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Dedicate A Tree

Bring Scotland’s Native Woodland Back To Life

Highland Titles is working tirelessly to restore Scotland’s forests back to their natural glory with its Native Woodland Restoration Project. This enormous undertaking involves the costly felling of extensive areas of Sitka Spruce, finding homes for the timber and replanting the land with native species.

Included with this purchase:

  • Dedicated tree planter to work on your behalf
  • Personalised tree planting certificate
  • Map of the area and details of how to visit
  • Information about our woodlands

Price: £10.00

Why Dedicate a Tree?

What your dedication does for conservation?

The lush forests which once stretched our vast landscape have been suffocated by the prolific non-native Sitka Spruce. This parasitic tree species bleeds the earth of all its nutrients and takes the sunlight for itself, leaving vital plants without any nourishment for growth.

The animals which rely so heavily on Scotland’s natural plant life for survival are left without homes or food, causing their numbers to decline. To make matters worse, the Sitka Spruce is not a good source of quality timber, meaning that both the demand for and value of its harvest are very low.

Reasons to dedicate

By dedicating a tree, you can breath new life into Scotland’s native woodland and work towards offsetting your own carbon footprint. Dedicating a tree also makes a unique, eco-friendly gift that doesn’t cost the earth. Just planting ten trees can offset a family’s carbon footprint for the year.

100% of the profits from the ‘Native Woodland Restoration Project’ go directly towards tree planting

By dedicating a tree, a member of the Highland Titles team will plant your tree on your behalf. For just £20 more, you can enjoy your own tree planting experience.

As our time and resources are fully dedicated to restoring the forest, we are unable to denote which tree has been dedicated by you. However you are always welcome to visit and see our restoration work in progress.

Why not upgrade?

You will get:

  • To support the forest
  • To plant your own tree
  • Personalised certificate


Or, gift a plot of land to someone you care about:

  • 1 sqft plot in Glencoe Wood
  • Title of Lord, Lady, or Laird
  • FREE worldwide shipping

Plus, the right to visit your plot anytime and transfer to future generations.