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Update from the Reserve – November 2019

Written by: Stewart Borland
Published: 4th December 2019

With icy lochans, snowy paths, and negative overnight temperatures, there’s no doubt that Winter is coming! Our visitor numbers have also started to slow down, allowing us to focus on our ongoing conservation projects and on planning for the Gathering 2020. This month, we bring you some wildlife news, a fun community update, and a very important decision. Continue reading to find out more!


Name Our Wildcat

Hybrid Scottish Wildcat
After two successful releases, last month we announced our plan to keep the last hybrid Scottish Wildcat in the large rehabilitation enclosure at our Nature Reserve. She looks happy and comfortable in her new home. However, that means there are still another two cats on or around the Reserve and one feline thief was caught by the Hedgehog SpyCam stealing the Forever Home’s residents food! However, as our permanent resident, we think it is only fair to give our wildcat a wonderful name, and we want your help. Over to you folks – remember, she’s a Lady!



Hedgehogs: Looking SHARP

Collage of hedgehog on top of Lochaber Times and another hedgehog being weighed
The Hedgehog Forever Home has kept us particularly busy this month. Andrew and Sophie, from Crown Vets, have been relentlessly taking care of our spiky friends – bathing, applying ointment, and giving the occasional injection to our poorly hedgehogs. We can already see some fantastic developments – with diseases and infections under control and progress towards healthy weights.

We also have a special thank you to The Oban Times & The Lochaber Times for dropping off a buggy full of old newspapers for us… or rather, for the hedgehogs. We use newspapers to line the hedgehogs’ boxes, as it makes it slightly easier to clean them out each day. Since we have so many wee residents, we do go through an awful lot, so this donation is highly appreciated. We were featured in this week’s edition of the Oban Times – so like our hedgehog, you can enjoy some reading here.



Go Go, Lord Power Ranger!

Jason David Frank, the Green Power Ranger, posing with his Highland Titles Lord Certificate
One of the most recent Lords joining our 200,00+ community is Jason David Frank, or as you may know him, Tommy Oliver, the original Green Power Ranger. Born September 4th, 1973, Jason is a well-known American actor and professional mixed martial artist. Who knows what other superheroes are amongst us? Let’s give Lord Jason a warm welcome!



And Sew It Begins

Fiona sewing Highland Titles tartan goodie bags for the Gathering
Between tours, Fiona has been extremely busy cutting, sewing and stitching the 120 Highland Titles tartan goodie bags for the Gathering – all handmade, with love. May is getting closer, so if you haven’t got a ticket yet and want to join us for three days of community fun and activities, don’t leave it too much longer to buy your tickets – they are going fast!



Clip of the Month: Beautiful Badgers

Badgers are seldom seen in the wild despite their healthy population size, widespread distribution across mainland Scotland, and easily recognisable form. This is largely due to their nocturnal habits and general shyness. Without realising, a pair of charming badgers was caught by one of our SpyCams – don’t miss the adorable footage.


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Written by: Stewart Borland

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