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Update From the Reserve – February 2022

Written by: Stewart Borland
Published: 1st March 2022, last updated: 7th March 2022

February has been a whirlwind all thanks to the infamous Scottish weather. This month Storm Eunice came to visit and was sure to leave her mark with both the fauna and flora feeling her effect. Read on to learn more!


Storm Warning

fallen tree

This month storm Eunice descended on the Reserve (and the rest of the UK). Storm Eunice brought the highest wind speeds recorded in the UK, adding to what had already been a wet and windy month. The Reserve was very quiet without the usual footfall of animals making their appearance. This was to be expected, as in these conditions both the animals (and us humans) try to remain hidden in shelter!

The greatest impact of Eunice was felt on the trees around the Reserve. By the time the winds had passed we had over 200 trees fall. Some were a bit too close for comfort with some fallen trees just missing the wildcat enclosure and power lines. Luckily nothing was damaged and everyone remained safe.



Come Say Hello

touring the reserve

We are delighted to hear that so many of you are planning your trips to come and visit us in the coming year. We love the opportunity to meet our Lords and Ladies in the flesh and be able to show you all we have been doing around the Reserve.

On our tours we typically take our Lords and Ladies around the Reserve on our buggies. Here, we will be able to show you all the work we have done so far and also tell you about our upcoming project plans. We then will take you to find your own plots so you can see your very own piece of Scotland. Previous visitors have given us great feedback and we love when we get the chance to hear first hand how much the Highland Titles work and community means to our Lords and Ladies!



National Nest Box Week

Here at the Reserve we celebrated National Nest Box week from the 14th to the 21st. To celebrate we were able to get our new spy ‘bird’ cam all set up inside of a bird box. We can’t wait to get some up close footage of our feathered friends!



Wildcat Breeding Program

Hope the wildcat
We are excited to see our neighbours in the Cairngorms setting up Britain’s first large scale Wildcat captive breeding program. A whole range of agencies and groups are working together as they strive to ‘breed and release’ wildcats into the Highlands. We will be sure to keep you updated with their progress in their journey to supporting the Scottish Wildcat population!



Clip of the Month: Pine Marten Omelette

What do you get if you have a box of out of date eggs? A Pine Marten Omelette, or at least a well-fed and happy wee chappie (except when the fox appears around halfway through his feast)!


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Written by: Stewart Borland

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  • John B Johnston
    09/03/22 - 15:50

    I did not see dates to book a tour. We have only one day to visit.

    • Dr. Peter Bevis
      05/04/22 - 10:53

      Tours take place every day. Just call the reserve to check there are spaces. +44 1631 740333

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