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Conservation: Our bug, bee, bat and bird boxes

Written by: Doug
Published: 31st March 2016

Providing habitats for wildlife on the reserve is vital to the conservation efforts, we initially started this process after purchasing the land however as many boxes were getting old, we have now been working towards replacing the existing boxes and also adding more to provide additional homes, attracting more wildlife to the land.

Why do we need habitat boxes?

Birds and bats build their homes in the hollows of old, living or dead trees, unfortunately the current woodland trees on the reserve are too young to have these essential hollows, limiting the potential habitats on the land. As the birds, bats and bees are such a key part of trying to improve and conserve the land we began to set up habitat boxes.

The boxes are created locally by a carpenter, and fitted to trees throughout the reserve providing the perfect hollow environment for bats and bees. We’re still adding boxes throughout the reserve as we see the demand for the wildlife.

Bee Hives

bees3 bees2 bees

Bees are one of the most important species in the world, despite this numbers have been decreasing with 1 in 10 wild bees facing extinction. It’s vital to do everything we can to help! Since 2014 we have been adding beehives to the reserve, we now have several throughout with plans to add more. If you want to find out more about beekeeping, take a look at our interview with beekeeper Tim Rowe.

The next big project on the reserve is to plant lots of Scottish wildflowers, which as well as increasing the biodiversity of the land will help support the bees, offering new sources of pollen.

Bug Hotels

Bug Hotel Bug Hotel Bug Hotel Bug Hotel

One of the big projects for the reserve recently was clearing test areas of Sitka trees before our main harvest, the timber and chipped branches from this has been used to create ‘Bug Hotels’. These are ideal environments for bugs to nest in and we’re expecting to see lots of new bugs moving in soon. If you’re visiting the reserve you will see three bug hotels at the loch and a number of others placed throughout the reserve.

Increasing the habitats for insects is vital for the food chain and strengthens the conservation efforts of the land, with plenty of food sources now available for birds and bats.

Our new boxes and bug hotels went up around a month ago and we will keep you updated on their progress. If you want to get involved with our habitat boxes you can sponsor a habitat box here.

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Written by: Doug

Comments on this post

  • Catriona Pirie
    04/04/16 - 21:18


  • matt ashton
    15/04/16 - 03:55

    Hi there, thank for the newsletters and emails, you are doing a great job!!!! I am very proud to be a part of this well worthwhile adventure. Just one thing. I (with my mum, and another with my aunt) would like to sponsor a box, and it works out to about $100.00 australian each, which is about $75.00us, so our dollar is very weak!. We are on on pension, and will never get the chance to visit though we all would love to! We like the idea of a photo and title, but could we have have some kind of certificate for the sponsorship? We think that if we could frame the photo with the ‘certificate,’ we would be a ‘value added item’ advertising encouraging and acknowledging others to assist you and the work you are doing. Anyway, that’s our thoughts, I hope something can be arranged. Thank you again for all you are doing I am very proud, as is my family with you and what we have done. Good luck, enjoy the warmer weather, kind regards from Lord Matt, Australia.

  • Gloria McLoud
    05/05/16 - 21:38

    This is wonderful news! So glad to see that things are moving along so well! I am happy about the bee hives! I am trying to convenience my partner we need a couple of them here on our land! I have never seen a “bug” hotel, but these look great! I hope you see an increase in bugs as well as bees! Looking forward to seeing the wildflowers blooming soon, via photos that is! I am so happy to be a part of all of this! God bless all of you!

  • Terence Barry
    28/06/16 - 17:54

    Dia dhuibh
    This is just the very reason i got involved with buying plots with you. I have bought a number of them for myself and family and its always a joy to see the how well you preserve nature.
    I will continue to buy plots for family amd they love their extra surprise of being a Lord or Lady. I only wish we had similar nature reserves in Ireland.
    I awaite your next reserve update, well done once again.
    Alba Go Bragh!

    Terence Barry
    Thurles, Tipperary Éire.

  • Claire
    02/07/16 - 11:07

    Fantastic work! Will definitely have to come back when all the wild flowers are planted <3

  • Aurora Mata
    26/07/17 - 21:29

    Conservation and protection of wildlife is essential to our own survival! Well done! I’d love to see wild flowers blooming, particularly bluebells, and thistles too! Thank you so much for all the work you do. When I can, as I’m retired, I’ll try to sponsor one of the bee or bat hotels. 😉
    Lady Aurora of Glencoe

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