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Visitor from the Office!

Written by: Dr. Peter Bevis
Published: 6th October 2016, last updated: 5th April 2017

Hello! Welcome to my first ever blog post on the Highland Titles community page. Firstly, let me introduce myself; my name is Katie and I started with Highland Titles back in 2012 at the Alderney office. I originally began in our production department where orders are printed, packed and processed, later moving on to our Customer Support team. For the past few years I have answered your calls, emails and queries- I can safely say every day is different!


Last week I was asked to visit the Highland Titles Estate, as being over 1000 miles away it isn’t a quick trip over. Some of my colleagues had visited previously so I jumped at the opportunity to go and meet the staff first hand. The trip included the Highland Titles estate, then the Mountainview estate- home to Bumblebee Haven. To say it was an amazing trip would be a huge understatement. Seeing the land in person does not only put everything into perspective, but it has allowed me to see the years of hard work, time, passion and love that has gone into making Highland Titles what it is today.

Let me start with the trip to Keil Hill, home of the Glencoe Wood. I was lucky enough to spend time with our fantastic tour guide and volunteers- Stewart, David and Fiona. If you ever visit I HIGHLY recommend booking well in advance (which can be done here) as the volunteers get busy very quickly! The first stop was at the Lochan- restored from a boggy area on the reserve. To quote our Facebook page:



“The idea was that by adding water, and later, by stocking it with fish, we could encourage a whole new range of species and wild life that the Reserve couldn’t have supported in its condition at that time. As we’ve mentioned before, small changes and little improvements have resulted in big successes – the first recorded Chequered Skipper butterflies, the return of Red Squirrels to name but two.”


Some of the other features on this reserve included the beehives-hand painted by children in local schools, newly planted trees, the fairy garden, the Salachan burn and of course not forgetting our mascots- The Two Ronnies! They are our Saddleback pigs and residents of the reserve- they’ve done a brilliant job of cultivating the land where the bracken was extremely fierce, a much better way of controlling the growth rather than the use of chemicals.





The second trip was further north (and turn LEFT at Invergarry) to the Mountainview Estate which is home to Bumblebee Haven and Wildcat Haven. The weather was glorious so I managed to get a good few snaps for you! The main features of this estate also include newly planted trees, found 4,000-year-old peat in its prime condition, two incredible house ruins that back date centuries, and of course the fantastic views over Loch Loyne.



Whilst we were on the Bumblebee Haven, our SpyCams needed their batteries and SD cards changing. This process was great to watch, however I couldn’t quite keep up with Stewart when trekking over the land to find them! We lay down some food, hopeful for the possible sightings of foxes, pine martens, squirrels and deer. We have planted several trees on the estate, which provide food (such as nuts and berries) for the wildlife in the harsh winter months. Some great footage of our woodland’s inhabitants has been captured- all posted by Stewart on our Facebook page.



I’d like to take this time to say some thank yous; to Highland Titles for the chance to visit, to the plot owners for allowing us to make the nature reserve what it is today,  and to Stewart for the fantastic tours, information and enthusiasm he puts into to his role. Please get your plot HERE and visit our reserves if you ever get to, you will be extremely impressed to say the least!

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Written by: Dr. Peter Bevis

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  • Gerold Reimondo-Jandrok
    06/10/16 - 20:06

    Thank you Katie for a brilliant review of the estates. Personally, I am very pleased thet red squirrels have moved onto the reserve.

  • Natasha Carrasco Stillman
    09/10/16 - 19:38


    I just booked a ticket to The Gathering. I kind of did it spontaneously. And, now I have zero clue where I am supposed to go from Leipzig [or Berlin] and where to stay [which won’t break my bank]. I’m a bit all by myself…having divorced my husband. This is one of the craziest dreams I’ve ever done…Can you help me?

    • Peter
      18/11/16 - 10:35

      we have arranged for all the hotel rooms to be available – from us – at the Isles of Glencoe Hotel, which is once again our venue for the meeting. Please just contact our support team for details and to make a booking. [email protected]

  • Hally Hardie
    20/11/16 - 15:11

    Another very good view of what is going on on the estates. As a beekeeper I would appreciate knowing how successful the hives have been, and if the honey is being sold how much per pound is being asked? How does this compare with other beekeeping in the area?

  • Lady Theresa Marie
    29/06/17 - 14:42

    I would love to come and see my plot land next yr. I have no idea on how or where to begin a trip like this or an idea on the cost. I have been saving but your pound out weighs our Canadian dollar. But I will be on my own as a widower so need help with direction on making this come true.

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