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The New Highland Titles App (2019)

Written by: Donald
Published: 10th December 2019

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We are very pleased to (finally!) confirm the launch of our new customer app!

To all the Lairds, Lords and Ladies who are currently using the old apps on iOS and Android, please note that we no longer have the capacity to service these apps.  They aren’t being updated any more and if you continue trying to use them, it is likely that you will experience some difficulties.

The new app differs from the old app(s) in several ways:

  1.  The new app is much easier to access & download.  It is accessible via a web URL – app.highlandtitles.com
  2. Simply visit the URL and, allow the app to access your location and press the button that will download the app to your home screen.
  3.  The new app will also work on Windows phones!
  4. A user guide to the new app is available here
  5. The plotfinder function will only display the distance to your app unless you are within 10km of your plot.  At that point the directions will become more detailed.

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Written by: Donald

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