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Clustered Dock

A more fragile looking plant than the usual species of Dock, this perennial is short-lived and enjoys marshy meadows, muddy banks, ditches, any place that is frequently waterlogged. 

It grows along stream sides and in the marshy fields of Central and Eastern Scotland

It has long slender and wavy stems which branch widely, and are often reddish in colour.  The stems have vertical ridges. 

Leaves are narrow and oval with pointed tips. They are wavy with a marked central vein. They have a tendency to corkscrew slightly and often have crispy, reddish edges which are gently and roundly crenelated. As with other Docks the plant is leafy almost to the tip of the stems. 

Flowers and fruits are borne in clusters all along the stem at intervals. The flowers are barely noticed, having 3 tiny green tepals, and fruiting very quickly. The fruits themselves are larger, a cluster of swollen red, pink or white warts, which are glossy and ovoid. 

The fruits are suspended on short stalks and the tepals remain in place, cradling the fruits. The colour of the tiny fruiting flowers, and the redness of the stems gives the plant a distinctly pink aspect from a distance.

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