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Update From The Reserve – March 2018

Written by: Stewart Borland
Published: 22nd March 2018

With the ‘Beast From The East’ and Storm Emma grinding the country to a halt earlier this month, we were lucky to escape relatively unscathed here on the reserve. Extended periods of cold and damp have been giving our roe deer a difficult time, forcing them to rely on our nutritious deer licks. However Braveheart the buzzard and his friends have been thriving on the reserve, with more and more sightings every week.


350th TripAdvisor Review

Highland Titles March Update From The Reserve TripAdvisor Logo

We were delighted to receive our 350th TripAdvisor review earlier this month! A huge thank you to the 350 visitors who have written about their experience. Highland Titles Nature Reserve is currently ranked #5 of 510 things to do in the Scottish Highlands. 94% of reviewers have rated us ‘excellent’ with 5 stars.

One 5 star review from quinni_224 titled, ‘Amazing twist of fate,’ goes on to say: “I HIGHLY recommend visiting Highland Titles Nature Reserve and taking a pre-booked tour, even if you aren’t a Lord, Laird or Lady. You will learn so much and have such a fun time in the great outdoors.”

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Oh Dear, Roe Deer

Highland Titles March Update From The Reserve Roe Deer

It has been a challenging winter for our roe deer, with especially damp and cold conditions making it difficult for them to find food. We’ve been working hard to distribute plenty of deer feed, ensuring there is enough to go round the reserve (despite the work of opportunistic hooded crows and jays!)

On a somewhat sadder note, we’ve had to contend with the unexpected work of poachers on the estate. Therefore a number of our spy cams have therefore been re-purposed as security cameras to help protect our resident roe deer. However we were overjoyed to catch a glimpse of one such friend resting peacefully in the trees.

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From Pole To Pole

Highland Titles March Update From The Reserve Braveheart Buzzard

Our newly named resident buzzard, Braveheart, had us on the run earlier this month. This somewhat elusive character was spotted by Stewart, who upon trying to take his photo was led on a ‘pole-to-pole’ goose chase (or buzzard chase… you get the gist!)

Sponsoring a habitat box helps to ensure that our furry and feathered friends have a home here on the reserve – aiding our conservation efforts and helping them to thrive.

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Book Your Visit

Highland Titles March Update From The Reserve Gator

We are thrilled to have a busy year ahead of us, full of reserve visits which are proving really popular. Though we try to offer reserve visits 7 days a week, our capacity is limited to one buggy and the number of volunteers available. For this reason we are asking visitors to book ahead and give us as much notice as possible.

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Clip Of The Month: Pine Marten

Down by the river we are giving our otters a regular mackerel treat. What we didn’t anticipate however was the number of other reserve residents that would be joining the feast. From humble badgers to cheeky pine martens, a taste of the ‘high life’ is proving irresistible to many other mammals.


Looking Ahead To New Moves

In next month’s newsletter we hope to have exciting developments in our conversation work to share with you, including the Two Ronnies’ latest reserve move and the possibility of supporting a new species. Stay tuned!

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Written by: Stewart Borland

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