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One of the first Highland Titles Ladies – a decade on

Written by: Doug
Published: 20th July 2016, last updated: 7th October 2018

10 years ago, we started on this amazing journey to spread awareness of, and help conserve the beautiful Scottish Highlands. What started off selling off 1 sqft plots of family land to raise enough money to fund additional tree planting of native Scottish species, turned later into the purchase of a larger piece of land (then another) to expand our efforts to restore and revitalise land devastated by years of farming and neglect.

While we’ve come a long way in a decade, now with two large Nature Reserves and thousands of supporters worldwide, we sometimes wonder how our original Lairds, Lords and Ladies* are doing. We recently had the chance to speak to one of Highland Titles’ “first” Ladies*, Lady Jenny MacFarlane, to see how she feels about her Ladyship and plot of land, 10 years later.

How did you hear about Highland Titles all those years ago?

Honestly, someone at Uni told me about it and I just thought it was a really cool idea!

What made you buy a plot? Do you keep up with the Highland Titles community?

I bought it for myself because I thought it was pretty awesome and I really wanted to change my credit card details to read “Lady Jenny MacFarlane”! I still follow along with the community on Facebook for pictures, videos and updates.

What does being a Lord/Lady mean to you? What do you find more valuable about Highland Titles?

It’s just a really good project. I can hardly believe that 10 years after buying one they’re getting in touch like this. You really try hard to please customers. It looks like you’ve been really successful in your project and it all feels more serious now. I’m going up to the Highlands this year and I’m definitely going to visit the reserve!


We’re so glad that even years later, Jenny still has the desire to visit her plot and has the interest in our efforts. While she’s right, we have definitely ramped up our efforts and perhaps gotten more “serious” about the conservation side in recent years, we love that she still keeps up on the Facebook page (thanks, Stewart!) and considers it a worthy cause – and the addition of her title* to her credit card is a nice touch!

Did you purchase a plot years ago? How have you lived the Laird, Lord or Lady lifestyle? We’d love to hear more stories about why you bought a plot and how it may have affected your life since!



*You will be addressed by your choice of Laird, Lord or Lady by us and within our 100,000+ strong community. We will also provide documentation that will allow you to formally change your name to include “Lord”. Please note you cannot buy a noble title. This is for enjoyment purposes only.

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Written by: Doug

Comments on this post

  • Irene Zitkus
    20/07/16 - 16:36

    I purchased a plot for my husband this past Christmas. He was thrilled and enjoyed the Lordship title thru out the whole day. He will always be my special Lord and I would love to be his Lady!

  • Laura Gordon
    20/07/16 - 19:18

    I would love to have a reason to come visit my plot of land and the beautiful country if Scotland!

  • Lady Petronella Chernin-Venhovens
    20/07/16 - 19:54

    Dear you all.

    Just to say thank you for all het work you have done for the last 10 years,it is not about Lord or Ladyship it’s about the countryside and the wildlife
    You have looked after .keepup the lovely work.
    Kind Regards to you all.
    Lady Petronella Chernin-Venhovens

  • Lady Gloria McLoud
    20/07/16 - 21:20

    Although I have been a “Lady” for a very short time, I am proud to be a part of what Highland Titles is doing! My family background is Scottish and it makes me feel personally connected to this project. I hope to make another trip to my plot in the future and see more of the great things being done. I enjoy visiting the site on Facebook and viewing all of the short films of the animals that are returning to the area. The articles about the progress being made are worth the time to read! So proud and happy to be a part of all of this!

  • Melissa Klamrowski
    20/07/16 - 22:44

    I bought a plot for me and my fiancé for the main purpose of forcing our exes to the to us as Lady and Lord in our divorce papers. It’s a great added benefit that it also helps the Scottish wildlife!

  • Melissa Klamrowski
    20/07/16 - 22:45

    I bought a plot for me and my fiancé for the main purpose of forcing our exes to refer to us as Lady and Lord in our divorce papers. It’s a great added benefit that it also helps the Scottish wildlife!

  • Genevieve Moore
    21/07/16 - 03:54

    I bought a plot for my mother’s 90th birthday. There isnt a lot you can give someone in an aged care facility. She always loved Scotland when she could travel and I am the same (although I can still travel and would love to win one of the 100ft plots). Mum was chuffed to finally get the recognition she always wanted in being made a Lady. I’d be very happy to carry on the tradition.

  • François MOALLIC
    22/07/16 - 06:03

    I bought a plot as a wonderfull birthday gift for my daughter, because we feel concerned with nature preservation and because she speaks perfectly english, as a young english language teatcher in France. This was just before the “Brexit”… Now, I enjoy considering this little plot as a bridge connecting two celtics lands, Scotland and Brittany, over (or beside) european problems.

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