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The Ultimate Guide To Scottish Gifts

Written by: Doug
Published: 15th December 2018, last updated: 5th October 2021

A Guide To Scottish Gifts

There are lots of people in the world who might appreciate a good Scottish gift.  Did you know there are more people in America with Scottish ancestry than there are people in Scotland?  The number of people in America thought to have at least one Scottish ancestor is estimated to be between 9 and 25 million!

But which type of Scottish gift should you buy when there are so many to choose from?

Types of Scottish Gift

The best Scottish gifts generally fit into four main categories: Celtic gifts, clan gifts, tartan gifts and whisky.  But there is a fifth type that most people don’t know about!  Read on for more information.

Celtic Gifts

celtic love knot

All Scottish people ultimately descended from the Celtic speaking Picts and Gaels who were around in the 9th Century.  Celtic symbols are usually a mix of knots and swirls and are prevalent in Scottish jewellery as well as Scottish tattoos.  They can also be engraved onto metal objects such as hip flasks and quaichs.

What is a quaich?

A quaich (pronounced ‘quake’) is a Scottish drinking cup, usually made from wood, pewter or silver and has two handles on opposite sides.  The word ‘quaich’ is derived from the Gaelic word ‘coach’, which means cup.

scottish quaich

What is a quaich used for?

A quaich was traditionally used to offer guests a welcome or farewell drink in Scotland.

Scottish Clan Gifts

Scottish clans date back to medieval times, and they have an ancient and bloody history.  Clans took their wealth and power from two sources: their numbers and their land. Many clans are associated with a specific area of Scotland.

Each clan has its own name, crest and tartan, all of which are featured in a wide variety of Scottish gifts such as kilt pins and badges.  Some of the most popular clans include the Clan Macgregor, the Clan Armstrong and the Clan Campbell. For more information on Scottish clans, read our guide to Scottish clans and families.

We also have a guide to Scottish names. 

Tartan Gifts

The official register of Scottish tartans has over 4000 entries, but fewer than 500 tartans have ever been woven.

Tartan features heavily in the Scottish gift trade.  You’ll find it in clothing, accessories, luggage, cuddly toys…. Everywhere really!


Scotland’s most famous export is known all over the world.  Not many people know that in order for whisky to be called ‘Scottish’ or ‘Scotch’ whisky, it has to be made in a certain way as dictated by the law.  Like the Scottish clans, whiskies are usually associated with a particular region of Scotland.

There is a different type of Scottish gift!  

That’s right!  There is a another kind of Scottish gift which is very popular and very different.  Hundreds of thousands of people have bought it over the last 12 years and we challenge anyone to find a more engaging gift anywhere in the world.  This Scottish gift is


It carries a strong message and strengthens your connections with Scotland.  Many customers become repeat customers because of the underlying message.


You can’t break it. It can’t be thrown away.  It doesn’t need batteries.  This gift will still exist long after we’re gone and it will never go out of fashion.


With more than 7000 reviews, it scores an average of 9.6/10 on the independent review site Trustpilot.  People just LOVE receiving this gift.

Green and Eco-friendly

Buying this gift helps to fund important conservation work.  Since its beginnings more than 12 years ago, this gift has helped flora and fauna to thrive in Scotland and protected over 400 acres of beautiful Scottish countryside.


You can’t buy this gift anywhere else.  Every single one of these gifts is uniquely identified.


This Scottish gift doesn’t come off the shelf.  It’s always personalised with the recipient’s name which makes it even more special.

For Him or For Her

Both men and women (and children!) love this gift.  Hundreds of thousands of these gifts have been sold, and there’s even a huge and thriving community that has been built upon it!  Not many gifts can say that.

So….. what is it?

This gift is Scotland itself.  

That’s right!  

You can buy a plot of land in Scotland from £30.

The law in Scotland specifically defines souvenir plots of land.  These gift-sized plots can be as little as 30cm x 30cm. This is the minimum size of plot which can be uniquely defined using latitude, longitude and OS grid reference co-ordinates, but larger plots are also available: 10 square foot, 100 square foot and 1000 square foot.

Highland Titles has been selling these plots of land in the stunning Scottish Highlands for over 12 years.   Here’s the view from some of the plots.

highland titles nature reserve

The view from the Highland Titles Nature Reserve

The relevant documentation and information comes in a beautiful, luxury gift pack.

Tens of thousands of landowners (affectionately known as the Lairds, Lords and Ladies of Glencoe) have visited their plots of land over the last 5 years.

Highland Titles Gathering 2013

A team of volunteers based at the land can – by prior appointment – meet you there, give you a guided tour of the estate and show you to your plot.

The land itself in on the Highland Titles Nature Reserve.  According to Trip Advisor, this nature reserve has become the most popular nature reserve in Scotland and the 4th most popular thing to do in the entire Scottish Highlands.

Clearly, the Lairds, Lords and Ladies enjoy seeing the conservation work their support has made possible.  In fact, the Highland Titles Nature Reserve is an official 4-star tourist attraction!

Highland Titles Review

It gets better!  Highland Titles is a real community.  Approximately 100 Lords and Ladies of Glencoe attend the Highland Titles Gathering every year.  This two day event is based near to the land in a local hotel. It features informative talks, traditional Scottish food, drink and dancing and – of course – a visit to the land.

They also sell a range of associated accessories.  So if you still want to buy a different type of Scottish gift, you can buy one that’s associated with your plot of land!

Scottish Accessories

Highland Titles has its own official Scottish tartan and buckler, and we sell a whole range of Scottish gifts and accessories including hats, scarves, bags, key-rings, plaques and mugs in that unique style.

For those who are particularly proud to join the Highland Titles community, we have the exclusive Award of Arms.

So if you’re looking to buy a high quality, unique and personalised Scottish gift, look no further.

Buy A Plot

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Written by: Doug

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  • Bradley Burrell
    22/12/18 - 01:29

    I was looking for something special for my wife for our anniversary. She has Scottish ancestors and I was frustrated in trying to find something different for the occasion. I happened across Highland Titles and my search was over. I sat at my computer while she laid down for a nap one afternoon. She awoke with a computer print out showing that she was a land owner in Scotland! Needless to say, she was impressed! She was so excited about it that she insisted that I get a plot as well. We have enjoyed following the happenings at the two reserves over the internet. We are very impressed with their progress in the area of conservation and also the professionalism of their staff. I recently found out that I too have some Scottish ancestry. We just purchased a plot for my two sons and their wives for Christmas. We can’t wait to present this to them. Thanks Highland Titles for a truly unique gift that won’t wear out or get old.
    Brad Burrell
    Marion, Ohio

  • Sydney Chichester
    27/01/21 - 00:04

    Our wonderful community administrator, who is very Scottish-wearing his clansman kilt- is retiring soon and we’d like to get him some sort of a “Meade cup”, that could be engraved. Any suggestions?
    I saw a picture of a somewhat ornate “cup” used to welcome and/or bid goodbye, I think it was called a quaige?(forgive my spelling!).
    Any ideas are welcome!
    Sydney Chichester (Ms)

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