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Update From the Reserve – April 2022

Written by: Stewart Borland
Published: 2nd May 2022, last updated: 2nd June 2022

We love being able to share the Reserve with not only the Lords and Ladies who have come to visit but by bringing it to you wherever you may be! Thanks to modern technology we are now seeing the Reserve from a whole new perspective. Read on to learn more!


Picture Perfect

Highland Titles Reserve Webcam

We finally have the Reserve Webcam up and running! As internet connection has always been our nemesis (the price we pay for such stunning surroundings) this has been a work in progress for months! Although we are still unable to share live video, the webcam will now show static images which updates to a fresh image every minute. You can take a look for yourself over on the Highland titles dashboard and/or App!



Birds Eye View

cuckoo bird

This month the birds have been the stars of the Reserve. The first new arrivals of the year were a delightful waddle of mallard ducklings! Here they can be spotted swimming along after mum, in our picturesque loch. They are not the only ones taking advantage of the Reserve as we have our Canada Geese who we remain hopeful will start to show signs of nesting (fingers crossed), as well as many other local species that love to pose for their photos up by our bird feeder!

We have also now heard our first calls of the year from the Cuckoo Bird. The calls of the Cuckoo echo throughout the trees of the Reserve, but despite being such a ‘presence’ to those who visit, we are yet to actually see one – a testament to their camouflage and elusive nature!



Growing a Legacy

scots pine trees growing on the reserve

On our recent walks around the Reserve, we decided to check in on the first-ever Scots Pine we planted. We planted these 2 seedlines 7 years ago and look at them now – standing approximately 5 foot tall! Scots pine grow notoriously slowly but as these trees remind us good things come to those who wait!



What a Moth!

moths found on the reserve
Take a look at Heather’s first attempt with the moth trap. A simple apparatus (a lamp, a cup & some cardboard) led us to see and record the following species: Red Chestnut, Common Quaker, Hebrew Character & the Pale Pinion. All of these species are quite common, although the latter is not as common this far North!



Clip of the Month: A Merry Montage

This clip features some of our Reserve favourites. Take a watch to see some tails, hogs, owls and free to roam cats!

If you want to hear more about our Reserve Animals while contributing directly to their conservation why don’t you consider adopting them here!


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Written by: Stewart Borland

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