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Update From the Reserve – May 2022

Written by: Stewart Borland
Published: 2nd June 2022, last updated: 3rd June 2022

A month of celebration and appreciation. Finally after 2 years of restrictions, our annual Lord and Lady Gathering returned. This on top of animal antics on the Reserve made for a very special month. Read on to learn more.


Back Together Again!

The Gathering has always been a highlight in our calendar and to our great delight it came back this month. Lords and Ladies came from far and wide for 3 days jam packed with activities for everyone to get together and see first hand the work we do.

Based at the stunning Isles of Glencoe Hotel, it was a perfect place to connect with everyone and hear their stories and learn what our community means to them. On the first night, everyone got dressed up for our welcome banquet, with many sporting our official tartan for an evening of good food and good company.

The next few days were filled with activities, including tours of the Reserve, musical performances, wild bird displays, segway rides and much more. Although the few days left us exhausted we already can’t wait for next year!



The Great Adventure


Anyone who has moved house recently knows it rarely goes without a hitch. Well when we decided to move our ladies, Skye and Iona to a new enclosure, they definitely put us through our paces!
It ended up taking two trips as Iona just wouldn’t come out of the enclosure. We had Skye tucked up and sorted (or so we thought!) and had to go back for the more reluctant Iona. We began back along the path, only to find Skye out wandering… After that, it was all hands on deck, with no time to film. Probably just as well.
Take a watch of the rather ‘chaotic’ video, heavily edited to avoid complete embarrassment!



A Rooftop View

the bug hotel

Our record-breaking bug hotel is continuing to evolve. We are starting to see the first signs of greenery on the roof and of course plenty more bugs who are making the most of the 5* facilities!



Lochan a Treat

Take a look at our stunning Lochans. We built the 2 Lochans on the Reserve, as they act as a great catalyst for biodiversity. The first was restored from one that existed long before we moved in and we used old satellite images as guides to the shape/structure. The larger of the two was a ‘Highland Titles original’!



Clip of the Month: Our Cutest Guests Yet?


Our cutest visitors yet? The brother and sister duo are settling in well, and although they are a pretty nervous wee pair our spy cams give us and up-close look of all the mischief they get up to.


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Written by: Stewart Borland

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