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Plot Register

Written by: Dr. Peter Bevis
Published: 20th November 2017, last updated: 11th June 2020

If you are trying to register your plot – click here

We have added an optional plot register to our web site, so that those plot owners who wish to, can make the location of their Scottish estates visible to family, friends, neighbours and the whole world.

To take advantage of this option, first log into your Highland Titles account, using the “Login” button at the top of the page. If your plot(s) do not show in your account, please contact us.

If the plots are recorded in your account, but you are unable to find them in the Register, please tick the box in the “Your Details” tab that states  I agree to my plot being added to the Highland Titles Public Land Register.

The visit our register to check all is well.  Any problems, please contact us.

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Written by: Dr. Peter Bevis

Comments on this post

  • Andreas Schönhofen
    21/11/17 - 07:12

    This Plot Register is so great! Thank you Peter!

    I think this is the way to get real ownership of the plot. The critics always say there is a difference between personal right and real right. Always they give the example with the kettle. “…if I “buy” your kettle, I don’t “own” it until you give me possession of it…you could not hand over land to the new owner because only if it is registered in the official Land Register is this real right…”. Yes this is true and we know the registration in the official land register is not possible in scottish law. But with the introduction of the Highland titles Plot Register, which is public available , in my opinion a transfer has been made in private law. Everybody can see the plot has hand over from Highland Titles to the buyer of the plot. In my opinion, this is the way to get real right under private law without registered in the official land registry.

    Thanks again to Peter and Highland Titles for this legal opportunity!

  • Marco-Christoph Grunicke
    02/12/17 - 12:18

    Guten Tag ,wollte mal anfragen ob es auch für Lochaber diese App gibt denn die App die hier angeboten wird gilt nur für Glencoe nicht aber für Lochaber, das heißt hier fühlen sich einige Lord’s , Ladys und Laid’s über den Tisch gezogen ,weil die das nicht wissen wie das funktioniert selbst ich wo ich nun kein Englisch kann hab mein Grundstück gleich gefunden über einen Link der ins Internet gestellt wurde

  • Lady Evelyn
    21/12/17 - 05:04

    Just bought my 1 square foot estate in Glenco. It warms my heart to think of it! I hope to visit Scotland (and my estate!) some day.

  • John Andrew Plant MBE
    18/08/18 - 14:33

    I am trying to register my plots B91923 reg code 992e67
    Iam getting nowhere!
    Can you help please ?
    Also plot B91923 57.1124921
    Kind regards
    John Plant MBE

    • Peter Bevis
      05/10/18 - 11:45

      They are registered to you

  • Veronica Morgan and William Morgan
    30/01/19 - 04:26

    For plots A385899 Reg Code d8a744 and A385898 Reg Code bdf31a, could you please confirm that these two plots are registered in the above names?
    With thanks Lady Veronica and Lord William

    • Peter Bevis
      28/02/19 - 08:47

      I can confirm that both your plots are registered.
      This gives me the opportunity to remind you, and everyone else, that you can check the register yourself. Anyone can.

  • Deepak sharma
    21/02/19 - 07:34

    Regis ter for myplot

  • Andrew
    23/03/19 - 15:42

    Hi I would like to register my plot number 005926 on your site how do I go about doing this please.

    • Peter Bevis
      25/03/19 - 16:39

      Hi, No problem. We have emailed you.

  • Malcolm H Greves
    31/03/19 - 22:02

    Can you confirm that plots A399707 and B107107 are registered to me?

  • Donald l Meyer
    24/06/19 - 14:49


  • Nadine Roger Wilson-Saccary. 160017-fbba-2f32
    01/08/19 - 16:42

    not able to get registered

  • Nadine Roger Wilson-Saccary. 160017-fbba-2f32
    01/08/19 - 16:50

    not able to get registered could use some advice

  • Ian McGregor Campbell
    25/12/19 - 02:21

    Can’t find the facility to register my plot P 1864. I’ve created an account but there is nothing registered in it. Can you please help? Have a merry Christmas!

  • Donald L Meyer
    06/01/20 - 16:16

    Good morning I am trying to register my current new plots but having some difficulty
    Plot C65878
    Reg code 5e918b
    plot A431371
    Thank you for your assistance,
    Donald L. Meyer

  • Sharron Morten
    18/02/21 - 15:09

    I have just registered my plot which was bought for me as a gift. My husband also has been gifted a plot but he cannot register it as my account keeps coming up & he cannot log in. Please could you help us.

    • Dr. Peter Bevis
      25/02/21 - 08:05

      The instructions are in the letter that forms part of the pack. If your husband cannot log into his account, please contact [email protected]

  • Don Stenhouse and Ann Stenhouse
    27/04/21 - 14:02

    Have tried several times to get registered for Plots A607329 and A607330. Can you help? Thanks

    • Dr. Peter Bevis
      29/04/21 - 22:42

      These plots are already registered to your account. If still confused, please contact [email protected]

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