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Undercover wildlife – Updates from the “otter cams”

Written by: Stewart Borland
Published: 17th May 2016, last updated: 27th January 2020

One of our favourite parts about the reserve is seeing all of the wildlife that have made homes here over the years. As we work hard to plant and grow a suitable habitat for many native species (also by introducing our “bug hotels”), we have begun to see the fruits of our labour by noticing a steady increase of active wildlife on the Reserve. We now have 5 cams set up around the Reserve which allow us to “go undercover” and check up on our furry residents.

The “otter cam” has been one of the most constant sources of wildlife activity on the Reserve. So far, though, we’ve yet to catch footage of an actual otter! We’ve nicknamed a few of our regulars now, with Hawkeye the Heron being a returning favourite. The pine martens have been particularly energetic, occasionally showing up on the camera a few times a week. We have seen quite a few otters on the Reserve, they just appear to be a bit camera shy!

The following videos have been uploaded to our Facebook page this month. If you’d like to stay up to date on all wildlife updates as they happen, make sure you like our page!


Badger, deer and more! – 15/05/16

THE ELUSIVE OTTER! Finally making an appearance on the “otter cam”  – 04/05/16

“Speedy Gonzales” the pine marten – 19/04/16

The curious pine marten, as well as a guest spot by one of our deer near the end 20/04/16

Badger spotting – 15/04/16

Hawkeye the heron – 19/04/16


Which one of the inhabitants of the reserves is your favourite? The speedy pine marten, or the handsome heron? Let us know in the comments below!

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Written by: Stewart Borland

Comments on this post

  • Mike
    18/05/16 - 08:13

    These are great. I particularly like the pine martin. Are they nocturnal. Pity you can’t get a colour video of one.

  • Nicki Farenden
    18/05/16 - 09:35

    I love these, it’s great to see these animals in there natural environment.
    A joy to watch.

  • Lady Jane Cheeseman
    18/05/16 - 10:15

    It was lovely to see both the handsome heron and the pine marten. It is so nice to be part of the community of the Highland Nature Reserve.
    Thank you for the pictures, keep them coming.

  • Brégevin
    18/05/16 - 10:43

    What about ” Wild Cat ” it xas a nice video

  • Susan Reid
    18/05/16 - 15:37

    Lady Susan Reid shame videos not working sorry can’t comment xx

    • Douglas Wilson
      18/05/16 - 16:04

      Hi Susan, the cameras seem to be working fine for us. Are you watching on your phone?

  • Karen Turner
    18/05/16 - 18:41

    Love these videos. Shooting animals – the right way! Thanks for sharing.

  • Jacques Wakefield
    18/05/16 - 21:41

    Great seeing animals in their home.

  • Debra Watts
    19/05/16 - 03:21

    Love the badger, oh and the speedy pine marten! love these wildlife cams!

  • Lady anne lindsey evans-hunter
    19/05/16 - 04:41

    Fabulous videos. great idea, are badgers territorial?

  • Jocelyn Layton
    19/05/16 - 11:57

    It’s good to see the animals & birds out & about. In too many countries the fauna & flora fall by the wayside due to developers. Everything has its place in the world.

  • Lady Gloria McLoud
    19/05/16 - 20:44

    I enjoyed all of the videos, but I have to admit, the otter and the badger were my favorites! Glad to see more wildlife returning to their natural habitat!

  • Suzanne Farney
    21/05/16 - 04:26

    Personally I like the deer. They just walk through the video so casually.

  • sherri
    13/06/16 - 11:09

    Loved seeing all the animals
    No favorite love them all

  • Hilary Douglas- Wood.
    17/06/16 - 10:36

    Love the otter everytime. But you must have Scottish wild cats too and they are the creme de la creme.

  • Reggie
    12/08/16 - 12:42

    I can’t hear anityhng over the sound of how awesome this article is.

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