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Update From The Reserve – August 2017

Written by: Amanda
Published: 21st August 2017, last updated: 7th October 2018

The Highland Titles Nature Reserve is having an incredibly busy month, with an average of 5 tours happening each day. We’re so grateful that you are still braving the terrible weather we’ve had this summer to visit your plots of land. Despite the weather, we’re confident that we’ve managed to show our Highland Titles Lords and Ladies what the Nature Reserve is all about and what we’ve managed to achieve. Below are a few photos from one of our tours this month, you might (will) notice a few photos where the weather has stolen the limelight! Read on for our August updates from the Reserve.


 August Updates From The Reserve


Speaking Of The Weather…

What can we say? It’s not been the sunniest of summers here in Scotland, and we often get the brunt of it up here in the Highlands. It’s not stopped our visitors coming however and it certainly hasn’t stopped any work being done on the Reserve. While the constant rain makes for a more sombre tour experience, it has a magical effect on the Nature Reserve.

In between the downpours we can see the Reserve thriving from the extra watering and truly coming to life! We planted bulrush seeds a couple of years ago and they are now coming up really well, obviously enjoying the Lochans and all the rain. The bulrush can grow about 2 metres tall, with cylindrical chocolate brown spikes of female flowers, immediately beneath a narrower fluffy straw coloured male spike.

Nevertheless there are always two Reserve residents who will always enjoy the rain. You guessed it… here are Corbett and Barker our saddleback pigs in all their glory, rolling in wet mud – what a life!


August Updates From The Reserve Pigs


Naming The New Lochan

We’re in the process of naming the new Lochan on the Reserve. We’ve already asked our landowners to make name suggestions, we’ve put together a shortlist and we’ll be asking our landowners again to choose their favourite from the shortlist. If you have a Highland Titles plot you are entitled to help with these decisions so please sign up for the newsletter to vote if you haven’t done so already!

Whilst we’re talking about the Lochan, one of our Reserve regulars (who also happens to be a photographer) took this absolutely stunning timelapse of the Lochan – isn’t it just magical.



A New Way To Enjoy The Lochan

We have built a lovely new bridge up at the Lochan which will connect with the new path that we’re creating. We think that the bridge itself is a little piece of art and it means that our visitors can really get a sense of the vastness of the Lochan.


August Updates From The Reserve Bridge

August Updates From The Reserve Bridge


Coming Soon To The Reserve

With the rain and constant flurry of visitors, we have quite a few things in the pipeline that aren’t quite ready.

  • A new path so that people can walk around the Lochan, rather than just walk past it
  • The Shepherd Hut is very nearly ready!
  • We have started work on the area for the glamping (but only just)

Finally, the beautiful Osprey is back! What a pleasure to have such a magnificent creature visiting the Reserve, this time even bringing a friend and a juvenile. Hopefully it is a sign that they might be making a home here. We’ll update Our Facebook Page with any more sightings! We hope you’ve enjoyed our August updates from the Reserve. Until next time!

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Written by: Amanda

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  • Gloria O’Sullivan
    22/08/17 - 13:26

    Have very much enjoyed the monthly updates. Thank you.

  • Lady Aurora
    22/08/17 - 14:21

    I am absolutely delighted that an osprey and perhaps more? might make the Preserve a home. I love to see wildlife being protected and/or coming back because we have made it possible for them to return. God gave us dominion over the earth, but as its caretakers. and/or managers. I’m glad to see so many are interested in protecting the environment. Thank you for all you’ve done. I hope some day soon to return to Scotland and see all the great work you’re doing.

  • john chamberlain
    22/08/17 - 21:46

    maybe i’m too late to try and name the new lochan, but if i’m not i’d like to suggest Lochan Load.


    (soon-to-be-ex-Californian) john chamberlain

  • Carolyn Angwin-Thomson
    28/08/17 - 21:11

    Glad this isn’t a shooting reserve John Chamberlain… or some wag would now be suggesting Loden Loch! 😉

  • Laird Peter
    11/09/17 - 15:58

    Given the various suggestions, you could also call it Loch Craic (Lake Banter), but given the recent rain showers (one of which also hit my wife and me some days ago), I think Loch Tuil or Loch Drumlie could be even better.

  • Lady Allegonda Klee
    11/10/17 - 14:09

    Hi.Stuart.. where can we find the pictures that been made on our tour July 28th. Best regards.

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