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The Gathering – An attendee’s point of view

Written by: Doug
Published: 29th March 2016, last updated: 27th January 2020


We’ve recently reached out to past attendees of The Gathering to not only find out what they think of the event, but also to share with others their experiences. We know our mission for the event, but it’s nice to hear when we are achieving this goal of bringing Lairds, Lords and Ladies from around the world together at the Highland Titles Nature Reserve to see the progress their support has made. Today, we’d like to share the responses we received from Ken and Frances Gibbs.

Frances and Ken Gibbs

Frances and Ken Gibbs – Annual Gathering Attendees

Where do you travel from and how?

Ken and Frances have attended The Gathering every year and travel by plane from Guernsey to Inverness, where they then hire a car to reach the reserve and explore the surrounding areas. We tend to recommend this route of travel (also arriving in Glasgow or Edinburgh), as with a car you have the most flexibility and freedom to discover the true beauty of the Scottish Highlands. Arriving at least one day before, and staying a few nights after also allows them to take advantage of a holiday in the Highlands, visit friends and occasionally take a trip to visit the Bumblebee Haven at Mountain View as well.

Why do you attend?

When asked why it was that they attend The Gathering, they responded with a variety of reasons, including, most importantly, to receive an update on and see for themselves, the progress Highland Titles have made to conserve and rehabilitate the land on the reserves. Over the years Ken and Frances have also made many friends with fellow landowners in attendance and always look forward to meeting new attendees each year. Getting involved in the event and with the conservation activities is also an exciting part of The Gathering, and they have even taken the opportunity to plant a few new trees on one occasion.

“We probably enjoy the visit to the sites the most to see the progress and hope one day to be able to see the wildlife there (probably on an occasion when there are not so many of us there). However, we really enjoy the whole experience, not to mention the opportunity to wear one of my kilts (usually the MacDonald tartan as we were from Glengarry on my mother’s side as opposed to Buchanan on my father’s side).”

Tickets are no longer available for The Gathering, taking place at the Isles of Glencoe Hotel, near the Highland Titles Nature Reserve, on May 10-12th, 2016. We do hope you are attending, as it’s not only a chance to visit your land but to also meet others who support and care about the conservation of the Highlands as much as we do. We look forward to meeting all Lairds, Lords and Ladies who can attend this year and showcasing the hard work and preservation of the land their donations and support help facilitate.

See you in May!


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Written by: Doug

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  • Lady Debbie McCaskie Wengrzyn
    14/04/16 - 15:28

    We would like to go but you don’t give us much notice since we will have to travel from the USA.

    • Peter
      25/04/16 - 07:40

      There is always next year! Reserve the dates now – May 23 – 25, 2017

  • Lord Roger Rankin
    15/04/16 - 04:00

    Can you please tell me the dates for the 2017 Gathering. Thank you

    • Peter
      25/04/16 - 07:30

      The 2017 Gathering will be held at the Isles of Glencoe Hotel on 23-25th May, 2017. Tickets will be on sale from June 2016

  • Lady Linda
    16/05/16 - 12:14

    Have not received any emails for over a month and am anxious to see news on the Gathering and Spring work on the Nature Reserve.
    Thank you!

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