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Roe Deer | Highland Titles Reserve Rascals

Written by: Doug
Published: 16th December 2014, last updated: 27th January 2020


We’re continuing on with our Highland Titles Reserve Rascals series, a celebration of the vast number of species we have living on the Highland Titles Nature Reserve. This time we’re focusing on the beautiful roe deer. These deer are commonly found in Scotland and so it’s not a surprise that they’ve made themselves at home on the Nature Reserve.

We have both roe deer and red deer on the reserve; roe deer are the smaller of the two and generally tend to shy away from humans a little more, so it’s a real treat to get a glimpse of them.

The Highland Titles Roe Deer

reserve rascals roe deer Download the image here (or right-click and save image)


Please note that we’ve picked these numbers based on how the roe deer behave on the Highland Titles estate. For example, roe deer are very common in Scotland and so are not rare at all, however they’re rarely found in Wales and some parts of England.

Roe Deer
Food Chain 75 1 – 100 (1 being bottom of the food chain)
Rarity 1 1 – 10 (10 being very rare)
Mischief 9 1 – 10 (1 being very mischievous)
Ferocity 51 1 – 100 (100 being very ferocious)
Lifespan 10 typical lifespan of the animal in years

These stunning natives are one of the more common species of deer. After near-extinction in England around 1800 caused by over-hunting and forest clearances, the species was reintroduced and was eventually replenished by the 20th century.

A diet fit for a Highland Titles Lord and Lady

The roe deer live a comfortable life on the Highland Titles Nature Reserve eating herbs, brambles, heather and tree roots – all of which are readily available on the estate. The roe deer are pretty high up in the pecking order and food chain on the Nature Reserve as many of their natural predators such as bears, lynx and wolves are now extinct in Britain. Roe deer are traditionally delicate and elegant creatures, so being mischievous is totally out of character for them!

The buck packs a punch!

Although they might not be naturally mischievous, the male roe deer (or bucks) are known to aggressively defend their territory and can be quite ferocious if tested. Generally, roe deer have a lifespan of about 7 years, although there have been some cases of them living up to 10 years in the wild.

Sightings of Roe Deer on the Highland Titles Nature Reserve

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Written by: Doug

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  • dawn
    05/01/15 - 13:46

    that was very sweet~
    thank you for sharing this

  • Nancy
    05/01/15 - 15:31

    What a beautiful and graceful creature.

  • Eva Burnett
    05/01/15 - 20:19

    They are quite beautiful. At some point in the future will it become necessary to introduce more indigenous plants and/or predators to keep the preserve ecology balanced?

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