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Signatures Required – Ban Driven Grouse Shooting

Written by: Doug
Published: 8th August 2016, last updated: 5th April 2017


Dr. Mark Avery’s petition to ban driven grouse shooting needs 100,000 signatures before 20th September 2016.

As of today, it has almost 78,000. We want to help get it over the line.

In order to boost the numbers of grouse on the estates, gamekeepers burn, drain and poison the land. Some even illegally bait and kill protected birds of prey. The grouse population increases and they then charge thousands of pounds for people to come to the estates to shoot the birds for fun.

All of this is subsidised by the taxpayer.

Please sign this petition and share this page with everyone you know. We have the chance to make a real difference here if we work together to make our voices heard.


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Written by: Doug

Comments on this post

  • John Spencer Cook
    08/08/16 - 11:34

    An activity that should be stopped. We humans are the worst of all predators.

  • Family MacRae
    08/08/16 - 11:39

    My family have owned and managed estates and farms in both England Scotland for several generations so know first hand the horrors of bloodsports and hunting. This is purely about the exploitation and destruction of our rich natural history to benefit just a few for their sick pleasures and bloodstained profits. All landowners should be legally bound to protect our wildlife and ecoystems!

  • lori scott
    08/08/16 - 11:49

    they need to go and shoot themselves snooty pos that they are

  • Terence Brown
    08/08/16 - 12:05


  • Jan Hutson
    08/08/16 - 12:19

    Outrageous. Can’t they find anything better to do with their time. August 12th is my wedding anniversary, and I hate the thought of it being linked to the killing of our wildlife. Time it stopped!

    08/08/16 - 12:29

    stop the massacre of tetras

  • bertrand
    08/08/16 - 12:30

    Don’t kill tretas

  • E. Déshaun W. Williams
    08/08/16 - 12:37

    Enough is enough!

  • Fiona Howe
    08/08/16 - 12:38

    We should be looking after the wildlife everywhere there is so much building going up that they soon won’t have anywhere to live it’s awful

  • Joan Hazlewood
    08/08/16 - 12:39

    I have signed the petition but why is it September when the Grouse season opens on the 12th August?

    • Douglas Wilson
      08/08/16 - 15:06

      Hi Joan, all these petitions get 6 months to reach the 100,000 mark, and 20th September will be 6 months since this one was created.

  • Sara Wickenden
    08/08/16 - 12:43

    As a former environmental zoologist who is due to move back up to Scotland to be with my family I abhor the practice of driven grouse shooting. It’s is environmentally damaging, reduces already rare species and is morally unacceptable. Not only should the taxpayer not have to fund this despicable excuse for a sport the government should take responsibility and ban it outright. Invest the taxpayers money into real conservation and habitat protection. Not into the pockets of their buddies who enjoy slaughtering grouse.

  • Penelope Bourne
    08/08/16 - 12:45

    It is barbaric in this day and age to rear any creature with the intention of driving it, frantic with fear, from it’s hiding place so people can line up to shoot them. Surely these people’s time could be better spent. It would also help protect birds of prey.

  • Jonny Spink
    08/08/16 - 12:50

    How can killing be a sport in this day and age. People need to advance.

  • Terry Wilson
    08/08/16 - 12:51

    Stop this barbarism.

  • kath macdougall
    08/08/16 - 12:52

    about time something was done about this its barbaric

  • Jean Greer
    08/08/16 - 12:55

    This should be halted, especially when you get idiots discharging their guns in the direction of houses in the area. This happened to my family several times on the Isle of Skye during the grouse season a number of years ago.

  • Gerard Taylor
    08/08/16 - 12:55

    Total barbaric

  • robert graham
    08/08/16 - 13:04


  • Paul
    08/08/16 - 13:08

    Everything at the expense of making more money…!!!

  • Leonie
    08/08/16 - 13:09

    Barbaric out dated sport

  • Maragert Townsend
    08/08/16 - 13:18

    The taxpayer funds this destruction to keep the rich, rich! I despair! Anyone who kills for fun has a psychiatric problem.

  • ben marshall
    08/08/16 - 13:22

    sad behaviour; destroying an ecosystem for sport and pretending it is natural.

  • Gilbert Ross
    08/08/16 - 13:23

    Shooting a living creature and imagining it a “sport” must surely signal a person sick in their mind.

  • Frank Hill
    08/08/16 - 13:43

    Outdated barbarism

  • Sue Train
    08/08/16 - 13:44

    Why, can you not let nature run it’s own course.

  • Brian Hart
    08/08/16 - 13:49

    Stop it now

  • Sean Currie
    08/08/16 - 14:00


  • Karen Foster
    08/08/16 - 14:01

    shooting birds for fun! shame on you all.

  • Angela Johnson
    08/08/16 - 14:04

    This cruel act is no way fun, please just stop killing defenseless creatures, they are not here for your amusement 🙁

  • Eddie Waudby
    08/08/16 - 14:07

    They must be stopped .

  • linda sadler
    08/08/16 - 14:10

    Anybody that shoots for fun I think has a problem.

  • david morgan
    08/08/16 - 14:14

    Its abloody disgrace that these so called gentry get away with this but as a friend says—-they’ll get theirs some sooner some later but it will happen.

  • david evans
    08/08/16 - 14:18

    not good

  • K.evans
    08/08/16 - 14:19

    Let’s remove the smug smiles from their cruel faces

  • Stuart Corbett
    08/08/16 - 14:22


  • Barry Jubb
    08/08/16 - 14:24

    For fun, says it all.

  • Catherine J Taylor
    08/08/16 - 14:26


  • Mavis Petrie
    08/08/16 - 14:32

    It far beyond time this was consigned to the history books along with other atrocities that shame our country.

  • Alex Smith
    08/08/16 - 14:34

    Live and let live. Animals are NOT on this earth for human’s pleasure!!

  • Jennifer
    08/08/16 - 14:39

    Another ” just for fun ” activities that caused unnecessary sufferings!

  • Celia Bourne
    08/08/16 - 14:47

    This is awful. Needs to stop.

  • April Claridge-Elstob
    08/08/16 - 14:53

    Give the birds a GUN – then you can call it ‘sport’!!!

  • Anthony James
    08/08/16 - 16:11

    Are there any other circumstances where environments are managed for blood sports?

  • Karen Allan
    08/08/16 - 16:55

    All killing for sport should be stopped.

  • Lady Elaine Walker
    08/08/16 - 17:42

    This she be stopped now.

  • jane winton
    08/08/16 - 18:19

    Stop killing our wildlife so some ignorant twat can kill birds for fun!

  • Yvonne Cranston
    08/08/16 - 19:03

    Find another hobby where there is no blood shed , sickos

  • Karen Marcotte
    08/08/16 - 20:16

    Akin to whale hunting.

  • Richard harrison
    08/08/16 - 20:38

    Put an end to hunting for sport.

  • Marian Davidson
    08/08/16 - 21:37

    Please maintain and do not endanger the normal ecological balance of the Highland Moors. This is in the interest of every living thing on the planet, not merely a few people who only see them as a venue for ‘sport’.

  • Sue Jordan
    09/08/16 - 09:30

    Cruel and wicked murder of beautiful birds. They don’t mention how many are just maimed and left to die. hunters are disgraceful 🙁

  • Brenda Burton
    09/08/16 - 11:13

    The birds need to fly
    It is cruel to shoot them when
    People are not needing them

  • carol hatley
    09/08/16 - 12:56

    Why do humans feel the need to kill.

  • Joseph Bergin
    09/08/16 - 13:24

    A disgrace to our race.

  • Gill Thomas
    09/08/16 - 15:55

    Please end this barbaric, unnecessary and unwanted past-time of the minority.

  • Jackie watson
    09/08/16 - 16:46

    This is not sport. I’d like to do the same to people who think it is, see how they like it

  • Mandy Cameron
    09/08/16 - 17:12

    Totally unacceptable in this day and age.

  • Bob Halley
    09/08/16 - 17:21

    Humans the only animal that likes to kill for fun….all hunting should be banned

  • Sandra Fairclough
    09/08/16 - 18:16


  • stephanie
    09/08/16 - 19:28

    we should have followed the french model and guillotined the lot in 1789

  • Fiona Nicoll
    09/08/16 - 19:33

    This is barbaric – lets create communities for all – with real jobs, affordable housing, schools ad proper land management. Not antiquated, money driven, elistism.

  • Douglas Wilson
    09/08/16 - 19:42

    Well done and THANK YOU folks. Around 3000 signatures collected in the last 2 days. You ARE making a difference.

    Keep it up! Sign and share!

  • Carol Carruthers
    09/08/16 - 20:15

    Ban all blood sport….ALL.

  • Andrea Morgan
    09/08/16 - 22:34

    Shooting is a cowards sport.

  • Susan finn
    10/08/16 - 08:10

    It’s not a sport if it contains cruelty and death.

  • Andrea Taylor Kong
    10/08/16 - 08:18

    Canned hunting. It’s all wrong. All hunting must stop now.

  • Evemarie Disleris-Beck
    10/08/16 - 09:10

    These bad old “traditions” belong in the past – it’s 2016 for god’s sake!!

  • Lynne MacGregor
    10/08/16 - 10:04

    All blood sports should be banned it’s out dated and just cruel no need for it

  • Debbie Knight
    10/08/16 - 10:07

    Killing of animals in the name of so-called ‘sport’ is cruel, barbaric and frankly totally unacceptable in this day and age. ‘Tradition’ is no excuse either. Lets wake up to the 21st century and get blood sports banned.

  • jennifer hollman
    10/08/16 - 10:48

    peopel make me sick they think that what they do is ok killing any animal is wrong

  • Al honea
    10/08/16 - 10:49

    Please stop these cruel sports

  • Margaret Martinez Alzate
    10/08/16 - 11:52

    Needs sorting, – our nstive wildlife is legally protected nut the eich & todfs think they are above the law. We must restore our iplands to a healthy stare – we have the know how & the means, not to mention the urgency re reducing floiding amongst many other factirs…

  • Carrie Gamble
    10/08/16 - 15:03

    This is the 21st Century for Gods sake. It’s barbaric

  • tracey
    10/08/16 - 15:48

    When will Humans learn that killing is wrong! Call this Sport? I call it murder for fun! Shame on the people who participate, Please stop all Hunting and harming wildlife for Sport!

  • jacqueline Cahalane
    10/08/16 - 16:18

    It is 2016 ban these outdated practices. This is not sport it’s killing innocent animals

  • Shelley Pearce
    10/08/16 - 16:26

    This is an outrage and I fail to understand how it’s legal under the CRoW Act?!

  • S
    10/08/16 - 16:29

    This is not sport !

  • Ian Carruthers
    10/08/16 - 16:30

    I agree with this completely!

  • Angela Smith
    10/08/16 - 16:40

    Sick fed-up with man thinking it’s OK to kill beautiful living animals wildlife ect leave them alone and in peace, thus is barbaric have they no hearts grrrrrr

  • Karen Bloor
    10/08/16 - 16:45

    This is a cruel, barbaric practice and needs to be stopped.

  • Rebecca Flashman
    10/08/16 - 16:53

    I really can’t understand why popular and fêted young Royals like William and Kate take part in such cruelty. What’s the fun in frightening a beautiful timid creature that’s trying to hide in the undergrowth into the open simply to blast it out of existence…..or worse still; blow one of its wings off. Not all these wretched creatures are killed outfight, just maimed, rendered flightless, dropped from the sky, picked up in dog’s jaws and eventually dispatched (AKA necks twisted until they break) Why on earth would any decent human being want to take part in such utter, useless cruelty?

  • Gemma Stevens
    10/08/16 - 17:33

    This is barbaric behaviour – not a ‘sport’ at all!

  • Christine Smith
    10/08/16 - 17:40

    Why oh why do certain people think it is their right to kill things just because they want to
    Find another way of amusing yourselves please

  • jean Campbell
    10/08/16 - 18:20

    Time these people moved into the 21st century. No place for cruel bloodsport

  • Anne-Marie Cosh
    10/08/16 - 18:24

    This is wrong and should not be happening killing is not a sport or pass time it’s cruel and unnecessary

  • Danny Feeney
    10/08/16 - 18:27

    Ban blood sports now….

  • Jo Dawson
    10/08/16 - 18:55


  • D Martin
    10/08/16 - 19:09

    They say that money is the route of all evil, some people stop at nothing. You are not exempt from the law so how do these people get away with it? it’s about time this stopped!!

  • Phil read
    10/08/16 - 19:31

    Reform needed

  • Angie Tomlin
    10/08/16 - 19:35

    Please stop the slaughter of these beautiful creatures

  • Lynne Radford
    10/08/16 - 20:07

    Please sign

  • Nick Gardner
    10/08/16 - 20:10

    Ban it

  • christine lindsay
    10/08/16 - 20:22

    The damage caused to the land and to the natural wildlife population is horrendous, protected birds and animals trapped. The decimation of the moorlands and highlands is causing flooding endangering lives, damaging property, causing financial ruin and threatening the living of those affected. The people involved in the pursuit of what can by no means be considered sport are spineless and stupid, shooting grouse is not an achievement, they are bred to be slow and clumsy in flight, hardly a step up from fish in a barrel it is time to put an end this pass-time for buffoons.

  • Isla
    10/08/16 - 20:28

    As a hill walker,I have been told very firmly a couple of times to be gone from said area because I am allegedly disturbing baby grouse. I moved on and did not quote the right to roam etc. Now, I am disgusted at driven grouse shooting, and disgusted at the pathetic shooters, who require the grouse to be driven at them before they can shoot birds. Not really fair game, no pun intended. More and more areas are being given over to this horrid past time and it has to stop. I must say I am not totally against shooting, just this highly barbaric way of doing it.

  • Juds jack
    10/08/16 - 20:45

    I think it’s barbaric, cruel to kill for the sake of killing.

  • Rachel Whittle
    10/08/16 - 23:59

    Hunters are evil people. Who would get perverse pleasure from this?

  • Beryl Rittman
    11/08/16 - 04:44

    This isn’t sport it,s mass murder.
    This is done in the name of so called Sportsmen!
    They should be publicly named and shamed.

  • Patricia Darvill
    11/08/16 - 08:12

    In this day and age, it is barbaric.

  • Maureen Woodhams
    11/08/16 - 08:30

    All blood sports should be banned

  • john milne
    11/08/16 - 08:50

    who can say they are civilised if they kill for pleasure

  • Marilyn O’Loughlin
    11/08/16 - 08:51

    Poor things. These people are not men they’re cowards shooting innocent creatures for their ‘amusement’. Shocking that in this day and age these people are allowed to just kill anything they want. Sick people.

  • Michelle
    11/08/16 - 09:25

    What’s wrong with this world is too many people lack empathy

  • Thomas Ryan
    11/08/16 - 09:54

    Remove them and these antiquated remnants of the aristocracy. Im surprised they can even see the birds after so many generations of inbreeding

  • Anita Sayer-Hickson
    11/08/16 - 10:05

    Sport? I don’t think so! The mind boggles at who would want to be a part of such senseless cruelty. Shocking! It should be banned outright!

  • Lewis Belle
    11/08/16 - 11:21

    Why must you kill something to have fun?
    Take up clay pigeon shooting or something.

  • rose deery
    11/08/16 - 11:23

    sick and tired of man thinking he can murder and butcher poor defenceless animals it is barbaric and unnecessary in this day and age

  • rose deery
    11/08/16 - 11:24

    it not sport it is murder and crueltyat it’s worst

  • Sandra
    11/08/16 - 11:45

    It’s just barbaric It’s got to stop NOW

    11/08/16 - 13:10

    Anyone who is party to this needs to hang their head in shame. Pray it gets banned and soon.

  • Alison
    11/08/16 - 13:32

    Time an end was put to it

  • Lorraine Archibald
    11/08/16 - 13:37

    Why do these people(?) think they are above the law?! This is not sport its cruelty and animal abuse!! Name shame and jail the idiots involved in this barbarism towards beautiful and protected wildlife!

  • D Tuck
    11/08/16 - 14:00

    I have never & will never understand the mentality of people who need to kill creatures for fun.

  • Nancy
    11/08/16 - 15:36

    Stop this killing

  • Yvonne Smallridge
    11/08/16 - 15:53

    Why do these rich, cruel people have the urge to massacre innocent, beautiful living creatures? Why do they think they have the right to kill? They are blood thirsty slaughterers.

  • W.Albert Dow MD
    11/08/16 - 15:56


  • Michelle Dudson
    11/08/16 - 16:06

    There is no need for this. Some humans just thrive on cruelty!

  • Peter Sheridan
    11/08/16 - 16:33

    Vile act by vile bunch of twats.

  • Mrs Linda sword
    11/08/16 - 16:34

    Sick of hearing about abuse of all animals do something about it too much abuse in this world through vile people

  • Jill Hall
    11/08/16 - 16:45

    Just horrendous to see. Ban it .

  • Pam Hyett
    11/08/16 - 17:30

    Killing any defenceless creature is abominable and cowardly and needs to be stopped.

  • Ann Moore
    11/08/16 - 17:49

    There is enough cruelty going on all over the world. Please British people be civil and respect animals, birds and yourselves. Let all birds fly free. It’s their world too.

  • Robert semple
    11/08/16 - 18:15

    Hunters are evil

  • Michelle tattersall
    11/08/16 - 19:20

    This is a cruel sport!

  • sc
    11/08/16 - 19:43

    This has to stop

  • Karen mcevilly
    11/08/16 - 19:54

    This must Stop

  • Lara Dynowski
    11/08/16 - 19:59

    Apart from the obvious cruelty aspects there are so many other knock on effects that are damaging to the surroundings, many animals and our morals. We need to evolve beyond this type of behaviour and respect non-human creatures and their lives. Let us please ban this disgusting excuse for a sport forever!

  • Seb Beloe
    11/08/16 - 20:03

    Time this archaic sport was banned.

  • Karin Greevy
    11/08/16 - 21:31

    It may be deemed ‘wild’, but it’s life – and it’s not up to humans to cut it short just for ‘pleasure’.

  • David Scudder
    11/08/16 - 21:43

    Ban all blood sports!

  • Chris. Keane
    11/08/16 - 22:15

    Its just another SICK SICK killing practise by cruel people..way beond time the human race banned these barbarisms

  • Catherine J Taylor
    11/08/16 - 22:17

    It’s about time we became civilised

  • Anne Traill
    11/08/16 - 22:49


  • Justine Gough
    12/08/16 - 03:44


  • Vicki musson
    12/08/16 - 08:28

    All killing of animals is disgusting, barbaric and unnecessary. Human greed will end up destroying this beautiful earth!!!

  • Carol Coupe
    12/08/16 - 10:02

    Be a sporting chap! Give them a chance and put your guns away.

  • Julia McConoughey-Shiels
    12/08/16 - 10:36

    The time is long past when entitled, spoiled elite are allowed to engage in slaughter. They will never be enlightened or have compassion so it is down to the rest of us to force it on them

  • Pauline Graham
    12/08/16 - 12:03

    Ban killing of all creatures, we have become a greedy and selfish nation, time to call a halt!!

  • ashton maxfield
    12/08/16 - 12:14


  • Jeanette brown
    12/08/16 - 12:19

    Sheer cruelty

  • Phillip Parfitt
    12/08/16 - 12:27

    How the hell do you get pleasure from slaughtering thousands of harmless birds? These people must surely have something wrong with them to justify killing for fun.

  • Anne Johnson
    12/08/16 - 13:55


  • Lily
    12/08/16 - 14:20

    This world will never be peaceful until people drop this delusion of superiority and self entitlement to kill freely and without consequences outside of their own species. We still have a long way to go in creating a world I would want my children to live in. It really is a certain type of person who takes part in this type of archaic murder. Please stop all cruel ‘sports’, stop vivisection, stop zoos and circuses and stop meat and dairy.

  • kirsten mcvey
    12/08/16 - 14:41

    Action now!

  • Philip Richards
    12/08/16 - 14:49

    So sad

  • James mclean
    12/08/16 - 15:06

    Stop this killing before they are extinked stop this now

  • Grace
    12/08/16 - 17:21

    this is very sad

  • Diane
    12/08/16 - 17:22

    STOP murdering animals horrible humans

  • Michelle robinson
    12/08/16 - 17:51

    Disgusting what animals have to suffer because of humans !!

  • Anji main
    12/08/16 - 17:54


  • Gary Hewson
    12/08/16 - 18:14

    People should fill their time with maintaining life not ending it

  • Kate Lewis
    12/08/16 - 18:14

    Live and let live.
    Emerge better.
    Take up a real sport, or how about a nice board game… something that engages one’s brain?

  • Diane Campbell
    12/08/16 - 20:26

    Its 2016. Have we learned nothing ?

  • Joanne crooks
    12/08/16 - 21:04

    This barbaric criel activity should end

  • James Higgins
    12/08/16 - 21:25

    Clay pigeon shooting you evil gits

  • Ingrid
    12/08/16 - 21:50

    This is a look thirsty cruel sport and it should be banned!

  • Andrew Jones
    13/08/16 - 07:28

    No need for this blood sport today. It is abhorrent.

  • Gloria kirk
    13/08/16 - 22:06

    Stop this cruel sport it is all about money

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