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Update From The Reserve – November 2017

Written by: Stewart Borland
Published: 17th November 2017

2017 Furry Face Of The Year

Highland Titles Nature Reserve Red Fox

Thanks to everyone who voted for our 2017 Furry Face Of The Year! Almost 1,400 votes have been counted and the results are in! The winner with nearly 25% of the vote was…

The Red Fox

With that trademark snow pounce it’s clear to see why our red fox was the winner! Following in close 2nd place was the red squirrel, and in 3rd place the pine marten.

Check out our Facebook page if you missed the clips

Watch the Clip

Getting Our Habitats Winter-Ready

Highland Titles Nature Reserve Bee Boxes

With more than 25 habitat boxes now on the reserve, we have a few homes to prepare for winter. So this month we took a trip up to Bumblebee Haven where we stabilised our bee boxes, helping to prevent them from falling over in winter gales. The area has been planted with plentiful wildflowers to help the bee population come spring.

Unlike our hives, the bee boxes which you sponsor help to provide a home for stray bees. When a hive gets too big its bees can swarm in search of somewhere else to live. Our bee boxes are designed to give these swarms the ideal location to flourish and create new hives.

Sponsor a Habitat Box


Take A Spin In Our New Wheels

Highland Titles Nature Reserve New Gator

Want to find your plot and habitat box? Then why not book a guided tour of the reserve and we’ll take you in our brand new buggy! Our new gator is the perfect way to get around.

Book A Guided Tour


Sighting Of The Month: The Buzzard

We’ve been lucky to have a buzzard on the reserve for sometime now, but he has always evaded our cameras. However this month we were lucky enough to get not one but TWO clips capturing the beautiful buzzard. In this clip we see the buzzard standing proudly and pensively with his prey – we wonder what he was contemplating?

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Written by: Stewart Borland

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