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The Best Coronavirus Memes, Tweets & Jokes

Written by: Caitlin
Published: 31st March 2020, last updated: 1st April 2020

There’s a lot to be said about the power of a good laugh. Since most of the country is staying at home, a lot of laughs are currently coming from the Internet. You can always rely on the internet to find a bit of joy, some absolutely hilarious content, and to prove that although this pandemic has changed our everyday lives, our humour remains unchanged.

From tic-tac-toe playing pets to people’s deepest and darkest thoughts on working from home, we have collated some of the best memes, tweets and jokes currently floating around cyberspace. So if you are looking to take your mind off of everything going on in the news, continue scrolling through – and do share your own favourites that you think will make our Community smile via comments or our social media pages!


Furry Colleagues

No one is happier about most of the nation working from home than our pets – well, the majority of them (some cats are pretty disturbed and annoyed by our sudden constant presence).

Either way, people are definitely keeping them busy – with lots of cuddles, entertaining games, and even shop runs?


Taking Isolation & Social Distancing Well

Whilst everyone is taking the measures advised by the government seriously, social distancing and isolation have started to take their toll. Days have started to drag, and we are not even sure what day it is anymore. And to make matters worse, the weather has been particularly good.

Make sure you are enjoying the glorious weather on your daily walk. But don’t forget – limit your exposure to the world and keep your distance!

And since pubs, gyms, and shops are closed, people have started to get creative.

Except for introverts, which seem to have this quarantine lifestyle down.


Trials & Tribulations of Working From Home

Working from home is a novelty for a lot of people – countless calls and video calls, no commuting, improvised working spaces. No wonder it is taking them some time getting used to the trials and tribulations that come with remote working.

But at least business attire has suddenly become a lot more relaxed.


Keeping Safe

Whether you are starting to feel the self-isolation madness or if you are enjoying a relaxing and well-deserved break from work, the most important thing is to keep safe and healthy, and overall spirits high. Don’t forget, some generations have had it much worse than us!

We urge you to keep up to date with advice from the UK Government, NHS, and W.H.O., to stay safe in these unprecedented times. And if you know someone in need of some desperate, lighthearted fun, our gift packs are the perfect pick me up!


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Written by: Caitlin

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  • Tuncay Emil
    04/04/20 - 05:42

    Chaos Theory then:
    If a butterfly flutters its wings in China, that will cause a hurricane in America.
    Chaos Theory now:
    If a man drinks bat soup in China, that will cause a toilet paper shortage in America.

  • Micgael Castro
    01/05/20 - 23:51

    You mean “collected”, not “collated”.

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