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Update from the Reserve – May 2021

Written by: Stewart Borland
Published: 31st May 2021, last updated: 6th August 2021

March winds and April showers did indeed bring forth May flowers! But fresh flora aren’t the only new living beings at the Reserve – and we are not counting the occasional humans. Continue reading to find out the latest wildlife news, weaved between some other exciting and funny news!

Brand New Arrivals

Canada Geese Goslings and Ducklings

We are happy to announce the arrival of two sets of adorable babies – a handful of each! One of our Canada Geese pairs became parents to 5 sweet goslings, and we also welcomed 5 cute Mallard Ducklings. That’s one more Canada Geese baby compared to last year! Unfortunately, no goslings resulted from the other Canada Geese pair nesting. Either nesting was too late and chaotic, and no eggs were ever laid, or they might have been victims to the shady Hoodie Crows – nature can be ruthless.

Either way, you can now enjoy some exclusive close-up clips of the new feathery babies in this video (and even a cameo from Hawkeye, the Heron)!


The Official Highland Titles Tartan

Highland Titles Tartan Weaving

As we were reviewing our video archive, we found this hidden gem that many of you probably haven’t seen – and some of you may not even know about! This video shows firsthand how our official Highland Titles tartan is woven by Lochcarron of Scotland, the world’s leading manufacturer of tartan with a heritage dating back to 1892.

So if you want to celebrate your Scottish land, whilst supporting a centuries-old Scottish craft industry, and proudly display your connection to Scotland, don’t miss our range of products in the Highland Titles tartan – from the versatile tartan scarf to the hand-tailored traditional kilt.



Screenshot of Bloopers Video
Behind every great scene, there’s a funny blooper. Encouraged by the success of the last blooper video, Marc, our videographer from Skye, has edited together some of the absolutely excusable and totally understandable yet incredibly funny slip-ups from recording with Stewart. Watch the video, and we guarantee it will bring a smile to your face!


Looking After Trees

Dead trees
So whilst the established flora is thriving out in the wild, Fiona has been busy over lockdown keeping our young trees well looked after – including the young oak trees which we have grown from our own acorns! If you want to contribute to our efforts to restore the Caledonian Forest, dedicate a tree to a loved one and surprise them with a gift that won’t cost the earth.


Clip of the Month: Hungry Hope

This month’s clip features a Community favourite, our very own Scottish Wildcat hybrid Hope. It includes multiple SpyCam footage from around the enclosure and plenty of clips of her eating, which she seems to do a lot! But don’t worry, with an enclosure over an acre in size and lots of different climbing frames, we are keeping her fit in her search for food before she can claim her reward.

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Written by: Stewart Borland

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