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The New Highland Titles App (2019)

Written by: Doug
Published: 10th December 2019

We are very pleased to (finally!) confirm the launch of our new customer app!

To all the Lairds, Lords and Ladies who are currently using the old apps on iOS and Android, please note that we no longer have the capacity to service these apps.  They aren’t being updated any more and if you continue trying to use them, it is likely that you will experience some difficulties.

The new app differs from the old app(s) in several ways:

  1.  The new app is much easier to access & download.  It is accessible via a web URL –
  2. Simply visit the URL and, allow the app to access your location and press the button that will download the app to your home screen.
  3.  The new app will also work on Windows phones!
  4. A user guide to the new app is available here
  5. The plotfinder function will only display the distance to your app unless you are within 10km of your plot.  At that point the directions will become more detailed.

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Written by: Doug

Comments on this post

  • Lord Dennis O’Neill
    22/12/19 - 11:58

    I had tried to enter my husband’s Highland Title plot purchased 12/25/2014 on your app & this new app link. I have had no luck enter plot # A114998( or just enter the numbers 114998). The survey reference point197046500 753363500).
    We actually visited the Highland Titles Nature Preserves Oct 2029 yet we had not brought his certificate.
    We are hoping that we could see what his plot looks like. Maybe you could email a photo. Thanks for all you do to conserve nature. Sincerely, Dennis & Patricia O’Neill

    • Dr. Peter Bevis
      30/12/19 - 11:08

      It should work now. When you log into the new app you will get a very clear idea of what the plot is like from the air.

  • Lady Elke Sabine Jarius-Beem
    27/01/20 - 14:23

    Hallo guys,
    I tried to install the app on my I phone.
    But it’s not in the Apple App Store.
    I can go on the side into the internet, but I can’t
    see how far it is from my home, because without the
    App on my phone I can not make „ Standort zugreifen““
    Thanks for help.
    And sorry for my English.
    Kind regards

    • Dr. Peter Bevis
      13/02/20 - 12:49

      Please read the post. The new app is a browser app, so it cannot be downloaded from anywhere. See point 1:
       The new app is much easier to access & download.  It is accessible via a web URL –

  • Kathleen Geiger
    06/04/20 - 23:06

    Considering a 100sq. Ft. Plot. Is it possible to choose or are we randomly assigned plots?

  • Janet Douglas
    09/10/20 - 12:05

    My husband Thomas Douglas died 2years ago and has plotA34639. I have found his card certifying this but unfortunately I can’t find any other paperwork. Would it be possible to transfer this to my grandson. Hope you can help me with this.

    Thanking you
    Janet Douglas

    • Dr. Peter Bevis
      12/10/20 - 10:57

      Not a problem. I have emailed you

  • Diane Littlejohn
    11/08/22 - 15:31

    I have registered on your app but it does not recognise my 2 plots. They are numbered A46649 and 46650 and both certificates of sale are in my name. Do you have these in your records.
    Diane Littlejohn

    • Dr. Peter Bevis
      11/08/22 - 19:09

      You will need to claim these plots as they are not currently allocated to your account

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