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Update from the Reserve – April 2020

Written by: Stewart Borland
Published: 1st May 2020, last updated: 30th April 2020

As the sun starts to shine, temperatures rise, and moods are lifted! In the Nature Reserves, the wildlife is getting more active, and we can sense love in the air – from our little spiky friends to our much-welcomed returning Canada Geese. This month, not only do we want to share some of that love but also ask for your help to spread it! Continue reading to find out more.


The Canada Geese Are Back

Canada Geese Couple
We are so excited to announce the return of the Canada Geese – this is now the fourth year that these stunning birds have graced us with a visit, and have chosen to nest in the Nature Reserve. In the first year, we welcomed 8 adorable goslings. In the second year 6 and last season 7. So place your bets on how many wee goslings you think we will count this season!

Whilst it has been quite the adventure to place the SpyCams in the right spots, as they seem to enjoy changing nesting locations, we have now moved the SpyCams to all potential locations. Let’s hope for some nice videos next month!



Bringing Lairds, Lords and Ladies Together

Lairds, Lords and Ladies at the Gathering
During these hard times, it’s more important than ever to stay connected and make sure we are checking in on those that might be more lonely or isolated than usual. In an attempt to bring the Community closer together, we are thinking about creating an email-based pen pal scheme and/or a closed Facebook group where members can interact with each other and receive sneak peeks at new projects and initiatives.

But we want to hear from you – would you be interested in joining the pen pal scheme? Or would you prefer joining the Facebook group only? Or perhaps you would be keen to actually join both! Please let us know by completing the form below.



More Than Friends?

Hedgehogs Caught By Spycam
Earlier this month, our SpyCam captured a romantic night outing between two of our resident hedgehogs. As they shared some food, we can only hope this is the start of something more! Hedgehogs reach sexual maturity in the second year of life, after which they can breed every year until death. The period of greatest activity, the rut, occurs in May and June in Britain. Having our first set of baby hogs, also known as hoglets, this season would be absolutely wonderful!



A Puddle Is Not a Loch

Collage of tadpoles in the puddle & Fiona moving them to the Loch
It seems that some of the frogs in the Nature Reserve need a lesson on where to spawn, as they have decided to do it in a puddle, one that was drying up fast due to the warmer weather. So after some days of manually topping up the puddle, Fiona and Stewart rescued the tadpoles from the puddle and released them at the edge of the lochan. Now they have plenty of space to fully grow and develop into adult frogs!



Clip of the Month: A Special Call Caught On Video

This month, we are bringing you one of the most special and possibly rarest SpyCam captures yet. After consulting with vets and experts in the field, this is what we believe to be Hope calling for a mate. See and hear it for yourself!

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Written by: Stewart Borland

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