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Update from the Reserve – July 2019

Written by: Stewart Borland
Published: 1st August 2019

The Reserve is alive with colour! Birds, bees, butterflies, and bright wildflowers can be found in every corner. As always, we have been busy showing Lairds, Lords, and Ladies to their plots, but this month we have also had our fair share of construction on the Reserve – from bridges to animal hospitals. Continue reading to find out more about this month’s news!


Hedgehog Hospital

Collage of Stewart holding a hedgehog and a picture of the construction site for the Hedgehog hospital
It is often said that when one door closes, another one opens. Starting with the not-so-good news: we are sorry to announce the cancellation of our water vole program. The original advice we were given turned out to be flawed and, given the legalities of working with this species and the lack of locally available expertise, we have decided that the scope of this project is beyond what we can realistically achieve.

But worry not, the groundwork won’t go to waste and, instead, we are going to step up our work with hedgehogs! The logical extension from our Forever Home for Hedgehogs project is… a Hedgehog Hospital and ancillary facilities. This means that instead of relying on external rescue centres, we’ll be able to do the whole rescue and rewilding process ourselves, hopefully boosting the local hedgehog population.

So far the response from the last few week’s tours has been extremely positive – between a cuddly mouse-like creature and a wee jagged one, there has been a surprising winner! To support this initiative, we are inviting the community to adopt a hedgehog, helping us rescue injured or sick hedgehogs and providing them with around-the-clock care, food, and shelter.



Building Bridges

Bridge being lowered down to the cycle path
Back in the late 80s / early 90s, the original road bridge over The Salachan Burn collapsed. We started talking about options for this crossing around 12 years ago, and gave permission for a cycle path to come through the Reserve 7 years ago – and while at times, it seemed it would never happen, it is finally done!

This completes the last part of the Highland Titles section of the Glencoe to Oban path, with the 17-ton bridge now providing access for adventurous pedestrians, cyclists, horse-riders, and anyone who wants to avoid the main road.



Good Things Come In Pairs

Couple of Lord and Lady of Glencoe
Lairds, Lords and Ladies in the community have been telling us how they would love to be able to own a joint plot of land with their significant others – and we hear you! You can now find joint plot gift packs in the Accessories Shop. So if you have an anniversary coming soon, or would simply like to treat your other half to a unique present, check them out now.



A Bee-autiful Day

St Brides Primary School visit to the Reserve
Another Summer, another school beehive visit. As it stayed dry, the kids got to see the hives, spotted the queens, worked the smoker, held frames of bees, and instantly overcame any fear some may have had of bees. They also got to taste honey right from the hive and learned about the importance of bees – so overall, another happy group of youngsters who hopefully had a great day out.



Clip of the Month: A Plot Twist

This month’s clip shows two of our wildcats demonstrating their fantastic climbing abilities. But did everything go as expected? Don’t miss the plot twist at the end!

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Written by: Stewart Borland

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  • Tammy
    03/08/19 - 12:13

    Do so enjoy reading these updates! We are so excited to be coming to the reserve Aug 20 from Canada with our son Lord Braylon. We are so grateful you were able to accommodate our visit. Our son is thrilled beyond words. He has been waiting for 3 years to be able to visit his land!
    See you soon!

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