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Traditional Clan Crest Kilt Pins

Scotland has a long history, beautiful countryside, rich heritage, and a proud culture. What’s not to love about this magnificent country? If you are lucky enough to be rooted in this amazing place, you should certainly choose to display your ancestry proudly every day of the year with this beautiful kilt pin.

Kilt pins are a long and time-honored tradition in Scottish culture, worn to show which clan you belong to. However, you don’t need a kilt in order to proudly display your clan name and crest on your hat, backpack, purse, scarf, jacket, or more!

This kilt pin makes a wonderful accessory for yourself or a gift for a family member or friend with Scottish roots! It is the perfect gift to bring to family members at your next reunion, or to buy in anticipation of a Scottish festival or gathering!

If you are planning a trip to Scotland in the future, this is a must-have item for your packing list! You never know, you might just meet some long-lost relatives during your trip! Proudly display your family heritage every day of the year with this wonderful Clan Kilt Pin.

This beautiful palladium-coated pewter accessory measures 3.5 inches long (9 cm), prominently displaying your Clan name and crest. This item is sure to stand the test of time and makes a wonderful family heirloom to pass down to your children and grandchildren. This attractive kilt pen is sure to be loved for generations to come!

The kilt pin is available in the six most common Scottish Clan names: Can MacGregor, Clan Cambell, Clan Fraser, Clan Armstrong, Clan Gordon, or Clan Mackenzie! No matter which clan you are a part of, you can be sure you will appreciate the intricate detail which was put into every single one of these designs!

Traditional Clan Crest Kilt Pin Features

This pin is traditional in its appearance, displaying your family’s name and crest on a signature Scottish broad sword. It is the perfect way to let everyone know you are proud of your roots and has a ton of wonderful features:

  • Traditional design with Clan name and crest across a Scottish broad sword
  • Perfect for use on a kilt, as well as a hat, bag, jacket, or anything you desire
  • Makes an excellent gift for Scottish family and/or friends
  • Perfect for passing down throughout the generations
  • Attractive palladium-coated pewter
  • Measures an impressive 3.5 inches long (9 cm)
  • Able to withstand general wear and tear
  • Comes in six Clan options: Clan MacGregor, Clan Cambell, Clan Fraser, Clan Armstrong, Clan Gordon, or Clan Mackenzie

Show off your love of this incredible country by purchasing this beautiful and culturally-rich accessory today! Or make a friend or family member jump with joy when they receive this high-quality, beautifully designed and thoughtful gift!

This is a wonderful accessory for people of all ages and genders, and is perfect for passing down through Scottish families for years to come! Proudly display your love and pride of your heritage with this kilt pin.

Please choose which clan crest kilt pin you would like on the next page.

Price: £25.00


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