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Update From the Reserve – January 2022

Written by: Stewart Borland
Published: 31st January 2022

It is the time of year for fresh starts and we have embraced this as we have entered 2022. While many of the animals are hibernating, we have put the time to good use and have some exciting announcements… Read on to learn more!


Spring Cleaning

bird box

We have been busy giving the bird boxes a much needed re-fresh.. They have been cleaned, sterilised and painted ready for another season. The home renovations have also included a new safety feature, as we have added metal plates to regulate the entrance size. This will protect the birds from the Great Spotted Woodpeckers that are often spotted close to the boxes.

We’ve had to replace a few old ones, but don’t worry if it was one you have sponsored, we have taken note of it’s number and location and transferred it onto the new box.
We have also taken delivery of a special new box, complete with camera…. We just need to get it wired up and connected to our internet, hopefully we will get some up close bird footage over the coming months!



Making Their Own Beds

Hedgehog at forever home

It is the time of year when all is quiet around our Forever Home for Injured Hedgehogs. They are hibernating for winter, or so we thought…

In the Forever Home we provide our wee spiky friends with warm wooden boxes to make into their homes. Typically, the hogs are not particularly keen on straw/hay so we will collect and dry leaves as a base for them, a service we thought they appreciated. However, our latest footage shows that they seem to prefer to source their own natural bedding and have been out and about collecting moss and leaves and carrying it home themselves. Take a watch here!



Picture Perfect

Highland titles watercolour painting

We are absolutely delighted with our new collection of watercolour paintings. Made exclusively for Highland Titles, the paintings show our Reserve lochs: Loch Fois and Loch Keil. Order them today for a lasting reminder of the beauty of nature on the Reserve!



Midnight Feasts

pine marten
Recently the squirrel’s feeder food has been declining at a rapid rate (especially since they are likely using their previously stored Winter stock). But on closer inspection the feeder was full of empty shells (which the squirrels don’t do) so we popped up a camera, revealing a particularly greedy pine marten. Watch a cheeky Pine Marten empty a box in almost one night here!



Clip of the Month: First Footage from the Kilnaish Reserve

badgers at kilnaish

Take a look at the first of the footage we have captured from our new Kilnaish Reserve. So far it does not disappoint with fox, deer, owl and badger sightings!


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Written by: Stewart Borland

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