the mushrooms can go a long way in showing how much you care. If you are apart, set-up a video call and simply create the same dish to simulate the experience.

Source: GIPHY

2) TikTok

Arguably producing some of the greatest content of this COVID-19 period, TikToking is no longer an exclusively Gen Z activity. These 15 second videos are the perfect way to express your own sibling aesthetic, from comedy sketches to intricate dance choreography, there is something for everyone. A valued distraction from the stresses of day to day life, these videos provide comedic relief and offer the chance to get creative, a throwback to those dance routines and talent shows your parents were once subjected to. If you are not isolating together, TikTok will still work for you. With the ability to use different videos in the same clip, just send over your clips and merge them together. Or why not make it into a competition and see who has the best moves once and for all.

*Disclaimer: depending on each sibling’s skill set these may take the entire day to learn and execute.*

Source: GIPHY

Finally, a socially acceptable platform to share our own versions of ‘The Routine’!

3) Movie Night

A less energetic expression of our love for one another, but sometimes you just can’t beat a classic movie night. Load up on all of your favourite snacks and settle into one of these iconic sibling tales. A film for every mood, why not get emotional with My Sister’s Keeper or enjoy a scare together with The Shining. Regardless of your favourite genre, there is sure to be something that you can both agree on and enjoy. Here is a list of our recommendations: 

  • The Parent Trap – Bonus points to those who can learn Haley and Annie’s handshake.
  • Two Brothers – We know they’re tigers, but furry siblings are just as important as human ones.
  • Frozen – Most successful Disney film in history, need we say more?
  • Step Brothers – Will Ferrell is never a bad call.
  • Twins – Is it possible that Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger are twins? With a little movie magic we’re convinced.
  • Little Women – An American classic for a reason.

Top tip- If you can’t be together, Netflix Party allows you to share screens and also means you don’t need to share your snacks- bonus!


4) Gifts

This is a time for in-jokes and brightening their day, so why not surprise them with a small gift. Show them that you are truly best friends as well as siblings with a friendship bracelet, or celebrate happy times by finally getting round to framing your favourite photo of the two of you. Be the one to take an in-joke to the next level or make them feel truly regal by making them a Lord or Lady of Glencoe*. A gift they most certainly won’t forget and a position they have been preparing for their whole lives.

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Our Quarantine Survival Guide

Sisters Hugging
Although this is a time for celebration, we also know that living in a confined space with a sibling can be trying at times. Therefore, we have comprised some helpful tips for surviving isolation with minimal sibling drama:

Give them space

There is no shame in escaping to your room, or somewhere private. This is not a right reserved for moody teenagers, this is a necessity. We all need our own space from time to time. Therefore, allow both yourself and your siblings to seek some alone time when they need it.

Don’t forget your friends

Your siblings are amazing, but remember that they don’t need to be your sole company. Why not socialise with friends that you have not caught up with for a while? The wonders of apps like FaceTime, Zoom and House Party make it possible to feel like you are chatting face to face, which your friends will appreciate and can provide a healthy social distraction.

Be a considerate housemate

Respect your siblings boundaries, and the rhythm in which they do things. We need to remember that we all like things done in a different way and it can really help to agree on compromises. This might mean, not so freely borrowing their things or respecting the fact they will get the dishes done in the next 24 hours…at some point.

Remember you’re on the same team

You’ve been through it all together, meaning you have the greatest ally by your side. Seek each other’s emotional support. Listen to the science, there are studies showing that having siblings improves your mental health. Remember you are lucky to have each other, who else is going to understand how irrational your parents can be? 

Final Thoughts…

This April 10th let us all make a point of celebrating our siblings. Regardless of the ups and downs, it is a relationship that can not be replaced. So whether you are together or apart this National Siblings Day, be sure to brighten their day and treat them like the Lords and Ladies they truly are. And if they need a helping hand, remember you can make their noble status official with the help of Highland Titles


Brought to you by Highland Titles

Highland Titles’ mission is to conserve Scotland, one square foot at a time™. By selling souvenir plots of land, we are funding our Nature Reserves and conservation projects. Join us and become a Lord, Lady or Laird* of Glencoe!

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