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Update from the Reserve – March 2021

Written by: Stewart Borland
Published: 31st March 2021

Bring on spring! We can’t wait to properly welcome the new season, though new colour and life are already starting to return back to the Reserve. Unintentionally, a lot of these updates seem to focus on our four-legged residents. So for a much needed change, this month, we are celebrating all of our feathery residents and visitors with a special bird-focused update. Continue reading if you want to find out more about our flying friends!


Welcome Canada Geese

Canada Geese
Just like last year, and the 3 years before that, the Canada Geese are back! However, this year, the usual pair that stays and nests aren’t alone – there are another 6 geese with them. Perhaps some of them are last year’s chicks back with Mum & Dad, since the couple had 4 adorable goslings here at the Reserve. Well, you know what they say: two’s company, three’s a crowd, what’s eight? So far, there are still no signs of settling down to nest as they are all too busy fighting!

In the meantime, we have placed a SpyCam by Loch Keil to capture their mischief, and you can already see a collection of pictures from our recent arrivals here.



The Highland Titles Patreon

Stewart at the Nature Reserve
Over the last 15 years, we have been conserving Scotland, one square foot at a time. We are very proud of our achievements thus far, which include creating our enthusiastic community of landowners – the Lairds, Lords and Ladies of Glencoe. Every so often, we get asked how they can help continue supporting us and help us even more. And until finding Patreon, we hadn’t really found an answer.

If you subscribe to our Patreon page, we will provide you with exclusive premium content, such as sneak previews of our most exciting news, and you may also receive a unique discount code to use in your online shop, depending on your level of support. So enjoy this new platform, sit and relax as you browse through an ever-growing selection of videos from our Reserves, and be treated to unique updates and content, informative insights, and occasional offers!



An Unusual Rescue

Coal Tit Rescue
This month, we also performed an exciting rescue on an unusual friend. Probably distracted by something around it, or it followed the man with his bag of seed, but this beautiful Coal Tit flew straight into our cabin, one of the few man-made structures amongst the wilderness at our Reserves. But don’t worry, we picked the little rascal right up, let it relax for a minute, fed it a couple of seeds, and it was right as rain!



Feathery Thieves

Collage of Buzzard and Hoodie Crow stealing cat's food
If before we had a case of disappearing hedgehog food, now the victim is our hybrid Scottish Wildcat. But this time, the mystery has been quickly revealed as not one, but at least two of the culprits have been caught red-handed by our SpyCams – or shall we say red-winged? The guilty thieves have been identified as an unapologetic buzzard and the cheeky hoodie crows.



Clip of the Month: Bird Spotting

With this month’s featured clip, you can do some bird spotting yourself! With some amazing closeup footage that we would have never been able to replicate with a human and a camera, enjoy the front row seat provided by our SpyCams.

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Written by: Stewart Borland

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