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Genuine Clan Crest Badges

Scotland is a gorgeous country with a long, proud and rich heritage. If your family is lucky enough to have originally hailed from this magnificent land, why not proudly display your ancestry with your very own Clan Crest Badge?

This beautiful piece of jewelry is the perfect purchase for yourself, and makes a wonderful gift for parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren, family, or friends who are proud of their Scottish heritage! It even makes for a wonderful and affordable gift to hand out at your next family reunion; Everyone is sure to love having the ability to proudly display their family’s heritage!

This palladium-coated pewter clan crest badge is generous in size, measuring 1.75 inches (or 40 mm), making sure everyone you encounter will notice your impressive family crest! Display your heritage proudly with this beautifully crafted Clan Crest Badge!

These clan crest badges are incredibly popular in Scotland, as they have been for generations. Traditionally, these are worn as a cap badge or brooch. However, you can pin it just about anywhere you’d like; On your backpack, purse, scarf, jacket, or more!

These pins have a traditional safety pin locking mechanism and are strong enough to be capable of handling any general wear and tear they experience. This is a pin that you will be able to display for years to come, and perhaps even pass down through the generations!

The Clan Crest Badge comes in six distinct options, for six of the largest clans in Scotland.

Choose from the Clan MacGregor, Clan Cambell, Clan Fraser, Clan Armstrong, Clan Gordon, or Clan Mackenzie!

All six of these beautifully individualized and expertly crafted Clan Crest Badges display your personal family’s crest in exquisite detail.

Clan Crest Badge Features

This badge is a wonderful way to show your pride in your Scottish roots, and has a ton of wonderful features:

  • Traditional Scottish accessory appropriate for the modern era
  • Beautifully crafted palladium-coated pewter which will remain attractive in appearance
  • Measures a generous 1.75 inches/40 mm, making it easy to view the Clan’s Crest and read the included text
  • Has a traditional safety pin locking mechanism which is strong enough to withstand all general wear and tear
  • Comes in six options: Clan MacGregor, Clan Cambell, Clan Fraser, Clan Armstrong, Clan Gordon, or Clan Mackenzie

Whether you are originally from the amazing country of Scotland or have deep roots in this gorgeous and proud country, this Clan Crest Badge is the perfect way to display your roots, in a way that is traditional to the country itself!

This is a piece of jewelry that is appropriate for people of all ages and genders. It makes a wonderful accessory for yourself and an excellent gift for family members or friends who are enthusiastic about their cultural heritage!

If you are planning a trip to Scotland to visit the place your ancestors came from, you certainly must have a Clan Crest Badge on your packing list! You never know – it may assist you in meeting some long-lost relatives that you never even knew you had!

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