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What’s in a Name? Rather a lot, our survey reveals…

Written by: Doug
Published: 23rd January 2020, last updated: 27th July 2020

1 in 5 men would end a relationship because of a surname

What’s in a name? Rather a lot, our survey reveals…


Men more than 2x as likely to have ended a relationship over a disliked surname


A third of men admit they prefer their own surname to their partners


A quarter of GenZ / Millenials would consider hyphenating their surnames when they marry

Thursday, January 23, 2019 — With Valentine’s day around the corner, a recent UK survey* from Highland Titles delved into the interesting world of marriage, surnames and what people really think of their partner’s names.


Would you end a relationship based on a name?

The survey revealed that almost 1 in 5 men would end a relationship due to disliking their partner’s surname and men were over two times more likely than women to have ended a relationship over a disliked surname. Meanwhile, only 9% of women would consider ending a relationship over their partner’s surname, despite the fact that women more traditionally take the surname of their partner.

Men were more attached to their own surnames, with a third of men admitting that they prefer their own surname to their partner’s and almost 30% of women preferring their partner’s surname to their own.


Taking a new husband’s surname still most popular choice

It seems when it comes to marriage that both men and women are still more likely to embrace tradition. We found that 42% of men would want their partner to take their name, while 44% of women would wish to take their partner’s name.

However, it seems that the GenZ/Millenial age bracket (16-34 years old) feel a lot more open-minded about their surnames, with a quarter of those surveyed willing to consider hyphenating their surnames rather than choosing one surname. This is in stark difference to the 10% of 35+ years old who would consider hyphenating their surname.

It seems however, that GenZer’s are perhaps less secure about their own names with 17% considering themselves “unhappy” with their surname and open to consider changing it.


A clan surname could help you find love in Scotland

If you are looking for love In Scotland this Valentine’s Day you might have more luck bagging yourself a partner if you have a Scottish clan surname. When asked about the most attractive Scottish names we found that the majority of Scot’s found clan surnames to be more attractive than non-clan surnames, with Campbell and Macdonald among the most attractive surnames. It seems that the English are considerably less keen, with less than a third of respondents considering clan surnames the most attractive.


Douglas Wilson, from Highland Titles, said:

We understand entirely why Scots find Scottish clan names more attractive. As a nation, we have some of the most recognisable and emotive surnames in the world, many of which have historical associations with the clans. At Highland Titles, we are proud to have over 3,300 Lairds, Lords and Ladies registered under Macdonald and Campbell clan surnames alone.

Would a dislike for a surname be enough to put you off a potential partner, or be enough to make you jump into a marriage? Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to find out.

For more information or to schedule an interview with a company representative, please contact:

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*Highland Titles questioned a nationally representative sample of 1,000 adults, aged 18 and over, in December 2019.

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Written by: Doug

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