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Update From the Reserve – December 2021

Written by: Stewart Borland
Published: 1st January 2022, last updated: 3rd January 2022

And just like that 2021 is closing its doors. This year has been one for the books and it has been a pleasure to have had you all along for the ride. To celebrate the end of the year we have the announcement of our favourite 2021 moment and some other updates from our last few weeks of 2021.
Happy Hogmanay to all, and a Guid New Year!


Your Favourite 2021 Moment

2021 Top Moments

And the votes are in….*drum roll*….

Your 2021 Favourite Moment is the rescue and rehabilitation of Annie the hedgehog back in February. Thank you to all who voted, this moment was certainly one of our favourites as well!

It has been a great year for us. Our conservation efforts remain some of our proudest achievements. In 2021 alone we acquired 2 new reserves, planted around 5,000 trees, and sited even more habitat boxes for bats, birds, squirrels and insects to make their own. Our community has also continued to grow, now including over 250,000 Lairds, Lords & Ladies. Thanks to you, our community, we are able to continue what we do while also sharing your kindness and support with many different charities, such as the Bumblebee Conservation Trust



Bee Wise Kids

educating the kids about bees

This month we had the pleasure of visiting Kinlochleven Primary School to teach the children about bees. Meike from Webster Honey, our go-to bee expert, went along ready with all the bee facts a child could want. The session was a hit and we also left behind a bee hive for them all to paint. This will then be placed on the Reserve, ready for them to see in action when they come visit it next year!

The educational side of what we do is so important and we love it when we get the opportunity to share our love and appreciation for nature, especially bees! As we all know how important they are… and now so do the kids!



Winter Ducks

ducks on the reserve

Our Reserve ducks seem unphased by the freezing loch water. This is thanks to their countercurrent heat exchange system between the arteries and veins in their legs. This means that the warm blood from their heart is able to efficiently heat the cold blood travelling from their feet, preventing heat loss and keeping them warm even when sitting in a glorified ice bath!



Winter Stag Do

red stag on the reserve
As the colder weather hits the Reserve the deer are coming down from the hills to take shelter in the woodland. While Stags live alone during the rest of the year, in winter they form small groups. It is hard to believe this cohabitation is possible, as just a few months ago it was rutting season, where the males engage in aggressive behaviours, such as antler locking, when competing for the females.



Clip of the Month: Fox Fishing

fox with fish video

Take a look at the fox spotted fishing for his dinner up at our Loch Fois. At about 26s you can see the fox has a fish in his mouth!


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Written by: Stewart Borland

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